how mom and i survived the cold pt 3

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how mom and i survived the cold pt 3……….By now i just got done having the orgasm of my life. I had released every last drip of my load into my mom’s mouth and she swallowed it all! Before she left the bathroom she told me to finish up and come into her room to talk some more. Seeing as we were supposed to be talking this last time, I’m sure talking is not what she had in mind. What the hell could top what we just did? What could she possibly be thinking now? I finished up in the shower and dried off. I started putting on my white boxers and white t-shirt when i heard my mom yell, I’m waiting! I’m coming, I replied. I started to head down the hall to her room. When i got there the door was slightly cracked open. I knocked on the door and heard her say come in. I opened the door and started to walk in. My mom was sitting on the edge of the bed wearing only a black lace garter belt. She was putting on her left black stocking, connecting it to her garter belt straps. Her beautiful body was glistening from her oils and lotions as she rubbed them all over and massaging her perfect tits. It was the most sexiest thing i have ever seen. I thought after just having the best orgasm ever, that my dick would be out for the count. To my surprise, after seeing my moms thin body and supple breasts again, my cock was ready for round two. Come in hun. Close the door. Okay mom. Whats up? Your dad just called and said he was on his way home. I’m not sure why he has to come back but he said he will be here in about 25 minutes. I have something for you later, okay? Okay mom, well I’m gonna go get dressed. Wait! She replied. I need your help. Can you help me get dressed? Uhhh…Okay, i said with a stutter. That’s not it though, You have to do it my way and by my rules! Not being sure exactly what she meant, I still agreed. Grab my right stocking off the bed, she said with authority. I reached on the bed and grabbed her stocking. Can you put it on? Okay i replied. I bent down on one knee, putting my face even with her perfectly shaped ass. I curled up her sock and started to put it over her foot. As I started to pull the stocking past her ankle, she bent over to put her heels on. When she bent over she spread her legs apart a little. She put her left heel on first resting her right hand on my shoulder to keep balance. She then grabbed her right heel to put on. Once i got past her ankle i started to roll it up her thigh. She slid on her right heel. As I started to finish up her thigh I noticed that since she put the heels on, her pussy was right in my face. Okay mom its up, i said with a big gulp. By now my cock was starting to press against my shorts flying at pendik escort half staff. Now grab my clasp’s and connect them to my stocking she said. I began to stand to go to her front to clasp her straps to her stocking when she suddenly stopped me. No, clasp them from behind she said. I knelt back down and started to reach between her legs to grab the first clasp. Before i could get through her legs to the front, she grabbed my hand. Here let me help you find it just in case you can’t see. She slowly started moving my hand through her legs. She opened my hand up slowly pressing it against her wet pussy and moving. Dragging my finger tips partially in her wet slit. She then moved my hand to the first strap. As i grabbed the first strap, she bent back over again and began to clasp her heels closed. Now that she bent over again my face was right by her pussy. Before i could grab the second strap i felt her hand on my head. She slowly pushed my mouth to her pussy. Stick your tongue out and lick mommy’s pussy honey! I slowly started to lick her pussy lips savoring every sweet taste. Now concentrate honey she said teasing me. You still need to do the other clasp. As i was eating her out from behind i reached around her to grab the clasp from both sides connecting it with both hands. When i finished connecting the last clasp I was past the point of no return. My cock was standing completely at attention again and i was horny as hell. I started to lick her pussy faster and faster. Licking every part i could. Making sure I did not miss an inch of her moist cunt. Yes baby! Yes! She moaned. Lick Momma’s pussy. I could not help myself. I licked harder and harder, faster and faster. Suddenly she grabbed me. Now stand up she said, again with a demanding voice. I need my bra. Grab it off the bed! I reached over to the bed and grabbed her black lace bra which matched her Black lace garter. I attempted to hand it to her when she said, No you’re putting that on me too. Before i could reach around her to put her bra on, she turned and faced me. Now take off your boxers honey. Let mommy see that big hard cock of yours. I grabbed my boxers and started to pull them down exposing my now stiff cock. I took them all the way off laying them on the floor. My mom glanced at my hard cock and smiled, then turned back around. Now put my bra on baby. I reached around her to place her left arm through her strap when she grabbed my hand. She placed my left hand directly on her tit. Right here honey. This is where it needs to go, she said in a teasing voice. Since she was now standing taller than me because of her heels. My rock çekmeköy escort hard cock was pressing on her legs. As she placed her left arm through the bra strap she slowly began to separate her legs. When she separated her legs my dick slid right between her legs resting on her wet pussy. Now concentrate she said with a giggle. I lifted the right bra strap for her to slide her arm through. As she was moving her right arm through she reached down and started to rub my cock head. She began stroking my cock and rubbing it against her pussy. I just wanted to be inside her. I had to control myself because i know she was teasing me. As i grabbed both straps to connect them she slowly moved my cock over her wet pussy and slid my cock head in. Ohhh, i moaned trying to keep my hands steady. She slowly began to bend over and do something with her heel. When she did that my entire cock slid slowly into her slit like butter. She bent over a little further and started adjusting something else causing my dick to slide partially out. She then lifted back up and my cock slid all the way back in. I realized she was doing this on purpose. This time i figured i would take initiative! I quickly clasped her bra straps and put my hands on her hips. Slowly moving them in and out fucking her warm pussy slowly. That’s it baby, fuck me! I started to move her hips faster and faster, thrusting every inch of my hard cock into her dripping wet snatch. Fuck me baby! Fuck me! Fuck your mom hard, she screamed. I started pressing harder and harder, faster and faster. I’m gonna cum mom! I’m gonna cum! As soon as i said that she turn around and got on her knees. Grabbing my cock stroking it at a fast pace. Cum in my mouth baby. I want all of it in my mouth. Before she could finish I began to spray my hot load all over my moms mouth and face. She began to suck my cock as I was having another intense orgasm. She swallowed every pulsating drip. When i was done she wiped her mouth and licked her fingers. How do you feel now baby? Wonderful mom! Now go get cleaned up and head down stairs. Okay mom! I grabbed my clothes and began to head to my room. I stopped by the bathroom and got a wet rag to wipe the remaining cum and saliva off my dick. I then head to my room to throw all my clothes on. When i was finished i started down the steps. When i got to the bottom i noticed my father was sitting on the couch and my mom was at the kitchen table in a black dress and her heels. Finally i thought, i can get a break. Hi dad! Hey son! Why did you have to come back? My flight was pushed back a couple hours, plus i forgot my briefcase.. Oh, Okay! maltepe escort I began to walk into the kitchen and grab a soda from the fridge. I then sat down at the table beside my mom. It was a small round table so my mom was not directly next to me but more beside and across from me. She looked at me with a secret grin. Only if my dad knew what was happening. My mom pushed her chair out from the table and faced slightly towards me and crossed her legs. When she did this i noticed her flesh color panties she had on. Hey hun, can you do me a favor? My dad said. Yeah honey what do you need? Can you stop by the store and grab a few things sometime today? Sure what do you want me to get? Wait, I’ll grab a pen! My mom uncrossed her legs and stood up to go get a pen. When she got her pen she sat back down now facing towards me. As my dad started to name off items he needed, i looked over at my mom. She kept peeking over at me with a grin on her face. I Had no idea why until she glanced down. I looked down at her lap. She had her legs spread wide open. What i thought was flesh colored panties was actually not, it was just flesh. My mom had on her black lace garter belt, black stockings, black heels and her black dress. But no panties! As my dad kept naming things off, she continued to write them with her right hand and finger herself with the left. Holy Shit, Not again! Haven’t you had enough dick? My cock slowly started to rise to the occasion. Just then my dad stood up and started to walk towards the kitchen. Even though the living room was directly across from the kitchen, he could not see what my mom was doing because of the table cloth. My mom quickly lowered her dress down and stood up. That’s all i need hun. Time to head back to work! Okay honey i will see you tomorrow my mom replied and with a kiss. See you later son. Bye dad! As soon as my dad closed the door behind him, I sprinted up the stairs to my room . I went in, locked the door and jumped on the bed. I could not stop thinking about everything that has happened in the past 24hrs. I mean, i loved every bit of it. I was getting more sex than any guy could ask for. And with my own mom for that fact. I was in heaven. But i was so drained i needed to take a break. I sat back on the bed and started to listen to some music. After about 15min i started to fall asleep. I woke up with the sun shining on my face. I looked at my watch. I had slept for 3hrs. I got up and went to the bathroom to take a piss and wash my face. When i was done in the bathroom, i realized i had not eaten yet. I decided to head downstairs to get something to eat. As i started down the steps, i heard voices. I figured it was just the tv. When i got to the bottom i realized i was wrong. Before i could say anything. My mom looked at me and says; Well hello, are you well rested? Remember i said i had something for you later? Yeah, i replied?…… Well, say hi to your aunt!………………………………………………….

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