Hotel Fun – Fucked by the Barman

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I went down to dinner at seven and it looked like they had all been in the bar since the last session finished at five…so they were all pissed. Tried to talk to a guy that I fancied but he seemed more interested in the wine and talking about football than my ‘I’m horny’ signals. I even undid a button my blouse while we were talking to get his attention but no luck. So after the meal I went into the quieter bar and left them to their male bonding…which is where things got interesting!

I was sitting at a table in the corner on my own with a glass of wine flicking through one of the newspapers and was actually looking at the TV page when one of the waiters came over tidying up, wiping down the tables etc. Now, I’m sure you will have noticed that most of the people that work in hotels these days are from abroad, here to learn the hotel trade and to improve their English. This hotel is no different and most of the staff seemed to be Spanish…and this guy looked like a movie star…talk about tall dark and handsome, he was gorgeous!

Anyway, he sees me looking at the TV page and asks “What’s on tonight, anything interesting?” in his sexy Spanish accent so we have a quick chat and agree that another repeat of Gavin & Stacy at nine looks the best thing…and then I said “Well, I don’t suppose it matters to you anyway because you’re working.”

And he says “No, I finish at nine…maybe I’ll see if they will put it on in the bar for me.” and he gives me this doe eyed look while clearly looking down my top at the same time…so as I’m horny, he’s gorgeous and clearly interested…

I say ” I’m in 724, why don’t you come up and watch it with me?”

He gives me a grin like the proverbial Cheshire cat because he knows he’s in and says “OK, thank you that would be very nice. My name is Ramon. Can I ask you to go up to your room first please as my manager would not like this arrangement?” So I just nod, tell him it’s ok and I’ll see him in half an hour as it’s 20:30 already and he wanders off with a real spring in his step while I watch his cute arse disappearing around the bar.

So I finished my wine and turned a few pages on the paper before trying not to rush up to my room. I looked it myself in the lift and my face looked flushed with excitement and you could see my nipples gaziantep escort reklamları straining against my clothes, I was definitely breathing a little faster and I could feel that my already moist pussy was getting wetter. Once in my room I had a quick tidy up and touched up my makeup, extra spray of perfume and then thought about what I should be wearing. I did think of just striping off and getting into bed but that seemed too blatant…and if for whatever reason I decided not to go ahead with it then it would be easier to do if I wasn’t stark naked! I settled for taking off my tights and lowering the buttons on my blouse to the point where it was just about decent before putting the TV on – with the sound just about on – and sitting on the bed to wait. He knocked the door at 21:02 promptly and I let him. He was carrying a bottle of wine and two glasses and had changed into jeans and an open necked shirt. He gave me one of those continental kisses on both cheeks, thanked me for inviting him and walked around to the far side of the bed managing to slip off his shoes, open the wine and pour me a glass all at the same time…so all of a sudden there we were sitting side by side on the bed, glass of wine in hand watching the TV like we were old friends. Smooth I thought, very smooth…

Now although I really like the show I could not wait for it to end because every time he laughed and looked at me he flashed those dark eyes and perfect teeth and with the subtle scent of his aftershave enveloping me and the heat from his thigh pressing against mine I was becoming more and more aroused. So as the credits rolled I turned off the TV and turned towards him expectantly, my mouth half open to ask a question that was never asked as he placed a strong hand along the angle of my jaw and kissed me with a gentle intensity, his hand twisting into my hair as he pulled my mouth firmly against him, his passion stealing the very breath from me. OK, cut the crap, we were snogging madly, all pretence of restraint was gone and his tongue was attempting to remove my tonsils with scalpel like precision! God he was good, he pulled me closer and closer to him as his kisses became more and more passionate, his lips tongue and teeth biting, sucking and chewing mine with a confidence and passion that was just so exciting, my pussy was fluttering with excitement at the possibilities…if he was this good a kisser then what else could he do with his mouth?

By now he had both arms wrapped around me and he started to gently pull me up and towards him so that I was facing him. I bent my right knee and swung my left leg over him to the other side of the bed – hearing the stitches on my skirt rip in the process – so that I was straddling him with my arms around his neck and our lips still locked together. His hands moved down my waist and pulled my skirt up which allowed me to sink down and grind my throbbing pussy onto his groin. I wasn’t surprised to find a hard lump to rub my pussy against and it felt fantastic! He soon had my blouse open and my bra seemed to disappear in an instant. He was squeezing and biting my tits and nipples, sucking both into his mouth at the same time, being really quite rough but it was soooo exciting!

He rolled me off him onto my back and somehow managed to pull my skirt and panties off leaving me naked and him fully clothed. He stood at the foot of the bed looking at me with pure lust in his dark eyes while slowly removed his shirt. God, he had a great body, firm and just muscular enough…I wasn’t really thinking about what I was doing but I felt myself shudder and realised that I was rubbing my clit while I watched him strip. He was soon as naked as I was and I could see that I wasn’t going to be disappointed by his cock which seemed to be economy size at least! I had to wait to find out as he launched himself between my legs and quickly clamped his mouth over my dripping, dribbling pussy.

God knows where he learnt to lick pussy, maybe he was just naturally gifted, maybe he had been practicing from an early age but he was good. Very good. The way he moved his lips as well as his tongue made it feel like there were two people down there licking away, sucking nibbling licking biting…god it was amazing – as was my first orgasm! He slowed down after that and let me get my breath back before building up the intensity again until he had me gasping and groaning and bucking my hips off the bed as I jammed my pussy against his mouth. My legs were spread as wide as I could get them in an effort to get his thick hot tongue deeper inside me and as I started to cum again I felt him stretch me wider by forcing two fingers deep inside my spasming hole. No matter how wet I was that kind of violation was rough and almost painful but of course, in my hyper excited state I just made me cum even harder…fantastic.

In my mind I was in the mood to return the favour and get my mouth around that tempting cock but he had other ideas and swiftly moved up the bed until I could feel the hot pressure spreading my lips apart as he forced himself deep inside me. There was no finesse, he just pinned me down and fucked me as hard and as powerfully as he could, drawing almost all the way out before slamming back inside almost knocking the breath out of me with his vigor. I was a bit surprised at first and just lay there and let him bang away but just started to get into his rhythm and I had moved to a slightly more comfortable positing and was rising up to meet his thrusts he scooped first one leg and then the other higher, almost over his shoulders, pinning me down and almost bent in half. The effect of this was that his cock went even deeper inside me to the point that I thought he would dislodge my kidneys and then, after a couple of frantic seconds I felt him stiffen before what felt like a fire extinguisher went off inside me, the swelling and spurting as he groaned and muttered something in his sexy Spanish accent was thrilling and deeply satisfying. Mmmm, if only all casual fucks could be like this I thought as we slowly rolled apart, his spunk starting to dribble out of me in a steady stream.

We just cuddled up and had another glass of wine before I finally got my mouth on his cock. I enjoyed licking the results of our labours off him, cleaning the mixture of pussy juice and spunk off him until he was as big and hard as any cock I have ever seen. I got on top and gently rode him while he tormented my tits until I came again at which point he flipped me over onto my knees for a rapid pounding before he once more emptied that cream gun deep inside me. By now it was midnight and it was time for me to get some sleep. I was tempted to ask him stay so we could do it again in the morning but I knew that it was an early start for me so we said goodbye with me promising to see him again if time allowed.

Sadly it didn’t as the course got more intense and more time consuming as the week went on but if you are ever in the Grafton on Tottenham Court Road and need a good shag ask for Ramon!

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