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Subject: Hot for Harden This is a fictional story about a man I have become instantly infatuated with. I came across this perfect specimen if maleness recently. His name is Hunter Harden. All I can say is. “Have you seen this GOD of a man”. Utter perfection is all that can be said. I have never met him, ans may never. But I know he is gay and if ever given the chance. I am all over him. Enjoy. Hot for Harden I never imagined myself here with this man. Laying in bed with the most perfect man than any God could possibly create. Making love to him. Feeling his hard member inside me and vice-versa. Hell even having such a stud even notice me. His name is Hunter Harden. And he is simply the most gorgeous man I had ever laid my eyes upon. Or hands or mouth. And here he was laying next to me in my apartment. My head on his gorgeous fur covered chest. Hearing him breathing as he slept “Fucking beautiful” I said as I nuzzled that chest I felt the tickle of that beautiful chest against my cheek and nose. And the smell of his awesome body. Right now the lingering scent if the last moments of sex earlier this evening. Bits of the sweat that had fallen off his body to mine as he threw his cock into me on that last orgasm. But his smell was rich and wonderful. An aphrodisiac to me and anyone who came before me. But I guess I am getting ahead if myself now aren’t I. Let’s get back to the beginning. Before I found this perfect man. It all began several years back. And after some sad months of loneliness before that. I had just been dumped by my ex. The almost 2 Years I spent dating him seemed just a waste. But then again I had never had much luck with men. “Fucking cunt wad” I called my ex Jason “Just another piece of shit relationship” Jason was just the latest attempt to try and find happiness. And what was really sad was he qas one of my longer relationships. I had never had the luck of a long fruitful relationship. I mean my record was 28 months. But most lasted less that a year. I had fallen fast for Jason. The guy was cute and charming. He kızılay escort had me hot and bothered with his chiseled body. “Wow. He is smoldering” I said when I first saw him But that was my problem. I was attracted to that tyoe of guy. But then again who isn’t. Hot pumped guys were a hot ticket. Jason was stroking and he lured me in. But I was just another conquest to this narcissistic Fuck hole. “We are done” he said in a tect one day “What the Fu…” And when i tried to call him, the shit wouldn’t take my calls. “I am fucking done” I crowed after that “Relationships are shit” “All these guys are shit” “I am staying single” And for the most part I did. I wpuld once in a grand blue moon go out for the need for sex. But mostly I kept to myself. And the few friends i had just stopped trying ro fix me up. “No thanks” I said “Tired of all the Jason’s & Eric’s and other fucks” “I will not end up heart broken again” And I actually lost a few friends because of the relationship thing. Whether they had tried to fix me up with someone who they knew. Or just the partnered couples that didn’t need a fifth wheel (me) hanging around. And I was okay with that. I found myself actually happy for a small while. At least alone I felt that way. Even though I would have melancholy moments where I longed for another touch. But thats when i would go and just get some drinks and get a Fuck for the night. Then one day a good friend of mine (one of the few I kept) said she knew someone I should meet. At first I looked at her like she was crazy. I was gping to tell her not to bother. But with her convincing and my being at one of those ‘longing’ times I agreed to meet the guy. His name was Randall. He was not the typical chiseled hunk that i had chased in the past. And that was a good thing. She showed me a picture of him. He seemed okay to look at. And when I met him found he was a nice guy. And actually nicer looking than the pic she had shown me. “He looks kinda cute” I had said And I did meet Randall. And he was areal keçiören escort nice guy But… The problem with Randall was I found him to be more of a friend type of relationship rather than a sexual one. Ans he did too. “Friends” we decided after that first date “Friends” I agreed Then we hugged and exchanged numbers so we could talk sometimes. Or even just have friendly drinks. The great thing about meeting Randall though was he was a photographer. And he had showed me some of the work he had done. He was good. I figured one day I may have him take some nice pics of me. We hung out several times. And he was fun because he had the same likes and dislikes as me. So other than the lack of sexual heat, I was glad I met him. “Shame you two don’t Fuck” Lisa said “Cuz you are cute together” “Awe!” We both said as we laughed Then one day Randall said he wanted to show me some recent pics he did. He said he had gotten a gig working for this modeling company. Or more over an adult photography studio on some sessions “You gotta see these pics” he said to me So I told him to come over after dinner. We will have some drinks and he can show me. “Just bring your tablet” I said When he came over I had the wine ready. Then he opened his tablet and atarted to show me the images he was doing for the company. The company was ‘Mack Sturgis’ and when he flipped through the first few images my mouth gaped opened and my dick started to twitch. “Holy hot men” I said “Who the heck are all these dudes?” “Just some near and leather models” he answered “Some are fucking smoldering” “Yeah right?!” I had looked over at Randall. He was also getting excited as he reviaited the images he had taken part in. I could see his crotch was starting to tent “Are you getting boned up?” I laughed “No more than you man” We were both getting excited by the images. He pointed out his favorite model. He was a beefy and hairy dude. Older. “So thats what you like?” I said “Look at him” he chimed back The guy was hot for sure. And I sure wouldn’t escort ankara push that big hunk from my bed. But I didn’t see any guy I was totally hot for. That was until he swiped to image 44. “Who is that!” I blurted out Randall looked at me. My eyes were dripping with desire. And I felt my dick want to rip through my pants. My mouth just lung there unhinged in lust. Tongue out and practically drooling. Randall smiled and said who the man was. And he was not surprised I liked him. “I figured as much” he said “Who is he Randall” I demanded “His name is Hunter Harden” “He is a hot guy” “And British” My head wanted to explode as much as my dick might do. I gazed at the utterly perfect man sprawled over the floor he was laying on. Muscular but not too much so. Furry as all get out. And a face that could stop a Mack truck in its sheer masculinity. Then there was the sexy tatoo on his midsection. It appeared to be a dripping rose with some words under it. I wanted to just lick his tatoo. “Is there more?” I asked “Of course there are more” he answered back “Just scared you will literally burst from them” “Lemme see!” I growled So he swiped through the next few images. My mouth hung open uncontrollably. And I was almost drooling. “I think im in love” I the blurted A few more pictures and I was about to burst. I needed someone. Now. So I looked at my friend and them reached own betqeen his legs. Grabbing at his crotch. Randall tried to push me off. But he quickly gave into my advances. “Awe fuckk” he huffed Then we were pulling at each others clothes and making out. Then naked and doing it right there on my sofa. We sucked wach other off and flip fucked each other too. When we were done. We lay there in my bed. Satisfied I looked over at my sexual partner. Realizing it was Randall. He looked back at me awkwardly too. Both knowing that this shouldn’t have happened. “I.. Gotta go” Randall said “Yeah. Okay” I said back in embarrassment He dressed and left. I just lay there for a while. Disgusted with myself for what had just happened. Afraid our friendship was just screwed. But then I thought it was because of the Godlike creature he had shown me. Mr Harden. I had to have Hunter. So I sent Randall a text to see if he could send me that guys images. “Please Randall. Please!” I begged “He is perfection”…… More to cum

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