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Hot Tub EroticaThe inspiration for this story came directly from a series of pictures posted by the xHamster user Crazgrrl who posted a series of pictures from a night in the hot tub with her male partner. My mind instantly built a story around the pictures and she was kind enough to grant permission to use them as the basis of this story. This is my first illustrated story and all pictures are used with her permission but remain her property and can be seen on her profile.This story is pure fantasy, nothing that is written here is based on anything more than my mind ability to create a story with a little inspiration. I own this story and Crazgrrl owns all the pictures (I attached copyright tags to them to indicate ownership).Did you ever get the feeling that you are being stared at? Sometimes we are and other times it is just our active imagination. Well this time I was being stared at and what happened following that moment is the story I will tell. But first I must set the stage.For some reason I had not taken my late fall vacation, I will blame work but regardless of the reason I was making up for it by traveling to a winter resort for a few days to kick back and recharge. I am not a real winter sports kind of guy, but loved the idea of the cold, beautiful scenery, and something different. So I took a flight to Colorado and then rented a car to drive into the Rocky Mountain resort area on the western slope.The scenery was breathtaking with all the snow and contrasting with the dark mountains and the drive was without problems. I arrived at the resort, nestled between two mountain peaks and everywhere I looked were people dressed in brightly colored spandex, and the women, WOW, if you think naked is erotic, check them out in their ski outfits.I grabbed my bags and headed for the lobby and as I passed through a revolving glass door I was aware that a woman in another section of the door was staring at me. She was not dressed for outdoors, in fact did not have so much as a sweater on as she headed towards the cold mountain air. Her eyes were the prettiest blue and when I looked directly at her she did not break her stare at me. I smiled, and she smiled back, but her eyes were looking into mine as if she was reading my mind. And luckily she couldn’t read my mind because at that instant the cold 12-degree air hit her and her nipples popped out against the thin top she was wearing and my eyes went to them like a magnet was drawing me there. She just as well have been naked because my eyes were filling in the details that the top was hiding.“Excuse me dude!” a young guy wearing ski clothes said as I stumbled against him as the door turned and the beautiful blue eyed woman drifted from view. I had nearly fallen over the young guy and made my excuses as I hustled towards the check in counter.“Wow,” I thought, “with inspiration like that I’d have an active jerk off session tonight. “ I was single and had no intention of hooking up with anyone on this trip as it was just a short trip and I really did need to just kick back.My room overlooked the pool area, now lying in a pile of snow, but I did notice several hot tub areas that were boiling their steam in the air. I had never tried this sort of activity in the winter but told that while in the water and getting back to the heated space a person is very comfortable and I was determined to give it a try.My room was on the second floor so I looked down on the cold outdoor area and it really was an interesting layout for a resort. The large U-shaped building surrounded the pool and hot tub area on three sides and the 4th side was open to a fantastic mountain view. From my room I could see that there were two hot tubs on each corner of the pool and it appeared that those near the building were the most popular.I assumed part of this was the fact that I could see people leaving their ground floor rooms and run straight to the hot tub and ease into the hot bubbling water. So the closeness of tubs saved them the cold trip to the warm water. The two tubs at the far end of the pool were empty and as much as I hated the thought of a long walk (think run) to the tub, I wanted some quiet time and sharing tub space with strangers seemed a little awkward right now.I unpacked my bag, found my bottle of scotch and poured a drink, and then disrobed kadıköy escort to get into my swim trunks. As I dropped the last of my garments I remember the blond and that piercing stare and felt my cock harden a bit and gave it a pull. “Yep,” I thought, “its still there and ready for action.” I was standing near the window, naked as a Jay Bird, sipping my scotch when I saw “her” again.That beautiful blond was running from a hot tub near the open end back to what I presumed was her room below me. My cock again reacted and I knew that if I stood here I’d be making a mess of myself so I turned and grabbed my trunks, “my jerk off will need to wait,” I muttered aloud. I slugged down the remaining scotch feeling the warmth that the single malt scotch produced and grabbed hotel robe and headed towards the ground floor.It was late in the afternoon and the sun was setting to the open mountain view to the west. This would be something totally new for me, watching the sunset in a hot tub in single digit temperatures. I got to the door nearest the hot tub at the west end of the pool and made a dash out through the snow to an empty hot tub. I dropped the robe feeling the extreme cold air against my nearly naked body and a shiver went right up my spine.And yes, my cock and balls reacted in the opposite manner as in my room. No need to worry about showing any excitement in that cold air. I slipped out of my shoes and stepped in the tub feeling the instant warmth of the water and the temperature above the tub made the cold go away. I eased into the water, feeling the warm water soak my trunks and surround my cock and balls warm immediately.I slide into position, feeling the warm tile against my butt and back and the steam rising off the water nearly obscured the view to the west. The sunset was gorgeous and the warmth of the water lulled me into an immediate relaxed state. I could hear laughter and conversation from the other tubs but enjoyed my solitude in this tub.I laid my head back on the edge of the tub for a second and watched as the stars popped out. I was always amazed at how quickly darkness comes in the mountain areas so this was a real treat. Then I felt motion in the water that was not caused by the bubbles and lifted my head. Setting directly across from me was the blond from earlier in the afternoon.She was drinking what appeared to be beer from a water bottle style container. Her lips were full and wrapped around the mouth of the container in a very seductive manner. Her hair lay wet on her shoulders in golden strands that were highlighted by the subtle lighting around and in the hot tubs. And as much as I studied her face, my eyes drifted down to see her breasts showing through a very thin fabric top. It was one of those thin strap body hugging garments meant to be worn under something and was soaking wet.I could clearly see her areoles and nipples through the fabric that although normally somewhat sheer, was now nearly totally sheer. I was so shocked to see this so closely and as much as I tried to contain myself my cock responded immediately pressing tightly against my trunks in an uncomfortable position. I wanted to “adjust” but the crystal clear water would show what I was doing and I had no intentions of being branded a pervert.I shifted slightly trying to dislodge my wedged in erection but knew that manual adjustment was the only thing that would bring the tip up instead of pointing down the leg of my trunks. At that moment I wondered if I was showing out the leg opening but decided that the fabric friction I was feeling was proof that nothing was out in the open.The pretty blond seemed oblivious to me, or so I thought because she continued drinking her beer, so I reached quickly for my cock but met her foot instead! She set the bottle down and turned her head with a wry smile on her face, “Woops,” she mocked, “I was just stretching.”But her words did not stop her foots movement and it came directly in contact with the tip of my cock. I could feel her toes close around it and nearly jumped out of the pool.“Hmmm, looks like you are excited to see me hun,” she said and continued to look directly at me just like she did in the revolving door. I broke a sweat, and not because of the warm üsküdar escort water, and as I did she knelt in the water in front of me and I felt her hands on my cock still wedged in an uncomfortable angle.“You really are in a bind down here,” she said as I felt her hand reach up the leg of my trunks and peel away the inner liner to expose my hard cock. Her other hand closed around the tip as she said, “I just love to suck a clean cock, and with all this warm bubbly water yours is soooo clean!”I was to the point of no resistance as I needed some attention and she was so stunning looking and eager that I did not make excuses or resist. I reached out and touched her lips with my fingers, they were full and so soft. She smiled again and before I knew it she sucked two of my fingers into her mouth. I felt her tongue whirl around them and knew that if she went down on my cock I would not last long.I pulled on my fingers and she sucked on them trying to hold them in her mouth. I felt her tongue and lips and knew I wanted my cock there instead. Her hand was now softly stroking my cock under the water and I had no sense of anything in the world but us two.I pulled my finger out and as I did so she unsnapped the waistband of my trunks and pulled them down a bit to expose my engorged cock. “Why don’t you move up a bit,” she said as she looked deep into my eyes again. If she was looking for resistance she’d not see it in my eyes.I moved up a bit spreading my legs wide apart and felt my cock leave the warm water. The air temperature above the water was warm, but I could feel the cool draft across the wet tip. It was something I can’t describe, but it didn’t last a second as I saw her bend her head and take the tip into her mouth.Her tongue found it quickly and circled around it, and I felt a mild jerk telling me that I’d blow before I wanted to. I place my hands on either side of her face giving the signal to pull off without saying a word.“What’s the matter hun,” she said as she toyed with the tip of my cock with her thumb as the rest of her hand was circled around the shaft.“I am close, so damn close, I just wanted to make sure that…” and before I could finish she pursed her lips and said, “You let me worry about that, I have plans for this cock.”She did not wait but went back onto my cock. Her hair was dragging in the water and the bubble made it swirl around her hand and my cock. She stopped a second to flip it behind her ear and continued giving me a fantastic blow job.I wanted her breasts in my hands but the position I was in to give her access out of the water prevented me form doing so, it was like being tied up yet my hands were free, except for supporting myself. I felt the cum rising deep inside and knew my moment was near and once I reached a certain point there would be no stopping the inevitable.The blond woman seemed to sense the impending cum and slowed her in and out motion but increased the use of her tongue. She had my balls in one hand and held the base of the shaft in the other. She was concentrating on the tip and I was ready to blow.She felt the tip swell in her mouth and accepted the first spurt of cum deep in her mouth and I felt her swallow as my cock primed for the second spurt. She pulled almost all the way off leaving just the tip in her mouth as if it was a straw. Just prior to the second jerk she started sucking on the tip and my next shot filled her mouth and I saw it oozing out around the corner of her mouth. I was beyond any control as my cock tightened for the third jerk always my strongest, and she held my balls tightly while the third spurt again filled her mouth and this time it flowed out over her hand. My cock seemed to be done at that moment so she pulled off, licking cum off her hand and murmured, “cum on hun, give me more, fill my hungry mouth full of that hot sticky cum.”Almost on command my cock responded with an immediate jerk and the cum spurted out onto her lips and nose, she simply smiled as she pulled back and I saw a sticky strand of cum connecting the tip of my cock with her chin. I knew it was over for me, but she seemed to want more and began to massage my balls and with the other had slicked my cock down with her remaining saliva and my cum. And again, my cock responded and oozed out another load tuzla escort but I knew that I was done. But I had no intention of using her mouth as my sexual receptacle without giving as good as I got. She pulled back a bit, holding firmly to my cock as if afraid I’d run off. I pulled her hands free and slid back into the water. My cum slick cock was engulfed in the warm bubbling water and I saw a creamy white strand pass between us in the current.I looked into her eyes as my hands let go of hers and I reached below the water. I cupped one breast in my hand and the other sought out her pussy. I knew she’d be wearing panties but wanted to feel anyway. She spread her legs wide apart and arched her back so that my hand was cupping her pussy and she moaned softly while licking a drop of cum off her lips. Her eyes were focused on mine as I let go of her for a second, and placed my hands on both sides of her hips.I raised her up on the side of the tub exposing her wet body to the rush of the cooler air above the water. Her nipples responded and stood out against the wet fabric. As sheer as the top was, the panties were as if she wore nothing. I could see her freshly shaved pussy against the gauzy fabric and noted that the lips were parted slightly. I wanted to remove the panties but before doing so I extended my tongue and sc****d it across the fabric and she shivered as I reached her clit still hidden in its hood and covered with the sheer fabric.The panties, obviously a thong as they were pulled tightly into her slit on the bottom, had little clear plastic clasps holding the string sides together. I toyed with one but my hands were shaking in anticipation of the prize below. She reached down and deftly unclasped on side and pulled the fabric free and I had an uninterrupted view of her pussy. It was perfect in every way, right down to the little shaving bumps that were obviously enlarged from the hot water. I loved every square inch of the feast set before me and I didn’t wait for an invitation to begin. My mouth covered her entire slit as I extended my tongue to begin exploring her slit. I licked along the entire length keeping my mouth over her as much as possible. Then I moved back down and slipped my tongue between the lips, feeling my way through the inner folds and intricate structure that tasted of chlorine and pussy!She tensed as the tip of my tongue reached her hole and then I raked my tongue against her with full contact all the way to her clit. I avoided touching her clit for the moment, I knew if I worked at her to hard it would be over, and this was a meal I wanted to savor slowly.I felt her hands on the sides of my face and she pulled me tight against her pussy with my lips pressed against her tightly. My tongue was extend and searching for her hole, and as it reached that wonderfully silky soft spot she pulled hard on my face and my tongue entered her and I could feel her fluids oozing out onto my waiting tongue.As she pulled my face hard against her she humped a couple times as if she was riding a cock. My arms were on her smooth wet legs and hand holding tightly to her hips. I felt her tense a bit and knew she was close to her cum. I tried looking up at her, I wanted to see the pleasure on her face, but she was locked in her pressure and had me held tightly to her.I sensed her cum and as she reached to top of it she let go of my face and closed her legs tightly against my head holding me between her legs as her body was racked with the spasms of her cum. I rubbed my hands along her thighs and pulled gently to release the hold she had on me. She was near the end of her cum and I now got a look at her pleasure. Her eyes, wide open, were rolled slightly upward and her mouth tightened to the final wave of her cum.I stood in front of her, spread her legs and stepped between them and embraced her till her cum finished. I broke the embrace wondering if she was offended, after all I didn’t even know her name and if this was just wild erotic oral sex a hug may not be appreciated.She slipped back into the tub, pushing me back into my seat and looked deeply into my eyes. “What a wonderful cum,” she said, as she looked at me with those beautiful blue eyes. “I want you inside me, but not here, lets go to my room cus I am gonna have you cock deep inside my pussy when you cum again!”“I don’t even know your name,” I said as she pulled on my hand rising out of the tub. My cock flopped out on the front of my trunks with the waistband stuck under my balls. Her thong was hanging off to one side exposing her bare pussy as well.“I am Kimberly, hurry, I want you inside of me before I cool off, I hope you can get it up again!”

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