Hunter: The Minister’s Daughter

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Over the next few weeks, I wondered whether it had been wise to give Shona my Hotmail email account, when she’d asked if I was on email.. There was hardly a day when I didn’t receive anything from her. The content of the messages varied, from a simple “Hello” to details of her school life etc. But apart from the first email which simply said

“Thank you for so much pleasure, And your Trust 😉 “

She never mentioned that fateful Sunday afternoon/evening. Since that Sunday, I had only seen her once, but she looked different somehow, not physically, she was still petite but it was hard to say. However, even her parents had commented on how much more mature Shona seemed in recent weeks, according to Angela.

So I was quite surprised when I answered the door, on a quiet Sunday afternoon. Angela was away with work over the weekend and was not expected back until Tuesday. There stood Shona, smiling.

“Good afternoon” she stated as the door opened.

“Errrrr Good afternoon to you, to, please do come in.” I replied.

“So what do I owe the privilege of this visit?” I asked.

“Well Angela said your pretty good with excel, could you help me with it” she replied

“Yes, sure. Would you like some coffee, or I could make you a mug of tea”

“Tea Please”

So as we ended up in the kitchen, talking, my mind was thinking deja Vous? This was where things got slightly out of hand those weeks ago; 5? 6? I tried to remember.

We retired to the living room, me and my coffee, and Shona with a cup of tea. Before Shona had the opportunity, I sank into the armchair, allowing Shona the whole sofa. So imagine my surprise when, after removing her shoes, she came and sat next to me on the arm of the armchair rather close to me. We got chatting, about life in general, as we both drank.

As she put her mug down, she reached into a pocket of her top, and pulled out a little package, nicely wrapped in gift paper.

“A little present for you” as she handed it to me, detecting hesitation, perhaps apprehension in her voice.

Slowly I opened it, it didn’t take long for me to see what it was, a pack of Durex condoms, extra ribbed!

“Thank you.” I wasn’t sure what else to say.

“Apparently they will give me more pleasure,” she said, nervously

Shona was blushing, and there was an awkward silence. I was become confused with my feelings, for a variety of reasons, including Shona’s age, inexperience and Angela.

“Is this a good idea?” I asked, “Is it what you really want?”

“Yes” she replied, softly, leaning forward, planting a kiss on my forehead. “I came round a few weeks ago, when you were out and saw Angela, we had a good long chat. We ended up talking about sex, and well she mentioned that you have a good tongue. And, well I let it slip that I knew about your tongue…”

I was stunned, and the look must have been obvious on my face.

“Don’t worry, she wasn’t really upset, I told her what happened, and that… well It was my fault just as much as yours. I told her that you told me to leave…”

“And what did she say?”

“She didn’t believe that you didn’t sleep with me, to begin with… Apparently you had a dream about me a while ago, so she says.”

“Yes that’s true.” I felt myself blushing slightly.

She leant forward again, kissing my face with tender kisses, her fingers gently stroking my face. She cupped my face, and started to kiss my lips, deeply, her tongue parting my lips, as she forced her mouth onto mine. I ended up leaning against the back of the armchair, as she pushed forward, kissing me deeply, her tongue probing much more actively. Her style had improved considerably as a kisser, she had obviously matured rapidly in recent months. Her newfound confidence was all too apparent. Her soft hands continued caressing my face, her lips sucking on my tongue, feeling her hair against my cheeks. This was not the Shona who visited me the other month…

She continued to actively kiss me, as I felt her hands wonder downwards, away from my face onto my body. Her hands wondered, light to the touch, but very arousing. She continued to kiss me, deep, pushing her face against mine, her fingers unfastening the top few buttons to my shirt. feeling her moans through my lips. Finally, her hands stroked my crotch, firmly, sensing the hardness that was developing beneath.

Finally she withdrew, smiling, happy. She knew I was hers, any attempt of reason on my behalf was gone, history. She stood up, smiling, her long hair free. She just stood there for several minutes, before; she slowly started to unfasten her blouse, button by button, staring at me. My eyes were transfixed, locked onto her, quickly moving between her fingers and smile. The blouse was slowly opened up, revealing her small puffy breasts, nipples semi-erect. The blouse was soon slid of her shoulders, as she allowed her hands to stroke her body, caressing herself. Soon, her skirt slid of onto the floor, leaving her standing there naked, in all her splendor. I gaziantep escort reklamları just sat there, speechless. She walked up to me, climbed back on to me, rubbing her young body against mine, pulling my face to her chest, her breasts…

“Suck them Mark, like last time…”

Without hesitation, I opened my mouth, taking her breast into my mouth, flicking on her nipple, biting it, moaning gently against her skin. She sighed, deeply, her hands ran through my hair, her words were encouraging me, leading me on…I felt her nipple harden between my lips, my teeth, as I teased it with my mouth. Sometimes I kissed it and suckled on it, sometimes I gently bit it between my teeth, hearing her gasp as I did so. Other times I simply ran my tongue over it, flicking it, all the time my hands were exploring her young body, realizing that it was better than how I remembered it. Eventually, my mouth wondered, across to her other breast, which had the same attention, though this one was hard, I didn’t not notice it grow as I worked it.

She moaned into my ear, breathing lightly, feeling her breath against my lobe.

“Kiss it, Lick it, bite it ” I suggested…

“What?” she replied?

“My Ear”

As I continued on her breasts, her mouth started on my ear lobe, clumsily at first, as she kissed, bite, nibbled. I moaned into her breasts, sighing encouraging her as I concentrated on her nipple, feeling it between my teeth. She moaned deeply into my ear as I gently bit her nipple, her hands were caressing my head, moving over my body.

I tightened my grip around Shona, and lifted her up, she wrapped her legs around me as I did so, and started to carry her into the bedroom.

“Wait” she said, I stopped, and she reached down for the condoms! Complete with condoms, I carried her through to the bedroom and deposited her naked body onto the bed. She looked lovely. I just stood there for several minutes, observing her beautiful body, picturing it to memory. Yes she was petite, and barely developed, but there was something about her body, it seemed to suit her.

She just laid there, watching me. Slowly, I started to undress, lifting my shirt over my head, and climbing out of my shorts, leaving me naked, in front of Shona, my erection was already obvious. She just starred at me, with a slight sly smile. I climbed onto the bed next to her, allowing my fingers to stroke her young body, gently, lightly. She reciprocated, her soft touch, her soft caress sending shivers down my spine.

“Are you sure you want to go ahead with this?” I asked.

She took the initiative, rolling onto me, looking down at me, smiling. She leaned forward, barely whispering “yes” before her lips met mine, lightly, delicately, as we kissed passionately, her fingers cupping my head, feeling her flesh against mine, her thigh trapping my manhood. Whilst still showing her inexperience, her kissing technique had improved since the previous occasion, she had developed some confidence, style. Slowly she returned to my ear, licking, kissing, and nibbling. I was able to reach her ear, as I moved her long hair to the side, kissing, licking her ear, sliding my tongue deep, hearing her squirm close to my ear.

She withdrew, pushing up on her arms, smiling, but also looking lost. I leant up, taking a nipple in my mouth and wrapping my arms around her, pulling her down on top of me, as I flicked my tongue over her nipple. My arms caressing her young body, running them down her back, cupping her butt, just caressing where I could reach, still being attentive to her nipple. She moaned gently, as her hands caressed my body, her hands cupping my head, my face pulling me in close to her chest, her breasts. She moaned, spoke words of encouragement, of pleasure.

My mouth started to dart across her chest, taking one nipple between my teeth, and gently biting, nibbling, before releasing it and seeking her other nipple, biting, nibbling and so forth. Sometimes I was soft, gentile, other times I bit slightly harder, hearing her gasp, both with pain and pleasure. I was in haven. My hands continued to caress her body, eventually allowing my mouth to wonder, cupping both bum cheeks, I pulled her up my body slowly, feeling a wake of dampness across my body, as my mouth left a trail of kisses on her front.

Before long, she was towering over me, as her crutch, her small mound of pubic hairs was inches from my face. I made eye contact, slightly licking my lips with my tongue. She smiled, whispering “oh God, yes” I barely heard her.

I pulled her mound to me, as I planted a trail of gentle kisses around her mound, her stomach, and her inner thighs, everywhere apart from her sex. Her moaning increased, as she begged me to continue, to go deeper. Eventually I allowed my tongue to lick her sweet sex, to taste her juices that glistened on her lips, as my tongue slowly licked along her labia, slowly, deliberately.

“Do you ever play with your self?” I asked.

“Yes, recently,” Her reply was hesitant.

“Well go on, play with your self, don’t be embarrassed, besides you’ve seen me play with my self.”

She started, slowly, sitting on my chest, leaning back, gently caressing her breasts, sighing, pinching her nipples, stroking her stomach, one hand moving to her mound, the other taking it in turn on each breast, nipple.

I watched in awe, as Shona slowly stroked her self, her fingers, gliding along her lips, Moaning gently, purring like a cat as her body responded to her own touch. It was very erotic, sensuous. As I watched her fingers, seeing her style, I let my fingers join in, but applying slightly more pressure, as I found her small clit, under the delicate hood. Her fingers continued, now sliding in deep, she gasped each time her fingers worked their way in, and out again. I continued gently working on her clit, sometimes lightly, sometimes firmly.

Her breathing increased, almost panting as her fingers speeded up, and her body started to tremble as a small orgasm hit her petite body, moaning, screaming as she came. I pushed her back, and she moved her arms to o support her body, as my tongue started on her pussy, licking her lips, feeling her soft hairs, tasting her cum, pulling her closer to me. My fingers opened her lips, exposing her clit, as my tongue slowly flicked it, nibbled it. She started to moan, loudly, leaning back on her arms, arching her body, as I continued to caress her mound, introduce her to the beauty of sex.

Suddenly, her body convulsed, shook, as a series of spasms traveled through her body, she moaned, screamed, with pleasure, as several orgasm hit her body, sending waves of pleasure through her, her small breasts shaking with the waves, as she fought for breath, gasping, panting. She slid down onto me, hugging me tight, her fast warm breath sending shivers as she breathed over my nipple, curling up and resting, cuddling.

I caressed her hair, lightly, running my fingers though her long hair, slowly, gently bringing her mouth to my nipple, asking her to suck on it, nibble it. She looked up at me and smiled, before started to work on my nipple, her tender fingers lightly caressing my body. Soon, I was sighing with pleasure, moaning from my throat, as her mouth worked on my body, kissing softly as she moved, her fingernails lightly tickling me. Slowly, she reached my erection, as she stared at it.

She remembered how I had stroked it last time, as she wrapped her hands around it, slowly pulling the foreskin back exposing some pre-cum. Gently, she pulled the foreskin back and forth, as I watched. Very, very slowly she bought her lips to the head, and kissed it.

I moaned, heavily, deeply. Her lips touched the head, as she kissed it again, this time with more confidence, I felt her tongue lightly lick the head, as her lips slowly enveloped the end, the head. I just watched her, moaning and giving her words of encouragement.

“Kiss my head, the shaft, lick and kiss the shaft, my balls” I asked, “take as much of me as you can in your mouth… OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH.”

Her lips went lower, as I felt her tongue slowly swirl on my exposed head, feeling her saliva, as her hands started to fondle my balls. She was very quiet, as she concentrated on giving me pleasure. She obviously lack experience, but she was slow, and through, and reacted to my words of advice, and to my sighs, moans of pleasure.

Soon, she naturally started to stroke my shaft with her lips, has she moved her hands away completely, for her first time she was well so hummmmmmmmmm.

“Shona” I softly called…

She looked up, her eyes glistening.

“Yes” she replied…

I offered her my arms and pulled her up again, stroking and caressing her hair, her body as we hugged and cuddled.

Gently, in her ear, I asked, “So what’s next? Are you sure you want to go all the way?”

“She Paused, hesitated before slowly whispering yes, as her lips sought out mine, and kissed me, deeply, with a passion.

I rolled us over, and moved downwards, as she lay on the bed, having placed a pillow under her butt. Slowly, I started to lick her mound, kiss her mound, tasting her cum on her pussy lips, on her hairs. Very quickly she reacted to my attention, sighing, and groaning as I licked her pussy lips, from the top, down to her ass, and back again, slowly, teasingly. I felt her hands on my head, as she pulled my head closer, and started to grind her hips on my face. I slowly allowed my tongue slide between her lips, twisting it, as I probed deeper, feeling her tightness, her muscles contracting around my tongue. She pulled my face deeper into her, moaning softly. Eventually, I withdrew, looking up at her. She was smiling, her face glistening from perspiration.

“Are you Sure” I asked.

She just moaned loudly.

“This may hurt, cause some pain” I whispered, close to her ear as I nibbled, “But I’ll be gentle” “I know” she replied, still smiling.

I inserted a finger, very slowly, gently. She gasped, made a load groan, of pain rather than pleasure, as I slid my finger in, deeper. I just held it there, feeling her tight muscles, as I tried to relax her, kissing her inner thighs, and speaking, reassuring her. She soon relaxed calmed down, as her breathing became more regular. My finger started to explore, gently, slowly, feeling her tightness against my finger. Shona was gasping, her breathing increased, and irregular.

As she became comfortable with one, I inserted another finger.

“AAAHHHHH … OOOhhhhhhhhhhh”

I felt her tightness, as I eased another finger inside her, fighting the muscles. This time, her groans of pain were quickly replaced with sighs of pleasure, she slowly started to grind her hips against my fingers. I looked up her eyes were closed; head back into the pillow, sighing, and talking. My fingers were able to move easier, her virginal pussy was tight, but well lubricated,

“OOHH God, Please, take me Mark, pleassseeeeeeeeeeeee”

I stopped, withdrew. She opened her eyes as I moved away, reaching for the pack, opening it and taking out a sealed condom. I passed it onto her, ” Here, you open it, and put it on, then you know it has been put on properly, but watch those finger nails don’t puncture…”

She giggled, as she opened the package, and looked at it, obviously confused. I took it of her, and showed her how it goes on, squeezing the tip, as you place it on the end, and then roll it down…

I removed it, throwing it into the bin, and passing Shona another packet. Again, she opened the packet, and this time, she, rather clumsily, rolled it on., and, with guidance, ensured it was fully rolled back.

She laid back her legs open, inviting. I positioned my self to the entrance, and slowly pushed my self into her, feeling the tightness grip around my manhood.

“Ahhhhh,” She moaned deeply, loudly, her breathing increased, as a tear came to her eye. She was, despite my care, in pain; pain that she had realized would be inevitable, but she prepared for a long time before that day. Pain that was enjoyable one she’d never thought was possible.

She gasped, moaned, her face showing that she was experiencing discomfort. None the less I continued easing it, reassuring her until I was fully inside her, my sack against her skin. I stayed there, leaning down and hugging her, kissing her face, her neck, her lips, deeply and passionately. I could feel the tension deep with in my self, the sexual excitement, I realised that I would not be able to control my self for long,

Slowly, I wiped her few tears away, gently with the back of my hand, my thumb, before hugging her, reassuring her. Her pretty face, was red, a deep red. Her short stabbing breaths were replaced with slower, deeper breaths, her breathing calmer. “That, that hurt” she proclaimed, “But it was painful, but somehow pleasurable,” as another tear ran from her eye, but do I dare to say it was a tear of joy.

I’m not sure I long we stayed like that, my manhood still inside her, feeling her tightness, the contractions of the muscles inside the walls, as we kissed, deeply, passionately; allowing her body to be come accustomed to my presence. . But my body, slowly, as if on auto-pilot, a mind of its own started to ease my self-out, and back in slowly. I hugged her tight, holding her, comforting her, as she gasped, taking in sudden breaths of air, I eased my self into her and out, feeling the tight ness, Slowly she relaxed, her moans turning from pain to moans, sighs of pleasure.

I continued, with long slow strokes, easing my self out, and pushing back in. There was some blood, but not much, I suspect her sporting activities had broken her hymen. She seemed to respond to each thrust, sighing, or moaning, sometimes loud. I was still leaning close over her, looking into her deep blue eyes, gently planting soft kisses on her lips, licking.

I could feel my self tighten, Knowing that I was soon going to become physical, letting my animal instinct take over, knew I was going to lose control…

My body picked up, thrusting deeply into Shona, suddenly picking up the pace, the tempo, as I felt myself grunt loudly as I pushed into her, feeling Shona push back, gyrate her hips as she cried, perhaps with pleasure, or pain, probably both… Her face was red, and glistening, her breaths short and irregular. As my thrusts became more frequent, lifting my self up onto my forearms, allowing me greater movement, thrusting in deeper, faster, grunting, panting.

I remember crying out as I exploded, thrusting into her, again and again, shouting, moaning, but still thrusting into her. A great shudder swept across Shona’s petite body, her breasts shaking, as an intense orgasm threw her body, sending in into convulsions, as she screamed out aloud. Her body shook, as she gripped the duvet, tightly, her hands red; held it close, tight, her teeth clenched, until, her body recovered, relaxing her grip.

Energy spent, I collapsed on top of her, stifling her. As she complained, I turned us over, so she was on top, me still inside her, as we hugged, collapsed, having my face covered with soft gentle kisses, as she thanked me in-between each soft, gentle kiss.

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