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Last year my wife flew interstate to be with her sister after an operation. The plan was for her to stay there for a couple of days then return home with the sister who would stay with us until she was fully recovered. It sounded simple and I agreed readily. I looked forward to a couple of days of sitting around in my jocks, drinking beer and beating off to internet porn.

The first few days were great but I soon tired of jerking off. Day four was a turning point in my life when I received a phone call from my wife. It took me a while to understand what she was saying but her sister what worse than we had been told and, although she was back in her home, she was much too ill to fly. My wife is her only relative so there was no alternative. My wife would be away for several weeks.

I sat on the lounge and cursed. It was a Friday afternoon and I didn’t have to go back to work until Monday. That meant three nights and two days with no one to talk to. Out of despair I slowly did the dishes that had been piling up. I ran the vacuum around the lounge and dusted the ornaments. I emptied the bins. I tidied up the spare room and emptied the bins again.

Next, I went out to the garage and cleaned up all the rubbish from the two cars. I emptied the bins from the garage as well. As I walked away from the outdoor bin for the third time I heard the voice of our nosiest neighbour, Old George over the fence. At first I didn’t realise that he was talking to me but he mentioned my name and I turned around. Normally I would have made some excuse and rushed back to the house when I heard his voice but this afternoon I feeling lonely and glad to hear another human voice.

Old George pointed out that I usually emptied those bins on a monthly basis. He asked me what sort of disaster had befallen me. I walked over to the fence and started unloading all my misery on him. He listened intently and only interrupted when he could make some reassuring comment. This was unusual for him. Usually I struggled to get a word in. As we talked through the fence I realised that Old George wasn’t wearing a shirt.

This surprised me because Old George was well known as a fussy dresser who normally wouldn’t be seen without a coat and tie on. His naked chest worried me as his wife had died some months ago. I became concerned that this might be the start of his decline into decrepitude.

After we had talked for about half an hour Old George asked me if I wanted to come over for a beer. He had never made such an offer before and I was heartened by the prospect of sharing a brew or two with my new found friend. I said yes and he opened the gate that previous owners had built into the fence. I stepped through. He left the gate ajar, I guess there was no reason to lock it.

Old George’s şişli escort yard had many more plants and trees in it than our yard. This foliage screened it from the other yards and made it feel very private. Old George gave me a quick tour of his yard, proudly showing off some of the rare and beautiful plants that his ex wife had nurtured. As he showed me around I noted that he was in quite good condition for a man his age. His shirtless chest was also hairless which accentuated his well developed, though slightly soft, muscles.

His shorts covered a tight pair of buns and his long legs were also hairless. His feet were bare. His toenail were oddly dirty; well trimmed but with patches of paint on some of them. I assumed that he had been painting inside the house. He soon ran out of plants to talk about so he ushered me into the house.

The kitchen was clean and tidy. He grabbed to beers as we went into the lounge room, which was also neat and tidy. I was relieved to know that the place hadn’t fallen into disarray so I leaned back in arm chair and took my first sip of beer for the weekend.

We started talking again and realised that we had much more in common than we had suspected. By the fourth beer I was really enjoying his company but I felt a little warm. The house was an old style solid brick cottage. The walls were obviously thick and the windows were quite small so there was little breeze. As it was the middle of summer the house was still warming from the rays of the sun.

I pointed out how warm I was feeling and Old George suggested that I could take my shirt off if that would help. He apologized for the lack of air conditioning and told me that he, and his wife, had often been walked around naked during the hottest part of the year.

“You should have seen those tits of hers swaying as she did the sweeping” Old George said as he laughed and handed me a beer. He told me to get comfortable. Not used to be shirtless in public I gradually removed my shirt and singlet as I sipped my beer.

“Is that better?” Old George asked as he sat back in a lounge opposite me. He was enjoying the beer and the company too. As we ran out of things to discuss the beer started to make me a little drowsy. I told George that I should head home and fix some dinner before I fell asleep on his lounge.

“Nonsense” he rose from his chair and headed for the kitchen. He banged around out there for a while and then informed me that dinner would be ready in an hour. He then walked over to the entertainment unit and inserted a VHS tape into an old video machine.

“This’ll wake you up! ” Old George chortled as he playfully slapped my back and returned to his arm chair. The TV screen was full of snow for several minutes but gradually the image of a çapa escort woman walking across a lounge room came into focus. After a while I realised that it was actually this very lounge room.

“What’s this a tape of?” I asked Old George as I gulped down more beer.

“Home movies” he replied as he raised his can to me as a toast “I hope you like them.”

After I while the screen became really clear and I realised that the woman was his wife. She looked about ten years younger than when she passed so she would have been about 55 years old. There were four men sitting on the lounges and she walked to the middle. She was wearing a tennis outfit; a short pleated skirt, white runners and white shirt. The camera panned around the room but I couldn’t see Old George on the screen.

“Where were you?” I asked him as I stood up to get the next round of beers.

“I was the cameraman.” was his casual reply.

On the screen his wife walked around the men then went to the kitchen. When she returned she had removed her top to reveal a lacy white bra that exposed her large nipples. She carried a tray that had four beers on it. She went around the room and knelt before each man as they individually took a bear from the tray. She was very practiced in her movements, keeping the tray level and getting up from her knees with the grace of a ballerina.

“She was a dancer when I met her!” Old George exclaimed and opened yet another beer.

She took the empty tray back to the kitchen. She returned with a bowl of nuts and proceeded to follow the same routine, kneeling in front of each man as he took a handful of nuts. She paused each time and allowed the men to pinch her exposed nipples and fondle her large breasts through the lacy bra.

After she went around the room twice she went back to the kitchen. This time she was empty handed but she had removed her skirt, shoes and sox. Her knickers were white and with a lace pattern that matched the bra.

This time she knelt with her back to the men who took turns running their hands over her back and groping her backside. She lifted herself slightly to give them access to her panties.

“Look! He’s got his finger in her!” Old George laughed as he pointed at the screen. I looked at him and I could see his cock forming a tent in his shorts. “She loved it, she used to love this!”

When the men had finished groping her one of them undid the bra strap. She removed it and tossed it at the camera which followed its path to the cameraman’s bare feet. She stood up and removed her panties which were soon on the floor next to the bra.

She quickly bought a kitchen chair into the lounge room and placed it in the centre of the room. One of the men sat on the chair after removing his pants. The camera zoomed fındıkzade escort in on his short thick cock which was fully erect. She bowed in from of him and kissed the angry purple head of his cock. He grabbed the back of her head and forced it down onto his manhood. His butt lifted off the chair every time he thrust upwards to match the downward movement of her head.

Another of the men dropped his trousers and stepped up behind her. He slapped her butt and she spread her legs. He brutally shoved four fingers into her and pushed until his knuckles were inside that warm, wet orifice. The other two men stripped off entirely and stood on either side of her. She grabbed their dicks and stroked them to hardness. The guy behind her was frantically fucking her with his hand while the other guy was ramming his cock down her throat. He held her head against his crutch and spasmed as he filled her mouth with a big load of semen. The camera zoomed in as cum trickled from her lips. The two naked men were ready to fuck her so they forced her onto her back. They dragged her onto a mat where the guy who had finger fucked her fell on top of her and shoved his rock hard cock straight into that vagina. She grimaced as he filled her. He humped her a dozen times then pulled out with his cum dribbling from her cunt. His spot was taken by one of the naked men who shoved his erection straight into that gaping hole. Once he had deposited his seed he rolled away and the fourth guy jumped her and brutally fucked her for several minutes.

When he was done the cameraman handed the camera over and rolled her onto her stomach. He spread her butt cheeks so that the camera got a close up of her cum filled vagina. He fingered her for a while then used cum on his fingers to lubricate her anus. She spread her legs wide and he climbed on top her. He drove that big cock right into that little butt hole and fucked her viciously for several minutes before he came with a mighty thrust deep into her.

He lay on her as the screen went blank as the tape ended.

Old George got up and switched off the TV. He flicked on the lights and fetched two more beers. I didn’t know what to say when he asked me what I thought about his home movies. I thought for a while then I noticed that his penis was straining against his shorts. Mine was nearly fully erect but not obviously so as I was still seated.

“Well, that certainly woke me up! Wow. She got us both hard, didn’t she?” I commented as he stood next to me. He then explained that there about two dozen tapes and I could watch another one tomorrow night. I agreed then asked him what he wanted to do next. He pulled down his shorts and pointed his huge erection at my face. I looked at the mantle clock. There was half an hour left till dinner.

I leaned forward and took his balls in my hand. He pushed forward and my lips parted as I guided his cock into my mouth. As my tongue ran along the underside of that piece of man meat he asked me if I wanted to make a movie.

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