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She kneeled on the cold tile in front of the door, with a scotch in one hand and her breasts jutted out in front of her, nipples painfully pert. He would be home soon, and after a long day at work and business that had to be taken care of afterward, Daddy always liked a good scotch…and his pet, naked. It was all she could do not to play with herself, give a tweak to one of her nipples and run her fingers over her dripping hole. But Daddy said not to play without his permission, so she refrained, though she desperately wanted to relieve the tension that was slowly building in her cunt.

It seemed like an eternity passed before she heard the key turn in the lock. Her heart skipped a beat and she steadied herself. The door opened, and upon seeing his pet nude before him with his favourite drink in hand, Daddy smiled.

“Hello pet.” He set his keys down on the black leather ottoman beside her and took the scotch from her hand. She immediately stood and followed him to his chair at the computer.

“How was your day, Daddy?”

“Hell. As usual.”

She knelt again and nuzzled his jean-clad knee with her face. His hand rustled her hair gently, and she sighed. He smelled of spice and molasses from the pipe He smoked.

“You may sit, pet. Tell me about your day while I finish managing the accounts for the night.”

“Well, I cleaned your place and went grocery shopping…and watched some cartoons!”

“Wonderful. And you didn’t play with yourself while you were waiting for me to get home, did you?”

She blushed.

“No, Daddy.”

“Are you telling me the truth?”

“Yes…but I wanted to…it was really, really hard not to, Daddy.”

“Good girl. Thank you for the scotch and presenting yourself to me. Yes, that’s a very good girl.”

Her pussy flooded as he set the scotch down and grabbed a handful of her hair in his hand and yanked up, forcing her to her feet. He rose with her and slammed his lips on hers. She moaned and sucked in his lower lip as she frantically tried to stand Betist on her tiptoes to meet him and wrap her arms around His neck. He released her hair and grabbed her wrists with one hand instead, breaking the kiss and using the other to tweak a nipple. She shuddered with pleasure.

“Such a good little girl for Daddy. It’s been a while since I’ve bred you…” He paused, waiting to see her reaction.

Her eyes widened and her blush grew as she realized what he’d just uttered. By now, cunt juices were dripping down her thigh. He smirked, knowing the effect He’d had on her.

“I think someone’s all wet.” His free hand traveled slowly down to her cunt and gently parted the folds there, feeling the hard little nub and flicking it.

“Ohh Daddy…please…”

He laughed darkly.

“Come, bitch. We have some breeding to do.”

He pulled her by the wrists to the bedroom and threw her onto the bed. It took her by surprise and she yelped. She sat there as Daddy unbuckled his pants and removed them. His thick, long cock stood at attention, bobbing every few seconds or so. It dribbled a few precious pearls of pre-come and she could feel her mouth watering.

“You like Daddy’s cock, don’t you?”

“Uh huh…I mean, yes, Daddy…”

“Then show me how much.”

She scrambled off the bed , kneeling once more and fervently latched onto his cock, tongue working back and forth, licking the pre-come off of the slit and tasting the saltiness that lingered there.

He closed his eyes and reveled in the feel of his pet’s mouth around him.

“Yes, that’s it. That’s a good bitch.”

He let her suck his cock for a good fifteen minutes, periodically skullfucking her and enjoying the sound she made as she choked on his length. When he pulled away, tears were pouring down her face.

“Get on all fours, on the bed. Now.”

Wiping the rivulets that ran down her cheeks, she clambered up onto the soft bed and did as he asked. Her ass wiggled slightly in anticipation.

From Betist Giriş behind her, he could see the wetness escaping from her cunt.

Unable to see, she didn’t know what was going to happen next until she felt a finger slip into her. She pushed back onto it, wishing it were something else. One finger became two, and he began to slowly move them in and out, bumping her cervix with them and dragging them back before repeating the motion. She tried riding them, but every time she moved her hips, Daddy went faster and threw her off balance. It went unspoken that he was reminding her that it was His cunt, not hers, and he would determine the pace.

He got her to the point of climax, speeding up his fingers, before withdrawing completely from her. She whimpered at the loss of the fullness and the denial of the orgasm she so longed for. He smirked to himself. She was so tight, that two of his fingers nearly tore her little hole apart. But she had to be ready for him. She reveled in the pain, anyhow, and he wasn’t worried about hurting her.

“Sweet bitch. So ready for your Daddy to breed you.”

Her breath caught in her throat. A loud smack resounded through the room as he landed his hand on her ivory ass. Again. And yet again.

“Daddy, please…I need…”

“Sshh, pet. I know what you need.” He hit her ass again. Already, red handprints were slowly becoming visible.

She whined, partially from pain and from yearning.

“I think you’re ready, pet.” He forced her down onto her stomach, spreading her legs slightly, easing himself on top of her.


Without warning, he slammed into her while biting the back of her neck viciously and growling. She yelped, surprised at how much he still hurt her after all this time. He was painfully slow. She wanted speed, but he would not allow it.

“Mine.” He growled, biting her again. She cried out.

All of a sudden, he picked up the pace and began driving into her. The sound of skin slapping against skin echoed throughout the room.

Hands went around her neck as the momentum increased, and squeezed slowly. Air left her lungs and she moaned as her world grew slightly dark.

“Da…ddy…” she gasped.

As He moved harder and faster, she felt an orgasm building once more. Daddy released his hold on her neck and began licking her neck and ear, taking a moment to bite her earlobe. He whispered “Mine” gently, and placed His hands over hers.


“My bitch. My whore. All Mine.”

“Yes, Daddy, yes!”

Then it all stopped. He stayed in her, motionless. She began to cry, not understanding why the pleasure had ceased. Her hips writhed against him, trying frantically to create the sweet friction again, but it was to no avail. His body held her down and she was unable to get the reaction she so desperately needed.

“Please don’t stop! Please, Daddy!”

“That’s right, bitch. Beg.” He whispered.

“Daddy, please…please let me come! I’m begging you, please…”

“Hmm…” He mused. “I don’t know.”

“Please!” She became flustered. “Please fuck me, Daddy! Don’t stop…please…” Tears were rolling down her face now, dripping onto the pillows beneath her. “Let me come!”

He moved once, and she shuddered.

“Pleeeease, Daddy…let me come!” She shouted.

He bit her back, and she arched up to meet him.

“Well then, come on, bitch. Come for Daddy.”

Fast and hard, he pummeled her. She let out a howl as she came twice, before collapsing beneath him, flying high, pussy twitching. He continued to fuck her until he came, and pulled out, moving to lie beside her. She turned to him and buried her face in his arms as she cried, letting go of all the emotions that had built up over the last week.

“Daddy’s here. Shhh…it’s okay. Good girl…Daddy loves to breed you. Let it all out.”

Once she was able to stop crying, Daddy kissed her forehead and told her to clean him off. Her juices were mixed with his salty come and she lapped it up, licking her lips once she was done. “That was fun!” She exclaimed, jumping into His arms and nuzzling his chest.

“I love you, pet.” He smiled.

“I love you too, Daddy.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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