Hot Tub Reunion

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Hot Tub ReunionNote: Deleted and Resubmitted because Categories were not correct and could not change them after the fact.My name is Jim. This is a story about my Vietnamese wife who I met in Hanoi almost 6 years ago. I saw her crossing the street, almost floating in her traditional ao dai that showed off her slender Asian body. She had a beautiful innocent face with full lips and beautiful dark eyes framed by her long black hair.As she crossed the street, she looked at me and laughed. I realized my mouth had fallen open in awe of this dark skinned beauty. She came straight up to me and introduced herself. “Hi, I’m Thuy. You look like you’ve just seen a monster.” So began several months of dating before I married her.She had been studying for two years to be an English teacher. Thuy was 10 years younger than me and came from a traditional family. Not only was she a virgin when I met her, but she had never had a boyfriend or even made out with anyone. I was her one and only.After my job assignment ended, we moved back to the US to settle down into a more normal life. I thought she would love life in the peaceful suburbs, but she soon grew bored of the sterile environment. Her boredom turned to resentment leading to frequent fighting and nagging. Eventually, we found ourselves living together, but with no real passion towards each other.***In June, my 20th year high school reunion was scheduled. The organizing committee had arranged B&Bs for people who didn’t like hotels. On the appointed day, we checked into our room, which was cozy with a big comfortable bed. Outside in the back, there was large deck with a large hot tub. After such a long drive, it would be nice to relax in the hot tub after the evening’s reunion activities.As we were getting dressed for the special evening, I admired my wife’s body with her small breasts and tight ass. We may have been a bit passionless in our relationship, but she was still hot. I was going to enjoy showing her off to my old classmates.She started to dress in some simple pants and a baggy shirt, which completely hid her body. “Wouldn’t you rather wear your new blue dress?” The blue dress fit her body very well, revealing her slender curves and showing off just enough skin to spark the imagination.”Why? We’re just meeting your old friends?””Because, we’ll all be checking each other out to see how we’ve done since high school. It would be nice to make them a little jealous.””I see. So you want to show me off?” She was definitely irritated. She did change, but her mood was sour after that.Her mood improved at the reunion. She met several of my old friends; a few even remarked how beautiful she was. At least, it was something I had that the others didn’t. After three hours, we decided to head back to the B&B.***I must have missed the signals. But on the way back to the B&B, Thuy started to vent her irritation at me. She had not appreciated being shown off like a piece of property. By the time we arrived, the tension between us was high. Normally, we would have just gone to sleep and hoped we were back to normal in the morning.However, we heard some talking out back and went to check. Some old classmates were sitting out there drinking beer and visiting with each other. There was Steve and Deb, Mike and Tiffany, and Rob. Steven and Deb had been together since high school. Tiffany had met Mike in college. Tiffany had always had a devilish gleam in her eye, but nothing had ever happened to tarnish her reputation. She had always been into physical fitness and had a hot body back in the day. Rob had always had trouble getting girlfriends. He was a great guy and was good looking, but he had always been too shy to pursue girls. He did eventually get married only to see that end in divorce about 2 years ago.Thuy and I decided to join them, if for no other reason than we wouldn’t have to talk to each other. We all introduced ourselves. Steve, Deb, Tiffany, Rob and I chatted about old memories and updated each other to what we were doing now. Mike and tuzla escort Thuy joined in whenever they could, but seemed content to listen. After two hours and several beers, the night air had turned cool.”I’m cold,” Thuy said, “I think I am going to go in.”Tiffany nodded her head in agreement. “It is a bit chilly. Hey, why don’t we get in the hot tub. It’ll be plenty warm in there.””Sounds good to me,” said Steve.”Me to,” said Thuy, “but I didn’t bring a bathing suit.” Suddenly, we realized that none of us had brought bathing suits.Tiffany shot out, “Phooey! Let’s just go naked. It’s not that bright and no one can see over the fence. Besides, at this point we’re all friends.””…and a little drunk,” added Mike.I looked nervously at Thuy. I knew she was normally pretty conservative with what she wore. And although I liked showing her off, it was only in a safe environment where other were stuck wondering about what I got to enjoy. Thuy saw my look and knew exactly what I was thinking. I assumed she would decline. However, she was either too drunk or more irritated with me than I realized.”I’m in,” she said and pulled down her dress revealing her beautiful body. She looked at me as if I was a turd that had suddenly fallen on her dinner plate. She quickly unhooked her bra.”Awesome,” shouted Tiffany as she took off her top, too. Soon everyone was naked and in the hot tub. Being a bit dumbstruck by Thuy’s action, I was the last one in. Steven sat next to Deb and Tiffany sat next to Mike. I tried to sit next to Thuy, but when I sat down she moved, so that Rob was in between us. Suddenly, everyone was aware of the tension between Thuy and me.An awkward silence fell over the group for a few moments until Deb asked Thuy what her high school was like. Thuy related a few stories about school in Vietnam, which seemed to cause her to relax a bit.”Did you all have any games you used to play?””No,” said Thuy, “we would normally go out to eat some snack and chit chat, but no games. Why? What kind of games did you use to play?”Tiffany explained, “The most popular game we used to play was Truth or Dare. That’s where you ask someone ‘Truth or Dare?’ If they pick truth, you can ask them one question about anything and they have to give an honest answer. If they choose dare, you ask them to do something. It was almost always to either embarrass the other person or provide a cheap excuse to make out with someone. It was an easy excuse to explore our budding sexuality without damaging our reputation.””Really?” asked Thuy. “We would never made out it Vietnam or asked embarrassing questions like that.””Surely, you had a boyfriend and made out during high school?””No, never,” answered Thuy. ” Jim is the only person I have ever been with. I was never with anyone in high school or in college.””Sounds like my life,” frowned Rob.”No one else?” asked Deb, disbelief showing on her face.”Well, how many times did you make out in school?” Thuy asked Deb.”Hmm, sounds like a good time for a game of Truth or Dare,” Tiffany smiled, the devilish gleam showing in her eye.”OK,” Thuy said, “Truth or Dare, Tiffany?””Truth.””How many guys did you make out with in high school?”Tiffany thought for a minute. “Maybe 20 for kissing and nine for feeling my boobs, but only three to finger my pussy. My turn. Truth or Dare, Rob?””Truth,” answer Rob.”When was the last time you got laid?” This was a mean question knowing that he had divorced over two years ago and was terminally shy around women.Rob sighed, “about two and a half years ago.””Holy sh….,” Mike almost blurted out.”Deb, truth or dare?” Rob asked.Deb smiled, “Truth.””Stand up for 15 seconds with your arms at your side.” Of course, this meant everyone would have a good long look at Deb’s naked body. She quickly stood up. Deb looked very hot as the water ran over her large wet boobs and well trimmed pussy. Her husband, Steve, laughed as she quickly sat back down after the 15 second count.”OK, Thuy, truth or dare?” Deb asked.”Truth,” answered Thuy as she took pendik escort a drink from her beer. She was obviously getting quite drunk.”How many penises have your ever touched in your life?”Thuy laughed a bit, “Only one. I told you, Jim is the only one I have ever been with. Mike, truth or dare?””Truth.””Wow, Deb must be the only one with any guts here,” Thuy said. She paused to think for a second. “When Tiffany blows you, does she swallow?”Tiffany shot a quick glance at Mike. Mike looked back for a second before answering, “usually.” Everyone broke in to laughter. That answer had pushed the group into a new area. While still smiling, everyone was glancing around wondering where this game would lead.”Rob, truth or dare?””Dare.””Rob, given that Thuy has never touched another penis, sit up and let her touch yours. For 30 seconds.””Wait a minute,” I protested. “That’s not fair. That would be a dare for Thuy, not Rob.””I’m fine with it,” Thuy answered, shooting an icy glare at me.Rob hesitated and looked around a bit, but then slowly pulled himself up. He spread his legs slightly and leaned back. Thuy looked excited, but nervous. I was looking at her, shaking my head, mouthing a silent ‘no’. Slowly, she leaned over and touched Rob’s dick with one finger.”Don’t be scared,” Tiffany encouraged,” grab it!”Thuy used her thumb to lift up the head of Rob’s still soft dick and wrapped her fingers around it. Rob bit his lip to stifle a moan. I knew how good it must be to finally feel someone’s gentle touch on your dick after such a long dry spell. However, she was my wife and wasn’t supposed to be touching another man. I opened my eyes wider and looked directly at her to silently ask ‘what are you doing?’. Thuy’s eyes were stuck on Rob’s cock, though, and it was quickly hardening under her soft touch.By the 25 second mark, Rob was fully erect. Thuy looked up and saw the disagreeing look on my face. She smiled smugly as her hand pumped his cock twice as Tiffany counted, “…29…30.” Thuy let go and Rob slid back into the hot tub, visibly frustrated.”Tiffany, truth or dare?” Thuy asked immediately.”I think it’s my turn,” said Rob.”Shut up, Rob. Dare.””Show us how you suck Mike’s cock.” I was surprised at my wife’s sudden brazenness.”Fine.” Mike sat up on the edge of the hot tub. He was visibly excited by what he had just witnessed. Tiffany got up on her knees, grabbed Mike’s swollen dick, and took it into her mouth. Mike pulled her hair up on one side so everyone could see as Tiffany’s head bobbed up and down.Even though Thuy dragged the 15 second count out, Tiffany continued on for another minute after the count was over. She finally looked up, obviously pleased with herself. While she always had a good reputation in high school, it was obviously that she liked to suck cock and was good at it.”Truth or Dare, Thuy?” It was obviously this game was turning in to a fun competition between Thuy and Tiffany.”Dare.””Lie back and let the tip of Rob’s dick touch your pussy. No penetration, only touching. For 15 seconds and we all have to have a look to verify it is actually touching.” I couldn’t believe what was happening. Maybe it was the beer; I disagreed completely, but was entirely unable to say anything.”Fine.” Thuy sat up on the edge of the hot tub and leaned back, propping herself up on her elbows. She spread her legs wide. Everyone could see her well-trimmed pussy. “Do you want to verify it’s actually a pussy first, Tiffany?””Well, I would like to see if the rumors are true about Asian pussies.” Tiffany crossed over to Thuy and looked down at her crotch.”Don’t be afraid to get a good look.” As Tiffany leaned in a little closer, Thuy grabbed her head with both hands and pulled her face into her pussy. She ground her hips for just a second before letting her go. “I bet you never did that before?” I couldn’t believe this was my wife. She must be too drunk.Tiffany wiped off her nose and mouth. “What the fuck…,” Tiffany attempted to protest, but a slight smile gave her true feeling kartal escort away. “OK, Rob, time to do your thing.”Rob stood up. His cock was very hard this time, and bigger than mine I noticed. He moved between my wife’s legs and placed the tip of his cock right on her pussy lips, holding it there with his hand. Mike started the counting…very slowly. Everyone took a turn inspecting this precarious arrangement.My wife’s breathing quickened. Her small breasts were rising and falling, her brown nipples hard in the night air. Finally, even my curiosity pushed me to take a look. I could see that Thuy was getting very wet and Rob was already dripping pre-cum. In a way, I felt sorry for Rob. He was so close, but he couldn’t penetrate. For sure, he would have a painful case of blue balls later.Mike called out 15 to end the count, but Tiffany quickly protested that she hadn’t had a look yet. She told Rob to wait, so she could verify her dare had been fulfilled. Tiffany walked to Rob’s side and looked over to see the only other dick to touch my wife’s pussy, besides my own. Tiffany looked up at me, “I can’t believe you would let them do this? What are you thinking?””Well,” I stammered, “we’re all friends and drunk, and as long as he doesn’t go…”Tiffany suddenly leaned her body in to Rob’s and pushed him forward. Rob’s tip entered my wife’s wet pussy. My wife let out a soft moan of pleasure. Rob, who had pulled his hand away, tried to pull out, but Tiffany again leaned her body into him pushing him further in. Tiffany reached one arm around Rob and grabbed onto my wife’s thighs and again pushed her whole body into Rob forcing his cock to enter all the way into my wife’s pussy.This was no longer a game, I thought. My wife was now being fucked by another man and five people were watching. How had the evening come to this. I full expected this act to have crossed the line and for Thuy to put a quick stop to it. We may have had our problems, but Thuy and I were always faithful to each other.Rob didn’t move, completely in shock to find his dick fully inserted into my wife. Tiffany went back to the other side of the hot tub. She was laughing as this was just a drunken joke that was now over. However, as she looked over at Deb she saw that Deb was sitting on Steve slowly fucking him. Tiffany stopped laughing, she stood up and slowly lowered herself onto Mike’s hard cock. Everyone was now fucking except for me. I was both disgusted with Tiffany, but incredibly horny as well.Thuy looked possessed. She had drawn her legs up to her chest so that Rob could his cock even further into my wife. Thuy reached out to hold Rob’s sides and began thrusting her pussy at him. Rob closed his eyes and slowly started to thrust back; his cock plunging in and out of Thuy’s pussy at anever quickening pace. They were both moaning hard now, oblivious to our watching and fucking. Thuy suddenly let out a loud groan signally she was coming. Rob thrust a couple of more times before pulling out and shooting a load of cum all over my wife’s belly. He squeezed a couple more drops of cum out using his fingers. Thuy reached out to catch the drops of cum on his tip which she brought to her mouth to suck off.Regaining some composure, Rob must have realized how awkward it was to being sucked off by someone’s wife while their husband watched. He quickly jumped out of the hot tub and disappeared into the house. Thuy lay there, still breathing hard with cum all over her belly. She looked over at me, completely spent. “I love you,” she whispered.The other couples soon followed Rob , both realizing that the game was over and also because they were horny and wanting to continue fucking, but in private like respectable couples.I looked at Thuy; her cum covered belly still rising and falling, but slowly now. Once again, I saw in her face, the innocent, beautiful girl I had fallen in love with years ago. We gathered our things and made our way upstairs to our room where we lay down in bed and quickly fell asleep.The next morning when I awoke, I wondered if it had all been a dream. The dried cum on her belly quickly reminded me that it hadn’t been. It also made me very, very horny. I gently woke Thuy up and fucked her with a passion I hadn’t felt in years.

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