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Subject: HOT DATE Hot Date Part One Copyright Van T Z Boi 2010 (The usual disclaimers apply this is pure fantasy and could never, ever happen so read on with that thought ever present. As ever please keep going and do what you can to support the site) The doorbell rang and Dan bounced down the stairs rushing to answer the door. “That’ll be Jim for me,” he cried as he ran headlong down the stairs from where he had anxiously been waiting. His father Matt smiled, he checked his watch, Jim was right on time and he chuckled as he thought about Dan rushing to get ready, changing his outfit several times and then sitting on the stairs almost half an hour early for Jim’s arrival. The door opened and Jim stood there, Dan squealed and almost leaped at him Jim bent down and picked the boy up and kissed him hard on the lips, anyone watching could see the effect on their groins which both showed signs of expansion. “Hello Jim,” greeted Matt interrupting the hot scene. “Oh, er hello Mr Bartlet,” stuttered Jim, reddening with embarrassment as he carefully removed his hand from inside Dan’s shorts where he had been gently stroking the slim boy tube. He was still not used to being watched by the boys father as he caressed the boy. “He’s been waiting for ages,” Matt smiled, acknowledging Jim’s embarrassment. “Oh but I’m not late am I,” Jim was even more confused. “No but boys will be boys,” Matt grinned, “now you two have a lovely time, and remember even though it’s Friday Dan still needs to be back home and in bed by nine.” “Oh okay sir,” Jim said slowly. “I assume you’re sleeping over,” Matt said the ends of his lips twitching as he tried to keep a straight face. ‘I love playing with this guy’s mind,’ he said to himself, turning his head away for a moment as he felt his mouth crinkle into a large smile. “Dad,” Dan had caught on, “don’t make Jim feel upset. Of course he’s staying over and we don’t want you coming in and making him feel uncomfortable when we are in bed.” “Sorry,” Matt gave up the pretence and his face collapsed into laughter, “Okay Jim off you go, I’m sure Dan will be more than able to look after you.” “Oh, er, yeah,” Jim smiled still a little uncomfortably, “we’re going to Papaboys for a pizza and then,” he blushed very pink, “I thought we might go for a drive.” Matt chuckled, “Up to Bangbang Point I suppose.” Jim coloured, “Well, er,” he stuttered. “Dad!” Dan exclaimed, “now stop it, pleeease.” “Okay, okay son,” Matt smiled, “sorry Jim, I apologise now go on you two have a great time and when you hit Papaboys try the Henderson topping, its real tasty.” “Oh, er okay, sir,” nodded Jim. “Come on Jim,” Dan grabbed Jim by the hand and pulling his through the door, Bye Dad.” “Bye son,” grinned Matt. Jim sat back in his car seat, he could not drive yet as Dan had his lips and tongue wrapped around his cockhead giving him the most delightful of suck and brining him to full eight inches of thick manmeat erection. “That’s better,” grinned Dan looking as his handiwork, “now you can drive.” Jim chuckled, ‘how lucky I am he told himself,’ and the thirty eight year old car salesman drove off with his young boyfriend in the direction of Papaboys Pizza, Dan’s hand around his cock sliding his fingers deliciously back and forth was an added incentive and he drove carefully, one so he could drive safely and two so he could enjoy the wonderful sensations his young lover was giving him. A couple of streets away fourteen year old Martin Jay was fucking his boyfriend for the third time since school had let out. It would be his fourth ejaculation as there had been some heavy sucking between fucks. He felt Terry’s boy pussy grasp his cock in its velvet pulsing grip as Terry had another dry cum and he strove to rub the boys passion button to make the cum last good and long. The bedroom door opened and Ted Hankton, Terry’s father peered in, “Hi guys, you gonna be long ‘cos I need to shower too?” “It’s fine dad,” replied Terry removing his lips and tongue from Martin’s mouth, “Marty’s gonna be at least another ten minutes so go ahead, we’ll shower after you.” “Okay,” said Ted closing the door. “Ten minutes,” whispered Martin, “you think I’m gonna last another ten minutes,” he said to Terry. Terry curled his legs around Martin’s thighs and pulled the teenager back don on his lips,” “you better ‘cos I want a really good cum and my pussy tells me that a good ten minute fuck will do it real good.” Martin knew when he had lost and started the long slow deep rooting plunging strokes that would give his boyfriend what they both wanted. Outside in the corridor Ted placed his hand on Johnny’s shoulder, “Okay lover,” he grinned, “lets hit the shower.” His young lover grinned, “Good,” he laughed and tried to pull more of Ted’s sperm out of his hair where his older lover had fired off unexpectedly shooting his spunk over Johnny’s face and body as well as splattering a long stringy strand into his shoulder length blonde hair. “I need ta get your cum out of my hair anyway.” “Yeah sorry about that,” smiled Ted as they walked along, “you just pushed my button too early.” “At least we know where the next lot is going,” laughed Johnny. “Oh yeah,” grunted Ted as he slapped the taut bum cheeks of his lover, sliding his finger down the sweaty spermy crack and slipping it into the hot boyhole. Jody Loughton sat on veranda deck watching from the top of the stairs, he was naked apart from his trainers and he idly played with his boydick as he waited for Doug to arrive. After what to him seemed ages he heard the sound of Doug’s truck and he looked down the street watching the dusty pickup park with a pig like squeal of brakes. “Yaaay,” he shouted as he ran down the steps to the pavement. Doug Doughty a burly construction worker who ran his own firm beamed as he picked the small naked figure up in his meaty muscular arms, lifting his boy high into the air. “Whheeee,” squealed Jody and Doug found the boys stiff cocklet probe at his mouth as he held the boy above his head. Oblivious of the nosy neighbours watching from behind curtained windows he opened his mouth wide and sucked not only the stiff cocklet but the small pea sized balls onto his laving tongue and gave Jody a hard suck and swallow. “Oh, uuurrrgghh,” grunted Jody as he tried to fuck the licking tongue. Doug slipped the slim cocklet out of his mouth and dropped the boy so his naked bum was cased by his large hand, one finger rubbing over the pulsing boyhole, now they were face to face. “Miss me?” he whispered nuzzling against the downy soft cheeks. “You bet,” grinned Jody,” “you’ve been away for ages,” he grumbled licking the fleshy lips of his boyfriend. “I’m sorry honey,” replied Doug, “but I hadta take those three days, I do have a business to run you know,” he pinched the boys tit with his free hand, “and you do like the chocolate and milk shakes that my job provides.” “I know, and I forgive you,” Jody nuzzled Doug’s heavy cheeks. “Now get dressed and say goodbye to your dad and we’ll be off,” Doug pressed his nose up against Jody’s. “I am dressed,” chuckled Jody. “This is dressed,” Doug tickled the tip of the slim crayon of a stiff boydick and then ran his hand down to stroke the naked thigh and leg before squeezing Jody’s trainer clad foot. “Sure,” replied Jody, “you said we were gonna fuck didn’t ya.” “We’ll yes,” Doug nodded his head. “An’ you said we were gonna fuck all night.” Jody başakşehir escort pouted. “So I did,” agreed Doug. “So am I dressed for fucking or what,” Jody licked the tip of Doug’s nose. “Oh boy I suppose you are,” laughed Doug, “okay wave goodbye to daddy then.” “Bye daddy,” chortled Jody waving his hand at the window where his father’s hand could be seen waving back. Inside the pick up truck Jody sidled up beside Doug and deftly undid the workman blue shorts, releasing the thick sausage that slowly grew and grew, then down went his head and open mouth. Doug drove carefully to his base site as Jody worked his cock with his mouth and tongue. “I’ll just need to close the site for the night, then grab a quick shower and off we go,” he told Jody. Jody grinned there was one more thing they would be doing on the site before Doug got his shower, it was time for his boy pussy to get its own special shower cream first. Doug swung the truck through the gates and parked by the office. He turned to Jody but as he saw was the truck door closing and the empty seat. “Jody?” he called as he stepped out of the truck. “Over here,” he heard the boy’s voice and stepped round the truck. Jody was lying on top of a pile of sand sacks, he was now completely naked, his trainers lay on the ground to one side and all Doug could see was the wide open legs and the two hands of his young lover holding open the sides of his gleaming boypussy. Jody looked at Doug across his stiff dicklet as he held himself ready. “You gonna fuck me or what?” he giggled. Doug looked around the yard, the place looked deserted and the truck hid the boy from the street. He felt the pressure of three days on the road with no fuckhole to relieve himself. “Oh fuck yesssss,” he grinned and he slid of his shorts as he stepped towards the wanton lusting figure, his thick meaty cock pointing the way. Jody sighed as he felt the huge glans pierce his boy heaven, “Oh boy,” he groaned as his eyes widened just as much as his pussy was stretched. Devon Paige preened himself in front of he hall mirror, he liked what he saw. The curly red-brown hair, the wide green eyes, ‘no emerald green’ eyes he decided, the wide lips with just a glimmer of the bright well scrubbed white teeth showing and the slight pointed pixie like chin, ‘he was just so cute’ he chuckled and he smoothed his hands down his new blue bolero top, cut to show off his heavy pink nipples and hairless chest, then down across the naked flat tummy to the waist of the tight matching blue shorts, cupping his little boypackage which was clearly outlined buy the tight well cut gripping material. ‘I look so fuckable and adorable,’ he said to himself and checked the hall clock again, ‘Jarvis is late again’ he said to himself drumming his fingers impatiently against the side of the mirror as he once again admired himself in the glass. The ‘beep-beep’ from outside told him Jarvis had arrived. Quickly he checked through the window where he could see Jarvis’s beat up old car waiting. “I’m off pa,” he called out. His father grunted he was somewhat engaged as his older son, Solo was bouncing up and down on his throbbing mancock as Solo’s hefty fifteen year old jock boyfriend was sliding his seven inch teenrod in and out of his man pussy. Solo was facing his teenager lover, exchanging tongues as they kissed, Jerry his jock boyfriend deftly wanked the slim boytube as he fucked Solo’s father. ‘Make sure dad is well fucked and then we can spend the night together’ Solo had told him, ‘the old man was not as tight as Solo but he knew how to work a cock and Jerry could feel his teen cum readying itself to fire deep inside his boyfriends father’s mancunt. Outside Devon slipped into the car and was immediately grabbed by Jarvis, the man sliding his hand beneath the waistband of the tight shorts to cuddle the warm boy package. “Fuck you smell good,” growled Jarvis as he squeezed and massaged the boys groin, slipping his tongue into the wide mouth, ravishing the pearly white teeth. Devon pulled his head back, “You’re late,” he grumbled, “again,” he empathised. “Sorry,” Jarvis replied working a stubby finger between Devon’s legs and rubbing the wrinkled entrance. “And you haven’t shaved again,” Devon rubbed the day old growth and thought, ‘my face is going to get beard burn again. I’ll have to rub some lube on it before he starts.’ “Would have made me even later,” Jarvis was nonchalant as he worked the stubby finger inside the hot steamy fuckchute, stretching the fabric of the shorts. “Hey mind the shorts,” Devon was annoyed, “they’re new and I don’t want them ruined.” “Then take them off,” insisted Jarvis, “I don’t know why you bother putting anything on, it always comes off anyway doesn’t it?” “But I wanted to look nice, sexy for you,” Devon protested. “You look nice and sexy when you’re naked,” Jarvis stated, “now strip,” and he slid his finger out and gunned the engine. Devon slid the shorts down and eased the bolero top off, he began undoing his trainers and then saw where the car was headed. “Hey you’re supposed to be taking me to Papaboys for pizza,” he groused. “Fuck first, then we eat,” Jarvis turned the car towards Bangbang Point. “Oh fuck,” Devon whispered under his breath and as he now sat back naked in the car seat he reached for the tube of lube in the glove compartment and began to coat both his face and his boy pussy. Jarvis parked his car on the deserted stretch of the cliff edge where you had a wonderful view of the valley, the sun was still strong and the make out spot looked as pretty and beautifully romantic as ever. He got out of the car and put the last of his clothes on the drivers seat. Devon felt his breath catch in his chest as he caught sight of the taut muscular frame, the hard six pack and the tidy patch of jet black curly pubes and more importantly the large man cock that was steadily growing and growing. He felt the twitch in his boy pussy. ‘Fuck it,’ he thought, ‘Pizza can wait,’ and he stepped naked from the car. Jarvis lifted the cute youngster on top of the warm bonnet, Devon grimaced slightly as his naked body met the hot metal but he adjusted quickly and he lay back on the bonnet, spreading his legs wide, already the slight dents on the bonnet matched his body frame, it was not his first visit to Bangbang Point with Jarvis. As the thick slab of manmeat slid inside the trembling boy he knew it was not Jarvis’s romantic side that attracted him to the man, it was what was filling his boypussy and the powerless boy waited for the lusted for pounding to begin. Jarvis smiled as he slid his cock up the tight boycunt, ‘the kid was still one of the tightest fucks ever’ he thought, ‘a bit prissy and spoilt but the tight boycunt more than made up for the kid’s flaws,’ he took a deep breath and pushed deep. Todger Hardon grinned and stretched his flabby arms, the fifty year old owner of a string of Boy Toys was delighted, all his boys were working that night and all he was left with was the new recruit young Toby Doodle. He looked at the naked ginger topped cutie with the blazing green eyes, ‘fucking gorgeous’ he told himself as he prepared to check the boys repertoire so he could confirm to clients himself the boys special skills. “You ready Doodle,” he grinned. Toby chuckled and laid back on the bed opening his legs wide to show the already glistening boy pussy which twitched as he exercised halkalı escort his well trained muscles. “You bet,” he grinned, he needed the job, his family needed him to succeed, his father was not well, his heart was not working properly and was unable to provide for Toby and his three younger brothers, as the oldest it was down to Toby now to get what work he could and he knew he had a valuable asset between his legs. Todger leaned forward, just as he was about to enter the glistening hole the phone rang. His business instinct made sure he answered it. “Todger’s Boy’s,” he said into the phone as he steadied himself readying to plunge inside the boy. “WHO!,” he exclaimed sitting back up on his knees all thought about the waiting willing boy pussy before him driven from his mind. “Sure, sure I can supply an escort, you’re lucky I have one left, a sweet little cutie,” he babbled into the phone. Toby could hear, “I hear your boys’ are the best.” coming from the phone as Todger reached for the pad and a pen. “Oh yes, Oh certainly,” assured Todger, he had built his reputation on supplying the best escort boy pussy’s, training many of them to his high exacting standards and it had paid dividends. He looked at Toby, “He’s a flame haired green eyed little celtic tiger,” he said into the mouthpiece. “Sounds interesting,” came the disembodied voice. Todger took the details down and placed the phone back on its cradle. He looked at Toby, “Looks like your working tonight after all and you won’t believe who that was.” He looked at the curious enquiring boy, ‘Fuck he needed to celebrate, if this date worked out his reputation would gain even more kudos’ he thought and then as he caught a gleam of lube from the open legs he grinned, ‘how better to celebrate’ he thought and he lunged forward. “Can’t waste this can I?” he smiled at Toby waving his nine inch man sausage. Toby looked at the curved nine inch pink banana, “No boss no,” and he held his outer lips open for the invading prong. “Oh fuck you are good,” grunted Todger as he felt the boys muscles milking him already as he slid his thick pimp cock in his newest and possibly his best little boywhore. In the hotel bedroom Zack Drayton, celebrated England’s National Squad Captain and professional footballer replaced the receiver. He looked down at the slight lump in the bed and heard another desperate sneeze. “You okay Tiger?” he asked with concern. Mikey Jones, the Team Mascot threw back the cover, his little face was dotted with red blotches and his light blue eyes streamed with water and his nose showed little streams of liquid dripping down into the tissue the boy held against his mouth. “S, s, so sorry Cap,” he sighed. “It’s all right Tiger, its not your fault you weren’t to know there were nuts in the ice cream and in any case the medicine will soon work and you’ll be up and running around good as new in no time,” Zack smiled. “But the dinner, the awards ceremony,” Mikey almost sobbed. “Now don’t you worry about that, I spoke to a friend and he gave me the name of a local guy who can fix me up with an escort for the night,” Zack assured the boy. “But it won’t be,” Mikey started and then began to sniffle and sneeze as his eyes and nose erupted again. “I know it won’t be the same honey, but they’ll be other times, in the meantime you just rest and get better. You know by tomorrow you will be back to normal, probably by the time I get back tonight,” Zack reminded the boy. “Su’pose,” sighed Mikey and snuggled into the bed, wiping the last traces of muck from his face. “Now is there anything I can get you, do for you?” asked Zack. “Could you, would you fuck me?” Mikey asked in a small voice. “Honey are you sure, I mean will you be okay with your breathing and all,” Zack spoke concerned, “I don’t want to hurt my little Tiger Cub do I?” “No Cap it’ll be all right, please, please,” begged the blotched face, “its only my nose and eyes, my pussy is still working okay,” he smiled showing his bright white teeth. Zack leaned forward and kissed the teary face and eased the covers clear of the boy, exposing the naked form. He kissed down the soft skin nuzzling and sucking the erect teats, working his way down to the trembling belly button before sucking gently on the engorged slim boy tube. As Mikey sighed breathily Zack moved up on the bed and took his position between the open legs, he felt Mikey’s hand caress his magnificent eleven-inch celebrated fuckmeat, the small hand stroking up and down the long length before guiding the pulsing manrod to his boypussy entrance. Zack and Mikey both gasped together as the thick pole slid in, Mikey loved the feel of the Cap’s huge dong inside him and Zack just loved the tight heat of the team mascot. Zack’s cock slid in easy despite its length and girth, Mikey’s fuckchute was still spermfull from the fuck in the limo as they had driven down the motorway and this helped ease the enormous manmeat’s progression until it bottomed out, Zack feeling he boys silk skin against his hairy balls. Mikey grunted too with satisfaction as he felt the cock slide home inside him, he knew Zack loved to be able to bottom out in a boy and his tenure as National Mascot was likely to last longer because of this. He knew how lucky he was, there were loads of boys in his school who nightly dreamed of riding the famous footballer’s cock and he was also aware that across the country and the world boys wanked themselves to sleep dreaming of being fucked by Zack. He was also a little annoyed at missing the awards ceremony, Zack would be handing out trophies to the young footballers and posing for pictures with the England Captain and once he knew he was too ill to go he had to make sure Zack went with another boy, an escort to make sure he did not end up with a possible rival. As they fucked with practised ease the door was suddenly opened and the young hotel bellhop entered. “I’ve got the extra boxes of tissues,” Dean the bellhop said and then stood open-mouthed as he watched the thick cock sliding in and out of the cute mascot, instinctively he grabbed his now engorging groin. He has seen videos of the cock in front of him in use, Zack like all celebrities had protected his copyright and only posted such explicit images that he had posed and given permission for. He was also very careful to ensure he was not filmed or pictured without his knowledge. Zack looked up, he had liked the cute teen from the moment he had arrived and it was a simple matter to get the kid allocated to his suite. “Just leave them by the bed,” he said and looking down at Mikey added, “You thirsty Tiger?” Mikey who had also appreciated Dean’s attributes smiled his ‘yes’ as he moaned with pleasure again, Zack’s cock was really pressing his passion nub now. Zack turned back to Dean without missing a stroke, “Strip off that uniform and let my little Tiger get some of the teencream of yours,” he commanded. Dean obeyed with alacrity, he still could not believe his luck, for years he had fantasised about Zack’s cock and now he was going actually be more than close to the famed dick. Stripped the fifteen year old bell hop was proved to be a trim bodied cutie with short dark blonde hair, his pubes matched his hair colour and were trimmed to make his slim six inches to teen meat look longer. He knelt by Mikey’s head and placed is stiff teen cock into the boys moaning mouth, gasping as he felt the şirinevler escort boy mascot’s mouth close over his cockhead and begin sucking, tentatively he placed his hand on Zack’s muscular shoulder and sighed as he felt the inner strength of his idol as he fucked Mikey. ‘It’s going to be a wonderful night’ he thought wondering as he saw Zack’s huge weapon slide back and forth, ‘Please God let be able to take it all the way,’ and there was a twinge of envy and jealousy as he saw how easy Terry made managing the huge cock that filled his boy pussy. Reid Donovan smiled as he looked at his bride, the boy wore a light blue headband around his curly blonde locks, hair he had inherited from his mother, attached to the ribbon was a ruffle of white lace, the effect was to give the boy a halo, ‘my little angel’ Reid thought. Looking down the boy was bare to the waist where he wore a brilliant white suspender belt, studded with glittering diamonds and attached to the belt the boy wore white fishnet stockings down to his feet which were encased in blue pumps, the colour matching the halo band. The boy was naked between the legs, his cute cocklet and tiny pea sized balls and his slim bum cheeks dusted with a sprinkle of glitter. The boy beamed up at his lover, soon to be his spouse. “You ready son?” Reid smiled. Reid Junior looked up at his father, there was more than love in his eyes, there was also the hidden lust that would be consummated later. “Yes Dad,” he answered. Reid looked around the wedding chapel, Reid’s three older sons stood there with their current boyfriends and partners, the preacher stood by the altar and the other guests and friends stood smiling at the happy pair. “Lets do it,” he said. The preacher turned to the gathering and spread out his hands, “Dearly beloved,” he began. Twenty minutes later Reid and his son, now his boywife settled in the back of the open topped limousine, as they drove away they began to kiss and Reid Junior, reached for his father’s cock which was spreading the front of his tight black shorts. Reid sighed as he felt his cock being released, he looked down at his sweet lover as the boys head closed over his cockhead and his own finger found the slick boypussy already wet with anticipation. He thought of the large water bed waiting for them at the hotel where he had booked a honeymoon suite, ‘Oh Fuck it,” he thought as he pushed Reid Junior back on the leather seats and pushed his shorts down to his ankles. As they rode to the hotel driving through the town Reid slid his cock insides his boy and began their first married fuck, oblivious of the stares and gazes of the passerbys and the other road users. Alan grunted as his so cute boyfriend slid down his thick teenrod and began to slowly bounce up and down. “Oh Yeah Gary,” he grunted, “that’s it that hits the spot,” and he watched as his young fucker worked away adjusting his position so he too got the best feelings as he worked himself to a trembling dry cum, assisted by Alan’s rubbing of his slim three inch boy dick and squeezing of his little boy balls. As Gary recovered and started again, this time with the intention of making his teenage lover also climax along with him the door to the bedroom opened. Dirk Jerod stood in the doorway watching as his son slowly moved up and down, rotating his waist and he could clearly see the thick teenmeat sliding in and out of his young son’s boypussy. “Hi Dirk,” Alan grinned as he caught sight of Gary’s father. “I thought you boy’s were going out,” Dirk spoke softly not wishing to ruin the moment. “We were but Gary is so horny,” chuckled Alan. “Yeah dad,” grunted Gary, “were going to shower after this fuck and then its pizza time,” he almost yelped as another minor cum raddled his slim body. Dirk stepped forward and stroked his son’s sweat damp hair, “Okay son,” he sighed and then groaned as he felt both Gary’s and Alan’s hands grab and caress his own limp tube. As his cock slowly rose to full thickness he found himself looking at his sons’ nineteen year old lover; at first he had not been too enamoured of the drunken college student that Gary had brought home that first night, but over the last few months he had grown to like the youth. Alan had proved to be a steadying influence in his son’s life, the student worked hard at College and had even sought Dirk’s advice and help on several occasions and his caring loving of his son had made Dirk appreciate how much his son was also working hard at his own studies and it made him feel proud. He had already decided that if the relationship continued he would invite Alan to move in for his second year at the local college and then his senses became inflamed with lusty desire as his cock grew to its fullest eight inches and he savoured his son’s lips around his cockhead and Alan’s hands caressing his balls. The bedroom door opened again and Nick Alan’s fourteen year old brother entered. “Oh here you are,” he chuckled and stepped close to the bed. Dirk moaned softly as he felt the teenager’s long slim cock touch his ass cheeks, “Oooohhhh,” he moaned louder as the wet, pulsing teenrod sought its destination between his legs and he moved to allow easier penetration, he had not been prepared for how cute Alan’s brother would be and they had already enjoyed a heavy private session in his these days so often empty bed. Both Dirk and Nick sighed as the teenagers cock slid into the spremy mancunt that Nick had already made his home in. “Lets make it a double date tonight,” suggested Alan and as father and son were fucked by the two brothers everyone agreed. Gary nodding as his mouth was still full of his father’s precum spewing cock. End of Part One. To be continued….. 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