Hotel for Strangers Ch. 01

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I have run a very small, almost invisible hotel for a number of years now. We have never sought publicity of any kind, you will not find us on any website, magazine or advert. We are not even listed in a telephone book or the yellow pages. If you know about us then you also know you don’t necessarily want others to know about us. It was one of our customers who first plagiarised the fight club film by quoting, the first rule of Cavendish House is you don’t talk about Cavendish House, the second rule is you don’t talk about Cavendish House!

When I first bought the hotel my aim was pretty basic, build up a reputation, build my bank balance and either get to a point that the business was attractive enough to be bought out by a chain or earn enough to sell up and go for a bigger hotel. I figured I was young enough at twenty five to go through a build and sell model a few times so that within ten years I would have enough assets to either retire or get someone else to do the hard work while I lived comfortably off the generated income. It never quite worked out that way for me, the first year was good, regular customers, rarely an empty bedroom and all of the money earnt was channelled back into improving the facilities with an aim to attract a more up market cliental. It was the second year that nearly sank me. With all of the money from year one re-invested the bookings suddenly dried up and stopped. After three months without a single customer, financial difficulties forced me to lay off all the staff leaving just myself and my girlfriend Liz to run the place. The hotel had been left to me as a gift from my late Grandfather so at least there was no mortgage to pay but the monthly bills were still crippling with no income. Several times in the following months I considered selling the small eight bedroom hotel to a property developer but every time I considered the option I heard my Grandfathers voice in my head telling me to have faith and look for a niche in the service market.

Liz thought the voices in my head were a sign of stress or possibly early schizophrenia. She also told me that she briefly considered locking the bathroom door when she showered to avoid a psycho incident but then remembered she particularly liked it when I interrupted her shower to help her lather up and wash her clean.

Our plan was to offer exceptional customer service, what the customer wanted the customer got sort of thing. With an intention of capturing the business market as they tended to be high paying and fast turn over, usually one or two night stays and out all day at meetings or conferences to allow us to keep the hotel clean and ready without lots of guests hanging around all day with little requirements.

Our lifeline came one autumn evening when our first booking in months landed a party of four business types for an overnight stay. This one booking would be enough to allow us to keep going for at least a month, more if we were careful. As it happened this was to be the event that transformed our little world and shaped the next five years of our lives.

The business party was pretty normal, three middle aged men and a woman who seemed to be the personal assistant of one of the others. Liz and myself split hotel duties between us as necessary, both of us being capable of doing all the roles but Liz preferred the front of house role and was a great hostess. I checked all four in to the hotel and delivered their luggage to their rooms while Liz provided drinks and enquired about any plans for eating. As it happened the senior of the party indicated they were eating out but may well be back for a nightcap later.

Liz managed to get another two rounds of drink from the group before they left for dinner through the use of some selective flirting which was getting lapped up by at least two of the middle aged men and seemed to amuse the woman too.

Once the party left for the evening, Liz and myself discussed the plan for the evening. Normally one of us would stay up to welcome guests and work the bar while the other would retire with the aim to do the early shift for breakfast. Tonight however we both decided to stay up, as we waited for the party to return we began talking about how far either of us would go to provide customer service. It started quite jokey, playfully I asked Liz would she let one of them touch her if they wanted too in order to make a customer happy. The response surprised me and I soon realised that Liz was committed to making sure we got a good recommendation from our guests. I could easily have been upset or annoyed at the fact that Liz was prepared to allow some middle aged stranger grab her ass just for a good recommendation, but I found the whole thing a serious turn on. I never thought for one minute it would actually happen.

“What would you do then?” Liz asked me as we sat quietly having a drink — “Where would you draw the line for your business, your livelihood, your future?” Liz Sivas Escort had a way of teasing me with her seductive pout and suggestive dares.

“Would you for instance” Liz suggested “allow that PA woman to suck your young, hard cock. I bet she hasn’t had a cock like yours for years. I saw the way she looked at you when you checked her in, I swear she clenched her arse and thrust her tits forward the whole time she was stood by you. You can’t tell me you didn’t notice her, you are a sucker for breasts and she almost put hers on a plate.” Liz laughed as she made her last announcement, softly cupping her own ample breasts and telling me the girls almost felt jealous.

I had seen Liz like this before, her sexuality was on a slow burn, smouldering away waiting for the explosion then all hell would break loose. I wanted nothing more than rip her clothes off and stoke her fire over a table in the hotel bar but in this mood we would still be fucking and oblivious if our guests came back and that wasn’t quite the way I wanted to get a recommendation. The tension and suggestion built between us and I was just about to give in and take Liz into the storeroom when our four business guests returned from dinner.

Liz knew she had me worked up and fit to burst, not helping by giving my cock a quick stroke through my trousers just before the party walked into the bar area.

Liz took a drinks order, happily serving three shots of our most expensive whisky and one glass of white wine, quickly followed by another round. After that two of the party retired leaving the PA and the youngest of the three men to have another drink.

Liz served another white wine and whisky before one of our guests re-appeared in the doorway of the bar signalling he needed some help. Liz spotted him before I did and gave me a wink telling me she was off to improve our ratings. Wiggling her fine ass, in her tight black skirt as she clip clopped on her four inch heels over to the doorway. Disappearing with the guest after a short conversation leaving me with the two in the bar.

Liz returned about fifteen minutes later slightly red in the face but with a huge smile on her face. I knew something had happened but I couldn’t really ask her in front of the other two guests. Almost on cue the two finished their drinks thanked us both and left the bar heading back to I assumed either one or the other of their rooms.

I quickly turned to Liz and gave her my best disapproving stare before asking if there was something she wanted to tell me?

Liz laughed and suggested that the guest may have tried to feel her ass as she located another pillow for him. But the way she said it made me think there was more to it that just that.

“So what exactly took another fourteen minutes after you found the pillow then?” was the challenge I responded with, noticing for the first time that her hair was now loose around her shoulders rather than being pulled back into a tight pony tail that she usually wore while working.

Before I could press the point and find out exactly what Liz had been up to the PA appeared back in the bar this time trying to catch my eye for some assistance with her room. Liz smiled as I walked away to help my guest and blew me a kiss as she began the process of locking the bar and closing up for the night.

My guest, Claire as it turned out, was having multiple problems. The first being the request for an additional pillow (seemed to be catching!) which I located in one of the rooms wardrobes, the second issue was with the TV and how it worked, again another easy fix. The third was the one she was obviously working up to and from her open suitcase she produced what liked like a white six inch microphone with a long cable and plug on the end.

“I need a hand with this if you don’t mind” Claire said waving her microphone in one hand and the plug in the other. In my naivety I took the plug dropping to my knees to locate the nearest plug socket before I registered what the microphone actually was. My suspicions confirmed as the plug connected and the “microphone” instantly began to buzz and vibrate with the application of power.

Claire was stood against the edge of the bed about two feet to my right, the white vibrator buzzing gently in her hands and her eyes watching me for my reaction.

My mind instantly jumped back to the conversation with Liz earlier and the challenge of what would I do to make a guest happy. The words were out of my mouth before my brain had a chance to override them “Is there anything else I can help you with while I’m here?”

“Maybe one thing” Claire responded deftly releasing the button and zip of her skirt allowing it to fall smoothly to the floor.

Claire was probably in her late thirties, about five foot eight, so considerably taller than Liz, and was completely clean shaven. She was now stood naked from the waist down with the exception of a pair of heels Tekirdağ Escort having evidently either not worn underwear or having managed to remove them discreetly before her skirt hit the floor.

I began to move closer to Claire not quite sure if I was actually about to do what was so obviously going to happen. Still on the floor my head was at eye level with her naked pussy, a shimmer of moisture between her legs reflecting from the room lights and the subtle scent of a woman telling me I had as many green lights to proceed as there could possibly be.

Slowly my mouth began to kiss Claire’s skin, starting with the junction of thigh and pelvis, kissing across to the top of her other thigh then back again drifting slightly lower with each pass. The small prickles of re-growing hair against my lips and tongue as I explored lower.

With a sigh Claire parted her legs enough to allow my kisses to graze her inner thighs, my nose brushing past her lips as I move from kissing one thigh to the other. On the next pass I feel Claire’s hand rest on my head, the vibrator still in her hand causing a gentle buzz to be transferred into my head.

My mouth for the first time now directly onto Claire’s pussy, my tongue tasting the first drop of moisture between her lips, pushing softly between her folds and being met by more wetness and heat. Slowly I move my tongue up and down Claire’s pussy, my mouth occasionally kissing her lips before my tongue pushes back inside.

My tongue flicks and licks for a few minutes, Claire’s hand controlling the pressure of my licks as she pushes my face between her legs to get the connection she wants.

Sitting down on the bed Claire leans back and moves the magic wand on to her skin just above her clit. Her legs moving wide apart so I can get my mouth fully onto her cunt, her beautiful pussy opening up as her legs spread and get pushed back as my mouth once again connects with her womanhood. My tongue now free to delve deeper inside her than was possible in the previous position. I feel the vibrator push down slightly, brushing against my forehead as Claire moves the wand against her clit. Realising that there isn’t room for my tongue to compete with the vibrator on Claire’s clit I move my head away and insert a finger inside Claire’s pussy, quickly followed by a second. For the first time since she dropped her skirt Claire talks, surprisingly, despite the two fingers up her snatch and her pussy juice all over my face, she unleashes a flood of pure sex talk.

Oh god, fuck my pussy hard. Give me more, harder, harder. Make me cum you fuck toy. Eat my pussy. Eat me, fuuuuuuuckkkkkkk. Yes!

You get the general gist of the language, I might have missed a few words as she began to shake and buck, her legs clamping around my head as her orgasm hit and she humped up against my face, the vibrator wedged between my head and her clit applying increased pressure and making her scream her head off as she enjoyed wave after wave of pleasure.

The first sign that Claire had finished was the vibrator being turned off, my fingers were still deep inside her and the aftershock and pulsating pussy were still continuing but quickly subsiding in pressure. Slowly Claire unclamped her legs and lowered her feet back to the floor, leaving me to plant a few last kisses and licks against her ravaged wet pussy.

Extracting myself I cleaned up in the bathroom washing my face and hands before wishing Claire a good night’s sleep and exiting the room, Claire was asleep within a minute of the door closing.

As I walked back to the apartment I shared with Liz I did have a knot in my stomach, guilt of eating Claire’s pussy and then going straight back to my girlfriend was not sitting comfortably with me. I knew I was going to have to tell her everything that had happened and take the grief that was undoubtedly coming. My mind briefly pulled up the thought that Liz had, in all likelihood, also been unfaithful tonight just as much as I have but that wasn’t the point and I made a conscious decision to remove that completely from my train of thought.

Our apartment was a simple three room space above the bar area, accessed by a small corridor and private staircase. We didn’t need much of an apartment as most of the time we were in the hotel and using the facilities there, but the apartment consisted of a nice size bedroom, bathroom and a small kitchen/living area with a sofa and tv.

The kitchen area was the first space inside the apartment with a separate door to the bedroom and another to the bathroom. The kitchen lights were off, but the bedroom door was open with light flooding out illuminating the way.

I starting talking before I got half way to the door, already apologising for being unfaithful, but I stopped dead in my tracks when I got to the doorway and saw Liz on the bed.

Naked, laying back against a pile of pillows with her knees drawn up and her Tokat Escort legs spread wide apart, her favourite rabbit vibrator stuffed deep inside her pussy.

Liz was slowly moving the toy in and out of her snatch, her face neutral showing almost no emotion. I had caught Liz using her toy a couple of times but never quite as blatantly as this, if I didn’t know better I would have assumed this was almost going to be a show.

“Well I hope you didn’t tire yourself out completely because I think you need to show me exactly what you did. And then maybe I will tell you about my day.” A hint of mischief in her voice as she pulled the rabbit slowly out of her pussy.

Taking the rabbit out of Liz’s hands I lay down on the bed placing my face between her legs, kissing her thighs and lower stomach, kissing all around her pussy. Moving quicker than I had with Claire my tongue found Liz’s wet cunt much faster and immediately began lapping at the juices between her lips, the rabbit already having stimulated her so she was already hot and wet. Liz began her delicate moans and groans almost with the first flick of my tongue, her clit already swollen and receptive to my sucking and licking.

I licked and sucked, nibbling at her lips before moving away to kiss her inner thighs. Pushing her thighs up and apart firmly before diving my face back into her pussy and running my tongue from bottom to the top of her opening. Flicking my tongue around Liz’s clit I pushed two fingers inside her hole before introducing the rabbit toy over her clit. Like had happened with Claire I pressed my forehead against the vibrator applying pressure on to Liz’s clit while my fingers began to pump her hole and my tongue became redundant for the moment.

Liz didn’t last long with so much attention on her pleasure button and quickly began to buck and shake.

“Oh fuck, fuck, oh god, yes. Make me cum, fuck yes.” Liz moaned and groaned as her orgasm hit, a squeal of joy escaping from her mouth in between other noises of pleasure and encouragement.

Liz pulled the vibrator away from her clit mewing as I also removed my fingers and began to detach myself from between her legs.

“You were a naughty boy weren’t you” Liz teased now sitting up. “But I guess as long as you gave a good service which if the last few minutes were any kind of indicator you really did look after the needs of our guests. I guess I had better come clean and show you what I got up to earlier seeing as we are sharing.”

Moving off the bed and pushing me back until my back pressed against the wall Liz planted a quick kiss on my lips tasting her own cum before sinking down to her knees in front of me. She deftly unzipped my trousers reaching her slender hand inside and quickly extracting my hard cock through the opening.

Liz’s eyes locked on to mine as she opened her mouth and began to suck on the end of my cock, her warm mouth slowly engulfing me and sucking over the head of my rigid shaft.

Liz is an excellent cock sucker and can take my whole cock into her mouth normally without any problem at all, tonight though she was giving me a very different blowjob, concentrating just on the tip and head, hardly allowing any more than the head into her mouth. Even so with her swirling tongue and sucking it was still a fantastic sensation and the constant eye contact was so fucking sexy.

After a few minutes of sucking the head while her hand wanked my shaft I could feel I was about to blow, I couldn’t help it but instinctively put my hands onto Liz’s head, gripping her hair and began to push my hips forward slightly fucking her mouth, pushing my cock deeper into her warm wet mouth.

Liz’s eyes widened as I pushed my cock into her, holding her firmly until my open trousers brushed against her nose. I pulled out and thrust forward again and again Liz’s mouth now being used as a fuck hole as I groaned and began to twitch. One more thrust and I exploded, my cock blasting several thick streams of man-cream into Liz’s open mouth, holding myself deep inside her while I drained myself into her.

Once my cock finished twitching and spitting cum I released my hold on Liz’s hair allowing her to detach herself from my cock. Liz still had her eyes locked on to me as she calmly took my cock and tucked me back inside my trousers. Standing up and even zipping me back up.

At that point she took a step back with a smile on her face. “But obviously, only you get the full service and swallow honey.” She told me as she turned and climbed back onto our bed.

“Wow” I exclaimed “if we don’t get a five star recommendation from this group I think we need to open a new business in the sex industry” half joking after the incredible blow job I had just received.

“Maybe we have found a niche in the market” Liz suggested, “but we should do some more market research before we commit.”

“I’m all up for market research” I replied already stripping out of my clothes and climbing into bed besides Liz, “maybe we should decide what services should be put on the menu” I said as Liz and I fell into an embrace, our lips meeting and our naked bodies pressing together as our passion for each other once again bubbled to the surface.

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