Hot Times in Hawaii Ch. 01

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“Bye, Babe. Have a fun day. I’ll see you after my meetings,” I said as I kissed my half-awake wife before leaving our hotel room.

I am a defense contractor who travels a good bit. In this case, I had to go to Hawaii for a week-long conference and the schedule worked out that I could actually bring my wife with me. Sure, I would have to work during the day, but we were staying in Waikiki for an entire week on my company’s dime. During that time Barb could spend that time by the pool, on the beach or checking out the tourist sites.

Overall, it was not a bad deal. My wife and I have been married for 29 years – most of which involved my being in the Navy and a lot of time away and we have two grown children. For the first part of our relationship, we were hot for each other in every way. Now, it seems that fire has died out, both in and out of the bedroom. I hoped this trip to Hawaii would help us to rekindle that fire.

The first day of meetings went smoothly. It was nearly four o’clock when I sent a text to my wife to let her know that I was on my way back to the hotel. She replied that she was glad the meetings went well and that she would meet me in our room.

When I got to the room, Barb was standing there in her bathing suit. She said that she just got back from the pool and was about to jump in the shower. I walked over and kissed her. She met my kiss and pulled me against her and then started pushing her tongue into my mouth. This surprised me, because it is not often that we “tongue kiss” and it’s even more rare that she initiates it. As we kissed, I allowed my hands to start roaming up and down her back over back. Soon, I moved them down to cup her ass cheeks and pull her body into my rapidly rising hard-on. She moaned into my mouth as she felt my stiffening shaft and she started lifting her body up to grind her crotch into it.

After a short time of this, I let go of her ass and moved my hands to slide the straps of her suit off her shoulders. At that point, she finally broke our kiss and looked downward while backing away a little bit. I figured that she finally realized what was going on, and that we had gone as far as she wanted. Then she lifted her eyes to meet mine and I saw a passion there that I hadn’t seen in a long time.

Now, before we go any further, I should explain the sight before me. My wife isn’t a model. In fact she is pretty much a typical middle-aged woman – somewhat short (5’3″) and carrying a little extra weight in the middle – but to me she is still as gorgeous as the day we got married. Her most prominent assets are clearly her 38D breasts, which right now were topped with very hard nipples that were poking through her swimsuit. She is normally very reserved about showing me her body because she is ashamed of how she looks, and there is no changing her mind Trabzon Escort – regardless of how often I let her know that she looks beautiful to me. However, on this day, that shyness seemed to be far from her mind.

As she stood there staring into my eyes, she lifted both hands up and pulled her straps off her shoulders. As I watched, she then started to peel down the top of her bathing suit until the tops of her aureoles were visible and the material was just covering her nipples. That’s when she stopped and I could see the usual hesitation returning to her eyes.

“Keep going. Take it off for me, I want to see you,” I said softly.

My attempt to reassure her worked, as her confidence seemed to return and she peeled the suit down until it was bunched underneath her breasts. At that point I started to step forward to take her in my arms, but she stopped my by quietly saying “Not yet.”

Once she was satisfied that I was holding back, she took both hands and started rubbing her own breasts. I watched as she started digging her fingers into the soft, pillow-like flesh and working all around both tits. Then she directed her attention to pinching her rock-hard nipples.

After a short time of this, she took both nipples between her fingers and pulled them away from her body. When she is really excited, Barb loves to have her nipples pulled. However, I have never pulled them so far or as roughly as she was doing to herself in front of me. She pulled them so far out that her tits were fully elongated away from her body. Once her tits were stretched as far as they would go, she held the pressure for a short time until she moaned loudly and let both nipples go, allowing her tits to bounce back into her body. This caused her entire body to shake and she let loose an even louder moan.

That was the most erotic thing I had ever seen. After the third time she pulled and released her nipples like this, I couldn’t stand back any longer. I moved in and our lips met with the most passionate, deepest kiss we have ever shared. As we kissed, I let my hands move up to caress her bare breasts. I started out lightly touching her engorged nipples, but Barb would have nothing of that.

“Be rough with them, like I was,” she moaned into my ear. “Make me feel it.”

After she said this, I backed my body up a little bit so I could easily reach between us. When my hands covered her breasts, I took both nipples between my fingers and started to twist them somewhat roughly.

“More,” She gasped. “Pull harder.”

Finally understanding what she really wanted, I started to twirl her nipples even harder until I was twisting them like I was trying to take the cap off of a drink bottle. Every time I twisted her tits, Barb gasped and moaned, but she made no attempt to stop me.

I Tunceli Escort was also really beginning to get into this. Realizing that she wanted me to be a rougher than ever before, I started pull her tits away from her body as I tweaked her nipples. Once I started doing this, Barb went absolutely crazy. She let loose an unending string of cuss words and filthy talk like I haven’t heard her use in a long time.

She kept saying things like “Oh yes! Pull my tits! Make them sore! Oh fuck, this feels good!” until the words just started to run together and were no longer coherent. After a little while of this, her entire body started to shake as I mauled her breasts and her eyes popped wide open.

Suddenly she screamed, “Oh God! I think I going to cum!”

Then she went completely rigid and her breathing went from panting to practically stopped as her body shut down in orgasm. As her orgasm subsided, she seemed to lose all strength in her body. I had to let go of her tits to support her. Once I got her to the bed and helped her lay down on her back, I stretched out on the bed next to her until she regained her senses.

After a few minutes, she looked over to me and smiled.

“What the fuck did you just do to me?” I don’t think I’ve ever cum that hard before,” she said with a smile, “And I’ve definitely never cum just from having my tits played with.”

I grinned back at her and said, “You started it, I just followed you lead.”

“That was incredible, but we’re not done yet,” She replied while sliding her hand across my still-covered cock. “As wonderful as that was, I need you to fuck me – and it feels like you need the same thing. You need to get out of those clothes and take care of what we both need.”

I stood up at the end of the bed and quickly shed all of my clothes. As I pulled my clothes off, I looked at my wife laying in front of me. Her tits were very red from all the rough attention. Her nipples were purple, almost to the point of bruising, and still as solid as diamonds. She still had her bathing suit pulled down over her breasts and covering the bottom half of her torso. As I let my eyes wander down her suit, I could see the extremely wet patch between her thighs. Barb saw me looking and spread her legs wider so I could get a better view of her engorged pussy lips through the silky material.

“Are you going to stand there and stare at me all night, or are you going to unwrap me and fuck me?” she said, pulling me out of the trance her body left me in.

At that, I reached down and peeled her suit the rest of the way off to reveal her sexy body to my eyes. Once we were completely naked, I moved my hands up her thighs to her shaven pussy. As soon as my fingers met her wetness, Barb reached down and moved my hands away.

“I am so stimulated Zonguldak Escort right now, that I can’t take any more teasing,” she said with some desperation in her voice. “Right now I need you to just climb on top of me and fuck me as hard as you can.”

Not being one to disappoint a sexy lady who is laying naked in front of me, I immediately climbed on top of her body and slid my dick across her extremely wet pussy lips as Barb moaned and bucked underneath me. After a few strokes against her, she shifted her body just enough that my next stroke fully buried my cock inside her.

“Oh Yes! That’s what I need!” She exclaimed. A few seconds later, after the initial shock of the penetration wore off, she continued with “No more messing around. Just fuck me hard, deep and fast.”

I started moving slowly in and out of her body with the intention of letting her build up while holding off my impending orgasm, but she would have none of it.

Barb pulled me down and kissed me hard. After breaking our kiss, she practically growled into my ear, “Give it to me hard. Right now.”

I responded with, “You have me so worked up. If I do that, I won’t last long at all.”

“Good,” she said. “Stop worrying about anything but pumping your dick into me, and then filling my pussy with your cum. I need to feel you unload inside me.”

That was all the incentive needed to convince me to start pumping harder in and out of her pussy.

“You want me to fuck you harder?” I asked between thrusts. “You want it deep and fast?”

“Fuck yes! Give it to me! Fuck me with your cock!” my out-of-control wife panted. “Take me! Fuck my steamy cunt! Oh fuck! I think I’m going to cum again! Fuck Me – Fuck me – Fuck AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!”

At that moment, Barb lost all control of her speech as she went into the most intense orgasm I have ever seen a woman have. Her entire body started to shake and her eyes literally rolled back into her head. The entire time I kept pounding her pussy as hard as I have ever done. As her body started to come down off her orgasm, I lost any control I had left.

“Oh Fuck, I’m cumming with you!” I cried out as I felt my orgasm pulse through my cock and start to explode inside my wife’s spasming body.

“Oh yes!” she cried. “I feel you cumming in me! Do it! Fill my pussy!”

When I was finally spent, I rolled off her body and collapsed on the bed next to her, both of us panting and trying to catch our breath. After a few minutes, we rolled to face each other and I gently caressed her face.

“That was the most intense feeling I have ever felt. I suppose I should get that shower so we can go explore a little bit before the sun goes down,” Barb said as she got up and headed to the bathroom.

“Sounds good,” I replied, “I will wait here and then jump in once you are done.”

“Ok. You wait there and I will be out in a few minutes,” She said as she disappeared into the bathroom and turned on the water. Then, from the bathroom I heard, “Unless you would rather continue this in the shower and let the sightseeing wait until tomorrow…”

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