How I became a slutty sub – Chapter 1

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How I became a slutty sub – Chapter 1This is a fantasy of mine as I am a new gay little sub…………..After years of fantasising about becoming a submissive slave but never quite being brave enough I finally plucked up the courage and try it out.i had always been considered as straight by my friends and family and had done nothing outwardly different to suggest that I was anything but straight. But I had fantasised for a long time about being dominated and controlled by a guy from the very first moment we met, sucking his cock and him fucking my ass.I had been chatting to various guys on xHam for a bit, sharing a few of my dick pics. It always turned me on sending my pics to guys and receiving pics of their cocks and chatting about all the things they wanted to do to me. I got chatting to someone who was local to me who called himself Max. After lots of sex talk, Max telling me what he would do to me and me jerking off many times I inadvertently let slip that I would be staying in a hotel in our local city centre at the weekend due to me attending a wedding. There is only one decent hotel in our city and because we were both local it was obvious which one it was so Max guessed right away.He told me that this would be my prime opportunity to test myself and prove my capability as his submissive. During one of our chats he demanded that I let him know which room i was staying in as soon as I checked in. He threatened that if I didn’t tell him he would come to the hotel any way and look out for me.Although I never showed bursa escort my face in the pics I shared, I knew he probably had enough to go on to make an educated guess at who i was. I knew there were only around 60 people attending the wedding, half of those would be women, and only a handful would be staying over, most of whom would be couples.I couldn’t take the risk of him exposing me to all of my friends and family so I agreed to his request. He promised that if I did as he asked the only thing he would expose of me would be my ass and mouth.He told me he would give instructions on Saturday and I was to follow them to the letter. I logged onto xHam On the morning and sure enough Max left me a list of instructions.- to not jerk off Saturday morning -make sure I am completely shaved. My cock, balls and ass were to be completely smooth and bald- ensure my asshole is nice and clean- have a plenty of oil and lube ready in the hotel room- let him know my room number as soon as I check in- to tell reception when I check in that a ‘Master Max’ will also be staying and they are to give him a room key when he arrives- to give a wrapped up bottle of lube to reception and tell the receptionist to give Master Max the package when he arrivesI had no worries about complying with the first four instruction but the last two concerned me. Perhaps Max was testing me, perhaps this would be my first test of humiliation.Despite my concerns it was still a big turn on and my dick was rock hard thinking about it. As I got ready for the bursa escort bayan wedding I got in the shower and shaved completely, paying extra attention to my ass, cock and balls. I also cleaned out my asshole which gave me a big hardon, I had to use all my willpower not to jerk off as I was cleaning out my asshole.All I could think of on my way to the hotel was what was I letting myself in for? Fortunately there was no one from the wedding party at reception at the same time I was checking in. “Room 212, on the second floor Sir” said the female receptionist.”Thank you. I will also be expecting a guest as well, a Master Max. Could you please send him up to my room when he arrives” I said. I tried to act as if it was nothing, to be as confident as possible. But my tummy was doing butterflies as a was saying it. “And could you also give him this parcel when he arrives too”I walked off as quickly as possible but I swear I could hear the two girls on reception muttering under their breath about me. I let Max know the room number as soon as I got in the room. His reply was instant “good little slutty sub. See you later”I couldn’t concentrate on the wedding. All I could think off was later that night. As the night went on, and the closer it got to the end of the night, the more excited I became.Eventually the time came.I slowly opened the room door looking for what was to greet me. The lights were slightly dimmed and there was Max lounging on the bed completely naked. I had seen Max before in his photos, so I knew he escort bursa was around 6”2’, fairly athletic, stubble, around 35 years old, and a big 9 inch dick that was also very thick. “Hello slut” he said “like what you see?”i looked around the the room and there was three cameras set up on tripods as well as a handheld camera on the bed. “These are going to film you getting fucked by my hard cock” he said with confidence “what do you think to that?”“I’m not sure” I said faintly.”well I don’t really care what you think anyway” said Max “now get out of those clothes”without really thinking i obeyed him. I stripped in front of this relatively complete stranger and stood there naked at the foot of the bed.”good little slut is excited to see your master aren’t you? Your already hard”i looked down any my little 5 inch cock was rock hard and straining.”now get on your knees. I want you to taste my cock” ordered Max”yes Master” I said falling to my knees. I could feel the blood rushing through my body with excitement as I was about to suck my first ever dick.His big dick hung between his legs over his huge cum filled balls. I looked up into his eyes”this cock is all for you and you’re going to enjoy sucking it” he said. “Now open that mouth”i opened my my mouth and took the head of his dick in between my lips. I swirled by tongue over top and then cupped his balls with one hand and grabbed the rest of his cock with the other hand. I began to suck greedily and could feel his cock stiffening in my mouth.”fuck, for someone who has never sucked a dick before you are a pretty good cocksucker” this made me happy knowing I was pleasuring a strangers cock and making him hard.“. You are going to make a fine little sub for me”To be continued…….

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