Hot Tub Action

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I enter the room, watching you type at your computer, leaning against the door frame, head rested against the grained wood. Light from the screen shining on your face, eyes staring not aware of me. I smile, thinking of all the ways I’ll make that expressionless face change. Quietly I slip into the room, and wrap my arms over your shoulders across your chest, resting my head next to yours, breasts pressed against your back, hair falling across your cheek.

You smile, and put a hand on my bare arm, turning to kiss me.

“Come away from the computer,” I purr..

I take your hand and lead you down the hall and out the back door to a lighted porch. Candles dot the railing, and the hot tub bubbles beside a blanket laid down across the floor. I kiss your cheek once, and we walk over to the blanket.

I slide my hands under your shirt, and kiss you deeply, letting my tongue play across the contours of your lips. Letting my fingers hook into the waist of your jeans, I pull you roughly to me, pressing against you. Grinning up into your eyes, I wait for a reaction.

With a wide smile, you wrap your arms around me, and we sink onto our knees, my hands roaming over your back, beneath your shirt. Your hands grasped roughly in my hair. I moan softly, pressing my tongue between your lips, searing hot, exploring. Intertwining mine with yours. My nails scratch a trail down your shoulder blades down to the small of your back, making you press closer to me, the snap of your jeans cold against my belly.

One hand snakes up and cups the back of your neck, pulling your lips closer to mine, gaziantep escort reklamları as I lean over backwards, making you lean forward over me. Loving the way your body blocks the light. Taking a moment, I smooth my hands over the back of your shirt, and then swiftly pull it over your head. Letting the cool night air prickle your skin, and raising my lips to trace over your chest.. stopping leisurely to flick my tongue over your nipple, watching you shiver. The heat of my tongue contrasting with the cool night air. Pursing my lips and sucking softly, fingers smoothing over your sides. Nipping you softly, I straighten up and press against you, one knee between yours, rubbing at the zipper of you jeans. Insistently. Reaching around you, I your back and moving lower pulling you closer. Kissing up to your neck, nipping and sucking softly on the tender flesh. Dragging my tongue over you. rolling my hips up against you..

I get impatient, and tug on the fasten of your jeans until they open, and slowly slide the zipper down. Reaching down, I take out your cock. Holding it tenderly between my hands.. looking at it, licking my lips. Leaning down, I brush the very tip with my lips, listening to you. Sliding your clothing the rest of the way off, I push you down backwards and sink my wet lips over you, stroking you with my tongue and mouth. Twisting my head down over your dick, lips sliding slickly over your skin.

I smile to myself feeling your hands slip through my hair, guiding my mouth over you.. drawing you deeper and deeper between my wet little lips. Gliding them over you, stroking every part of your long shaft. Tasting, loving, stroking, sweeping my tongue along you, curling it to fit around.. hollowing my cheeks and beginning to suck, softly at first over you. You tug on my hair gently, moaning. I tense my lips around you and begin in earnest. Moving over you, sucking harder with each stroke, driving you deeper. Harder, deeper.. faster.. longer.. tasting and licking with every move. My fingers dig in behind you, pulling you to me. Taking you so deep now, my breath brushes against your bare stomach, hot and light. I cant help but moan, and delightedly feel the vibrations of my voice travel up your shaft and into your core. I watch as you shudder.

Finally, only when you can take no more, you pull my head up and away from your engorged cock, and pull me up to you. I wrap my arms tightly around you, kissing you hard tongue probing lingeringly. Laying across you, body attentively rested across yours, feeling your hard cock pressed between our bodies. I shift impishly, loving every reaction I can pull out of you.

Stretching up, pressing tightly against you, I lick up the side of your neck, tongue pointed, and hot and flick the lobe of your ear. Taking it gently between my teeth, I pull and tease, before sucking on it. Teasingly at first, and the more insistently, running my tongue along the outer edge, and dragging my nails down the sides of your chest..

That was about enough of that. You roughly grab my hips, raise me up, and shift me, pushing me down over your cock, sinking it deeply inside my pussy barely giving it time to stretch to accommodate before raising me up forcefully again, and pushing back down, starting a rhythm I cant help but pick up. Hands braced on your chest, I slam down over your rock hard cock again and again, driving you so deeply inside me. Eyes half closed, moaning with every stroke, feeling you hot and hard, moving inside of me. Clenching myself around you, panting softly. Breasts bouncing with every stroke, your hips buck up against me, driving your cock even deeper into my smooth pussy. One hand reaches up to cup a breast. Squeezing gently at first. I moan involuntarily, and tighten my pussy over your cock, doubling up on a stroke and grinding hard down onto you.. I can hear you gasp, and pinch my nipple. Frantically we move together, pounding against one another breathing raggedly, moving faster, bodies slapping together harder and faster.

All at once my pussy begins to flutter around you, and my whole body tenses. My back arches, almost painfully, arching my hips forward, I ride you hard, my whole body tensing and bursting in a spasmic orgasm. Wave after wave sweeping through me. The walls of my pussy closing in, light a tight wet hand, holding you so firmly, and gripping, stroking over and over.. Screaming loudly, eyes rolling back, and panting hard, still rocking over you..

As my pussy closes in around you, its more than you can hold off.. Your body jerks as you shoot jet after jet of hot cum into my waiting pussy. Bucking up, and tensing, riding the orgasm, feeling every drop of your cum being milked out of you by my hungry pussy

Finally, totally spent, we collapse together. Holding each other shaking beside the hot tub, both waiting to catch our breath….

End of Installment One…

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