Holly’s Gym Membership Pt. 03

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This story picks up immediately after part two. All of the characters are over the age of 18.

We walked through the staff entrance since Row still had his badge clipped to his shirt. Most of the building was pitch dark since it was after hours; only the hall that led into the locker rooms was lit. Our footsteps echoed off the ceiling until we reached the faculty lockers and shower. A shower was running across the room as Rowan opened up his locker. He held up his keys and said, “Success. Let’s get home.”

“So soon? But it’s just like when we met,” I teased. “You don’t want to stay and have your way with me right now?”

“Holly, come on, they’re going to lock down the building soon and I don’t exactly want to sleep here.”

“Alright, alright.” I raised my hands in mock defeat. I walked past him and toward the door. “Let’s get out of here; I’ll start getting tired unless I get off in the next hour.”

“You and me both, kid.”

I froze in place. Coach Elliot’s voice from the shower. I locked eyes with Rowan, who was stifling a laugh.

Rowan called out, “Sorry, Coach, we were just leaving.”

The water from the shower stopped and Coach stepped out with only a towel around his waist. “Don’t feel like you have to run out so early. It’s been a while, huh, Holly?”

“You two know each other?”

Coach replied, “Yeah. Her family moved into our neighborhood. She dated my youngest for a bit, I believe.”

“That’s right.” Even though my face flamed with embarrassment, I tried to keep my composure. “It’s been a year or so since we saw each other, I think? Probably when Clare signed onto the team.”

“No, no, I think I saw you at Christmas with the family, right?”

“Yeah, yeah, that’s it.”

“You were wearing that tiny little red dress; couldn’t forget.”

I let out a nervous laugh. “Yeah, my mom definitely wasn’t a fan.”

It was no secret in my family that I’d had a crush on Coach Elliot since puberty when I started to realize men were more than just cute. I couldn’t help but let my eyes trail down from his face to his chest and the bulge underneath his towel. For a man with a grandkid, he was surprisingly well built. I guess all that weight training and cardio paid off. He had salt-and-pepper hair across his chest; it matched his beard and full head of hair. He’d always struck me as sort of a Pierce Brosnan-type: Effortlessly sexy no matter his age.

“Little red dress, huh?” Rowan laughed and slipped his arm around my waist. He kissed the side of my head. “You’ll have to show that to me sometime.”

“You’d be lucky,” Coach teased. “That one’s a real catch.”

Rowan’s voice changed a bit. I couldn’t tell if he was jealous or something else. “You think so?”

“Of course. She went away for college a total tomboy and came back a bombshell. Even my wife’s pointed it out. Not that your current getup would make anyone think that,” he laughed, gesturing over my baggy college sweater, leggings, and fleece boots straight out of 2006.

“I know and, aw, well, thank you,” I stammered, more than a bit taken aback at his honesty. “I’m glad you think I’m a catch.”

Rowan’s hand trailed down and grabbed my ass. “And, hey, Coach, what kind of friend would I be if I weren’t willing to share what I caught?”

Coach looked between the two of us. “I’m not sure I get your meaning, kid.”

Row shrugged. “I mean, Holly’s always wanted to take two cocks. She already trusts you, and I don’t mind an older man myself. Seems like a no-brainer to me.”

I whipped my head toward him and interrogated him with my eyes. We’d talked about threesomes before, but never with any kind of planning or intention. But this was just like him; once sex was on his mind, he became the type of man who took charge and didn’t stop until he got what he wanted. And I didn’t exactly mind. I was still turned on from sucking his cock earlier and Coach Elliot’s bare, masculine chest drew me in. I’d thought about what his dick might look like since I was 15; this could be my chance to find out.

Coach looked at me seriously. “You let him make all the decisions for you?”

“Pretty much, yeah.” My breaths became a bit ragged as wetness gathered between my legs. “I like being told what to do.”

He gave me a dismissive wave that turned me on even more. “Holly, let the men talk. Meet us in my office; it’s just down the hall.”

Rowan looked at me with that smolder in his gray eyes. “I want you naked by the time we’re in there, Hols.”

Coach added, “Yeah, that sounds good to me.”

I didn’t ask any questions. With Rowan, it’s like this horny switch flipped in my brain. One word and he’d have me, well, naked with my legs spread on the desk of an older man I grew up with. Or something like that.

Coach Elliot’s office door was ajar with the lights on. I pushed the door open further and then closed it behind me. There was a faded red leather loveseat across from his large, uncluttered desk. Behind the desk, trophies and team photos were mounted above a computer. My heart Bodrum Escort began to race as I thought about where I should sit. It was chilly in the building and I wasn’t sure if the couch or the desk would bite against my skin more. And I couldn’t decide if I wanted the one that hurt or the one that didn’t. Row would probably hurt me either way.

I started to strip off my clothes. But before I was even out of my sweatshirt, Rowan and Coach Elliot entered the office. Coach was fully dressed now, although disheveled after a presumably hasty job of it.

“Shit, that was a fast talk,” I laughed awkwardly. I wasn’t exactly sure how this was going to go or what to expect.

“We decided Coach should have the honor of undressing you,” Rowan explained. “I’m just going to watch for a bit.”

“You want to watch someone else fuck me?”

“No, I want to watch you get fucked by someone else.” He kissed me on the forehead and sat down on Coach’s desk. “I’ll jump in when I’m ready.”

I nodded.

Then I looked at Coach Elliot. Mr. Elliot, as I’d called him when I was a kid. He looked different now than he did in my mind’s eye. Older, yes, but also more confident and without any nerves. I was used to seeing him out on the field, the tension of the game written across his face, pinching his eyebrows together.

Now, his angular face had no anxiety or anger on it. There was only a slight crease between his eyes as he gazed at me. There was only the twitch of his lip as he closed the space between us. There was only the perfect slope of his lips as he leaned in to kiss me.

I had to stand on my tiptoes to meet his mouth; he was even taller than Rowan. His hands were tentative as they found the small of my back, helping to lift me up into the kiss. He must’ve just brushed his teeth before his shower; he tasted fresh and springy.

“Now, let’s see what’s under all these winter clothes.” He pushed me down onto the loveseat and knelt in front of me. He carefully removed each of my boots, followed by my socks. He placed them gingerly next to the sofa. Then, he took my hands and pulled me back up.

Standing there barefoot somehow felt more intimate and vulnerable than if I was stark naked, although I guessed I was about to find out for certain. Coach Elliot lifted my sweater from the bottom and I wiggled out of it. Underneath, I wore a skimpy tank top that didn’t even reach the waistband of my leggings. No bra. My nipples poked through the thin fabric, stimulated by the cool air and the very thought of kissing a childhood crush as an adult. “God, you’re as gorgeous as I thought.”

“You haven’t even seen her naked,” Rowan chuckled from behind us. He was rubbing his erection through his jeans. “Wait until you see her cunt.”

Coach Elliot let out a guttural breath. He traced his thumbs underneath the top of my leggings and pulled them down, helping me step out of them like a real gentleman. I had on the panties Row had picked out before the game: Lacy, baby pink, and barely thicker than mesh. He sucked in a breath and cut a look at Rowan. “Damn. Good choice, kid.”

“Thanks. Some of my favorites.”

Coach dropped down to a squat and licked my panties, right where my opening was. They were soaked through by now, and I shivered at the almost-contact of his tongue. Coach took two fingers and draw them along the line of my panties, from my hip down the front. He tapped my thigh in a silent command: Spread. I took a wider stance and he slid his fingers over the tiny, tiny barrier that separated his skin from mine.

“So wet already.” His voice was serious, almost disappointed in tone. “God, he said you were a little slut and I wasn’t sure if I believed him. You were always so confident, so assertive. I wouldn’t expect this from you. But you’re so wet at the idea of me and your boyfriend taking both of your holes, aren’t you?”

I whimpered and nodded as he began to undress. He pulled off his windbreaker and college colors polo. Kicked off his boots. Then he undid his belt. His motions were practiced and methodical, the movements of a man who knew what he wanted, who he wanted it from, and how to get it. His cock was even bigger than Rowan’s, about the same thickness but longer. I’d never done anal with anyone or anything so wide and the thought made me nervous.

Of course, I knew I could stop everything with a word, but I was too turned on to consider it. I wanted to see where this went, especially as Coach finally hooked his thumbs underneath the hem of my panties and tugged them down. The silky fabric glided smoothly over my legs and made me shiver. Then he lifted off my tank top, revealing my naked breasts to the room. I heard Rowan inhale from behind Coach, beginning to stroke himself.

Coach took a step back and surveyed me almost clinically. “Now, what should I use first?” He pulled on both of my nipples, one with each hand. “I could fuck your tits.” He moved his fingers up to my mouth and swiped his thumb over my lips. “Or your mouth.” His hand trailed Bodrum Escort Bayan down, down, down, over my collar bones, between my breasts, and down to just above my pussy. “Or your sweet little cunt. What’s your pleasure?”

I sucked in a deep breath. He left his hand on my hip bone.

“Actually, I don’t care.” He slapped me across the face. Hard. It stung and burned and brought tears to my eyes and sent a jolt down directly to my clit, which was throbbing with the lack of contact it craves. “I’ll do what I want.”

Rowan chuckled, “That’s more like it.”

Coach sat down on the couch, hand wrapped around the base of his massive cock.

I stood there with my heart pounding. Even though I knew, logically, that I was totally safe, that Rowan wouldn’t let anything bad happen to me and that I was ravenous for this entire situation…even with all of that, there was a tangible sense of fear — primal — as Coach gestured to me with his other hand. I got the sense that this wasn’t about me, at least for now. It was about him.

Coach said, “Sit down, baby girl. Ride me.”



“Yes, sir. Mr. Elliot.”

I closed the space between us and positioned myself to sit down on him. I wanted to kiss him, to put my hands in his hair, but he gave me a sharp look.

“Other way.” He turned me around so that my back was to him. Then Coach snapped his fingers at Rowan. “And you. Eat her out. I want to feel her cum on my cock before we both fuck her.”

Rowan followed the command in an instant. I knew Row was a switch and that he was bi, but I’d never seen him like this before. It was honestly pretty hot to know that there was a side of him that was like me. That wanted to be ordered around and used and taken. He dropped down onto his knees and placed his hands on my hips as Coach’s hand went into my hair, made messy by the night’s various activities. Coach fiddled with a condom and put it on with one hand.

Slowly, Rowan pulled me down onto Coach’s cock. I felt the tip slide into place, met with only a little resistance. I expected it to hurt, for a moment, on how large it was alone, but my wetness opened me up for him. It was a tight fit, yes, but the kind that made my eyes roll back into my head and my mouth open up with delight.

A moan began to escape my lips. Coach’s right hand snapped over my mouth. “Quiet, whore. There are security guards down here at night. Don’t want them thinking some poor girl’s being taken advantage of.” I nodded into his hand in agreement; its salty taste and firm guidance relaxed me, allowing his cock to settle all the way inside of me. When he went to pull it away, I shook my head a little, desperate for him to keep me in his control. He growled into my ear, his voice rumbling, “That’s a good girl. Now let’s see if your bitch boyfriend can actually get you off or not.”

Coach snapped at Rowan, who looked up at him, then me, with those wanting gray eyes.

His tongue made the slightest content with my clit and I could’ve bit through Coach’s palm right then and there. Even with that little sensation, I found myself clenching and grinding on Coach’s massive dick. When something that big fills you, it doesn’t take much to activate all of the muscles and twitches and squirms.

“That’s it, baby, grind on me like a little slut. That’s what you need, isn’t it?”

I nodded into his hand, which stayed tight against my mouth so I had to breathe intentionally out of my nose. Rowan leaned into my cunt, his tongue brushing from where Coach entered me and up to my clit over and over.

“Fuck, you taste good right now. So wet from when I fucked your face earlier. Squeezing out around that cock.”

I could practically feel Coach’s eyes roll. “Shut up and eat her, kid.”

Rowan listened. He focused on my clit, sucking gently but hard enough to keep me approaching the edge. He had this move where he didn’t speed up, didn’t slow down, just kept the right pace when he found it. The moment I started screaming for more was the moment he would let up and make me buck against his face just to get off.

While I ground back and forth on Coach’s cock, keeping it inside of me but working my muscles around him, Rowan reached his hand up and grabbed one of my breasts. Without warning, he pinched and twisted my nipple like he never had before. I tried to gasp but Coach’s hand stayed on my mouth, pressing against my teeth. The slight bite of pain only turned me on more. He clamped down harder, biting my shoulder as he began to fuck me in earnest with his hips

His cock spread me wide and deep. I’d never felt one like it before, and I’d had my fair share. I’d never thought of myself as a size queen or anything, but there was something so delicious about knowing I could get turned on enough to take it, that this man from my goddamn childhood was the one who could do it to me.

The next time I lifted up, Coach’s hand that wasn’t over my mouth went down below me. He spat onto his thumb and then placed it Escort Bodrum at the entrance of my asshole. I squirmed nervously, aware that I could stop him if I want, half wanting to and half not. Without any experience with anal, my mind took over. Horror stories from my friends about how much it hurt and how much it sucked.

But, no.

Properly slick, nails trimmed short, lubed up with slick spit, his thumb popped easily inside of me. I’d never felt so full in my life. I couldn’t even imagine the thought of his cock there in its place. His thumb increased the pressure inside of my cunt, making his dick feel somehow even bigger. My muscles trembled around him, shaking spreading from deep inside of me and out into all of my muscles.

At the same time, Rowan’s tongue found that spot just below the hood of my clit and the sensation in the pit of my stomach inched further and furth down. It was all so much. Another gush of wetness poured from me and both Rowan and Coach had a visceral reaction to it. It felt almost like I had to pee but not quite, the fullness and intensity right before you…

I came. Hard.

My cunt tightened over and over and over and over until I lost count of how hard and fast and tight it squeezed. His cock stayed rock hard and he bounced me on it all the way through. Even as I tried to push away Rowan as it became too intense for me, he held me to his face and kept licking and sucking down my juices, lapping them up like a divine snack.

It took nearly a minute — or maybe an hour or maybe a few seconds or maybe days — for the explosion in my pussy to stop. Then my body went nearly limp, held up by Coach’s firm stomach and chest.

As I tried to catch my breath, Coach pushed me off of him. “On the desk. I think your man has earned the right to cum in that sweet pussy of yours.”

Rowan stumbled away from me and onto his feet, a thankful, excited look written all over his angular face. He took a few steps, leading me by the hand across the office. My legs shook underneath me.

Rowan positioned himself on the edge of the desk and pulled me forward, facing him, angling his hard cock toward my entrance but not starting to fuck me yet. Coach fisted his cock behind us. He opened up the top drawer of his desk and removed a small bottle of lube.

At the site of the easily accessible lube, Rowan teased, “Fuck your students often, Elliot?”

“Often enough.” Coach smirked while I began to catch my breath between them, recovering from my orgasm. My chest was bright red from my breathing and writhing. “I’ll take her ass. She needs to be stretched out like the fucking whore she is.”

My whole body quivered at the thought.

While Coach put on Rowan laid back on the desk, his cock straight in the air, and said, “Get on top of me baby and arch your back so your ass is up for him. Be good.”

I went to move up on the desk but my legs were still jello. I laughed, “Christ, I can barely move.”

Row leaned forward and pulled me up, his arms looped under my ass, so that I was on my knees over him. The cool wooden top of the desk was a welcome relief on my shins and the tops of my feet. Carefully, almost reverently, Rowan lowered me down onto his cock. Before tonight, I’d thought his cock was large. And it was, don’t get me wrong. But after Coach’s beer can had impaled me, it felt like an easy, effortless fit instead of a stretch.

I felt Coach’s hand in my hair again as I began to grind on Rowan. Using my hair like a leash, he pushed me forward so that my breasts pressed against Row’s bare chest. Then he pulled my hair tight and pulled my hips back with his other hand. I felt his cock, slippery and wet, against my asshole.

“Nice view you’ve got there, baby girl.”

Pain, in the form of Coach’s hand, slapped across my ass. He had spanked me and he hadn’t been gentle with it. My back arched instinctively, a moan gasping out from my lungs, and Rowan’s cock seemed to grow even harder inside of me seeing me hurt.

With warning, Coach pressed his massive cock into my ass. I sucked in hard. There wasn’t pain, exactly, but there was a fullness and a stretching like working the knot out of a sore muscle.

“That’s a good girl. Now take the rest of it for me.”

My mind spun. The rest of it? I already felt like I was stretched to my absolute limit.

But then he pushed.

And I knew I hadn’t even started to know how far I could be stretched.

Rowan wasn’t poorly endowed by any means. Their cocks battled for real estate inside of me. For every millimeter that Coach pushed into my tight asshole, it felt like Rowan’s girth grew an inch or a thousand. With one last push, Coach groaned a satisfied groan. He sighed, “Perfect fit.”

At that point, I was post-orgasmic.Beyond orgasmic. The feeling was so intense that I didn’t even know if I could cum from it, really, or if I would just enter this hazy, whored out state of bliss and nothingness. There were no thoughts outside of those two cocks working in and out of me. They worked in a rhythm, one going out and the other going in, then moving at the same time. They were in sync without speaking and I could tell from the blissed-out look on Rowan’s face that he could feel the pressure of Coach’s cock just as much as I could, working up and down his shaft from inside of me.

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