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Babe On

Jenny let herself into the small boutique just off the high street. The good smell of furniture wax hit her as she walked through the first part of the old Tailors, the tiny bell ringing out her presence as it had for many years. As she waited for old Mr Thorpe the tailor she examined some lovely cloth from the metre rolls surrounding the cash desk, planning out her next handmade outfit down to the last detail. She had always had money, and there was something decadent about getting tailored clothes in this day and age.

A polite cough behind her made her turn around, but the tailor was nowhere to be seen. Instead there stood a much younger man, offering his help.

“What happened to Mr Thorpe?” she murmured, as she drank in the appearance of the stylish man before her.

“I’m his son, come down from my shop in London to give him a hand. He’s getting too old to deal with all the admin you know?” he smiled, “How can I help?”

She began to reel off the outfit she had planned in her head. It was a party dress, for her annual New Years Eve party. She wanted it in black material, coming to just below the knee with simple embroidery on the hem. She wanted something elegant and flattering because she knew there would be a lot of unattached men there and it been so long since she had had anyone else in her bed, she’d begun to think it would be empty forever. She saw his straight nose wrinkle a little with distaste as she described the dress to him and she faltered.

“What’s wrong with that?”

“Oh nothing, it’s just that in a woman as striking as yourself, it seems a little plain. Would you like to take a look in the back and see some of the new fabric we have in? Dad wasn’t too adventurous when it came to ordering goods, but I’ve been splashing out”.

She blushed at the compliment from this handsome young man and agreed. They made their way through the small brown door she’d never been through in all the years she had visited the tailors shop. The place was a warren, with endless rooms veering off out of sight containing every kind of material. It was silent but for a radio playing quietly in some far off room.

“Name’s David” he extended a hand as he walked, stepping over rolls of unpacked cloth, “sorry about the mess, Dad’s unimpressed.”

“Jenny” she smiled back. He really was an interesting looking man, cool blue eyes, a lean face, mouth always on the verge of a smile, and when he smiled he was transformed, lighting up his eyes, with an infectious laugh she couldn’t help responding to, as he showed her around the shop, making her laugh and throwing compliments at her over his shoulder.

She liked the way he moved. His body seemed to stalk, making her think of some wild animal. She was aware of his eyes on her, had been on her ever since she walked in.

They admired some cloth and reached out to touch it at the same Escort bayan time, stroking it, fingers touching. Did his fingers linger on hers? Jenny felt a slight heat in her face as she recognised the look in his eyes, he made no pretense of hiding his admiration for her. Turning to face her, he reached and stroked her cheek softly, stroking his thumb slowly across her full lower lip, as he whispered “So soft…”. With that he turned away and loped off across the room, leaving her a little breathless.

“I have just the thing” he murmured, calling her over to a small room, where the silk was stored behind tissue to protect the expensive cloth. He set one of the rolls free; a soft chinese silk green, it glowed softly in the dim light. She touched the soft weightless material, jumping a little as she heard him speak quietly by her ear and realised how close he was.

“Why don’t you try some on? I know you’d look amazing.”

“What, now?”

“Why not?”

As he spoke he began to ease her coat off her shoulders, and Jenny dimly realised that she wasn’t stopping him. In fact her hands had moved to her blouse and she was slowly undoing the buttons, knowing he was still facing her back, beginning to feel more than a little aroused at this daring act. She began to slip it down and she heard his stifled breath as he turned round. Had he not believed she would do it?

She felt a little powerful as she moved to the side, just to the very outskirts of his vision, and began slowly to remove her skirt. She stood for a second in her underwear, considering her next move. She looked past the package of green fabric to a standing roll, tearing open the tissue covering it, she found the crimson silk beneath. It was beautiful.

At that moment she decided what she would do. Pulling one edge of the roll, she unwound a long bolt of the blood red, and pulled it across her. Behind this veil, she removed her underwear, then she wrapped the silk around her curves, knowing that every contour of her breasts and body were visible, her skin pale and creamy above the scarlet.

“What do you think?” she spoke, her voice low and husky.

He turned, his eyes raking over her, “God, you look so different!”

She was pleased he sounded so dazed. He couldn’t drag his eyes away from her body. Perfect. She decided to have some fun.

“Oh are you sure?” she pouted, pulling the silk in tighter, knowing her nipples were hard against the fabric, running her hands over her body, holding it aginst her, letting one smooth pale thigh come into view. As the slit got higher it went all the way up the side of her body, past her hip to just below her breasts, showing nothing but one creamy line of flesh, letting him know she was absolutely naked beneath the cloth. That was it. His cool was blown. He ran a hand through his hair and stuttered, actually stuttered!

“So Bayan Escort you’re like, naked under there?”

He sounded like an adolescent boy confronted with his first kiss. She smiled and decided to keep up the act for a little while.

“I hope you don’t mind, I just love feeling this against my skin, it’s so cool and I’m so hot…” With that, she took his hand and placed it on her belly, letting him feel the heat penetrating through the thin material.

He swallowed as she leant back against the rolls of silk with his hand still on her, slipping down slightly over her skin. It took guts but she placed her hand over his and slowly led him to the inevitable. The slow trip of his light fingers down was intensely erotic, his eyes met hers and their gazes locked.

He watched her face as he pushed down over her pussy through the silk. She opened a little for him and he slipped his fingers into the hot cleft within, coating her skin with damp silk.

He needed no more encouragement now, and his other hand slid up to cup the soft curves of her breasts, stroking and squeezing gently, pushing his hard body against hers, his fingers stroking her, he looked into her eyes for a few seconds, watching her gasp and shudder before covering her mouth with his own, feeding on her mouth, dragging ever deeper kisses from her swollen lips crushed against his.

He moaned softly as his roaming hands encountered velvet soft flesh above slippery silk, the heat of her body stirring his own. He was so hard.

As he stood back to pull off his shirt, she let the cloth slide slowly of its own accord from the slopes of her breasts, exposing the pale swell of them, their pink tips hard under his gaze. He struggled with his top and became impatient, she heard a tiny rip and smirked a little. Now this was power.

Soon he stood there in his boxers, his desire very evident. He kissed her again pressing it into her soft body, his arms surrounding her. Her hands moved around him and pulled down his underwear, feeling that amazingly sensual moment when his erection burned through the silk at her hips. Now there was only one last barrier between their bodies, grinding against each other in the heat of their lust for each other. Suddenly, he stopped and stepped back with a sexy glint in his eye, walking quickly to the back of the room. He came back with a huge pair of metal dressmakers scissors, gleaming in the light.

He stood before her, as she eyed them, unsure of his next move. Now he was in control. He touched her thigh softly, making her shiver, growing with desire for him. Then he held the material slightly away from her skin and began to cut with the sharp scissors into it. Slicing up and into it, leaving it in tatters hanging from her form. And as he snipped away, exposing more and more of her creamy pale flesh, she felt the Escort touch of the ice cold blades caress her skin, sending thrills racing through her body, she gasped out loud, wanting more yet not wanting this dangerous touch to stop.

He exposed her nipples again, brushing the sharp metal against one, before lowering his hot mouth to it and surrounding it entirely, licking softly, maddeningly, then sucking hard until she could feel herself becoming wet and tingling, ready for his touch. As he kissed and softly rubbed his lips across the other breast, his arms were around her and he was brushing the scissors very softly up and down her spine and around her hips, the sensation was incredible. She writhed beneath him, his lips moving up to her neck and lips.

As he began to tease and suck gently on her neck, she wanted to regain control. She knew just what to do. Her hands delved between them and she gathered up a handful of strips of silk, slowly wrapping them around his cock, smiling as his lips slowed on her throat. He breathed heavily, his hot breath almost driving her wild. She began to masturbate him slowly through the cloth, hearing his gasps.

Somewhere, a large pair of scissors dropped to the floor.

She gripped him loosely letting him feel the slippery soft texture of the cloth on his sensitive flesh. Soon it was almost too much. He moaned her name and she knew he couldn’t take much more.

She lost herself in the depth of his gaze, his eyes speaking volumes of his need for her, as if his body wasn’t enough. She let go, dropping to her knees, pulling off the silk and licking her lips.

As her soft wet lips surrounded his cock she felt him shake, letting his head fall back, loosely stroking her blonde locks, obviously wanting to guide her. Suddenly her hands came down hard on his, pushing her mouth as deep as she could go, and he almost came right there and then.

Sensing she liked it a little rougher than he was giving it, he pulled up by the shoulders, kissing her fiercely, his fingers digging into the soft skin of her arms. He turned her around and leant her against the rolls of cloth, spreading her legs apart slightly, touching her gently, fingers sliding between into her wetness, stroking her clit skillfully, almost making her legs buckle.

She felt his cock nudging against her pussy against his own fingers and she tilted her hips back to allow access. At the first touch of her silken wet interior he went wild, grabbing her hips and pushing into her hard. Within seconds she was in heaven. She felt her orgasm building, and as he pumped in and out of her fast, she couldn’t help her moans of delight.

With a few final thrusts she was shuddering, crying out and he was right behind her, ramming it into her velvet depths as he reached climax and the world faded away….

As they lay on the floor in a soft veil of scarlet, kissing softly, Jenny had never felt so sexy, and snuggled up next to this wonderful man, she decided red silk was the only option for her New Years Eve party dress, and now she had the perfect date too. It was going to be a good year.

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