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Your pale green eyes grow wide when I open the door wearing the red, silk kimono you sent me while stationed overseas. It hits me mid-thigh with a matching silk sash. You look me up and down.

I can see the question in your eyes. You want to know if I’m wearing anything under the robe. I smile and bite my lower lip, shaking my head. The color of your eyes gets darker, like emeralds.

You reach out and run your fingers through my straight, black hair. I left it down, just as you like it. I hear your soft groan as your eyes drop to my mouth.

I step back into our apartment, letting you pass, and then close the door.

You look around, setting your duffle bag aside and removing your fatigue jacket. You tell me I’ve done a good job at keeping the place clean. How tired you are of sand and dust and wind. Of gunfire and crying children and bloodshed.

I tell you that I’m proud of you for serving our country. But I’m glad you are safe. I need you more. I tell you to come with me.

You take my outstretched hand, tilting your head to the side. You ask me what I have planned.

I just smile and lead you down the hall to our bedroom. My heart skips a little. It’s been so lonely these last eighteen months. I push the door open and gesture for you to sit in the chair by the window. I draw the shades and light the candles I have arranged on the bookshelves above and around the oversized lounge chair.

You give me that crooked smile I love and sit down. You get comfortable, crossing your ankles, your hands loosely clasped in your lap.

I place a thick pillow on the floor by your feet and kneel on it.

You let out a soft gasp.

I run my hands over your knees and down your shins. Your worn camo pants are rough against my palms. I look up at you as I untie your boots and slowly remove them.

You are watching me closely. Your mouth is slightly gaping, and you are already breathing heavy. When I lick my lips, you mirror me, moaning. We’ve always been able to communicate without words. I wonder if you know what I’m thinking now.

I want to run my hands through your thick, dark hair. I want you to kiss me so badly. To touch me. Slowly. Fully. Until I am shaking in your arms.

But I promised myself that tonight would be all about you. I have worried every day since you were deployed. I Muğla Escort want to show you how much you mean to me. How much I’ve missed you.

I pull your socks off next. I produce a bottle of lotion from beside the chair and rub it all over your left foot. You close your eyes and groan as I take time to massage each toe, each muscle, each curve. I press my thumb into your arch, and your foot flexes in my hands.

When I switch feet, you rub your left foot against my thigh. You slide it up under my kimono, making me shiver. I bite my lower lip while I massage your right foot, and I have to pause to take a deep breath, moaning softly as your touch arouses me.

I regretfully push your foot away. Finished with the foot massage, I move my hands up your shins to your knees again. I keep going, caressing your thighs through your pants now.

You jerk slightly. I let out a nervous laugh. We’ve never done this before. But I know you have always wanted me to.

I tell you to relax. I’ll take care of you.

You moan when my fingers work at your belt, button, and zipper. When I slide my hands into your waistband and tug on your pants. When my skin touches yours as you lift your butt so I can slide your pants down.

I sit back on my heels when you are only in your briefs. The bulge between your thighs tells me that you are aroused but not completely hard. Yet. I will solve that problem.

Your cock is warm when I release it and cup it in my hands. You shudder when I run the pad of my thumb over the tiny eye, spreading precum all over the red, swollen head.

I stroke you slowly, gently squeezing and twisting my hand. Your skin is like velvet over a ridged steel pipe. You feel so good. I remember the last time we made love. How you slid in and out of me just like I’m doing now with my hand. I shudder just thinking about it.

You rise up and push your briefs down. I remove them completely and sit back between your widespread thighs. I continue stroking, wondering what you taste like. I look up and see your eyes are still on me, but they are glazed over now.

I run my finger over the top of your cock and bring it to my mouth, licking it clean. It’s kind of sweet. I hear you moan long and deep. And then I lower my head, flicking my tongue out at your cock. Your thighs tremble under my arms.

I slide you into my mouth, my lips gently gripping Muş Escort onto your skin, soft but firm at the same time. My tongue flattens against your cock, and I moan, pulling you back out.

You whisper my name, and then your hands are in my hair. Your fingers run through my locks, and then you hold my head still. You arch up to me and grunt.

I giggle and pull free, your cock falling out of my mouth with a soft plop. I tell you to stop and let me do this. You argue. You want to touch me. I say you can later. Right now, this is all about you.

You grip the arms of the chair instead.

I resume stroking your cock with one hand while sucking. I run my other hand over the top of your thigh, massaging and caressing. I moan and hum, your cock warm between my lips.

You groan, arching your hips at me again when our eyes meet. Your teeth are clenched. You tell me that it feels amazing and ask why I decided to do this now. I just shrug.

I run the flat of my tongue up and down your cock. Licking around the head. Teasing the hole on top with the tip of my tongue. You shudder when I cup your balls and squeeze. I rub your cock against my cheek. So soft.

I like watching your reaction. I now know why you like licking and sucking and fingering me. It’s highly arousing to see the other person at your mercy, unaware of what will happen next. I could get off easily if I wanted to. But not yet.

You are staring at the ceiling now. Your knees hug my sides.

I lower my eyes to watch your cock as I pull it out of my mouth and stroke it harder and faster. I hear you gasping. Your legs go rigid around me. You call my name over and over.

I run the flat of my hand over your stomach, gently scratching with my fingernails. I don’t complain when you fist your hands in my hair. I take your cue and cover you with my mouth again, sliding you as deep as I can without gagging.

A few moments later, you are jerking beneath me, cum spurting out of your cock all over my hands. I stroke you until you stop, and then your cock shrinks a little, growing limp in my hands.

You are panting. Watching me, your eyes half-lidded. A smile spreads across your face. You release my hair and gently brush it out of my eyes. You blow me a kiss.

I lean down and lick the tip of your cock and then my lips. I smile up at you.

You sigh and close your eyes.

For Nevşehir Escort several minutes, you stroke my hair while I lay my head on your thigh. When I feel your movements cease, I look up and see your head leaning on your shoulder. Your breathing is even now, your chest rising and falling slowly.

I stand up, careful not to wake you. I clean up in the bathroom and grab a beer from the fridge. The cool liquid coats my throat. But I can still taste you on my tongue. The saltiness of your precum. The heat of your skin. The throbbing of your thick cock.

I return to the bedroom, laying on the bed to watch you. It is so good to have you home. You look so peaceful, sleeping in the chair. I try not to giggle as you are half-dressed, naked from the waist down. The longer my eyes linger on your cock, the more I wiggle around, thinking of what else you can do with it. Where I want to feel it.

When I have finished my beer, I grab a warm washcloth from the bathroom and kneel before you again. I’m gently cleaning your cock when you stir.

You tilt my chin up so I meet your eyes. You whisper, “Thank you.”

I whisper, “I love you.”

You smile and answer the same.

When you hold out your hand, I take it and get to my feet. You pull me onto your lap and kiss me softly. You run your tongue across my lips before pressing it into my mouth. We are both panting when you finally let me up for air.

You brush my hair back and stare into my eyes, kissing my nose. I tell you I’m not done with you yet. I struggle to escape your arms around me. My heart skips when you tell me to remove my kimono this time, and then you release me.

I stand and untie the sash, pulling the sides open to reveal my slender waist, trimmed pussy, and full breasts. My nipples are hard and aching. I have to bite my lip, groaning at the desire pulsing through me. I push the robe back off my shoulders, letting it fall to the floor.

You growl, your eyes slowly roaming up and down my naked body. I almost cry from relief when you tell me I can suck you again later. You yank your regulation T-shirt over your head and reach for my hand. You tug me forward and help me straddle your hips, my knees resting on the seat of the chair.

We both moan when I lower myself down onto your cock. You cup my breasts and pinch my nipples between your finger and thumb. You lift one to your mouth and suck on it as you grip my hips.

I close my eyes and lean my head back, my hands on your shoulders as you take control.

I try to tell you how glad I am that you are back, but my words gets lost in my cries of ecstasy. I think you know, anyway.

~ H

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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