Hot Missouri Summer Ch. 03

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Chapter. 03

More from the Tease

It was hot that summer in Missouri, after High School graduation. The weather was hot, but I mean that the girls were too. After going steady and being deeply in puppy love all through Senior year, Mary and I tearfully broke up after agreeing that a long distance relationship at colleges hundreds of miles apart would not work. So, as I recounted in Chapters 1 and 2, it was now my summer to explore the wonders of short term dates with a lot of different girls. Karen the cocktease started it out, and then Kathy and I learned a lot.

But this particular evening Gary and I did not have dates. We were just sitting at Smitty’s Drive In in his 57 Chevy convertible, watching the girls and talking about them. Pretty soon, I saw Karen the cockteaser coming our way. We had had that one hot date, but she seldom gave a guy a second chance. She strode up to the car, her boobs tantalizing under her tight sweater, and long legs flashing out of her miniskirt. She had some sort of papers in her hand, and she leaned against the passenger door, crossing her arms so the papers were hidden behind them.

“Hi, guys,” she exclaimed. “Getting any these days?” That was her banter. She said things we had never heard any other girls say.

I sort of stuttered out a reply. “Nothing like what you are giving out, I bet!”

She grinned a big grin at that. “I mean, stupid, are you getting anything in the mail to read? Guess what came to my mailbox.”

Gary said, “I bet you subscribe to Playgirl, Karen!”

She giggled and said, “Of course I do. But this is something different.” She pulled out the papers she was carrying. I saw a blue cover with a line sketch of a naked girl on it, and suddenly I knew what it was. “Did you know that there is a fanzine published in St. Louis called Eroti-Lit? It is for literary erotica stories.”

Back in those far off days, fanzines were what a blog is today. Somebody, probably a fat post-teenage guy in his mother’s basement, collected writings. Then they were laboriously re-typed onto a mimeograph stencil, a horrible plastic thing that was almost impossible to correct. Pouring a lot of black ink into the machine, and all over his hands, the publisher cranked out copies and stapled them together, and then distributed them to a mailing list. It took dedication and a lack of any real life to do it.

I was familiar with Eroti-Lit. Too familiar. I recognized the cover of the issue Karen was holding, and realized that it contained the story of our date! Of course, I had changed the names, but I knew it was recognizable. I turned beet red as Karen waved it at me.

“There’s a very interesting story about a cockteasing girl in here, Mike. Did you know that?” she asked.

I couldn’t think of an answer. I just stammered and muttered.

“I like erotic literature,” she said, “but so much of it is written from the guy’s point of view. Now this fellow tells all about having his cock teased. But what do you think the girl is thinking? I think Eroti-Lit should publish a girl’s story, don’t you?”

“Sure,” I said. “Why not?”

“OK,” said Karen, “I will write it! And then you can send it in for me, because I bet the publisher is a creep and I am NOT giving him my return address. Be sure not to get any stains on it when you read it, though.”

There she went again. This girl was really a good tease. “OK, no coke stains on your story.”

Karen looked a bit distracted. She turned back to me and said, “Come again?” I looked embarrassed and she added, grinning, “I mean, I didn’t quite hear that.”

The banter continued for a while, and Karen left after promising to get the story to me. A couple of days later, she delivered it to me. So, here it is, just as she wrote it:


Sure, I know I have a reputation. All the guys in the Senior Class call me Cockteasing Karen. So I guess I have to live up to it, don’t I? Now let’s face it, with a reputation like that the guys were practically lining up all year to have one date with me. I saw to it that a whole lot of the Seniors had their chance. There were many eighteenth birthday parties that year, including mine, and I made the best of them with a different guy at each party.

But there were a few guys I never hooked up with. One of them was Joe. Joe was what we called a Big Man On Campus. He was easily elected president of the Student Body. He starred on the championship basketball team. He had the romantic lead in the Senior Play. He took Joanne, the most beautiful blonde in the class, to the Prom and of course they were elected King and Queen. He was accepted to an Ivy League college, and his Dad had the money to send him there. He drove around in a great big Oldsmobile, and that summer he was acting pretty proud of himself.

So when Joe called to ask for a date soon after graduation, I accepted immediately. I was looking forward to seeing what I could do with this Kilis Escort guy. I was sure I could tease him into a whimpering mass. After all I had done it with every other guy I dated.

I got ready for this date carefully. I started with a long hot shower, letting the water cascade over my naked body. As I dried off I looked at myself in the mirror, and was pretty happy with what I saw. My red hair is a trademark. I think my face is nice, and I use a bright red lipstick to emphasize my lips. My body is slim enough and curved in the right places. My tits aren’t the biggest, but they are nice and round and stand up beautifully. The nipples are small and perky, and surrounded with a small dark areola. My stomach is flat, my navel is small and inset, and below it is the mound of silky red hair, just a light covering. Below that I could see my pussy lips just a little bit. Right now they were tightly closed, but I intended to correct that during the evening.

I got out my perfume. The ads said it was full of sexy pheromones and I knew its effect on the boys. A bit behind each ear, and then a dab on the pulse in my neck and a trace down my cleavage, as the magazines advised. After that was my own touch, a small semi circle under each nipple. I wanted to put it on the nipple itself but I had tasted it and decided that was not the way to go. Then I spread my legs and traced a line around the top of my thighs, avoiding my pussy because of that taste thing again. I had plans for later.

I figured a guy like Joe deserved my best, so I got out some new underwear I had just bought. It was soft, smooth and gleamed like satin. I pulled on the panties and saw that they clung to my body. They were skimpy and just covered the essentials. Turning around I could see my ass cheeks and the crack between them nicely outlined. In front, I pulled them up tight so my pussy made a perfect camel toe. I rubbed them a bit and was delighted with the soft feel to my hand. They were going to tease that conceited guy to distraction — when I finally let him see them!

The came the bra, also soft and silky. I really didn’t need any support, so it was more a token than a necessity. It cupped my tits and let my nipples poke through the fabric, just asking to be rubbed. I thought about what Joe would have to do to get his hands on them, and giggled slightly.

Since the bra and panties were black, I put on a white cotton blouse that buttoned up the front. It was thin enough to give a hint of the bra through the cloth, and also let my nipples press against it just a little. I unbuttoned the top two buttons and leaned forward, looking in the mirror. My boobs peeked out in a way I knew was tantalizing and the soft bra fell away slightly, almost down to the nipple but not quite. Just the sight I wanted Joe to see.

A red miniskirt finished the outfit. I had raised the hem 2″ over the shortest that I could find in the store. I turned around and admired myself in my double dressing mirrors. I bent over in the miniskirt and saw it was the perfect length, just letting the bottom of my ass cheeks peek out when I did that. Then I sat down on the bed and crossed my legs and saw how my thighs flashed white as the skirt rode up. The last test was to spread my legs, and check out the shot of my black panties clinging to my pussy. It was all delectably teasing, I knew. I was ready for the Big Man On Campus.

The doorbell rang, and I opened the door and posed there a few seconds, my weight on one leg and the other slightly forward, my shoulders back so my tits pressed out. Somebody told me the old Greek nude statues posed that way and I looked it up in the encyclopedia. It took a bit of practice but it really was sexy. I could see Joe taking it all in, top to bottom, so after his eyes ran down my legs and returned to my face I gave him a slow smile.

Then I glided forward and put my arms around his neck, lightly brushing his chest with my boobs, and just touched his lips with mine. He put his hands on my waist but I pulled back. Looking him right in the eyes, I said, “Hi, Joe. Glad to see me?” and as I did, my hand very lightly ran over the front of his pants and immediately dropped away. Just that touch was enough to tell me that he was indeed glad to see me. I saw a shocked expression in his eyes for just a second, and then it turned into a glint.

We walked to his car. He put an arm around my back, his hand coming just under my tit in that amusing way guys have of thinking they are sneaking up. His car was a big Oldsmobile, bought by his rich daddy. He opened the door for me and I slid into the front seat. I made sure to lean forward as my butt touched the seat so he had a good look down my blouse. Then I swung one leg into the car, stretching it out and flashing him a look at my black panties as I hesitated for a second with my legs spread. I saw him taking it in.

“It looks beautiful tonight, doesn’t it, Joe?” I asked softly.

He jerked his eyes Kırıkkale Escort from my pussy up to my face. “Wh-what?” he stammered.

“It looks like a beautiful night, doesn’t it? The weather is perfect and the stars are out.” I giggled. “Never let them be sure what you just meant” is my motto. He nodded, and then went around and got in the driver’s seat. I was still seated next to the window, with about a yard of that big front seat between us. I could see Joe looking over at me. I hesitated a few seconds, and then slid over right next to him, our hips and thighs touching. He started the car and then put his arm around my shoulders. I turned in to him slightly, so I could feel my tit pressing against his side. I put my hand on his thigh and rubbed up and down a little bit. “Keep your mind on your driving, Joe. Don’t let anything distract you,” I murmured.

I felt him pull me a bit closer to him, and I moved my chest slightly to rub my boob against him. “Oh, no,” he said, “I’m not distracted.” I knew that was a big lie, the first but probably not the last he would tell this evening. I worked my hand a bit further up his thigh and squeezed gently.

The first stop on any date in that small Missouri town was Smitty’s Drive In. Joe’s big blue Oldsmobile was well know, and we got a lot of waves as we drove in. Gary was there in his 57 Chevy convertible, with his steady Linda, the girl with the biggest tits in the Senior class. Mike and Mary, an inseparable couple, were there too. I let my eyes linger briefly on Mike and wondered what might happen if I could get him away from that little girl. Joe pulled into a parking spot and ordered two cherry cokes from the car hop.

Now I felt his hand around my shoulder creep down toward my tit. Guys are so predictable! I turned just a little bit more into him so the other tit was rubbing his chest, and let my hand on his thigh creep up to just below his balls. Naturally this encouraged him, so his hand came right on down and rested lightly on my boob. I giggled inwardly because I had, of course, expected that. I knew exactly what to do. My hand on his thigh moved right up onto his cock, and I felt it throb under my touch. But I kept my hand right on moving, up off his cock over his stomach and then reached across to his hand on my tit. I removed his hand and pulled out from under his arm in one move.

I knew he was sitting there stunned, trying to figure out the mixed message I sent. Of course I had him just where I wanted him. It would not be the last time he was confused tonight. I let my hand drop back to his thigh, resting just under his balls. He sat there for a minute, with his right hand sort of hovering in the air with no place to go. Then, as I knew it would, it came down to rest on my thigh. I had been waiting for that, and once again let my hand on his thigh trail up over his hard dick, but then grabbed his hand that was on my thigh and gave it a squeeze.

I put my lips close to his ear. “Oh, Joe,” I breathed, “you want to hold my hand. Just like in fifth grade. How romantic!” I had this guy totally befuddled by now and I was laughing inside at his confusion. While he was trying to think of something to say, Gary and Linda walked over to the car.

Linda took things in, and said, “Oh, holding hands. How cute!”

I felt Joe’s hand twitch at that. So just then I leaned over toward the window and made sure that Gary got a good look down my blouse. “Well, I don’t see Gary holding anything of yours, Linda. How unusual.”

Linda laughed. Gary, being a smart ass guy, reached over and squeezed one of her big boobs. She leaned into him and they went into a deep kiss. Since I was already leaning over Joe’s lap, I took the opportunity to lower our joined hands onto his stiff cock, while I breathed a kiss into his ear and ran my tongue around it just a little. By the time Gary and Linda surfaced, our hands were back in the air a couple of inches above his thigh. He looked over at me, trying to figure this out. I wiggled a bit so my tit rubbed his chest again and looked innocent.

“Where are you guys going tonight?” Linda asked.

“Oh,” I said, “it should be a good night to go down.” Again I felt Joe’s hand tense. I let go of it and dropped my hand back onto his thigh.

“What?” asked Linda, not sure she had heard me right.

“I think we should all go down the highway to the drive-in theater” I continued. “I want to watch the movie.” Joe gazed at me. Of course he knew what I meant.

“Oh,” Linda giggled. “Yes, I think it is a good night for the drive-in. See you at the theater!” Then she and Gary ran over to his convertible and jumped in. The guys revved their engines and we were off.

As we pulled out of the parking lot, I snuggled over against Joe to encourage him to put his arm around me again. I put my hand back on his crotch and pulled his hand down onto my tit. The car almost swerved off the road so I figured I had better stop there Kırklareli Escort until we got to the movie. The whole school knew that Gary and Linda had a favorite spot in the back row to park. Joe pulled up not far from it, just far enough away to be private.

As soon as Joe turned off the car, I snuggled over onto his shoulder and moved my hand up to his hip. Of course he recognized the invitation to be kissed. He put his hand on my back and pulled me into him until my boobs pressed up against his chest and let his lips work on mine.

Very gently I stuck my tongue out and brushed it over his lips once. Then right away I closed my lips. I felt him tense up again. So his tongue came out, and found my lips closed. He ran it around a bit but I didn’t open my lips. He went back to closed kissing, so I pulled back just a little and stuck my tongue out to lick over his lips. I was working hard to see that the poor guy didn’t know what was next.

Tentatively he let his tongue come out to wrestle with mine. I let that go on a few seconds and suddenly sucked it into my mouth as deep as I could. Our tongues locked and I felt my nipples getting hard from the thrill. I rubbed my tits against his chest as we kissed.

Of course, his hand went for my boob. Guys are so predictable. I let him just feel its softness and the hard nipple sticking out of it. Then I grabbed his hand and put it down on my leg. I took his face in both hands and kept him so busy kissing he actually forgot my tits for a few seconds.

That didn’t suit me so well. They are one of my best assets and I like to keep a guy’s mind, as well as his eyes and his hands, on them all the time. So I pulled my lips away from his and pushed my chest hard against his, at the same time nibbling on his ear. He couldn’t miss that, so his hand came up again to fasten on my boob. This time I let him play with it. He found the hard nipple standing up through the fabric and rolled it around. I put my head back and moaned, to let him know I liked that. Then I took his other hand and brought it up to the other one so I got stimulated on both at once. I was really liking this, and my pussy was getting very wet. But it was not time to let him know that yet.

I turned to him so one hand slipped from my tit toward the buttons of my blouse. Guys often need a sort of a hint. He took it, and while he fumbled with my buttons I got my hand busy in his crotch. He couldn’t decide whether to concentrate on me rubbing or on opening the buttons, but finally he got it done. My tits were crying for his hands as he pushed inside my blouse up against the smooth soft fabric of my bra. I assaulted his mouth with my tongue again and twisted my tits against his hands. I could feel his cock throbbing through his pants and knew he was getting really worked up.

Pretty soon his hand went around to my bare back and I could feel it looking for the clasp of my bra. All the girls knew that those foolish guys actually had a bra attached to a chair in Gary’s basement and practiced opening it with one hand. Joe must have practiced a lot because he popped it open on the first try.

I felt his hand coming back around my bare sides, heading for that now naked tit. It was time to clamp my arms down and trap his hand, while probing deep into his mouth with my tongue. Once again his poor male attention was too separated to figure it out for a moment. So just to keep him befuddled I gave a few good rubs to his cock under his pants. He tried again to get his hand on my tit but I kept it trapped.

Then I raised my arm to set it free. Triumphantly he grabbed my tit and rolled his palm over my nipple. I was burning for the stimulation and I knew it was driving him too. But I had my game to play. After he got in two good squeezes, I pulled away from him. I cast my eyes down and said, “Joe, I think it is time to go back now.”

I glanced up to see his face. He looked like a little kid whose ice cream cone fell to the ground. “Go back? Time to go back to Smitty’s?” He was crestfallen.

I let him sit there, savoring his sudden deflation. Then I said, “No, of course not! I think it is time to go to the back seat!”

It took him a second to get the full meaning of that, and then his eyes lit up as if the candy machine started spewing out all its contents for one penny. He was out from behind the steering wheel in a second, and soon we were in the back seat of the Olds, with plenty of room for anything we wanted to do. Well, of course, that meant for anything I wanted to do.

Joe lost no time getting his hands inside my blouse again. As he worked on my tits, I gently leaned back until finally he laid me down on the bench seat of the car. It was so wide that he could stretch out full length next to me. His chest pressed on my tits and his cock was pushed up against my hip and he rubbed it as much as he could. Boys are so predictable.

He pushed my blouse open and my bra up so my tits were exposed. If I do say so myself they looked very pretty in the dim light, nice and white and with their pink nipples standing up from all the attention they were getting. He started kissing me on the neck and I knew where his lips were headed. I began unbuttoning his shirt as he worked down to my boobs.

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