Honeyed Feet

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Cammie woke up, stretched, and tried to climb out of bed. Only to find that she wasn’t in bed. She was shrunk and stuck with honey to a girl’s foot.

This was unbelievable. She was supposed to be studying for an exam. Well, helping her boyfriend Albert study for an exam. Not stuck to some damn girl’s foot.

Not to mention that there was another girl who was also stuck with honey.

“We could lick each other’s backs,” the girl suggested. “To remove the honey.”

“No thanks. I don’t even know you, and I’m not sure I can stretch that far. I just hope this girl isn’t thinking of dancing.”

“I think dancing is the least of our problems,” the other girl said.

Cammie started to say that was crazy, until she saw that she was rising, the leg of the girl whose foot Cammie was attached to was rising. It slammed smack into another foot, and Cammie felt squished for a little bit. Then she saw that she was placed in front of a girl in a row of feet who was kinda cute. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad, doing whatever the girl whose foot she was attached to asked.

“Oops,” ghe girl said, looking down. “Sorry, we gotta go a little further down.”

The girl put socks on and walked a few feet. Cammie and the girl next to her had some air. That was the good thing about this situation…the socks allowed for breathing room.

The girl sat down, pulled her socks off and pushed her foot against another girls. And this time, Cammie let out a scream.

“First I want you to kiss her on the lips. It can be a tiny one,” the girl whose foot Cammie was attached to said.

No way. Cammie was NOT kissing Stefanie Weinstock. She just wasn’t.

Stefanie didn’t look too thrilled about it either. “Let’s just get it over with,” she said.

“I don’t want to kiss you,” Cammie said. “If you ever get big again and I ever get off this foot, you’ll probably stick me on yours.”

“If you were honeyed to my foot, I would dance all night every night.”

“After a comment like that, you think I’m going to kiss you?”

“You will if you know what’s good for you,” said the girl whose foot Cammie was honey to.

She slammed her foot with the girl whose foot Stafnie was attached to, and Cammie had a pounding headache afterward. But she did not want to kiss Stefanie. She hated her. It would be sick, after what Stefanie did to her and her friends…

“You heard the Batgwitch. Kiss me already,” Stefanie said.

“Look, if I kiss you it would be as if things were good between us, and things can never be good between us.”

“You have no choice,” said the girl whose foot Cammie was honeyed onto. “You have to kiss her.”

“I don’t want to.”

“Too bad. I want you to.”

Cammie shut her eyes and started counting to ten before she could say something that would anger the girl whose foot she was now a dangling artpiece could decide to kill her.

Once Cammie had calmed herself down, she said, “Do you actually want me to kiss you?”

“It doesn’t matter what I want,” Stefanie said. “It’s what they want that we must obey.”

“You were never this obedient in full-size.”

“In full-size no one could kill me without being sued. Now we’re both small enough to be squashed by a good stomp. Let’s entertain them.”

“Okay, fine,” Cammie said.j She pucked her lips and leaned toward Stefanie.

Stephanie pulled her lips up for a hot, steamy kiss. Cammie thought it might have been because of the honey that made it seem hot and steamy. They didn’t even like each other. Nothing could be hot and steamy Çamlıdere Escort about his.

“Well, that was a tiny peck,” Stefanie said.


“It was like you were kissing your sister,” said the girl whose foot Cammie was attached to.

“First of all,” Cammie said, “if I kissed my sister I would have to vomit afterwards. Actually, I’m probably still going to have to vomit afterwards. Point is, if anyone tried to make me kiss my sister, they’d be kicked out of Hollywood the next day.”

“That’s not very nice,” said the girl whose foot Stefanie was attached to.

“She’s not really my sister anyway. Just a stepsister. Stepsister’s are bad.”

“Look, whatever. Just get back to kissing her.”

Cammie put her arms around Stephanie’s neck and this time pushed her back against the foot as if there was nothing but a flat surface behind her. This time Cammie put her lips slowly to Stefanie’s, touching them briefly, then pushing back, then returning her lips and pressing down hard on those lips that she had to coniivnce herself were the most tasty she had ever beheld.

When they broke aparat, the girls whose feet they were attached to seemed happy.

“Well, you’ve passed the first test,” said Steffanie’s attaché.

‘”Now for the second,” said Cammie’s attaché.

“No, not the second,” said Stefanie. After a pause: “What is the second test?”

“You have to both lick each other’s boobs,” Stefnie’s attaché said.

“Oh no, no no,” said Cammie. “I don’t lick plastic.”

“You do if you don’t want to get squashed,” her attaché said through gritted teeth.

“Are you threatening me?”

Listen, girl. I want to see you lick some boobs. It’s what I get my hi-jinks off of, which means that you must do it!”

Cammie hung her head. Usually she had a comeback but right now she couldn’t think of.

“I lowered my blouse,” Stephanie said. Cammie didn’t look up. “Aren’t you going to lick them? They’re waiting.”

By “they,” she meant both of her boobs as well as the girls whose feet they were attached to.

Cammie was sick though. SSick of the idea of having to lick breasts filled with plastic that belonged to a girl she did not care about…

“I wanna see some action,” said Cammie’s attaché.

Cammie stuck her tongue out and leaned towardxs Stefanie’s breast. She took one lick and wished she could slap herself. She drew back, but seeing her attache’s glare from above, she put her tongue back on Stefanie’s boob and licked.

Cammie had to admit that for something ppuffed up with plastic, Stefanie’s boob wasn’t too bad to taste. And there were people she’d like doing this less to. Even though she still hated Stefanie for what she had done.

She licked the other boob, all over, ever single spot, till her attaché was satisfied. And then she pulled down her own blouse, and Stefanie began licking hers. Stefanie seemed to be more disgusted with the idea than Cammie had been, but Stefanie was also more frightened of her attaché than Cammie was. So Stefanie licked Cammie’s boobs diligently.

“Now you need to lick her boobs again,” Cammie’s attach said.

“But I’ve already done it!”

“Do you want me to stomp on you? I have stomped on a girl before, you know.”

And with that, Cammie put her tongue quickly to Stefanie’s boobs and gave them a bath with her tongue once more.

After that, Stephanie was wasked to bite Cammie’s neck.

“No way am I letting her do that,” Cammie said.

“You are,” said her attaché. Çamlıdere Escort Bayan “I want to see it.”

So Stefanie gave Cammie a hickey, and Cammie was asked to puncture Stefanie’s skin with her teeth. Cammie did it very lightly and drew back, but her attaché forced her to keep biting till she tore a hole in Stefanie’s skin. A red gaping bloody hole…

“That’s beautifulk,” Cammie’s attaché said, nearly crying.

Then the attaches made the girlks kiss good-night. And they went to their sleeping quarters.

Obviously Cammie’s new sleeping quarters were in her attache’s sock.

“Who did you like kissing your girl?” Cammie’s footmate asked.

“Well, she and I are old enemies and I was really ticked off at having to do it.”

“You don’t sound ticked off.”

“Well, I am, okay?”

“My girl was beautiful. A homecoming queen from her school. She resented being honeyed to a foot, but so it goes.”

Cammie went to sleep and dreamt about being attached to Stefanie’s foot and how Stefanie’s face would tower over her…

The next day, she was required to kiss Stefanie again, and lick her bobs as well as slobber on her belly button. Apparently the latter amused the attaches so much that they couldn’t think of more things to ask the girls to do after laughing so hard.

The next day, Cammie was asked to French kiss Stefanie. “Yuck, I don’t want my tongue in her mouth.”

Stefanie looked taken aback. “But…I thought you’d enjoy that. You do like kissing me, don’t you?”

“You don’t have to like it,” Cammie’s attaché said. “We like it, and we want to see it. And she seems to like it too. So do it.”

Cammie put her lips to Stefanie’s and slowly brought her tongue inside Stefanie’s mouth. It was hot in here, and tasted a big of sweat. Stefanie’s attaché liked to dance for three hours every night, and sometimes kissed girls on the dance floor.

When a girl kisses a girl on the dance floor, the sweat glands in their feet work in overdrive. Every time it happens, it is like one just turned on the shower, only to have sweat pour on them instead of water.

So Stefanie’s tongue and the roof of her mouth tasted like sweat.

Then Cammie was allowed to draw back, and it was Stefanie’s turn. Stefanie seemed to like the idea of sticking her tongue in Cammie’s mouth less thrillingly than the other way around. But she did it. She licked the roof of Cammmie’s mouth as if it held her life sustenance, and her and Cammie’s tongues met in Cammie’s mouth in a sort of handshake-ritual thing.

On the fourth night, Cammie’s attaché went dancing for seven hours. She kissed four girl and Cammie got the sweat bath six times (her attaché kissed two of the girls twice).

She resented all that sweat. It was probably the worst thing about being honeyed to a foot. Especially the sweat baths.

On the seventh day, after Cammie was forced to French kiss Stefanie, lick her boobs, spit on her belly button, give her a hickey on the other side of the neck, and put her tongue around Stefanie’s center, while her pants were down, Cammie’s attaché asked her to give Stefanie a farewell kiss.

Cammie was happy to be rid of Stefanie. She gave her a quick peck and pul;ed away. Her attaché frowned disapprovingly but did not say anything.

The next day, however, Cammie was brought before Stefanie again.

“I thought we were done with each other,” Cammie said.

“Until we are convinced that your farewell kiss is genuine and hat your hearts will positively Escort Çamlıdere break from being separated, you two will have to go on kissing each other,” Cammie’s attaché said.

That evening Cammie and Stefanie kissed passionately. However, the next morning, Cammie still found herself facing Stefanie.

“I thought I’d be done with her,” Cammie said.

“Your kiss last night was an act,” her attaché said. “Until we believe it is actually genuine, you will remain with Stefanie.”

Cammie sighed. Knowing that she would never be shot of Stefanie now, Cammie did the only thing she could do and kissed her.

A month passed. Cammie was getting used to Stefanie’s breasts. It was like eating cinnamon toast, licking them. The sweat baths from Stefanie’s attaché left a cinnamon aftertaste, after all.

Cammie had several more bite marks on her neck from Stefanie and she loved each and every one of them. And her tongue felt like home in Stefanie’s mouth, more at home than in her mouth. She looked forward to the French kissing every day.

And then one day, when Cammie gave Stefanie a farewell kiss, it was passionate and long. They couldn’t bear to be broken apart even for one night. The idea made Cammie jittery. Spending all day, every day with Stefanie made her like her so much. And Stefanie’s attaché would be dancing fopr hours while Cammie’s attaché tucked Cammie and her footmate into her sock and went soundly to sleep…

When they broke apart, Cammie could tell that Stefanie was as touched as she was. Cammie caught an ear falling down Stefanie’s check with her finger, and Stefanie said, “Thanks.”

At least they would see each other again the next day. They gave each other one last quick kiss and then their attaches pulled them apart.

Cammie couldn’t sleep for eagerness to be with Stefanie again the next morning. She was crazy about Stefanie…oh, and tomorrow they’d really get into licking the center of each other as if it were bread and butter…

The next morning came. Cammie’s attaché went to her position and pulled off her sock. Cammie’s eyes were so blurry from lack of sleep that she didn’t pay attention to the girl she was kissing for a couple of minutes. Then she saw it wasn’t Stefanie.

“Hey, you must have got the wrong foot again,” Cammie said to her attaché. “This isn’t Stefanie.”

“She’s not supposed to be.”

“But…I thought I was going to do this with Stefanie.”

“Not anymore,” her attaché said.


“Kiss the girl NOW. I don’t want to listen to your petty excuses. I’m in a very stomping mood today.”

Cammie, her heart broken, thought that it might as well be good to be stomped on if she wasn’t to see Stefanie.

The girl on the other foot forced Cammie’s chin upward and kissed her. Cammie saw that it was Pashima, Stefanie’s best friend who she liked even less than she had liked Stefanie. But she loved Stefanie now.

She listlessly licked Pashima’s breasts and heartlessly ran her hands over Pashima’s thighs. At least she could see Stefanie again if she remained un-stomped on. One day they would be the right size again, or maybe Cammmie would end up on another girl’s foot and Stefanie would be on another girl’s foot and they could meet that way, the girls whose feet they were attached to not knowing that they already licked each other.

Maybe Cammie would start liking Pashima too.

But as the days passed, Cammie grew even more disgusted with Pashima. She made everything they did seem like a show, as if they were performing in a theater. Pashima was the one who had ruined Stefanie’s good person. Cammie hated hating to kiss her and lick her breasts. And she knew that because of this, as long as she continued to be disgusted with Pashima, she would remain doing this with Pashima. That thought did not cheer her at all, and she became even more…

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