His Sexpot S i s Chapter 14

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His Sexpot S i s Chapter 14The huge dildo hypnotized Kyla. She saw Jill pass it to John and it seemed to beeighteen inches long and at least four inches in diameter. It was curved and it had abulbous head. It was black and sleek and they were going to put the thing inside ofher. She gasped and let out a loud keening wail.”Shawn, pull her panties off,” fired John. “Get her down on the floor and hold her legswide open,” he ordered.In a daze she felt their hands on her. Her flimsy underwear was stripped off and shewas lifted bodily off her feet and dumped down on her back. She saw Jodi’s gloatingeyes and Shawn’s hands close around her ankles and her legs were yanked apart.”Careful, John,” warned Jill.”I know what I’m doing, woman,” he hissed at her.”Leave me alone you mother fuckers,” she screamed, coming alive and her wholebody writhing to try and escape their clutches. Then she saw John’s face as bewalked between her legs and knelt down and she knew her struggles and cries wereuseless. His look was vicious. He wanted badly to do this thing to her.”If you hold very still then maybe it won’t hurt so much,” said Jill, staring hard atKyla’s silken gash.John held the wooden cock tightly in both hands ready to stab it between the swollencunt lips that Jill was holding open. Now the golden groove was a red hole and hetook his time and moved in closer and smelt the perfume of her sex.”What a shame. It’s such a beautiful tight cunt,” sighed Shawn, holding her legs uphigh and as wide as they would go.”Nnnooo, please. Oh my God. I’ll do anything. You can do anything, all of you,” Kylababbled. “You can have me,” she fired at Jill. “I know you want me.” Her eyes wentto Shawn. “My ass. Take it, anything but this.””Stop whining,” snapped Jodi.”You John, and you, Shawn. Both at once if you want!” Her eyes pleaded.”Don’t give her all of it, John. She’s only a very little girl and it’s such a shame,”grunted Jill. Even so her greedy eyes watched keenly for a dribble of cum in the girl’sgash that she could finger and suck before the mighty weapon impaled her and driedher up.John shook his head and lunged forward, shoving the wooden fuck stick hard withboth hands into Kyla’s quim. He lordbahis güvenilirmi had to give it a savage twist to get the huge cockhead into the slit and then it sank easily, four, five, six, seven inches and kept ongliding into the swollen flesh like it would go all the way.”Aaaeeeeooooaaaggghhh – yeeeeeeoooooowwwwww.” Kyla’s mouth flew open andan almost inhuman cry whistled from her throat as her eyes bulged open, staring atthe wooden trunk that was still disappearing into her fuck hole. Her mouth gaped andshe shuddered and twitched like an electric current was pouring through her body.”How much, John?” asked Jill in a hushed voice.” ‘Bout ten inches,” he grinned wolfishly and drew the dildo back nearly all the wayout. “How much can she take?” grunted Shawn.”All of it,” snarled John and he bored forward, spearing the carved tree right up intoKyla’s belly.”Ooooooaaaaaagggggghhhhhh.” As she screamed, her whole body turned overleaving her face-downward and her legs still upheld but crossed. Now the woodencock was underneath her.John saw a unique opportunity and he let go of the dildo and leaped up on herbuttocks and pressed down with all his weight. With him bearing down and thewooden cock standing up from the floor, there was only one way it could go and thatwas all the way up Kyla’s cunt. He grasped her buttocks with his huge hands as shelet out a drum roll of screams. Without mercy he continued to bear down until therewere only inches of the fuck stick that weren’t up the young girl’s hairy gash, andthen he let up.They let her go and she fell on her side and crawled around, getting up on her handsand knees. She managed to stand up and, with her legs wide apart, she started topull out the dildo like it was never ending.”You asked for it,” hissed John, watching her tearing fingers at work at her cunt lips.”But you shouldn’t have given her it all,” scolded Jill.”When I want your advice I’ll ask for it. Do you want a taste of it?” he bellowed.”No, John. I’m sorry,” she whimpered and backed away.”Now the guys will call you slack hole,” chortled Jodi, as she watched Kyla pull thejuice-drenched pole from her cunt and fling it to the floor.Kyla lordbahis yeni giriş sank down to her knees and eased herself back on the floor. No longer shy, nolonger modest, she lay with her legs wide open with her long red gash for all to see.And from her wide-stretched cunt the slightest dribble of jism started to ooze, leakingdown in a thin stream toward her ass crack.”The fucking bitch is having an orgasm,” hollered Jodi and she bent down to watch.”She’s right.” Jill joined Jodi, squatting next to her. “The divine thing is cumming,”she drooled. “Look, John.”Kyla’s hand glided down between her legs and she searched out her pearly clitorisand started to massage it as her girl spunk seeped from her hole. She knew theywere all watching her but she didn’t care. She frigged her twat, driven by anuncontrollable urge, thinking of spearing prick meat shooting boiling sperm into herbelly.”She needed that dildo,” grunted John.”It was tremendous,” Kyla gasped in “a fit of voluptuousness. “Yes, I needed it. It wasbeautiful. It was long and hard and Shit-I’m cumming. I’m cuuuuuummmiiiiiinnng,”she moaned hoarsely and spread her cunt lips wide open for them to watch herspray her quim juice like the white of an unboiled egg along her thighs.There was no stopping Jill. Her head whipped forward and her pink tongue dived intoKyla’s gash to suck greedily every drop of juice bubbling out of her sex hole. Sheburied her face into the furry patch and slurped away at the cunt nectar like shemight never get a taste again.”Dirty bitch,” grinned John, slapping his wife’s upturned bottom with the palm of hishand. He had a second thought and he pried her ass crack open and beckoned toJodi to get her tongue working in the humid crevice.Shawn watched his sister, Jodi, squat down behind her mother and poke her pinktongue gently, then more firmly at one hole then another until her tongue was lodgedup Jill’s cunt and lapping around the inner ridges.”Now you climb on to Jodi,” cried John.Shawn needed no second bidding as Jodi’s upturned ass invited him to attack it. Hecrouched behind her with bended knees and he guided the swollen head of his prickbetween her lordbahis giriş cunt lips and watched his blue-veined cock disappear into her drippingpussy. He started to ride her, backward and forward, driving deeper and deeper, andas he did he shoved Jodi’s face hard between his mother’s ass cheeks and he heardher gasp with pleasure.”I’ve always said that the family that plays together, stays together,” laughed John,as he strolled around the mother fucking quartet until he came to Kyla’s head. Heturned with his ass facing Jill and slowly lowered himself down over Kyla’s face.Before his buttocks spread over the young girl’s mouth, he felt her willing tonguewashing his balls. He settled over her with his knees astride of her head as herjabbing tongue attacked his tight shit hole to inch into it.”Give it to me, Shawn,” babbled Jodi, taking a pause froth eating her mother’s cunt.”Give it to me long and hard and ever so slowly,” she begged.”I will so long as you promise me one thing,” he panted, and with a superhumaneffort drove his ruby-red knob all the way up her.”Yes, yes. Anything.””Promise you’ll keep on shaving me all around my stem and balls and shithole …””I promise,” she screamed.”And,” he went on. “On your birthday you’ll let me shave you, all around your cuntand you’ll keep it shaved?””Ohhh-ohhh-ohhh! Of course you can shave me. You can do anything you want to.Faster now, Shawn. Oh my God. Aaaggghhh. I’m cumming. Shit, I’mcuuuuummmmmmiiinnngggg.”He felt her slippery cum running down the inside of her legs and he drove his prickall the way into her till his balls were drenched with her fuck juice.”Shoot, Shawn. Blow your load, you bastard. Don’t hold back,” she howled.Oblivious now to everything but the oncoming flood of thick sperm coursing up alonghis rigid pole, he kept on plunging in and out of Jodi’s cunt, clenching his teeth andclosing his eyes, his legs stiffening, trying to hold it back. “Here it comes,” he wailedreluctantly and shouted as spasms of gushing spunk shot into her cock-gobblingtwat. Thick wads of cream shot like a geyser all along her velvet tunnel and he feltlike he could keep on shooting until it poured like a tide from her gaping quim.”More, more,” she urged and manipulated her cunt muscle until it closed like a visearound his exploding fuck stick. She never wanted his rod ever to go limp again. Shenever wanted it ever to go inside another woman. And she stayed bent over to lethim know she was his for as long as he wanted her.

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