Hooters Plus

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Braden and a few friends had just heard about a new restaurant, that was anything but typical, it was called Hooters Plus, it was a non family version of Hooters, and there was rumors of exactly what was offered, and what people could get there.

Braden told his friends he would check it out by himself and see if it was really worth going, as he had also heard it was a lot more expensive than a standard Hooters.

As he pulled up and walked in, he found it about half full, and was warmly greeted by a black girl in the standard Hooters tank top, and tight orange shorts.

“Hi! Welcome to Hooters Plus! Just one today, or waiting for others?” She happily welcomed him.

Braden smiled back, not sure exactly what he was getting into, and a very busty blonde came to his table, “Hi, I’m Kenna, I’ll be your waitress today, is this your first time here?”

As he looked over the menu, he nodded, “Yes it is, I’m not complaining or anything, but yeah, the prices are a lot higher than a regular Hooters.”

Kenna leaned over the table, well aware of how much cleavage was showing, “No, I’m glad you brought that up sir, let me explain, first off what’s your name?”

The curiosity was killing him with what she was about to explain, “Braden”, he said softly.

She continued her lean over his table, “Hi, Braden, ok, so, yes, the food, beverages, and everything is quite expensive, it is, the reasons for that are we want to keep good, reasonable customers in here, and not just people who want a free show, or whatever, also, we do have to keep extra girls on staff at all times, if I get called for a dance, someone has to cover my section. In addition, you can only get dances from me, if you would like to wait for another girl you can, but only dances with your waitress. Sound fair?”

Braden was in shock, “More than fair, give me a few to look over the menu.”

Kenna rubbed the back of his shoulders, “Anything, take your time, everything on the menu is fabulous.”

Braden looked around, two girls tending bar, one with short brown hair smiling over at him, and another beautiful blonde, probably from the next section over giving a quick smile as she walked rapidly towards the kitchen.

All he could think about was how much his friends would love this, even if it was quite pricey.

Kenna came back, and stopped by again, resting her hand on his shoulder, and again leaning over his table very noticeably, her breasts nearly falling out of her tight, white tank top, “Any questions Braden?”

“Yes, actually, I’m sorry, it’s about the lap dances…” He quietly responded.

Kenna perked up, “Don’t be shy about it, it’s part of what we do here, you see the prices for the lap dances, standard lap dances, I take you to a back room, I will take off my top, and give you a lap dance in my bra and shorts, VIP dances are topless and just underwear on, I will also be a bit more hands on you in the VIP, and of course tips are expected, would that cover it?”

A deep breath was taken by Braden as he took it all in, “Yes, I think that about covers it, sounds fantastic.”

Kenna ran her hand down the side of his bicep, “I’ll be back in just a couple minutes, let me know what you’re ready to order.” And with a wink she was off to another table.

Braden saw a customer from the other side of the restaurant go to the back with his waitress, but other than that, not a lot of dances, he thought it was just pretty cool that that was even an option if he wished.

Kenna came back, and Braden ordered a beer, and a side of mozzarella sticks. Braden looked around at the waitresses, and didn’t see even so much as a average looking one in the bunch, no customer was in a bad section if they wanted a dance.

As Braden drank his beer, and enjoyed the mozzarella sticks, he was caught up in a baseball game on one of the TV’s. He thought more and more about Kenna giving him a lap dance, and figured he should probably see how good it would be.

After getting a second beer, Braden decided he would check with Kenna about a lap dance when she came back next.

Halfway through the second beer, Kenna came back, “We doing ok here, anything else I can get you?”

Braden decided it was time, “Actually, I think I would like a lap dance in the back if you’re able to.”

Kenna put her hands on his shoulders, and Niğde Escort smiled big, “Oh, fantastic, would you like the 1 song, or 3 song set?”

This question already came up in his head, “The three I think, see how it goes.”

Her hands moved down his back, “I’ll let them know to get another girl for my section, the 3 is definitely worth it, be back in a couple minutes.”

Braden nervously waited, and noticed Kenna coming out with another incredibly gorgeous Hooters waitress, this one with light brown, slightly wavy hair just past her shoulders, he heard Kenna telling the people at the next table, this is Maritza, she’ll be taking care of you for a short bit, I have been..umm…called to the back, see you soon.”

Kenna came back, and took Braden’s hand, “Let’s go, we’re all set.”

She led him down a narrow hallway, past the kitchen, into some areas that were designed just like the main restaurant floor, couches with the bright orange padding, and wood paneling on the walls. She asked him to have a seat, and she took a step back, and began to untuck her Hooters tank top from her shorts.

Braden could not believe what he was watching as she lifted her top up, taking it off, standing before him in just a solid white bra, and her tight orange shorts.

“We’ll wait for the next song to start, oh, and also, you can give me the tip for the dance back here, and we’ll add the dance itself to your bill if that works”, she told him.

His eyes were glued to her body, “That will be fine”, he managed to say, Kenna’s breasts were showing a lot with the top on, let alone in just her bra, they were nearly falling out.

The next song began, and Kenna spread her legs around him, and slowly began working back and forth on his lap. Her hands went onto his shoulders, rubbing them, as she inched her way closer to him.

She sensed his nervousness as the first song ended, and put his hands on her sides, “You can touch me anywhere I’m not still clothed.” Braden smiled and moved his hands around to her toned stomach.

The second song was a minute in when she whispered to him, “Are you a good tipper Braden?” He nodded, as his hands stayed just above her shorts, “I thought you might be, you seem like a good guy”, and with that, she slipped one of the straps of her bra off her shoulder, then took the strap off her arm, so that Braden almost couldn’t believe her nipple wasn’t showing yet on that side.

His hands moved up her back, his fingers crossing over the back of her bra, “Sorry”, he whispered to her, Kenna shook her head with a smile, letting him know it was fine. He kept his hand on the back of her bra, whispering to her if he had to move his hand, she softly said “No, it can stay there.” He felt the hooks that held the back of it together, and imagined undoing it.

Kenna moved harder on his lap, now feeling how turned on he was, it wasn’t just a stiffness anymore, it was a more defined shape, that she moved her crotch against over and over again.

The second song ended, and Kenna moved her hand down the front of his shirt, then moving her hand to the front of her bra where she had taken the strap off, and she looked right into his eyes, and pulled the front of her bra down, showing her large, almost perfectly round nipple.

Braden moved his fingers slowly over her nipple, as Kenna enjoyed his touch, he knew he was running out of time, and continued to thrust more against Kenna picturing in his head actual sex with her.

She began to bounce more on his lap, her hair flopping up and down, and her exposed breast moving up and down as she bounced on him. She gave him a look of desire, half to make him a returning customer, half because she couldn’t help it.

Finally the third song ended, and Kenna fixed her bra, sliding her tank top back on, and tucking it in.

Braden also stood, pulling out $40, giving it to her. Kenna was very appreciative, telling him, “Thank you very much, I’ll be a bit longer, but Maritza is out there for when you get back, love to see you in my section again sometime.”

He thanked her also, and returned to his table. Maritza came by, “I see you’re back, need some water?” Braden smiled, not knowing what to say, Maritza winked, “Be right back with that.”

As Maritza came by the kitchen, she saw Kenna coming out of the back area, and asked Ordu Escort her, “So, what’s the story?”

Kenna beamed a bit, “Definitely a go, tips good, and he’s packing good, take it if he wants more.”

Maritza poured the water, “Packing how good?” Kenna fixed her hair a bit, “Very good, no problem knowing what he wanted.”

As Maritza hung some new orders, she couldn’t help herself, “Did Kenna want what he did too?”

The gorgeous blonde looked in the mirror, “Don’t think I’d turn it down, not bad at all.”

Quickly, Maritza filled her tray to go out, “Well then, I better get him this water.” Kenna laughed to herself as she left.

As Maritza approached Braden’s table, she had a big smile on, “Anything else I can get you?” Braden shook his head as he finished the last of his cheese sticks. “Did you have fun back there? We’re interested in the feedback for how this is going to work.”

Braden told her, “Oh, yes, I couldn’t believe it, this is great, I notice the VIP dances are a bit pricey, are they worth it?”

Maritza pulled up a chair next to him, and sat down, “I think so, when you’re talking about your Hooter girl that close to you in a private setting, almost naked, and…well…getting to know you, the customer a bit better, I would say so, thinking about that?”

Braden couldn’t resist, “Yes, I think so, going to be an expensive bill, but I told my friends I would find out the scoop on how this works, let’s go do the VIP.”

“Oh, great!” Maritza said, “Just give me a couple minutes, I need to let them know, make sure Kenna will be back out here, and lose the panty hose, if you wouldn’t mind heading back there again, I’ll meet you back there, be about 5 minutes or so, I’ll hurry.”

He finished up his beer, and walked to the back, meanwhile in the back Maritza caught Kenna, “He’s doing a VIP with me, any advice?”

Kenna shook her head slightly jealous, “It’ll be great, he gets turned on pretty quick, details when you’re done.”

Maritza slipped out of her panty hose, and quickly snuck back to the back rooms. “Let’s use this room, all the way in the back, it was a pretty good idea to put these behind the kitchen, they’re out of the way, and you don’t hear anything back here.

As he sat down, Maritza couldn’t help but take a quick look at the customer, a bit excited by the dance about to happen. She slipped her tank top off, and Braden watched closely as she reached back, and unhooked her bra, sliding it off, showing her large, full breasts, and already hard nipples. She slid down her tight orange shorts, stripping to just her white g string panties.

“Wow, fu…damn incredible, this is amazing.” He couldn’t wait for the dance to start.

Maritza laughed a bit, “It’s fine, you can say fuck if you want, we’re not on the main floor.”

She began by spreading her legs around him, and slowly grinding on his lap. Braden looked down at her bare breasts almost touching the front of his shirt.

Maritza scooted in closer to him, and put her arms around him, slowly moving her hands down his sides. As she began to grind a bit harder on him, she started to feel the hardness in his pants against her. She put her hands on the front of his shirt, feeling his toned chest under. Braden could already tell this dance would be more intimate than the one with Kenna.

As Braden looked down, he put his hands on her waist, feeling the thin strip of material of her thong going around her sides.

Maritza looked closely in his eyes, and pressed her hands on his stomach, keeping her hands firmly there, moving them up, smiling at him as she moved his shirt up his stomach. Maritza moved harder on him, taking his shirt all the way up above his chest. She raised up, and leaned closer to him, so that her breasts were right in front of his face. Braden took the cue, and slowly put his mouth on the front of her breast, hearing a sharp gasp from her as he did.

The intensity went up, and Maritza put her hand squarely on the front of his jeans, feeling the firm, rounded shape of his dick under. She moved her hand along the noticeable shape, surprised at how far she moved her fingers until she found the end of it. She knew Kenna was right earlier, and got more of a handful of him as he continued to suck on one of her nipples.

Braden opened his mouth wider, taking Osmaniye Escort more of her breast into his mouth, and reached down, taking her fingers between his, carefully placing them on the button at the top of his jeans.

There had been a few times Maritza was tempted to do more than a lap dance with a couple customers, but she had never given in. Today may be different, she was quite aroused, she knew Braden was, and she moved her other hand to his pants, preparing to undo the top of them.

She didn’t even know what she was doing as she opened the button, and felt up his bulge again before pulling down his zipper. Maritza was further in with a customer than she had ever been. She could see the front of his underwear, and the tip of his cock, which was pushing just under the waistband.

Braden slipped his pants down a couple inches, exposing more of the top of his boxer briefs, Maritza could easily see the shape and length of his cock, and began to wonder if she shouldn’t tone down the dance a bit, “Very impressive”, she whispered, “But it is just a dance, let’s keep that where it is” and winked at him.

Maritza continued dancing on his lap, now feeling more of his cock against her ass as his pants had been brought down low enough, she backed up against him, and felt exactly how turned on he was. She continued to press against his hardness, feeling how close it was to her pussy through her thin panties.

Braden moved his hands up her stomach, over her breasts, cupping them in his hands. Maritza moaned under her breath as she looked down and saw his hands over her breasts. He moved his fingers over her nipples, and she was almost motionless on his lap.

He kept one of his hands over her breast, and moved his other hand down her stomach, over the front of her panties. He felt a noticeable wet spot on her pussy, and quickly moved his fingers back and forth on it. Maritza moaned out louder hoping nobody else would be able to hear her. Braden moved her panties to the side fingering her, exploring her pussy with two of his fingers.

She could feel how big and hard his cock was against her ass, and reached back, gripping him over his boxer briefs. Braden took his cock out, and Maritza began gripping it, and slowly stroking his hardness.

Braden put his hands on the outside of her hips, and positioned her to come down on his cock. She looked back shaking her head, but he just continued. Maritza knew she was directly over him, and just put her head down, looking at the floor as she lowered herself, until she felt his cock going into her.

She went down further on him, and began moving up and down, feeling his size starting to fill her. She held on to his legs as she began to move up and down faster still.

Braden went further into her, and Maritza tried to hold in her screams. She bounced harder on him as his hands reached around her, and felt over her large breasts. Maritza looked down, seeing his hands covering her breasts, and bounced faster on him.

It was getting closer to the point that Braden knew he wouldn’t be able to stop and would be cumming in her. He helped her up, and quickly guided her against the wall of the small cubicle they were in.

Maritza knew it was so wrong, but she bent over, and waited for him to go back in her again. He entered her again, and pounded her harder from this position. He reached back to the bench they were on, and grabbed her white Hooters tank top, gripping it in his fist as he fucked her from behind.

She tried to quietly say under her breath “Harder, please harder”, and Braden obliged.

Braden’s cock extended over 8 inches into her, and she was loving his length. He threw one of the holes of her tank top on, around his head, and fucked her deeper, wearing her uniform top as a trophy.

Braden began cumming, and Maritza felt it shooting hard inside her. She pressed back against him, as she started cumming also. He held himself as far inside her as he could.

They began to slow their pace and he slowly pulled out of her. Maritza turned around, looking at him with a look of disbelief at what she had done with him. He tipped her well, and went back out to his table slightly out of breath.

When Maritza went into the back, she came across Kenna, who took one look at her and said “Whoa, someone got a bit more from him than I did, hello!”

Maritza smiled, “Yeah, he was everything you said, and more, I shouldn’t have done that.”

Kenna pulled her close, “Did he tip you good honey?” Maritza nodded. “That’s why we don’t work at a regular Hooters hun”, and with a wink she walked away.

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