Housewife Trapped – Part II

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Housewife Trapped – Part IIdeleteddeleteddeleteddeletedI am going explain my second part of housewife trapped. After some time Raja got up from bed and dressed and went ramesh and me are in bed I also get up and dressed properly and went to kitche to have some water and I came back to my bedroom I saw ramesh was in bed still he was in nude. I went near to him and asked how you taken that video.He was laughed and explained we are watching you for last five years and whenever we got a chance to see your private parts we never missed that and daily night I dream about you only. Raja also admired about your beauty we are waiting for the chance. Yesterday postman came and gave one post in the name of you to deliver that I came to your flat and door was in open, your daughter is watching the TVI asked her where is your mom? She said mom in bathroom he was taking a bath I glanced your bedroom it was in open and I was thinking it was the golden opportunity to see you privates parts so I planned and said to daughter your friends are waiting in ground floor they are calling you I know there friends are playing in ground floor.After your daughter went I came near to the door and after five minutes you come out from bathroom only with towel I took my mobile and take video and rest of the things are you saw it in video. My dream came true I saw you as a nude and show the video to raja and he was also very happy to see you like that he said we got the chance to fuck her I asked how? Then he said we will blackmail her and rest of the things is you now well.Me: please the give original cd I done what are you asked.Ramesh: I will give it but not now.Me: when you will give?Ramesh: for that should do one more favorMe: what you want?Ramesh: when your daughter exams will finish?Me: why you are asking thatRamesh: tell me when it will finishMe: TomorrowRamesh: Then send her to your relatives houseMe: Why?Ramesh: Tomorrow raja is going to Bangalore to visit her son and he will return after two months and due to summer holiday all other flat member are going to their native for a week so if you send your daughter the in this apartment you and me alone for one weekMe: I will not do this what are you thinking about me I am not a whore and I became very hungry and shouted him but he was quite and not given any reactionRamesh: took her mobile and showed the one more video it was taken today raja was fucking me in that videoMe: I crying and ask me to leaveRamesh: do what I say otherwise I will show this video to all saying this he went outAfter he went I will not sleep in entire night and crying if anybody saw canlı bahis that what will happen and will happen to my marriage life and suddenly the door bell is ring. I open the door and it was Ramesh he asked me what you decide I begged him please leave me but he did not convince and after some of our arguments I thought I don’t have any option so accept. He was very happy after I accept his offer.In evening all the families in our apartment are went to their vacations and I called to my sister she is 4 years elder to me and she is living in T.nagar in Chennai she have two daughters.I said to her today all the exams will finish for my daughter and she is willing to come to your place she said bring her I will take care her and you also come with her but I said I have some works so will not stay there after my daughter came from school we went to my sister home I have dinner there and 7 Pm I was started there.While coming to home I was thinking whether I was doing right thing or not but I cannot find out the answer I reached my home at 9PM and saw ramesh was not in the gate and I saw him he was sitting in the steps.Ramesh: I was waiting for you to comeMe: I didn’t give any replayHe said ok no problem lets go while I open my flat he said don’t open your flat I asked then where we will go. He said we will go to upstairs as we reached upstairs I saw the bed in the centerMe: why you put the bed there?Ramesh: we have it in open areaMe: I will not do this if any anybody saw it will be a problem for meRamesh: you already know no one in the our apartmentMe: if any one cameRamesh: come on lakshmiHe came near to me and give a kiss on my lips I pulled him please don’t do this here but was not in the mood to hear again he pulled me and kissed in my lips for more than 5 minutes and then he sit on the bed. I was standing near to him he asked me to undress I obey him I removed my all dresses expect bra and panty.I was standing in front of him with my bra and panty totally confused slowly he came forward put his hand on one of my breast over my bra. Now he inserted his index finger inside my bra and touched my nipple, ‘ahhh…hhhh’ I suppressed my moan as it will give encouragement to this stranger lover, he started playing with my nipple with his index finger while his lips were softly kissing my lips.My nipple was getting hard, and then slowly he stopped kissing and concentrated on my milky white body. He was moving around my body and was putting his hand here and there sometime at the upper portion of my breasts, sometimes moving his hands over my exposed naval, sometimes he is going further down bahis siteleri and touching my two firm white thighs.His fingers were roaming all over my body, as if a research student is researching on the anatomy of a woman. It was becoming unbearable for me, my cunt region was becoming wet due to continuous sensual caressing all over my body. Suddenly he stopped and looked at me and told ‘how are you feeling darling’I just kept quite and looking at the floor as I did not know what to say and cannot look directly to his face as it was very embarrassing moment for me, He started removing his dress leaving me standing there in half nude state He became completely nude and though I was not looking at him directly I saw his penis which has become erect by now is dangling in the air,He went and sat on the bed and called me in front of him, he asked me showing his penis and he suddenly unclasped my bra-hook from my back, now my breast jumped out from the fastening and by reflex I covered my breast with my hands by folding them diagonally over them. He was looking straight at me, then he caught my arms and slowly moving his fingers over my arms I could not look at him but somehow I was started enjoying these moments but at the same time I was feeling very embarrassed, now gradually he removed my hand and my boobs were getting exposed slowly from whatever little cover that was provided my me with the help of my hands. He asked me suck his cock I hold his penis and brought it closer to my mouth touched the tip with my lipSo slowly started caressing the tip of the with my tongue ‘’ escaped from his mouth then he extended his hand to hold my boobs and I was surprised to find that I co-operated a bit with my position at the floor so that he can touch my boobs, slowly he started playing with my tits, which was becoming harder and harder under his continuous torture, by this time I have managed to take the entire piece inside my mouthHe was enjoying and making a sound ‘ahh..hhaa’ and very casually playing with my Tutsi was feeling like a real slut. After 10minutes or so my mouth I found his penis is becoming more harder and stiff inside my mouth, I realized what is happening actually and before I get a chance to withdraw my mouth he came with a great force most of it came inside my mouth and finally touched my panty and started to slide down my leg slowly,I know I cannot object so I stood still ,the panty reached the floor and I like a machine stepped out of it. Then he went to my back asked me to bend down, I did so and he went at my back to examine my cunt from the back, as soon bahis şirketleri as he put a finger into my pussy I shivered a bit and ‘ahhaa’ escaped from my mouth. My cunt was already wet from so much provocation and instigation that I was having till now.With one finger he started fingering my pussy and with other hand he was playing with my milky white soft butt, it became unbearable for me that a stranger is fingering my pussy, pressing my butts and the sexual torture that I am undergoing for a long time, so my pussy was becoming wet and more wet , was thinking that I have just become a slut, a watchman is enjoying me at his will and I cannot refuse him just for the sake of prestige that I have in the society, but do I really have any dignity and honor left for me in front of this watchman. Now my pussy is flowing like fountain, which proves that I am enjoying,I am just dying in shame that this person have also come to know that this dignified lady is enjoying sex I do not know what my feeling should be by hearing such a considerate statement from this person, however I came forward and put my two hands on the wall and stood in a bending position, then the person came from behind put his penis at the entrance of my pussy from back and gave a powerful thrust oh my god! tears came rolling down my eyes I was just feeling as a virgin ‘ahhaa slowly’ escaped from my mouth he caught my hanging boobs from behind and initially started with a slow speed and it was increasing slowly, he told ‘lakshmi you are very tight’I thought if he comes regularly then I will not remain tight anymore, however his thrust were increasing slowly and slowly ahha..ahaaaaa. escaping from my mouth my hanging boobs were in his hand he was pressing, squeezing, playing with the tits and what not.Slowly my cunt has started accommodating his huge penis and I must confess that I started enjoying it. After 10 minutes or so I started feeling that his penis has grown in such a big size that it was as if hitting my womb, ahhaaaaahhaa I have cummed already and cumming again finally his penis is also becoming stiffer and stiffer and oh my god he is jetting out his semen inside my womb I tried to pull myself but he caught me firmly with my boobs with his body and cumming inside me, I told ‘please leave me do not cum inside’ but it was of no use he stopped cumming and thereafter released me from his clutch after taking out his penis from my fertile womb.He told me to clean his penis with my mouth which I did as his obedient mistress then he put on his dress and told me this was the very good moment of my life and I hope you also enjoy dress up and go to your flat. Make a breakfast for me on tomorrow I will be there at 9AM and you should wear only bra and panty during that time I also come only with my underwear. Remaining will be on next part.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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