Hypothetically Speaking

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: This story contains delicious first time oral man on man action, mf anal sex and girl on girl. If that hot trifecta doesn’t float your boat then I suggest you move along. Otherwise strap in for a wild mm/ff ride.


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

“Kiss! Go on do it.”

As they did every single time Cara’s parents were out of town and they had a couple’s sleep over Brian and Cal were trying their damndest to get the girls to kiss.

Cara, Brian and Cal lived on campus in gulag style cinder block dorm rooms that dated back to the 1960s so understandably they tried to escape at every available opportunity. Jess’ parents place was out in the ‘burbs and stacked with all the luxuries lacking from their dorm. To the dorm dwellers it was a virtual palace. Whenever Mr. and Mrs. Deacon were out of town the college students were guaranteed to be camped in front of the massive plasma screen TV in the games room within seconds of their SUV hitting the road.

“Why do you want it so bad?” Cara asked, trying hard not to laugh as Jess rolled her eyes behind Brian’s back.

“Because it’s haaaawt!” Cal yelled raising his hand to Brian for a high five. The guys slapped their palms hard together and cried out in unison, “Booyah!”

“I think two guys kissing is very hot,” Jess said in her clipped British accent—laying down a classic Jess Bomb that had all three staring at her mouths agape. Jess, usually quietly spoken, rarely if ever said anything worthy of controversy. When she did it was usually of nuclear proportions.

“Jess Bomb!” Cara said with a laugh as the two guys continued to stare at a now slightly red faced Jess.

“Seriously? You think guys goin’ at it is hot?” Cal asked running a hand through his artfully scruffed blond surfer hair. “No insult intended Bri but the thought of kissing you is totally gross dude,” Cal said and then mocked retching.

“Right back at ya,” Brian laughingly agreed and the guys shared yet another high five.

“So it wouldn’t do anything for you. You wouldn’t get at all aroused?” Jess asked, head tilted and eyes slightly narrowed.

“No way,” Cal said at the same time that Brian chanted, “Hell no!”

“Interesting,” Jess said and then in typical Jess fashion walked away with no further comment. While the boys probably thought the discussion had ended, Cara knew better. Jess was not one to just let something go, not when she wore that thinking face of hers. No doubt about it, Jess now had some crazy ol’ plan churning away in that massive brain of hers. Cal and Brian were oblivious to the challenge they’d just laid before Jess—but not Cara, she knew this sleepover was about to get very interesting—and a lil’ bit wild.

* * * *

“What do you have in mind?” Cara asked Jess, as they prepared daiquiris in the kitchen. Jess, who was cutting strawberries and piling them in the blender looked up, licked her juice covered fingers and murmured, “Hmmm?”

“I know you Jess. Honey, you’ve got something in mind.” Cara pointed out the window to the boys who were rough housing in the backyard pool. Brian had his arms wrapped around Cal’s waist trying to wrestle him under the water.

“Oh, the homoerotic denial thing. That’s what you’re talking about.”

The homoerotic denial …such a completely Jess thing to say. Cara stood staring pointedly at her friend waiting for her to elaborate. After a good couple of minutes of silent staring Jess finally spoke saying, “OK so maybe I want to test it.”

Test it? Of course Jess the Psych Grad student wanted to test it. “Test it how exactly honey?”

“Well, look at them.” Jess waved a hand at the open window. “They’re always touching. Wrestling, rolling about on the floor. Their strident homophobic assertions just ring false to me.”

“Strident homophobic assertions?” It cracked Cara up when Jess talked like that, she snorted with laughter. “Gawd you make me laugh sometimes Jess. They aren’t assertions honey they’re an absolute 100% truth. There is no way, no how that you’re gonna get those two men to kiss and like it.”

“Really?” Jess had that look in her eye again as if she had something to prove.

“Really,” Cara drew out the word speaking long and slow.

“Hypothetically speaking I’m pretty sure I could get them to do it.”

“Hypothetically? What do you mean by that exactly?”

“Virtue never tested is no virtue at all.”

Yet another ‘Jessism’ was the way she loved to speak in circles. Cara supposed that in Jess’ academic brain all these esoteric statements made some sort of sense, but not so much in the real world.


“I’m saying that their heterosexual assertions so far remain altogether untested. How do they really know?”

“So you want to test them?”

Jess smiled and gave a brief emphatic nod.

“Test them all you want Jess I don’t think it’s going to change anything.”

“Would you care to make a wager?”

Gawd, Cara shook her head. She just adored Jess’ accent beyoğlu escort and the careful way she spoke. She couldn’t just say ‘wanna bet’ like any normal person. She had to round out those vowels and say ‘care to make a wager.’

“If they can’t be stimulated by homoerotic conditions then I will pose for you.”

“Really? No shit?”

Jess crinkled her nose at Cara’s language. “Yes. No…well what you said.”

Cara was an art major. She’d been trying to convince Jess to pose for her photographic assignment for months now but she’d steadfastly refused. The thought of having a willing Jess in front of her lens was captivating. She’d do anything for the chance. She wanted her in soft faded color, naked in a field of bluebells, her pale lightly freckled skin illuminated by late afternoon light. She could see it.

I’ll capture her in sun flare….

“Cara. Cara!” Jess said waving a hand in front of her face breaking her out of her daydream. “Do we have an agreement?”

“A deal. The words you use is a deal.”

“Alright then, do we have a deal.” Jess drawled out in the words in an awful Texan accent that had Cara laughing.

“What’s your plan. I know you’ve got a plan.”

Jess grimaced, placed her knife on the chopping board and turned to face Cara. “Well, it sort of involves you.”


“And the boy’s desire to see us kiss,” Jess said the words in a rush and then turned away, a blush heating up the curve of her neck.


Jess turned to face Cara tilting her head in that cute thinking way she did and said softly, “I wouldn’t mind kissing you. Would it bother you terribly to kiss me?”

After a quick check outside to make sure the boys were occupied in the pool Cara leaned in and laid a soft kiss on Jess’ mouth. “No honey, it wouldn’t bother me at all.”

Cara came in for a second lick of Jess’ bottom lip after she tasted the strawberries she’d been eating and murmured, “Mmm you taste good.”

Jess’ blush was worth the kiss. It spread up her chest and neck to settle on her high cheekbones turning her normally pale face a pretty pink. From the moment Cara had been introduced to Jess she’d been star struck by her soft beauty. Texas born and bred Cara was used to hearty tanned All American good looks—of which fine boned British Jess was the antithesis. She was pale, delicate and almost fragile, her untamed curls framing her face in wild red gold. Ethereal, Cara thought, that was the word. Like some kind of Arthurian princess. Adding to the mystique was the fact she had absolutely no idea how gorgeous she was. The woman was completely without pretention— the woman didn’t even own mascara. How she ended up with wanna be surfer dude Cal was a complete mystery to Cara. Jess was the kind of girl who should’ve been on the arm of some older tweed clad professor.

“Why are you with Cal?” Cara blurted out without thinking about how rude it might sound. Jess didn’t look offended. In truth it was almost impossible to offend Jess as she took pretty much any question at a purely academic level.

“Beauty is truth, truth beauty, that is all ye know on earth, and all ye need to know,” Jess quoted with a slight smile as she watched Cal emerge glistening from the pool.

“Keats?” Cara asked, not because she was some kind of poetry aficionado but because she’d heard Jess quote the poet before.

Jess turned to face Cara, nodded and then looked back out the window. She followed her gaze. Keats had a point, Cara thought. Cal was beautiful. Broad shouldered, lean and long legged. He turned heads wherever they went. Watching him shake out his blonde hair and then slowly rub a towel down the length of his sculpted torso Cara let out an unintended sigh of longing that made Jess laugh.”Yes, it is a bit like that isn’t it?” she said, “I watch him all the time. I just can’t seem to stop.”

“Yeah, mine’s not so bad either,” Cara said, watching the flex of her dark solid man’s biceps as he levered himself out of the pool.

“They’re quite a study in contrasts aren’t they?” Jess said, as with eyes narrowed in thought as she looked both men over.

“What do you mean?” Cara asked.

“Cal with his Nordic angelic beauty and Brian with his dark Hellenic strength.” She sighed and said longingly, “Imagine them kissing.”

For a brief moment Cara did, and the visual sent a shaft of heat surging through her body. She’d never really thought of two men together in an erotic context and if she had done so she doubted Brian and Cal would be top of her list. But now, as she looked out the window at their wet bodies and imagined them sliding against each other she realized there was nothing she wanted more.

Her heart raced and she felt a rush of damp heat settle between her legs.

“How do we get them to do it?”

“Play their weaknesses—sex and us.”

* * * *

The evening was warm. The sky had set into a glorious Texan sunset. Shades of gold, red and burnt orange melted to the horizon. Cara was nestled with Brian sarıyer escort and Jess with Cal. While they’d planned a big cook out they’d ended up just grazing snacks beside the pool all afternoon. Two jugs of daiquiri had disappeared as had most of the beer they’d placed in the cooler. While nobody was out and out drunk, all four were pleasantly buzzed.

“I’ve been thinking…” Jess said and from beneath her Cal let out a groan. Oblivious to her boyfriend’s protests Jess continued, “…about kissing Cara.”

Both Cal and Brian sat bolt upright, Brian knocking Cara slightly off his lap. “I’m interested,” Brian said, in such a boyish earnest way that Cara laughed out loud. “Hey! I am interested,” he protested gently poking her in the ribs as she resettled herself on his knee.

“I know honey, I think the whole world knows.”

“So, do it now,” Cal said, pushing Jess up off his lap towards Cara.

“Not so fast Calvin,” Jess said standing between the two pool loungers, hands on her hips, “there are rules.”


Cara saw Cal’s eyes narrow and thinking that Jess was losing the guys already she blurted out, “More like we need incentives than rules.”

“Incentives?” Cal parroted her words back with his typical bemused grin.


Cara watched the guys share a conspiratorial glance. “Like we need to motivate you or something? Believe me baby, I’m ready to motivate.” Brian pushed up against Cara’s butt and she felt the clear outline of his erection.

Cara rolled her hips gently and smiled at his groan. “Come inside honey, up to Jess’ room and we’ll tell you.”

The boys didn’t need to be asked twice. Cal took the stairs two at a time and Brian was coming up fast behind him. Cara started to rush up the stairs too but was held back by Jess’ cool hand resting lightly on her stomach. She stopped mid step and asked, “What?”

“Don’t rush. Give them time to talk.”


“They’ll be up there right now discussing what they want us to do. The longer we give them, the more detailed their plan will be. The more aroused they will be and therefore the more committed they will become to seeing their fantasies acted out.”

Cara realized in that moment, looking at the gleam in Jess’ eyes just how Machiavellian her best friend was. Jess’ plan was to ask the boys to tell them what they wanted to see the girls do, agree to everything, only on the proviso that the boys matched them move for move.

Cara thought it impossible. No matter how badly the boys wanted to see her and Jess do it, no way, no how would they do it themselves if that was the only way.

“I know what you’re thinking, but you’re wrong.”

“We’ll see,” Cara said in a wary voice.

“Seriously you’re wrong. They’re not as averse to the idea as you think Cara. And well, if they are, we’ll back off and there’s no harm.”

“No harm, no foul,” Cara said feeling a startling jolt of disappointment that in all likelihood she would not be kissing Jess any further tonight.

By the time the girls got up to Jess’ room both boys were sprawled out on her queen sized bed. Their heads huddled close together; they looked slightly guilty as if they’d been discussing something that could get them in trouble.

Cal shifted up the mattress to sprawl on the bed head spreading his arms out along the top. “Come here,” he murmured to Jess in a dreamy bedroom voice that sent a shiver down Cara’s spine. No wonder she adored that man.

Jess climbed onto the bed and moved to nestle between Cal’s spread thighs. Cara did the same, cozying up against Brian’s chest.

“So girls, why don’t you tell us what you’ve got in mind?”Cal asked.

“Actually,” Jess said in that proper English accent that Cara loved so much, “You need to tell us what you want us to do.”

“Really?” Brian said with a quick wary glance at Cal.

“Come on,” Cara said with a good natured slap on Brian’s abs, “I’m sure you’ve talked about it in detail. Why don’t you tell us? Tell us what you want to see us do.”

Cal cleared his throat and sat up moving his arms to wrap loosely around Jess’ shoulders. “Alright. I’ll start.” He looked over at Brian as he said, “Feel free to chime in whenever you want buddy.”

Cara glanced up to see Brian nod. She stroked her fingers through the dark crisp hair snaking down his stomach loving the feel of his muscles clenching tight beneath her hand. While she wanted to stroke lower and feel the growing bulge in his shorts she didn’t, she had to wait. They had a plan.

“I want to see you kiss…”

Cara interrupted with an impatient wave of her hand, “We know that Cal. We want to know the rest. Tell us the rest. Surely you want to see us do more than kiss.”

He cleared his throat again and for a moment Cara felt sorry for interrupting. He seemed so nervous, like a kid confessing, as if he might at any point get in trouble and be sent home. Cara was about to reassure him when Jess sat up, turned to face him and took both his hands in hers. maslak escort In her beautiful calm earnest tone she said quietly, “Calvin, darling, nothing you say here will affect us. I promise you. Nothing you do, nothing you say will stop me loving you. This is just fantasy, it’s playing and we can stop at any time.”

Then she got up on her knees and leaned in to kiss him. As she watched them kiss—Jess slip her pink tongue between Cal’s lips—a hot heavy feeling settled deep within Cara. A sweet heated ache at her very center that revealed a deep held secret she could no longer deny.

She wanted to watch Jess come.

She wanted to kiss Jess. Deeper than the chaste peck she planted on her in the kitchen. She wanted to plunge inside, tease her tongue, suck her lips until Jess moaned. Kiss her mouth as she stroked her clit, feel her gasps of orgasm against her lips as her pussy clenched around her fingers.

Jess broke away from the kiss and settled back on her knees, kneeling between Cal’s thighs. “Tell me.” She turned, smiled slightly and held out her hand to Cara. When their fingers were entwined she turned back to Cal and said, “Tell us. Tell us what you want.”

Calvin nodded; his words came out in a rush, “Alright then, I want to see Cara undress you. Peel back your clothes and look at you. Spend some time just lookin’ right at you—all over. I want to see her lick around your nipples, until she begs you to suck them into her mouth. When your nipples are hard and wet from her mouth I want to see her kiss her way down your stomach spread your legs and lick your pretty pussy.”

“More,” Jess prompted in a deep voice, tinged husky with desire.

Calvin looked over to Brian who nodded, cleared his throat and then said, “When she licks you. I want to see her go lower.”

“Lower?” Cara questioned, pretty sure she knew where this was going. Bri was such an ass man.

He looked down, a red flush tingeing his cheeks. “I want to you to lick her asshole.”

Cara exchanged a brief look with Jess who all but grinned.

“I’d like that Cara.”

“You would?” Both Brian and Cal parroted in shocked stereo.

“Tell me more honey,” Cara prompted, stroking her hand down his stomach. He continued, his dark lust filled eyes fixed on Cara. “When you’ve got her pretty little asshole all soft and wet I want to see you push a finger inside.”

Cara’s pussy began to throb. Her bikini bottoms were stuck hot and wet to her lips. She shifted on the bed, rolling her hips to ease the ache that his words had created.

“When your finger is wedged deep in her asshole I want to see you lick her clit. Piston your finger in and out. Fuck her asshole while you suck her clit.”

Cara had forgotten all about the experiment, all she wanted to do now was follow Brian’s instructions. Have him watch while he told her what to do to Jess.

Cara had shifted up on her knees and with single minded focus was beginning to crawl across the mattress to Jess when she heard her speak. “Stop,” she said in a breathy voice. “Remember the incentives.”

Right, the incentives.

The whole reason the four of them were here aroused and entwined on Jess’ bed. Cara stopped and sat back on her knees. Brian came up behind her pulling her up against him so she could feel the hard length of his cock on her lower back.

“What do you want us to do?” Brian asked, voice dripping with the fierce need Cara felt throb between her legs.

“Match us. Direction for direction.”

“What?” Cal asked obviously confused.

“Tit for tat,” Cara said, meeting Cal’s eyes. “What we do. You and Brian do.”

“No way!” Cal retorted, his whole body stiffening. He shifted closer to the bed head. Further away from Brian and Cara. His laconic loose limbed pose now long gone, he folded his arms across his chest in an obvious defensive action.

Jess turned to face him and placed her soft hand on his chest. “It’s OK. If you don’t want to that’s fine. We’ll end it here. Can you hand me my robe please darling? It’s hanging on the end of the bed right there.”

A battle raged in Cal’s eyes as he reached for the robe. He looked at Jess. Cara could tell that he didn’t want to cover her, didn’t want this to end, but he was clearly unsettled by the whole tit for tat idea.

Cara didn’t want it to end either. She needed some way to make Cal stay, to convince him…

It was just then she realized something. Brian had not protested. He hadn’t said a word and his cock was still pressing rock hard against Cara’s back.

Brian didn’t want it to end.

Cal had the robe in his hand; he was looking down at it, as if somehow he could find the answers in that long slip of silk.

“Wait,” Cara said moving out of Brian’s embrace. She sat down cross legged in the middle of the bed. All three sets of eyes locked on her expectantly. “Why don’t we just start and if you don’t like it…if you don’t get aroused… well we’ll stop. We’ll just stop.”

“What do you mean?” Cal asked with narrowed eyes.

“Well, it’s pretty obvious when a guy is aroused,” she said, waving a hand to Cal’s crotch, “you can’t fake that sort of thing. If you don’t like it, well, it’ll be obvious and we’ll all stop.”

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