Hot July Midnight Porch Fuck

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(Following is another in a series of my real-life sex adventures. If you enjoy reading them, please leave a comment and share what aspects you most like about my storytelling. I’ll try to include more of that in future posts. Thanks for reading!)

I’d just moved to Portland after too many years in another city whose gay culture and sex scene had started to become routine to me. It was an unusually hot summer, and I was unusually horny, partly from being new in town. I wasted no time in learning just how frisky and forward the city, and its visitors, can be.

One night during my second month in my sublet house, I was restless and sexting on Scruff, around midnight, when I got a ping from a hot guy just a few hundred feet away. Like, what? Dude was directly around the block from me, from San Francisco and staying for a while at the home of his friend (who I had just been introduced to briefly the week before). I sent him pics of my hairy ass. He sent pics of his throbbing cock. “Wanna come play? I’m just hanging out on the front porch. Sweatin’ my nuts off.” He sent pics as evidence. Sweet, tasty evidence.

I told him I suspected I’d just met his host recently, and didn’t want to cause any kind of scandal. He assured me his friend was fast asleep and we could be discreet. “It’s hot as fuck. I’m horned. Come on over. Oh, and don’t wear much cause you won’t have it on long.”

Holy crap. I’d become jaded about online solicitations, as most guys seem to be all talk and no follow through. This guy seemed legit. I cleaned up, squeezed my semihard junk in a cock ring, threw on some skimpy nylon shorts and a jock and sandals. I left my chest bare, hoping the sight of its generous fur and perky nipples would interest him when we meet.


I was nearly nude, freeballin’ in gym shorts, as I made the one minute walk around the block, totally deserted, and approached the house in question. The front porch was secluded in lush foliage, but as climbed the few steps to the front door, I saw my date. About my age, slim, fit, similarly hairy chest and scruffy face. Hot, well beyond what the thermometer would suggest, and …

… totally nude, except for boots and thick white socks (a sexy look that fucking excites me). Casually but proudly playing with his erect cock and juicy balls as he welcomed me with direct eye contact. No shame whatsoever. Instantly, I think, this is my kinda guy. Bold and horny.

“Hey, bud, I’m Mark. Take those shorts off, it’s too fucking hot. Then get on your knees.”

I could not strip fast enough for him, and the fact we were on the front porch of the house, technically within notice of passersby, was a huge turn on! I mean, it was so late that no one was out and about, and they’d really have to poke into the shrubs and vines to see us, but still, felt a bit risky. In a good way.

On my knees, I steadied my hands on his furry legs, and swallowed his dick to the hilt, breaking occasionally to tongue his nuts, suck them into my mouth and work them over, making him moan, and precum. We were off to a super sexy start. He asked if I liked tit play, which I do, and said “get up here for a second.” We made out, he worked almanbahis my nips, and lifted my arms to smell my ripe and sexy pits. He whispered, to keep his host from waking: “Fuuuck! That scent drives me fucking wild!” Mark had a good scent working, too, as it must have been 100 degrees out, it was that hot, and my pits were getting more ripe the busier we got, and I was in heaven. For me, and apparently Mark too, manscent is better than poppers.

Then, waving his dick like a weapon, he ordered: “Turn that ass around. NOW.”

I did as told, and quickly found an eager tongue probing my hairy, sweaty, crack. I started to moan and luckily remembered I needed to keep things quiet, as I’m normally verbal as fuck. I writhed as his tongue explored deeper. He reached around and stroked my now raging dick, tugging it downward and making it ache, and tugged my nuts, as I arched my back for him and braced my hands on my knees.

“Stay right there.” He stood up out of his chair. “I can’t wait any longer for that ass.” And with that, he positioned his raw cock head at my hole – I had no choice in what would follow – and he squeezed it a few times, made sure I knew he was lubing me up with his precum, adding to a generous amount of his spit, and he plunged in.

“Jesus! Fuck! That’s hot!” As I said, I’m a verbal fucker, and had to work hard to keep my reaction barely audible, but couldn’t help myself. He was taking what he needed, and drilling me deep. Tight and resistant at first, my ass gave in, and soon I was in heaven, and Mark surely was, too.

“What a sweet fuckin’ raw hole! Thanks dude, I needed this so bad tonight!” He plunged in hard, withdrew his sword entirely, then pounded back in again and again. A bead of sweat rolled down my nose and I licked it off my stache. Our fucking was starting to make us both sweat like pigs. I was certain I’d wake up his host, my recent acquaintance, but I didn’t care.

“I’m so close dude, get ready, you’re about to receive a monster five-day load!” There was no way I could protest, even if I wanted to, he was grabbing my hips tight and raping me hard, and I was loving it. Soon, as promised, I felt his balls tighten into his groin, smashed against my butt, his dick head seemed to engorge inside me, and he unleashed spurt after spurt of sweet hot nut in my ass. Goddamn! I still hadn’t cum, and wanted more!

Mark was almost out of breath, and seemed to know I wanted and needed to keep going. “Don’t worry, bud, I’m not finished with you.” He fingered my hole for evidence of his breeding, withdrew a slick couple of fingers and feed half his load to me. “Nice job, fucker. Suck on my DNA. Now follow me into the back.”


I reached for my clothes. “No, leave those here.” I knew we had to head out into view of the street, or possibly his host. Jesus, this dude was a total exhibitionist, like me! He took my hand and pulled me down the steps, out onto the front sidewalk, and to a side path that took us around and behind the house. Liberating and hot as fuck, not only to be nude, but to have been freshly fucked, as well as anticipating whatever was in store in back.

He closed the side gate, almanbahis giriş and led us into a lush, quiet landscaped grotto, complete with fountains, massage bench, lounge chairs, festive soft lights. I asked if he was sure his host couldn’t hear us, and he told me to chill out, he’d gotten stoned earlier and was a hard sleeper. Standing, he wrapped his arms around me and we kissed deeply. I could feel his soft, sticky cock start to stir as it pressed against my still-hard furry boner. He reached around and kneeded my ass. “You are a first-rate bottom, and I’m gonna help myself to more of that ass. But first get back on your knees and blow me, get me hard again.”

Fuck! Before I knew it he shoved his semihard cock in my mouth and I was tasting his juice, and my ass, and loving it. I swallowed him whole and made love to his cock and quickly had him revved up and ready to fuck. But I wasn’t done sucking. He could tell I was a greedy cocksucker and let me enjoy feast on his raging bone and nuts for a good 10 or 15 minutes, when he said: “That’s it. I can’t take any more.” He leaned back on the massage bench. “Get up here and lower your hole down on my cock. I want you to ride me hard. Let’s make out.”

My ass, now pre-lubed with his load, slid easily down onto his meat, and ground against his sticky bush as we started to fuck in this fantastic position. Making out was a dream, and we tweaked each other’s nipples hard, sniffed our pits and caressed each other sensually. The heat had not abated and we continued to sweat like pigs, adding to the scene.

This position, particularly each time I lifted my ass slightly up, brought his generous cock head in direct contact with my prostate, and I figured out how to heighten the sensation. Pretty soon, I felt my orgasm start to rise. “Dude,” I moaned, “I’m gonna bust my fuckin nut!”

“Hold on just a few seconds more, I’m close too!” I couldn’t believe we might be hitting the timing jackpot and cumming at the exact same time, w which I’d only done a few times before with others. Once again I felt his dick get larger and throb, and just as he started to flood my guts with his sperm a second time, I started to shoot. Four, five, six thick spurts!

He’d cupped his hand around my cock head to collect as much of my juice as he could, and to my shock and delight, brought it to his lips and guzzled, saving just enough to bring his fingers to my mouth for me to have a taste. “Fuuuck!! Dude, that’s one of my favorite things!” His hand behind my head moved my lips to his, and we shared my jizz in a long loving kiss, and I dismounted.


It was almost 2 a.m. at this point and I was tired, but in a deliriously good way, from our hard fucking. We headed out to leave and I looked around for my clothes, and remembered, they were still on the front porch! Shit, we’d have to head out to the public sidewalk, totally naked, his jizz probably leaking out of my ass, and around and back up to the porch to retrieve my shorts and jock.

We quietly made our way out. Again, the street was deserted, so no huge reason to worry, but still, it felt risky. And sexy as hell. Up on the porch, I reached down to retrieve my almanbahis yeni giriş shorts, when Mark said: “Hold it right there.” I remained bent over and frozen, wondering if he’d seen someone approaching on the street. Instead, his tongue soon found his way to my exposed and dripping ass, and he licked and slurped generously, enjoying the remains of two loads he’d just deposited. He looked up and said, “Sorry, couldn’t resist. I fucking love rimming a hairy bubble butt after I’ve bred it!”

I grinned and said, no problem at all, buddy, and he accompanied me the few steps down to the curb, where I intended to get dressed. He was still nude, and I noticed his cock had become aroused again. We were fairly in the open, and he took me in his arms and kissed deeply, turning me on again with the taste of his cum and my ass. Two bikers sped by – did they take any notice of our slutty scene? Did they see him grab me, one last time, turn me around, smack my used hairy ass, and order me to grab my ankles?

“Sorry, dude. I’m still not done with you…”

Completely in the open, albeit at 2 a.m. on a sleepy street, I gave up my ass one last time, as he plunged his newly raging boner deep in my hole, like a spear. God damn, this fucker was taking thirds at the ass buffet! My mind was racing, I was somewhat concerned about being seen by neighbors or motorists or waking up his host, but my ass remained hungry for more. More bareback cock. Another serving of his hot cum, which was delivered quickly.

“Fucker, here’s one last nut for the road for ya!” I lifted one leg up on the first sidewalk step up from the street, opening my exposed ass to give him maximum plunge depth. I didn’t give a fuck if we were seen or not – in fact, by now I was so cock crazed I was wishing we WOULD be seen!

His breath sped up and the pace of his thrusts quickened and he slammed one final load of spunk deep in my already cummy hole. I’d been jacking my leaking cock, which hardened as soon as he bent me over, and was about to burst myself. “God damn, man, I can’t hold back, I’m cumming, too!” I fertilized a bit of the lawn, and started to compose myself.


I quickly reached for my clothes, only to find he had one more demand: “Uh, not so fast.” I couldn’t believe it – might this dude possibly want another hot raw fuck?? Nope. “You’ve given me some fantastic ass tonight, but you’ve got one final task yet, to truly please me.” Fuck! What could it be?

He grabbed my clothes, put them in my hand and closed my fist around them tight. “You’re walking home around the block, NAKED. I need to see you round the corner, completely nude, under that street lamp. You’re a hot sweaty fuck beast. Be proud. Wag your cock. I need your word you will not put these shorts on before the second you unlock your door.”

Jesus! My heart raced. I was new in the neighborhood, so it wasn’t like I had close neighbors I needed to fear seeing me, but what the actual fuck?! I was emboldened by two hours of intense and passionate barebacking, and wearing nothing but a grin, so I had no choice. I knew I had to walk it home proudly. Mark and I kissed deeply and sniffed each other’s now beyond-ripe pits one last time, as I headed home, my ass throbbing, my exposed, semihard cock sticky and spent, risking any passing motorist (or biker or dog-walker) seeing, and maybe even enjoying, my walk of shame. A perfect closer to one hell of a night.

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