How to Stop Smoking Ch. 28

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When I arrived at the clinic, Ann was sitting at her desk. She had on a sheer blouse that was low cut just above the nipple line. And it fit her like a glove. I stared and she laughed.

I knew my way down the hall already, but she insisted in guiding me there. Just so she could walk ahead of me and swing that ass. That’s O.K., I admired the view.

Instead of going to the treatment room, she went to Mai Ling’s office. Seated on the sofa was Suzy and Tai Soo. I said my hellos and sat in the chair in front of Mai Ling’s desk. Ann sat down on the sofa also.

Mai Ling told me that she had been reviewing my charts and that she thought it would be wise to discontinue the treatments. In fact, she thought that I should submit to having it reversed.

I asked Mai Ling if the reversal would make my cock return to it’s old unimpressive state of 7”. When she answered that it probably would, I suggested that we give Suzy’s potion another chance. Suzy had said that continued use of the potion could reduce the size and I wanted to try that first.

I told Mai Ling that my sex life had indeed improved with the additional length and diameter of my cock and I would be willing to reduce it’s size, but I really didn’t want to return to the old 7” that I had before. If the potion worked, I could continue taking it until my cock reached a reasonable dimension and then stop.

Mai Ling said that she would be more than willing to give Suzy’s potion a try. If it worked out, she would make Suzy a full partner in the business and begin teaching her the acupuncture secrets that she was teaching Tai Soo.

Then, we held a round table discussion on just where the experiment would take place. Suzy and I both could attest for the fact that the potion made you horny as hell and the size wasn’t really reduced until I reached climax at least once.

Considering that, in order to reduce it to a more comfortable size, it may take 3 or 4 climaxes there were several things we should do.

First we should hold the experiment in a more comfortable environment. Such as someplace with a bed. I suggested my place. Huge water bed, etc.

Second, it would probably take 2 or 3 of the ladies present to work me over sufficiently. Besides, the more witnesses to the experiment, the better.

Mai Ling agreed and asked if there were any volunteers. Suzy said she would have to go. Ann said that she would help any way she could. Mai Ling said that she also would have to go to witness it and Tai Soo agreed that she also should go as independent verification.

With the plans made, the ladies gathered up their handbags, etc. and we left. Everyone piled into my car except Suzy. She said that she had to stop off and pick up the herbs that she needed and, while she was willing to share the fact that the potion worked, she was not ready to give out the formula just yet.

She said that she would pick up the herbs; go to her place; mix the concoction and then come over to my house. It would probable take her an hour or so.

When we arrived, Ann took Mai Ling and Tai Soo on a tour of the house pointing out all the nice features such as the sauna, the Jacuzzi, the huge shower, the massage table. Mai Ling noticed the love chair and commented that she was familiar with it.

After showing them the pool and the vibrator chair in the living room, Ann showed them the water bed in my bedroom and the spare bedrooms if someone just wanted to crash and sleep awhile.

Meanwhile, I had put some music on and started heating the water for the tea. I would wait until Suzy arrived and let her take over from there. She may have to use a special tea for the potion and I didn’t want to mess it up.

We sat around talking until Suzy showed up, which wasn’t long. Ann’s tour had eaten up most of the time anyway.

Suzy went into the kitchen and began preparing the potion. She also put another pot of water on to make tea for the ladies. They wouldn’t be drinking the same as I would.

In no time at all, Suzy was serving us tea. I had taken up a seat at the bar. Ann was in a huge arm chair across the room. Mai Ling and Tai Soo were on the sofa by Ann.

After serving everyone, Suzy placed the tray on the bar and sat down next to me. Our conversation had lagged somewhat after Suzy’s arrival. Everyone was lost in their own private thought, I guess. We were just sitting around sipping tea waiting on the dammed potion to take effect.

Well, they didn’t have to wait long. With the first 2 or 3 sips, I sensed that my cock was swelling. Of course, Suzy’s hand on didn’t hurt either. All the time I had been sipping my tea, she had been rubbing and squeezing it. It was rapidly reaching maximum length and was starting to hurt since my pants had it constricted as to just how much it could grow.

I told Suzy that the potion was working, but my cock hurt. I was going to have to get out of those pants soon or else. She suggested that I go change into something more comfortable and come back. She bursa eskort said that I had to drink at least 2 more cups of tea. The last time I only drank 2 cups and the size didn’t reduce as much as she wanted it to.

I went into the bedroom, found a pair of sweats and put them on – positioning my cock so that it ran down the left pants leg. It sure looked funny but, if they wouldn’t laugh at me, I wouldn’t.

Returning to the living room, I resumed my seat at the bar while Suzy poured another cup of tea for me. Then, she continued rubbing and squeezing my cock as I was drinking it. My cock kept getting harder and harder.

To pass the time, I asked Suzy if she had tried the potion in anything other than tea. She said that she had, but the results just wasn’t the same. Other mediums for the potion had produced quite different results.

I finished the tea and she poured me another cup. Then, while I was sipping it, she poured each of the other ladies another cup from the second teapot.

After Suzy sat back down, I noticed that she wasn’t drinking any tea and I mentioned it to her. She smiled and told me that she didn’t need any, but to watch the others for awhile and I would understand why she wasn’t drinking any. That little devil. She had spiked their tea too.

I looked around and noticed that Ann had moved to the sofa (between Mai Ling and Tai Soo) and all 3 of them were using a lot of hand communication as they sipped their tea.

Ann had been busy unzipping Mai Ling’s dress. At the same time, Tai Soo had been rubbing Ann’s tits through the sheer blouse. Ann’s nipples were standing up – hard as could be and every bit as large as I remembered.

Lowering Mai Ling’s dress, Ann took one of her tiny tits in her mouth and began sucking on the nipple. Mai Ling responded by holding Ann’s head tight against her as she closed her eyes and leaned back. Obviously Suzy’s tea was working very well.

While they were busy, Suzy poured me another cup of tea and refilled the other girl’s cups with theirs.

Returning to her seat on the bar stool, Suzy resumed her rubbing and stroking of my cock. I was at full hardness now and there were no signs of it softening. I was ready to fuck but, wanting the potion to work, I continued drinking my tea.

It had warmed up considerable in the room. Suzy told me to finish my tea so she could pour another one. That would make 5 and should be enough to work. If not, we could try again in a couple of days. If it still didn’t work, we could always go back to the needles.

Things were heating up quite a bit on the sofa. All three of them were down to their underpants and hands were stroking soft female flesh to a fever pitch.

Suzy went over and poured them each another cup of tea then got their attention. She reminded them why we were all here. They took their hands and mouths off each other and sat up. Drinking their tea while giving me smoldering looks.

I finished my 5th cup of tea and Suzy announced that it was about time to adjourn to the bedroom to continue the experiment.

Anticipating a potential argument, I suggested that we all shower and hit the Jacuzzi and just let things flow as they might. Everyone was agreeable, so we headed to the shower.

I stopped and removed my sweat pants. As I hung them on a hook, I saw that all 4 of them had lost their clothes in the process. Ann, Mai Ling and Tai Soo had dropped their underpants along the way and Suzy’s clothing was scattered the length of the hall.

I turned the shower on and stepped in. I had barely gotten wet when I had company. They surrounded me and began lathering me up. Ann had my cock in her hands and was stroking it. I had to make her leave it alone or I would have cum right there.

I began applying some of the lather to Ann’s large tits. Mai Ling and Tai Soo were French kissing each other as their hands explored each others pussy. Suzy was behind Ann soaping her ass and pussy.

I left Ann’s tits and moved behind Suzy. Sliding my huge cock between her legs, I reached around her and lathered up her nipples.

Pulling her tight against my chest, I worked my cock in and out from between her legs. She reached down and tried to force my cockhead into her pussy on the in stroke, but I immediately withdrew it. I wanted Mai Ling to have the first fuck.

Leaving Suzy, I moved over to Mai Ling and Tai Soo. They had rinsed off and Tai Soo was kneeling behind Mai Ling – licking her ass.

I kissed Mai Ling and pulled her toward me. My cock slid between her legs and was immediately sucked into Tai Soo’s waiting mouth. Sucking it furiously, I was soon on the verge of cumming.

I reached behind Mai Ling, put my hands on her ass and picked her up. She clung to me as I walked over to the table in the middle of the shower and sat her down.

I backed up so she could take a hold of my cock. As she placed it into the entrance of her pussy, I pushed forward. I could only get 4 or 5 inches inside her. Sitting görükle escort like this, her pussy was very tight and there was no way she could take it all.

Picking her up again while she wrapped her legs around my hips, I began raising and lowering her ass. Forcing more and more of my massive cock inside her. I had about 14” inside her when I hit bottom. Her cervix was too small to allow my cock to penetrate it.

Holding her like this – imbedded on my cock, I walked outside the shower to the Jacuzzi. Laying her on the cool marble, I began fucking her in earnest. My cock was near bursting with the need to cum.

Within seconds, my cock swelled even further and my balls tightened as the cum began to flow. Spurt after spurt of thick rich semen as Mai Ling worked her pussy around my cock. She started cumming when my cock was spurting inside her and continued until she finally collapsed in a faint.

I pulled my cock out of her and sat up on the edge of the Jacuzzi. Tai Soo was next. She came over and reached for my cock. It had softened some but as she sucked and stroked me, it began to regain it’s firmness. It didn’t look like the 21” I started with.

I got into the Jacuzzi and, taking Tai Soo into my arms, lifted her up until my cockhead was at the entrance to her pussy. Lowering her on my cock, I turned around until her back was against the wall.

I began to slowly ease my cock into her steaming cunt, then drawing it out until just the cockhead was inside her. Then I pushed it back in. Soon she had taken almost the entire length inside her. I could feel my cockhead pushing against her cervix.

Speeding up my movements, I began to withdraw – then plunge – my cock into her. She was writhing on my cock milking it for all it was worth.

About the time Tai Soo reached her 4th or 5th orgasm – my cock swelled, my balls tightened and I began to cum. Not such a large quantity this time.

When my cock stopped pulsing, I withdrew from her pussy and moved over to one of the jets. After a few minutes of soaking in the Jacuzzi, I decided that it was time for me to get some rest.

Entering the bedroom, I discovered what Ann and Suzy had been up to all this time. They were in a ‘69’ position in the middle of the waterbed. If I hadn’t been so tired, I might of joined in. As it was, I lay down on the edge of the bed, closed my eyes and was almost immediately asleep.

I slept for almost 2 hours and might have slept longer except for 2 lovely ladies sucking on my cock and my ball. Ann and Suzy.

Ann saw that I was awake and said “Good morning.” I answered her and she told me that they all had a nice swim while I was sleeping.

While we were talking, Suzy left to get Mai Ling. It was time to get some measurements to see how effective Suzy’s potion was.

When Mai Ling entered the room, Ann took some of the love jell and began stroking my cock. The slippery feeling caused my cock to swell more and more.

As she stroked it, she would reach down and squeeze my balls while she sucked the crown and a couple of inches inside her hot mouth. Mai Ling told me to tell her just before I was ready to cum.

It didn’t take long. In less than 5 minutes, my ball sac began to tighten and my cock started to swell. I told Mai Ling.

Ann stopped her ministrations on my cock and Mai Ling quickly measured it. 16½” long and 2½” in diameter. At least this was some improvement over the 21” I had before. That’s just too much cock to confine in a pair of pants. Even 16½” would still be a problem.

When Mai Ling finished measuring my cock, Ann straddled my legs, placed my cockhead just inside her cunt and lowered herself on it.

Leaning forward, she placed one of her big nipples in my mouth to suck as she slid up and down the length of my cock.

Within minutes I began to cum. I spurted so much cum inside her, I knew that I had recovered. But I wasn’t sure how much more of this I could take. My cock was getting a little sore.

After we had washed up, I suggested we adjourn to the living room and have a conference on how things had progressed.

They agreed and we all slipped on some modesty clothing. I put on a pair of old baggy shorts. The girls slipped on their panties.

When we got to the living room and everyone had something to drink, Mai Ling opened up the discussion. She said that she had measured my cock while I was asleep and it was flaccid. 10” long and 2” in diameter. She said that she would like to see if it would further decrease. I agreed.

I suggested that we take some time out to eat and rest up some before we began any more sessions. Suzy was a little put out since she hadn’t been able to ride my cock while it was huge. I promised her that she could have the next one.

Suzy, Mai Ling and Tai Soo got together in the kitchen to whip up some food. Ann and I headed to the swimming pool to swim and relax.

Suzy called us in to eat. The conversation was light as we pigged bursa yabancı escort out. Chicken Chow Mien over toasted noodles, Shrimp Fried Rice and all the tea you could handle.

I noticed two pots on the table, so I figured that Suzy was giving me some more of her potion. I was right. My loins began to heat up and my cock started to swell. Of course, Suzy’s hand helped some.

By the time we finished eating, I had drank 7 cups of Suzy’s tea. I sure hoped that it worked. My cock was fully erect and I was ready to fuck.

Ann, Mai Ling and Tai Soo began clearing the table while Suzy and I headed for the living room. I asked her how she would like to try out the vibrator chair again and she headed for it.

Getting out of my shorts, I sat down in the chair. Suzy removed her panties and straddled me. Guiding my cock into her pussy, she lowered herself on it. Obviously the foreplay at the table had her juices flowing because she was able to slide the entire 16½” inside with ease.

As she began fucking my cock, I turned on the chair, adjusting the vibrations to a point where they were comfortable. When Suzy felt the chair vibrate, she stopped and just sat on my cock, letting the chair do all the work.

She leaned over and we kissed. As the intensity of the vibrations set off her orgasms, her clenching cunt muscles were working my cock over. Soon I began to cum. Soon the chair was soaked from our juices. I turned the vibrator off.

We hugged and kissed awhile until we had come down from our high. My cock was still erect somewhat but not nearly as hard as when we first began to fuck. I mentioned it and Suzy said that she could feel it.

After resting some, she began clenching her cunt muscles around my cock again. Within minutes my cock was hard and I was ready.

Suzy began raising up and rotating her pussy on my cock – then lowering her pussy until it engulfed my cock entirely. She continued this for some time until I felt the tale-tell tightening of my ball sac.

I came. Not as much as before, but plenty. That chair was going to be some job to clean.

When we finished our climaxes, Suzy got off and we headed for the showers. Ann said she would take care of the chair while we were gone.

Slipping our modesty clothing back on, Suzy and I returned to the living room.

The girls had talked while we were gone and decided that they would leave and return about 6 p.m. Then we could all go out to dinner and come back to the house for some more fun and games. Besides, Mai Ling needed to take some more measurements to see if the potion had any further effect.

They left and I headed to the pool side chaise lounge to soak up some rays. Within minutes, the warm sun worked it’s charm and I was sound asleep.

I woke up some 3 hours later. Thankfully, the sun had moved to a position where the trees behind my property blocked it so I wasn’t too red. Just a little pink.

I opened a beer, turned on the TV and sat down to watch a football game. About 5 p.m. I took a shower, shaved and began to get ready. I noticed while showering that my cock was quite a bit smaller than before. I was sure that Suzy’s potion had worked again.

The girls arrived and we headed out to eat. Thank god that Ann had the presence of mind to make reservations. I had forgotten to.

After a nice relaxing meal, we returned to my house. I fixed drinks and we all settled down in the living room. It seemed strange to be sitting around with clothes on.

Around 9 p.m. Mai Ling suggested that we give “Junior” a workout to see what happens.

We all headed to the bedroom. I showed the girls the closet in the spare bedroom where they could hang their gowns and went to the Master bedroom to undress.

They were quick. I was still in my shorts when they came in. Mai Ling quickly took a measurement of my flaccid cock. This time it measured 8” long and 1½” in diameter. Of course, these measurements were rough since my cock had already began to swell.

Lowering her mouth to my cock, Mai Ling sucked it in. Stroking me and sucking as my cock got harder and harder. Then she stopped.

She had me lie down on the waterbed and the other girls gathered around me. I couldn’t keep up with who was doing what to whom but I do know that in a very short time, my cock was hard as a rock and I was on the edge of cumming.

I told Mai Ling and she quickly measured it. The size had been reduced to 12” long and 2½” in diameter. I was happy.

Mai Ling claimed the first fuck, so she straddled me; placed my cock inside her pussy and began to fuck away. Sliding up and down the length of my cock with ease. This felt much better.

I came. Spurt after spurt, I filled her cunt. When my cock finally stopped pulsing, she got off.

Tai Soo and Suzy took over. Licking and sucking my cock they soon had it clean and responding. I was getting hard again. Within minutes I was ready again.

Ann said it was her turn so I raised up and moved into position. Aiming my cock at her pussy, I pressed forward burying my entire length into her.She began matching my movements. As I thrust into her, she bucked her hips against me. As I pulled out, her cunt muscles squeezed my cock and it felt just like a hot mouth around it.

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