Homecoming Ch. 01

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This is not only the first story I’ve ever posted, it’s the first one I’ve ever written. I had a great time writing it and hope you enjoy it… please let me know if you like it and I’ll keep posting!


A single traveler fumbled with an itinerary as he traversed the moving walkway leading to Norfolk International’s Concourse A. The last time was here was over two years ago, a memory he was currently dwelling on. The airport was much busier then, and it seemed even more crowded with everyone’s attention focused on his desert camouflage as he walked through the concourse. Everywhere he looked the ladies were smiling at him, young boys were saluting him, and men nodded their approval and silent thanks as he proudly marched his way towards gate A12, the same gate he was destined to travel to tonight. He could have had anything the airport offered for free he remembered saying to himself, including his choice at the beautiful locals that blushed as he returned their smiles. At the time, he settled for a beer at the sports bar and enjoyed the last hour of English television he’d be able to see for a while; there were a lot of things he used to do differently back then.

A grumble ahead of him fast forwarded time two years in an instant, “your driver’s license is expired sir.” He looked down at his Florida driver’s license and tried to read through the glaring hologram of the great Florida seal that covered his vital information. He read his name and address well enough, but late as it was he couldn’t figure out where it said it expired, perhaps sensing the frustration the agent continued, “it expired at the end of last month sir. Do you have another I.D?” A month ago this wouldn’t have been a problem, a quick flash of a military badge would have him through this check point in a second; how different life outside of the Navy was proving to be. It took a few minutes to convince the TSA Agent that he was indeed recently returned from overseas and without a military ID since his service ended only two weeks prior; perhaps it was the late hour of the meeting or his convincing argument, but moments later he was sitting at his gate and staring out into the night.

His thoughts trailed back to the last time he sat in front of A12. He carried only one green sea bag with him then, which allotted him very little space for personal effects. Between uniforms and traveling necessities, he only carried a flip book with some photographs of his family, a copy of his favorite book, and an old toy compass, which had somehow found itself in his hands once again. It was a small, cheap, and seldom pointed North, or any single direction at all for that matter, but he valued it more than anything else in the world. “It’s so you can always find your way home” came a soft whisper from the depths of his mind. He was suddenly filled with the warmth of a beautiful memory, and some small measure of hope for his future; the last two years of his life were a greater cost to his humanity than he was ever willing to lose.

He looked around the concourse for any familiarity and found nothing. The sports bar he had visited the last time he was here was now a Starbucks, and from the looks of it he figured it must have closed hours ago, just like everything else in the airport beyond the realm of A12 at this hour of the evening. From the looks of the gate area he was going to be one of maybe two dozen passengers on this flight, should be plenty of window seats at least he thought to himself. He took a seat overlooking the tarmac and quickly discarded the Sky Mall he stole off his last flight, opting instead to read a three week old Newsweek he found beneath his chair.

Outside the light rainfall was suddenly overwhelmed with the roar of a pair of turbine engines. As the 757 approached the gangway, its lights bombarded the sleeping travelers slouched in various positions and signaled that it was time to wake up. Shortly thereafter, a small crowd gathered by the ticket counter and business men and women now eagerly awaited an uncomfortable chair to continue their restless sleep. Kevin stood up and stretched his arms and legs in every direction before putting his compass away and sitting back down; lines were not something he was going to deal with at 1:00am.

As the line dwindled away before him, the slender figure of a young brunette came into view just across the aisle. She wore a grey business suit that was modest, but offered enough to let your imagination run with what was hidden beneath it. Enjoying the view immensely, Kevin’s eyes began to caress every curve of her body. After two years traveling the desert, women were something of a rare commodity, and Kevin hadn’t quite adjusted his senses to seeing one like this very often. He started at her left foot, which she had extended out into the aisle leading her leg over the right, which was tucked tightly beneath. As she thumbed through her magazine she slowly bounced her foot ever so slightly to the beat of an unknown song she must have been listening to on gaziantep escortları her headphones; Kevin watched closely as her toes danced up, down, back, and forth. The movement encouraged his eyes to dare upward to the seat of her chair, where each slight of her leg pushed against her skirt, slowly sliding the soft fabric higher and higher. By the look of crease in her side, it must have been some time since she last adjusted herself; Kevin wondered how much longer this display would go on. The skirt was cut just above the knees and low enough to remain professional, but too high to completely cover the top of her black nylons in this position, which were now sneaking their way into view under the retreating skirt. The exposed skin radiated an aura of sexuality that completely engulfed his senses, whether or not she could see him was suddenly no longer a concern.

Kevin’s gaze searched every inch of her legs before moving upwards again. Her suit top matched her skirt’s color; nicely accented by a turquoise blouse three buttons shy of reaching their neckline destination. He watched her chest push against her suit with each breath, barely exposing the thin straps of a black bra near her shoulders where the blouse now lifted freely from her chest. Her breasts were full and round, but not excessive by any standards; he contemplated her cup size for a moment. At last her neck and face came under the assault his eyes had started what seemed hours before. Her complexion was darker than her legs, but natural just the same; everything about this girl seemed to be natural. Her hair flowed long and dark around her neckline, tucked neatly behind her right ear but flowing free around her left. And last but not least, he looked at her eyes… dark brown, beautiful, and very aware of the man across the aisle looking at her.

Speaking in a language without words or sounds, she let him know that his intrusion was not appreciated. She closed her magazine, put away her headphones, and boarded the plane with a very audible sigh as she stepped away from her chair while Kevin sat for a moment and considered what had just happened. He was interrupted by the woman at the ticket counter pointing to the clock, suggesting his immediate seating was required. Not overly anxious to end up in line behind the woman he had just offended in an even more awkward situation in the gangway, he took his time gathering his belongings before heading through the gate.

His delay served little purpose, as he caught up with a line that extended several passengers out of the plane; last in line, and closest to him was the woman from the concourse. He pretended not to look at her as he closed the distance from the gate to the plane and found his gesture was returned with the same level of disinterest. Or was it? Between his sweeping glances between airline advertisements along the wall, he caught the unmistakable snap of her head trying to cover her casual looks behind her. With each pass of his eyes she seemed to slow the rate she turned away, until she finally turned around in full to address him. “Sorry for being a little abrupt out there, I’m not usually so short with stalkers… especially good looking ones.” She turned away before he could say anything and boarded the plane. A new sense of courage fueled his will to continue the game; this was going to be an interesting flight after all.

It was open seating with so few passengers, but even still every window and aisle seat from the front of the plane to the last five rows was taken by the time Kevin went to grab a seat; if he preferred a middle seat, every single chair was available. The woman before him went to the very last row and tossed her belongings into the aisle seat, taking her time removing her suit top and stowing her luggage in the bins above. As she reached up to tend to her things, her skirt tightened around her butt and revealed that she either had no underwear on, or that she had something really small underneath. Kevin enjoyed the brief viewing and watched as she turned abruptly to sit in her seat. Before sitting down she offered the last man standing on the plane a slight smile, removing any doubt of where his seat was.

“Would you mind?” he asked as he signaled his intention to take the window seat next to her with a point of his index finger. Kevin stood tall over the woman as she sat before him, giving her an unobstructed view of his person while she contemplated her answer. His khaki pants were held up by a woven black leather belt which marked the beginning of his blue long-sleeved shirt; polished black loafers and a gold, blue-faced watch that finished the ensemble.

“Did you miss something in the terminal that you wanted a better look at?” replied the woman, fishing for a compliment.

“Actually yeah, at that distance I had a hard time trying to figure out if you were beautiful or gorgeous” Kevin replied, wondering if it was enough to please her or too much to scare her away; a bright smile informed him that the former was the case.

She answered in kind “well then in that case I think you should sit there so I can figure out if I should slap you for eye’n me up so bad in the concourse or give you my number.”

The awkwardness that was the first 10 minutes of their meeting melted soon after take-off with the purchase of a few single-serving vodkas, cranberry juice, and light conversation. The “concourse girl” introduced herself as Sofiya, a young junior level executive that was returning from a very successful job interview at one of the shipyards in the area. Kevin listened in earnest about her travels, stirring up memories of his own as she described her exciting career working with the Cruising industry’s international relations. When it was his turn, he offered up every great sea-story he could muster from his travels, and complimented Sofiya whenever he found a tangent to do so. In no time at all, small talk gave way to two more drinks, and much livelier discussion.

“I can’t believe they let us fly with so few people on this plane tonight” stated Sofiya as she got up from her chair momentarily to adjust her skirt again. That much is for certain Kevin thought to himself; “especially given the recent rise in gas prices damn near crippling the airlines” she continued. She took a while to sit back down again after gazing across the airplane for a moment. “I think we’re the only ones for at least 5 rows if you don’t count that old lady on the other side of the aisle up there.”

“I don’t think she’s got a pulse so yeah, I would definitely exclude her” Kevin replied jokingly. “I think the stewardess we have is sitting all the way up front too” he continued.

“Well then I’m going to get a little more comfortable,” said Sofiya as she put up her fold-down table and reached down to remove her high heels. After tossing the shoes into her carry-on, she loosened up her blouse until it was out of her skirt and picked up the armrest next to her. When she was done moving about she was sitting on her feet, side-ways in her chair. “I’m sorry if my feet smell a little but it’s been a long day and I can’t wear those any longer so you’re going to have to deal with it” she laughed, blushing slightly in the dark. She shook her hair out a little and returned her attention to Kevin, almost as if she expected him to do the same.

He contemplated his next actions for a second before playfully replying with an exaggerated “fine,” taking the hint and kicking off his shoes. His belt soon followed, along with the un-tucking and unbuttoning of his shirt, exposing the ribbed tank top beneath. The two strangers continued to talk about their jobs and personal life until a stunning moonrise caught Sofiya’s attention.

Outside the moon was rising off to the East, casting its reflection across the calmed Atlantic Ocean. Cruising at 36,000 feet removed most of the smog and cloud cover that would obstruct such an incredible moonrise, and the white light shone brightly into the cabin. Sofiya leaned over in her chair to get a better look, crawling over the chair that separated the two travelers and removing the last barrier that stood between them in the process. As she stared off into the night her hair draped across Kevin’s arms and chest, releasing the fresh smell of her shampoo and a high dose of pheromones which enflamed every nerve in his nose. Kevin could feel pants stiffening at the sudden proximity of Sofiya’s body; she was so vulnerable to him and it was taking everything he had to touch her.

Sofiya was well aware of what she was doing to him and hoped that the mixed signals she had sent him throughout the evening would not put him off much longer. She put her left hand down on the chair squarely between his legs and softly pressed her wrist against his groin for support as she stared out the window in eager anticipation of his reaction. His stiffening cock pressed against her wrist and she leaned just slightly enough to trace the head of it with her skin, hoping he would return the favor soon.

She did not have to wait long. The first caress lit her pussy on fire as Kevin’s fingers slid up the inside of her left leg, just above the top of her nylons. She could feel a confidence in his touch, yet he was soft and slow enough to let her know he wasn’t in a rush; his fingers were enjoying the ride her legs were giving them. Sofiya continued to look out the window as if nothing was happening at all, hoping the moonlight didn’t expose the smile her pleasure forced upon her. She felt his fingers pause briefly below the liner of her underwear, as if deciding whether or not he could continue onwards or make her wait a little longer. She leaned further a little more, inviting a more thorough search of her warming thighs and puss; Kevin’s fingers pressed on at the gesture and with much more confidence. When his first finger reached the edge of her black cotton thong, he traced the thick liner tightly tucked between her thigh and outer lips before crossing onto the thin silky cloth that covered her. He doubled back to the liner and began running up the length of it until meeting with its counterpart over her pulsating anal opening; an audible gasp from Sofiya quickly followed his discovery. He depressed the cotton string slightly against her, tantalizing the delicate nerve endings that begged for contact, and with a quick flick of his finger he was under the liner. He pressed up and down around the perimeter of her tight hole, dipping his finger into her opening deeper and deeper with each pass. The tease would end there however, as Kevin had bigger plans in mind.

Racing down across the smooth cotton surface, his fingers chased her slit under her legs and found her sopping wet mound pressed tightly against her thong. He turned his hand, pressing his palm against her backside and sending four fingers forward to explore the treasures that waited before them. While his outer fingers ran along and under the seams of the thong, her clit came under the assault of his talented middle and ring fingers, rubbing across and around the center of her sex with each pass. Between the passing pressure of his inner and outer fingers, her fully aroused lips forced an appreciative moan that Sofiya could not hold back.

Boldness guided his hand back across her silky smooth ass and under the confines of her skirt. With a quick snap of his wrist, he lifted her skirt and exposed her to the cabin. When she failed to protest, he firmly gripped her ass and started to slide his fingers in and out from under the thong’s waistband as a gesture of his dominion over it. He pressed under the thong and slid his hand down the crack of her ass, teasing her pussy and asshole in turn. When he was sufficiently satisfied with her state of arousal, he reached up again to the bands that held the thong to her waist and gave them a firm tug. The cotton collapsed around the curve of her ass easily, uprooting the soaking remnants trapped between her flesh slowly and steadily. A cool breeze across her cunt sent hot and cold chills across her body, forcing every muscle in her body to twitch and turn in sexual excitement; she cooed under the barrage of sensations.

Kevin heard the gesture and advanced his efforts two-fold. He dragged her thong to her knees and slowly padded his way back up her thighs, finding her pussy waiting and willing for contact. With not but a short run around the length of her slit, he buried his fingers deep into her canal two at a time. At the same time, he reached up with his left hand under her blouse and began caressing the soft skin of her exposed tummy. His first touch landed just above her belly button, and slowly moved towards her sternum, just under the edge of a lacey black bra. He ran along the supports of the cups in both directions, occasionally pushing hard enough to slip a finger under the wire frame. When he had surveyed the area appropriately, he cupped his hands over her left breast and began to slowly caress the whole of her tit. His fingers quickly found her protruding nipple and provided additional pressure and tighter circles, increasing its firmness through the fabric. His hand methodically switched back and forth from one cup to the other several times before retreating downwards again momentarily. “Enjoying the view?” Kevin asked with the retrieval of his left hand.

“I can’t complain” she replied between gasps for air, “although it could be a little better.”

“And how exactly would you improve it then?” Kevin asked, eagerly anticipating what kind of trouble she had in mind.

“Well…” Sofiya started as she leaned back against his hand enough to force it out of her cunt, sliding her hands and knees a few feet back at the same time. “I can see the moon on the horizon pretty well, but I need to have my head a little lower to see the stars” she finally answered naughtily. With that, she lowered her head onto his legs, rested the side of her face mid-way down his thigh, and looked at the bulge that now strained against the fabric of Kevin’s pants. His protruding cock was only inches from where her mouth now went to work, kissing the fabric around his cock. Her left hand reached under his shirt and rubbed his abs and chest, softly clawing at his skin with each down stroke. Her right hand pushed his left leg away, spreading the territory she was preparing to explore.

Kevin moaned with pleasure when Sofiya’s mouth finally found the tip of his cock. She softly bit his head through the fabric before following with her lips down the length of his shaft, her teeth providing a sharp pressure against his member, while her lips soothed and caressed him. She continued up and down the length of his cock several times, until Kevin’s zipper nearly tore with tension created by his fully aroused cock. Pleased with her progress, she picked herself up and stared into Kevin’s eyes and face. It was the first time since the concourse that she really got a chance to look at the man in front of her. The pale moonlight hit his face nearly at a perpendicular, shading every chiseled feature on his face; she saw beauty and danger at the same time, and her desire suddenly consumed every nerve in her body.

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