Hot and Cold – The Ice Lolly Effect

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Hi all. This is a bit of a return to my more short-form stories. I am a little pressed for time with exams and assignments so my longer stories which are in the works are on hold until I finish them. But when small ideas like these emerge it would be a shame to let them go to waste. I hope you enjoy. Usual caveats apply. Everyone featured in the story is over 18 years old.


Certain things in life can be both hot and cold. Cold winds on a very sunny day for example. You will be warm in the sun but that wind chill is going to make you need a coat. Hard nipples poking through a girl’s t-shirt? Another great example. That’s pretty hot (for both the observer and occasionally the observed), buuuut the girl in question is possibly quite cold. And ice lollies. They are my favourite example. Ice creams have a little bit of the hot and cold effect but ice lollies are truly the masters of being hot and cold at the same time. In the right hands of course. Don’t believe me? Well how about you ask to find out.

*buzz buzz*

Oh, messaging me already? Hmm well then. Let us begin.


“But Jill, I still don’t know how you can say that ice lollies can be hot.”

“I said hot and cold. Not just hot.”

“Fine hot and cold. Still doesn’t make any sense. Care to elaborate? ;)”

“Elaborate? I guess you always were a little bit of a slow boy.”

“Hey! Rude :P”

“Well, if you insist. Let me demonstrate with the one I have right here…”

“You have one? Of course you do. XD Go on then. Explain how ice lollies can be hot and cold.”

“With pleasure. First you must take the covering off. I like to put my fingers either side of the opening of the packaging and slowly roll my fingers down over the lolly. Revealing its wonderful head.”

“Oh. Don’t people usually open ice lollies from the side with the stick and pull it out of the packaging?”

“Hmm usually. But I like to work in reverse and put my mouth on the lolly as I pull the wrapper off. I hold it only in my mouth while I finish pulling the wrapper away from it before I grasp the stick. I like the dangerous feeling that it might slip out of my mouth before I grab hold securely.”

“Living on the edge huh? I can get that.”

“Mhm. Not to mention with my hands occupied with the wrapper, icicles that are at risk of falling are free to. There would be nothing I could do to stop them falling on me and melting into my skin.”



“Then what do you do?”

“Then? Hmm then, with the shaft now securely held between my fingers, I pull my lips off it and admire it shimmering and shining Beylikdüzü escort bayan in the sunlight.”

“Sunlight? Are you having this ice lolly outside?”

“It is the best way to enjoy it isn’t it? Feeling the sun warm my skin compared to the cool sensation of the lolly. I enjoy it a lot. One second. I think I am going to put my hair up. Don’t want it to get in the way.”

“Sounds like a good idea.”

“So how has my work proving ice lollies can be warm gone? The temperature of your room must have gone up since we were talking right?”

“Well- yeah I guess XD”

“Good to hear. The ice lolly is working then. I’m getting a little warm so I will go back to my lolly. My hair is all tied back so I am free to slip my lips back down to it. Oh such a lovely fruity taste. I love the coloured bands on this one. Each band has a slightly different taste.”

“Bet that is great. So as you go on the taste changes?”

“Well if you only go one band at a time. But I can put more than one band in my mouth at the same time.”

“Do it.”

“Do what? ;)”

“Take more than one band. Can you fit all of the lolly in your mouth at once? Please do.”

“Patience little desperate boy. I can’t get straight to that already. I have barely made the tip wet. And besides, you would ask me to do such a thing in front of all these people walking by?”

“We both know you would love them watching.”

“Huh! A scandalous statement. But I suppose I could put two bands in my mouth at the same time.”

“How many are there in total”

“Five bands. Slipping the tip of the lolly between my lips as I type this. Lovely and cool for my burning lips. Let me push my head down a little further to that second band. The ice isn’t too melted here but my lips are making it smooth and slippery. I’ll start to move my head back up now. Oooh took my lips off it with a nice little pop! I’m just a tad out of breath.”

“Put it back in your mouth.”

“Uh uh uh. No directing this. I am here to enjoy my lolly my way. And the way I enjoy my lolly is by not moving my lolly. I only move my head up and down. Slipping up and down it as it gets more and more slippery.”

“Oh god”

“I think I am convincing a certain someone about the warmth of an ice lolly.”

“God yes. You are. What are you going to do next?”

“Hmm next. I think I will take my tongue out of my mouth and run it around the third band. Just so it isn’t quite as icy when I wrap my lips around that part. And this allows me to catch any juicy drops that are starting to run down the shaft. I don’t like to waste a Escort Beyoğlu drop.”

“I bet you don’t. Do you like the taste?”

“I do. Oh, I do. It tastes so good, fruity and tingly, and it feels so nice and cool between my lips. I like coming at it from the side. Parting my lips around the side and running my tongue underneath then gliding back into my mouth. A collection of juices being retrieved.”


“Back to pushing my lips around the top. Sliding my head forward and letting the lolly’s shaft fill my mouth. My tongue darting around and tracing any smooth edge to get those wonderful flavours.”

“Would you be doing anything else while bobbing up and down?”

“Hmm something else to do? Is making this dripping shaft nice and wet not good enough for you?”

“No, no! More than good enough. Please continue.”

“Good to hear. I want to continue. I am a reasonable way through this lolly. The first band has gone down nicely so I am able to reach my lips further down to those lower bands. That said, my chest is getting rather hot. Even this crop top is making my tits boil alive. I suppose my tongue isn’t the only thing this lolly could cool down. No one is really looking my way over here.”

“What are you thinking?”

“I am thinking that I would love to pull this little crop top up above my breasts and reveal my cute chest to the air. Then I would add drops from my lolly like ointment to my burning red nipples. Then again. Dropping droplets like this is kind of awkward. I’m not entirely accurate so colourful icy drips are falling all over me. On my shorts, on my stomach, my thighs and even on the tops of my breasts. I do love the way they curl and run along the contours of my body though. Coloured traces over my thighs, liquid pen marks that draw rivers on my breasts. They are like little mountain streams going into the valley between my breasts. Even further down I can see all the little drips forming tributaries to flow into my shorts. My shorts are unbuttoned and unzipped you see and I do believe I forgot some important underclothes so I can see quite a way into them. As can anyone looking at me. They would see a smooth stomach melt into a smooth expanse of skin between the open zip of my shorts. All the juices from this lolly are going underneath the waistband of my shorts and through the valley between the zip to join us with the true stream flowing down there.”

“Fuck Jill. There is a stream flowing there?”

“I told you these ice lollies were hot. Did you think I only meant they would get you hot?”

“I guess I didn’t know how much you would be into it.”

“Of Bomonti escort course. I love it. Very…warm. I need to apply this ice lolly’s cooling juices directly to my breasts. I’m tracing circles with them and knocking into my nipples with the firm, dripping tip.”

“What a picture you are. In public rolling that lolly all over your breasts.”

“Mmhmm marking them with sticky juices and my saliva. Next, I’m putting the remaining three bands in my mouth, pushing it in, having it poke against my cheek for all to see. I’ll hold it there. My tongue is moving ever so slightly and tapping the shaft. Only pulling my head back incredibly slowly. Keeping my arm and lolly in place. Not a move from them yet. All the work is mine. As it pops from between my lips a line of shiny dew is hanging a rope to keep my gasping mouth and sweet stick connected.

Drips are starting to fall on me a lot now. My breasts still exposed and juices and sweat running all over. Cascading down my body, even my forehead is getting damp. My fringe starting to matt together across it. I’ll have to keep brushing my hair out the way so I can keep my eyes on this lolly.”

“Definitely. You don’t want to lose sight of it.”

“Never. I think I need to be a bit quicker. It is melting quickly so I am going to lock my lips around the head and start to push my head up and down and get all those juices flowing a lot faster. Mmm up and down. Up and down. This feels great and it tastes so fruity.”

“Keep it up darling.”

“I think my neck has put enough effort in. I am going to start moving my arm back and forth inside my mouth. I’ll be able to go a lot quicker.”

“Good thinking.”

Back and forth. In and out. It’s amazing. Occasionally taking it out of my mouth so I can lick all around. Curling my tongue to get all those tasty liquids that are leaking off it. Sweat running down my face and down my body.

I’m down to the last band of the lolly. Close to finishing. I’m slipping all that is left in my mouth and pulling back, trapping all that remains of it inside. I can feel it fall heavily into my mouth, letting all those sweet juices pour over my tongue. My tongue reaches out to trace the lines of the wooden stick and collect the remaining juices. Licking along my hands and fingers I make sure I get every single droplet. Retracting the stick from my mouth I arch my neck and swallow. My throat muscles visibly moving in time to a loud “gulp” with my eyes shut, enjoying it.

My eyes reopen satisfied and slightly glazed over. I slowly open my mouth, my lips part with lines of saliva webbing across them as I roll out my tongue. My own little red carpet after the guest has come across the threshold. You see an empty mouth; all the juices having run down my throat. The only evidence of what I spent these last few minutes doing being a colourfully stained tongue marked by the sweet seed.”

That, is what I meant by the ice lolly effect.

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