How Did This Happen?

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How did this happen? Jacqueline and I had been best friends since our sophomore year in high school. Our relationship had started simply enough – I saw her; I was attracted to her; I wanted to talk to her. It was her cute features that did it for me, I guess. Jackie was shorter than I – a rarity in and of itself. She was about 5’1 with small breasts and long blonde hair. Nothing really ever happened between us. In a few weak moments we had kissed, but nothing sparked much more from that…until tonight, that is.

It was a hot summer night, as per usual in Southern Nevada. Jackie has been visiting for the summer. She’s been on the outs with her boyfriend, so I offered to take her out to a nice Italian dinner to help cheer her up. We both have a penchant for over-priced food and fine dress, so whenever one of us is down and out, the other treats.

I picked her up around 6 o’clock for our 7 o’clock reservation. She answered the door to her parent’s house and, per usual, a smile crept to my face as I soaked in her beauty. Since she’s been in college, she has trimmed her hair to a more adult, professional length. Streaks of amber now highlighted her blonde hair. Her breasts had grown and her features grew more pronounced. What I thought was cute a few years back had turned into a very sexy woman. I greeted her with a hug and we were off to dinner.

The meal lasted about an hour and a half. In that time, we managed to finish a full bottle and a half of a 1995 Pinot Noir. We giggled our way out of the restaurant and I playfully swatted her back end as I opened the car door for her. It wasn’t something I had ever done before, but for some reason it seemed to fit. She gave me a sharp “Hey!” and a smile and we drove back to my place for some ice cream.

“You’re evil!” was the thank you I received as I placed the bowl of vanilla ice cream and M&Ms in front of her. In high school she used to tell me she didn’t need a boyfriend – vanilla and chocolate candy were orgasmic enough. I gave her an innocent face and sat down to chow on my own. After dessert Urfa Escort I poured two rum & cokes and she led the way upstairs to watch a movie. “Thank you for taking care of me tonight, I really appreciate it.” I slid my hand through her hair and softly said “My pleasure.” She purred as she slid into my chest. The warmth of body pressed against mine mixed with the alcohol stirred an instant reaction in my pants. I adjusted myself slightly to compensate. “What was that all about?” she asked. I looked down into her eyes. Her pouty lips and green eyes were all the motivation I needed. I slid down slightly and pressed my lips to hers in a kiss. Slowly, I opened my mouth and hers instinctively did the same. We kissed softly for a few seconds that seemed like an eternity. As I pulled away, a look mixed with fear and longing was what I received in answer to my kiss. “I love you.” I didn’t wait for an answer. I placed my hand gently on her cheek and brought myself in for another kiss. This one was more passionate than the first. Our bodies grew closer and our kiss became more aggressive…more needful. My hand slid slowly down her cheek, neck, and rested finally on her breast. I massaged her small A-cup mountains slowly and gently to the rhythm of our kiss. A small coo was her response. She pulled away slowly and stood up, her hand outstretched. Our eyes kept locked as we walked into my bedroom.

I let my body follow hers to the mattress, my hand quickly resuming the placement it had a moment ago. This time, we kissed with even more fervor and my hand matched. I unbuttoned her blouse and let my hand slide under the cup of her bra to pinch and play with her hard nipples. Jackie moaned to this and responded by moving one of her hands to my slacks. I ground my hips into her hand as she massaged my dick through my pants. The ache in my balls consumed me as my cock longed to be released from its prison. I removed her bra and blouse the rest of the way and kissed my way down her neck, nibbling every so often as I went. My lips found their target on Uşak Escort her erect nipples not long after. She gasped as my warm mouth closed on her nipple. I drew back slightly to let a bite of air from the AC vent above catch her now wet and warm tits. Jackie shivered with lust and anticipation. I promptly returned my lips to their encircling position on her tits.

As I continued teasing her breast, Jackie started to unzip my pants. A feeling of relief swept over me as my penis sprang from my shorts. Slowly, she began to stroke my cock from base to head. Matched to the aggression my teeth were letting out on her nipples, she started stroking faster and with a tighter grip. My body was forced slightly back and down as she sat up. I closed my eyes as her head slowly found its way down to my rod. The first second her lips closed on my hard, throbbing member I was overwhelmed with a feeling of absolute ecstasy. Jackie started by sliding her lips up and down my penis. After a few bobs, she moved her hand in place at the base of my cock and began to stroke and matched the movement of her neck. My low moan of pleasure was the queue she needed to speed up the act. My excitement seemed to fuel hers. I gently pulled her head away from my penis and kissed her gently on her lips.

After rolling her onto her back, I slowly kissed and nibbled my way down her to waistline. I unfastened her slacks and slowly moved them down, making sure I kept giving attention to her smooth, milky skin. Once her slacks and panties had been fully swept aside, I lowered my head to her shaved, wet pussy. I licked slowly at first, catching mostly the juice in her slit. Then, I moved in for the prize. I rested my lips around her clit and let my tongue flick over it. Softly I massaged it at first, but I let my tongue work into a steady rhythm as I teased her button. Her breathing was long and shallow during the first few moments, but soon there after it quickened. With her breath also sped up her hips as she ground herself into my face, as if more pleasure could be gained Van Escort by forcing herself into my mouth.

I could not take it any more and by the look in her eyes I did not think she could either. I climbed back on top of her and gazed into her eyes and whispered one more “I love you.” I let my dick play at her warm entrance for a few seconds, teasing more excitement from her. Enough was enough and I slid my cock the rest of the way into her. My thrust was met with a sharp gasp. I slid my hips directly in and out at first, letting my penis slide directly into her twat. The boiling began in my balls and I changed my motion slightly. As I slid back into her vagina, I would incline myself slightly, letting the top of my rod slide against the roof of her hole. My penis dug in at an angle, but then I leveled out and slid out straight again. Not many strokes passed before her breathing became more pronounced and her hips fought to match my rhythm.

It was getting close to time for met to orgasm. I felt the familiar sharpness in my aching testicles that told me I wasn’t far off. I increased my speed and began to be more forceful with my thrusts. Her moans filled the room and sweat poured from our foreheads as our lovemaking quickened to an animal like pace. Seconds, if barely a minute passed before I felt her walls clinch around me. That muscle spasm was all I needed to release myself inside her. Loud moans escaped both our lips as we climaxed together. As I pulled out I slowly moved to lie beside her. I kissed her lips gently, just as I had when we began our sexual adventure. We were lost in each others eyes for only a moment before sleep overcame both of us.

I woke to her quickly dressing next to my bed. Ever since high school we had always preached our love for each other. We both knew it would only ever be plutonic, but last night had proven a more romantic approach had a chance. I know that the next few weeks ahead are going to be rough. The shaking of her hands and flightiness of her departure alerted me that she had the same thought in her mind as I – ‘How did this happen?’ Regardless of how or why, all I know is that I feel more whole now than I did when I woke up yesterday morning. Hopefully, last night was the beginning to a long, happy and hopefully even more erotic relationship.

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