How an (not so) innocent remark led to cuckolding

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How an (not so) innocent remark led to cuckoldingby brainbox1Like every male I had a few fantasies about my wife and have not said anything about them. Cuckolding and interracial seemed to fascinate me (as it does most guys). Don’t ask me why, its just one of those weird things us guys are into!Then one night my wife and I were watching porn featuring some black guys (with big cocks as always) with white girls. We were drinking wine (by the gallon lol) , and I joked to my wife that she should try one of those big cocks. She laughed and told me that if she ever had a big cock she would leave me. So I started teasing her and encouraging her to try a big cock. I mentioned that she could never leave me, and then I upped the anti. She started to get angry and said, “don’t push me otherwise I will do it”. Now that’s fuel to the fuel isn’t it lol – I replied, “you’re all mouth”; that did it, she got up and shouted at me that I should find her a big cock and she would show me!I mentioned how I knew she would not go for it and we should have had a bet on it –I (jokingly) mentioned how I could do with the money to get out with my mates and get pissed. She hated this and shouted at me that she was going to advertise for a big cock man. Laughing I said “O.K. big mouth lets go”. She hesitated and looked at me -I smirked – and this seemed to piss her off – as she barged passed me into the kitchen. “I knew it”! I shouted, “all mouth”, this infuriated her and she rushed back and shouted at me, “ok little dick lets advertise”. I smiled inside, and said, “well I guess we need to get them interested”, “what do you have in mind”? She asked –“well, you need to pose for a picture” –she laughed, “I always knew that you were a pervert”! I nodded my head and replied “so what’s wrong with being a pervie”?Looking at me she said, “ what kind of picture do we need”? “Well we need something to get them interested, so take off your dress” – “Oh so you think they wont want me for myself then”? I acted non-committal “who knows” – she was furious with me (as I planned) – “ok then” she said undressing. Here was my wife in her bra and panties and I got a big (no massive lol) hard on. This was noticed by her, “sorry little guy this girl is a size queen now” and laughed.Looking at her I told that I needed my camera, to which she laughed and said, “yeah it would help”! I went into our bedroom and searched through the wardrobe, she followed me and got on our bed make seductive poses, saying “do you want me this way or maybe this way” (man she was hot!). As I found my camera she shouted out “I want king John Holmes..I want 15 inches minimum” before convulsing into a fit of giggles; Man I wish I could have had a wank I would have lasted less then few seconds lol. I had to reply to her as she tilted her head at looked straight at me – “no way” I replied, “unless you want a horse”. “A man-donkey” she shouted before laughing more. Looking at her I mentioned how men like women in stockings and got off türbanlı yalova escort the bed and went to her draw and pulled out some white seam and heel stockings I had brought her from Agent Provocateur. “Umm I better look the part” she said, and taking off her (everyday) bra and panties started to put on the sexy bra and French knickers I had brought her for our wedding anniversary (two years ago as you ask). Man, think supermodel, no Amazonian, fuck, think about your fantasy girl –my wife was that and she was right in front of me! She looked at me as women do (come on guys you know!) when they know the effect they are having on us. “What do you think”? “High heels” I blurted out.. smiling she went to cupboard where her shoes were kept and put on some white high-heeled shoes. Man what a picture!!!!Should I do this I suddenly thought to myself?? Fuck it yeah I laughed in my head… I tilted my head like she had done earlier and said “sorry girl we need to show the big cocks what they are getting.. and that means titty and pussy”…My wife then suddenly changed and I could see her mind thinking something over.. she then spoke, “what if my friends saw this”? or even my parents”? I laughed, “well they will know that you want big cock wont they” – she leaned across and playfully punched me in the arm….now in for the kill; “come on girl show us your pussy and lets see if it could take a big, massive, cock”!She laid back onto the raised pillows on the bed, and slowly pulled her panties off, then unclipped her bra and did not pull it right off (it was a front clasp bra). Picture this, my wife no panties (O.K. she has Brazilian – blondish if you ask!), with her tits (36c) on display, her bra opened at the front but still on her shoulders, white stockings and high heels. She then smiled, and slowly opened her legs to show that her pussy hole, that gorgeous pussy hole, was open for business. Man I clicked that camera so many times I thought it would break it lol; Come on, You know what I did then surely?So after the husband and wife got it on I uploaded her pictures onto our computer. She stood behind me and we picked a beautiful picture of her in all her glory. Then onto the internet to one of those interracial cuckold sites (yep you know the ones), register, picture downloaded, and now wait for the replies……….It did not take long Well, where was I………….yeah, we (or my wife lol) got about 5 replies from guys and some wild bullshit from some of them! We had a look at a couple that looked genuine and my wife wanted to consider them a bit more before deciding. We had spoke about how best to experience the cuckold lifestyle and it was agreed that to experiment with the lifestyle we had to agree on some rules for cuckolding. The first was that only my wife would contact and chat to her possible lovers. I would have no input or say – this, as you could guess, was very hard to do and I had a few wanks off the back of my fantasises about what was going türbanlı yalova escort bayan to be said behind my back lolWe discussed about my wife only have sex with her lover (s) and how I would be denied. This was my idea (contrived from posts on cuckold place lol), and my wife was obviously concerned about how it would affect our marriage and relationship. After some debate, we both agreed that we would still sleep together as man and wife and that everything but fucking was allowed. Not an ideal situation or cuckold agreement but my wife was adamant on it, or no go, so……………………..We also agreed that if we both liked her lover (s) that she could go and stay with them on weekends and go on holiday with them. I had got this idea from story on literotica and pushed for it with some gusto, and my wife capitulated and agreed The issue of bareback fucking was raised by me (I had fantasises of my wife being bred by her lover) but my wife was against the idea, and this lead to a few arguments and my wife not talking to me for a day or two. In the end we both compromised and agreed that her lover would need to use birth control until she was satisfied he was safe and free from STD’s or other illnesses.So now we (I?) was set. The two guys I mentioned were both black (hard-on time lol) and their replies differed. One said that my wife as a white girl needed to atone for black suppression and slavery and had to lay down with a brother as a result! Got me hard did that with all the connotations, but my wife got annoyed and said that he was racist and decided against calling him back. The other was more conciliatory and told us about who he was and why he wanted to sex my wife (no need to explain to me on that last point).Over the next few days I was not sure if the thrill of this was as exciting for my wife as for me. It seemed that she was rarely using the computer and I wondered if she had cooled on the idea and was having second thoughts. I needed to find out and so I asked her. She surprised me with her reply! In bed one night about 3 days after the black guys replies, I asked my wife about whether she wanted to go through with this and whether she was having second thoughts. My heart was beating, would it remain a wank fantasy for me or could it happen? Biting her lip she looked at me and asked a number of questions; “do you conceive quicker with Blackman’s sperm then white”? Was one question? It caught me by surprise and all I could say was “I don’t know”? She stared at me and I guess she was expecting some better answer. So I said that I would google it. My wife then surprised me again by telling me to do so now! So out of bed we got, on with the computer, and I googled – ‘black versus white sperm’ and then ‘race differences in conception’ – I saw little evidence either way. All the time my wife was beside me watching intently. She then looked at me and raised an eyebrow and asked, “How can we find out”? I had recovered my composure türbanlı escort yalova by this time and realising the opportunity replied, “how do you think”! She laughed and hugged my arm; she then turned and went back to bed.I sat there confused – what was going through that female’s mind? One minute no barebacking the next asking me to inquiry about blackmen being more fertile then white men! Guys, you know how baffling it is sometimes to understand women- well, this was just one such moment. I would need to find out what was going on in my wife’s mind – but for now it was late and I needed some sleep as I was working in a few hours, so off with the computer, and into bed, and a cuddle for my sexy wife before some well deserved Zzzzz….The good wifey was a bit sheepish the next day and never said anything about the black guys for a few days; driving me mad it was! But, a few days after our internet adventure, we were cuddling together on the sofa watching TV about gangs and urban decay (man, TV can be shit sometimes lol), when a young black dude about 15-16 years old started to be interviewed from the London posse or the massive crew or some other sort of name. My wife sat upright and looking at him intently said, “wow, he looks big”; kinda of caught me of-guard for a moment. I have to agree though; he was muscular with a weightlifter’s build, and about 6’ 2” tall, but a typical thug though by his looks. I just mumbled something back to my wife like, “yeah he must go down the gym a lot”….She turned and looked at me kind of strange and then laughed, replying, “no, silly..look at the size of that bulge in his trousers”!!!Bingo!! Here was my chance…I looked at her and smiled…”but dear, what about your black lovers who have contacted you on the internet… won’t you give them first attempt at your pussy”?….She looked at me, there was a big pause……….. “ honey, I have been talking to that man on the internet for a few days now……….shit! I never knew that! Looking at her puzzled, all I called reply was..”well he sounded nice”. She smiled..”no, ”I have speaking to the racist one. He said he wants me to be his white whore and stretch my pussy so it is too wide for your cock anymore”. Rabbit caught in the headlights time…….She kissed me gently on the lips. Stroking my ever-expanding hand-on in my trousers, she whispered in my ear… “he wants to be a daddy”…….. Have you ever-experienced premature ejaculation?? I have not since my early teens, but, yep you guessed it.. I let out a small amount of spunk right into those Kelvin Klein’s lolI had to find out what the hell she was talking about..”what? Why did you not tell me”… smiling, she kissed me again on the lips; “I want to tease you, and humiliate you; just a bit, and just as you said you wanted”…feeling my wet patch at the front of my trousers she continued..”oh, dear, what have you done?..I bet my lover would have saved that for my white married pussy”.. “stop teasing me please” I asked..”oh honey is it too much for you? Your wife being pursued by a bigger and better man than you?” She looked at me with pouting lips and sorry eyes. Man this was really getting me off and I did not know what to say or where to go with it. Lucky my wife took charge. Getting up she turned to me and said…”he wants to meet me – shall I agree or not”?………..What would your answer be, cause I know what mine was!!!!!!!!!!!!

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