Hubby being an SOB

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Hubby being an SOBThe husband was being an ass. He had been working too much, not paying me any attention. When he was around, he was distant. He was busy with a project at work and focused on nothing else. I tried to get him to relax. I dressed sexy, attempted to give him head, even a hand job. He wouldn’t come around, always remaining focused on his work. I would only wear lingerie around the house hoping to entice him away even for a few minutes. Eventually I wore nothing around the house, still no attention from him. Finally I began masturbating loudly when he was home, but he would never engage. Fine, I thought. He can have it his way. I need some attention and I will find it!I dressed knowing it was on. I was out to get cock and it showed. These were my favorite times. We’ve played with others before. The husband is a huge voyeur and occasional cuckold. I had no regrets. I knew what I was getting into, at least I had a plan of what I wanted. It ended up getting a little out of hand, but I wanted attention, and well, I found it. A good dicking was what I needed. It turns out, I’m not always in control. You know what they say, if you play with fire….I put on my crotchless cheetah print leggings. Over that a tan leather skirt. It was not quite knee length, nothing too short. I wore a shear bra with no underwire. ısparta rus escort This I enjoy because I have dark nipples and with no underwire, they jiggle a lot and it does nothing to hide THO. Over that I wore a sheer button down blouse. In bright enough light, its still see through. However, in bar lighting its just enough to where you think you can see my dark areolas, but you’re not quite sure. All aside, once my nipples are hard, everyone is looking. I wore some black patent heels. Nothing too sexy, but looking good I thought.I told my husband I was headed out. He mumbled something, but didn’t seem to care. I told him I wouldn’t be out too late and off I went. Knowing I was out for dick meant one thing, DIVE BAR! I went to my favorite place. It had a back room which was easy to use for a quickie, a hand job, a BJ. The bar was patronized by society’s less than favorite sons. It wasn’t the scariest place in the city, but still one had to keep their wits about them. I went in and instantly had a small crowd. I played bitch for a while, no need to smothered so quickly. A few always had their egos shattered to easily and would run their mouths, but no big deal. Send me a drink and I’ll holla back. Within a couple hours I’d had to push a few away, but kept a steady stream of ısparta rus escort bayan interested guys. To satisfy my needs, I really only needed to pick one and do what needed to be done. But I was enjoying myself. I had some good conversation going. A good buzz, smoking and sipping gin and juice. I went out to my minivan to get a fresh pack of smokes when he came up.I didn’t hear him. I didn’t even see him. I wasn’t sure who it was. I walked to my minivan, which I usually parked in the back in case I could knock out a quickie before driving home. I opened the door and instantly I had one hand holding me down over the seat and console. The other hand quickly yanked up my leather skirt. He grunted “hhmp” seeing I was wearing crotchless tights, I made no case for mercy being dressed this way. Instantly his entire cock was touching my cervix. “aaaahhhhhhhh fuck!” I shrieked. He had a condom on. This jackass had planned it out, knew what he was doing. He was obviously someone I had blown off earlier. He was relentless from the start. Full, hard strokes; he was out for revenge. “Bitch gonna learn today” he said. I was shrieking with each pound of his dick in my snatch. It hurt every time he hit my cervix. I wanted to get fucked so I didn’t offer much resistance. An occasional rus escort ısparta “fuck you asshole” or “mother fucker” would come out. But more than anything, I was grunting in ecstasy. I was getting railed. I needed to get fucked so bad. His legs were slapping against the back of my thighs. He kept driving, “fucking bitch” he would say. “Ima own you tonight” he said, and that’s when it escalated. I said “fuck you nigger”. He stopped and pulled out of me. He pulled off his condom and forced into my mouth at the same time he spit on me and shoved his entire cock in my asshole. I screamed so loud.It felt like he was climbing into me. No one’s dick should be so big. He continued pounding and spitting on my asshole. I had tears streaming down my cheeks but I didn’t want him to stop. I was grunting in orgasm and crying at the same time. He stretched me out so much I sprayed cum twice. He finally came inside my ass. He let go. I spit the condom out of my mouth and tried to catch my breath. My asshole was stuck open. Hell, my pussy was still wide open from orgasm and spraying. “Well”, I said “did you get what you want?”He said “Bitch I ain’t done yet” and scooped me up in his arms. I could offer no resistance, I was worn out! He put me in his Escalade and we left. “You think you can handle more of this” I asked trying to offer some confidence and attitude. He did his “hhhmp” and continued driving. My phone rang. It was my husband. “Are you coming home soon”, he asked. I said, “I’m coming, but I’m not sure if its home and I don’t know how many more times”. He said, “what do you mean ‘more times’?”I’ll have to tell you the rest soon. It was a looong night!

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