I came in Connie

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I came in ConnieI met Murray the very first day of fifth grade. My parents had moved across town during the summer forcing me to leave my friends behind and start life at a new school. I found my desk.. sat down and wondered what would happen next. Murray sat down to my left and we have been great friends ever since. During the years of my first marriage Murray was a sympathetic ear when things weren’t going well. In fact Murray and his wife Connie let me stay in their basement when I had finally had enough and divorced that fat-ass ex wife of mine. I tried moving away several times from their home but they wouldn’t hear of it. I was the troll in their basement bedroom for seven years until I married Jodi and moved out.A word about Connie: She too was in our fifth grade class. The three of us hung with each other for all the years through to graduation. She and Murray ended up at NDSU and I went to a small college that specialized in electronics. Somewhere along the road she and Murray grew closer and fell in love. They managed to work up a couple of k**s and are absolutely head over heels in love. Connie isn’t pretty or beautiful… but she does hold down every position in the category of cute. Dusty blonde hair… a smattering of freckles… the very definition of “perky breasts”… probably no more than 120 pounds.I’ve never quite held to the notion that a guy and gal can truly have a platonic relationship but for the three of us growing up we came about as close as you can to that. Between all the antics of skinny dipping.. streaking and getting ready for other things we had all seen everything the others had. Even when I lived in their house for those years it wasn’t unusual to head up stairs for breakfast and see Connie at the table in her panties and bra after the k**s had gone off to school. They only had a shower in the bathroom I used downstairs and Connie hated baths. Murray would head off to work about 5 AM the k**s out the door at 7 Connie left at 9 nine and I worked from their kitchen table. Dozens and dozens of times she would come up from her shower in her undies… sit that the table with me and have a cup of coffee and talk to me for a while. Never any embarrassment…never any hesitation… never any quick covering up. Murray runs a truck route and at least once a week he drops by for some coffee around 7:45 and there would be Connie and I at the the table.. she in her panties and bra. She loves sheer nylon panties and keeps her blonde bush full..Murray loves it that way. Even though she is truly a blonde you can always see that shadow of that bush through the fabric. Confession: Yes… there were many times when after she left for kayseri escort work that I would jerk off to what I had seen that morning. Without a girl in my life I was horny as hell and even though we are the best of friends she is still an attractive woman and that was a pussy talking to me in those silkies. She had the morning off one day and decided to sleep in. I had told both she and Murray that I would be heading to the distribution center of my company the night before and I had no doubt she thought she had the house to herself. As per usual I was sitting at the table with my laptop when I heard a hushed groaning coming from her room. The noises got louder and louder and the bed started to bump into the wall. Gaaaaawd… I thought.. she’s masturbating!!!! I crept down the hallway to their room and could see through the crack of their door that she had a vibrator stuck deep into her cunt with her head pushed back on the pillow. She was having one great time! My dick reached maximum PSI by in a matter of seconds so I thought I would head downstairs and pull one out. I laid on my back on my bed… boner pointing to the sky… the image of Connie’s gash in my head. I decided to go slow and really enjoy myself. I used some lotion and rubbed my shaft slow and easy. Completely oblivious to anything around me. “Damn! I need more” I thought. I headed into the laundry room and found a pair of Connie’s used panties. Satiny and smelling of her pussy I went back to my bed and laid the crotch of the panties over my nose. I wanted to feel bad about taking this thing to this level… my best friends wife.. a girl I had seen naked a thousand times but now an object to jerk off to. I wanted to feel bad.. but I didn’t. The panties had moved closer to my mouth as I was stroking myself so I let my tongue start to taste what she had left behind. It was a mixture of salty…perfume… her natural musk. I explored every edge of that panty.. I ended up actually licking the crotch to taste as much of her as I could. I was holding back on cumming when I felt another hand on mine…..Ahhhhhhhh geeeeezzzzz I thought….Connie’s been watching. I was turned on and recoiling at the same time. She pulled her panties away from my eyes and as they got used to the light I could see clearly that she was in nothing but her panties. I started to sit up when she gently pushed me back down at my chest. “Let me help” she whispered into my ear. With that she pulled my hand away from my dick and started to stroke me herself. Not a minute after she touched me I sprayed cum all over both of us. She laughed and smiled at me…. “ Why did it take us so long konya escort to do this?” she asked me. I didn’t know how to answer her…. I started with clearing my throat and told her that even though we had all seen each other nude it wasn’t until just lately that she was turning me on. “ I was sitting at the kitchen table and heard some noise from your room.” I told her” I went down there to see what was happening and you were masturbating with a vibrator. I am so sorry Connie.. I know you didn’t think I was home but after that I had to do something about it.” Connie is cute.. I told you that… but the look on her face when I was explaining myself was as gorgeous as anything as I have ever seen. Her blonde hair falling from across her neck and framing her face, Her breasts hanging a foot from me. Her little panties hugging her hips… the outline of her pussy under the nylon. Even after ejaculation I was intensely turned on. My penis didn’t even go limp. Connie slid off the bed and came back with some tissues. Like a mother with a c***d she cleaned my dick… between my legs…. then her legs and stomach.“I knew you where home Paul” she mouthed to me. “I’ve wanted this to happen… Murray and I have talked about this for at least the last two years. When I realized that you hadn’t left yet I set you up.” She went on to tell me that she will tell him everything that we did and that if I were willing that he would like to watch me fuck her.Her hand touched the tip of my still hard cock as she laid tight next to me. “I love you Paul” she whispered and sighed” I have wanted this since this High School” Her fingers played with my penis as we just laid together in perfect silence. Time went by waaaaaaay too fast… I didn’t want this to end. I know Connie didn’t either. She kissed me on the cheek… then on the ear… she nuzzled her face deep into my neck and propped herself up on her elbow, Her tit now lying on my chest she rolled halfway on top of me. She kissed me more deeply than I had ever experienced in my life. My cock ached.Still in silence she moved completely on top of me…still with her mouth on mine… still sighing and breathing deeply. Her hips on my hips…her stomach on mine…her chest on mine…her lips on mine….no words between us…complete, amazing silence.She rolled ever so slightly to one side and tugged at her panties until that side was past her pussy and her knees.. She rolled to her other side and did the same. With just a few kicks and wiggles her panties were on the floor. She lined my cock and her cunt up perfectly so that with little to no effort I would be inside her. Going to her elbows izmir escort she broke the silence…”Paul… we met in 5th grade. We’ve been together for a lot of good and a lot of shit since then. But you have never, ever tried to take advantage of me” Her blue eyes were stunning… her lips were moist and perfect.. her breasts on my chest like they were designed to be there. She lowered her mouth to my ear and whispered… “Please.. come inside me.. please.” She spread her legs allowing my dick to move between them… slowly pushing herself at the elbows I felt myself touch the lips of her pussy. I could feel her pubes up against mine… she kept moving….She spoke…”Do you want me?” she asked. I nodded.. “Do you want to come inside me” she asked. I nodded. Even in the questions she kept letting me to move in. An inch… two inches… three inches… so slow… so wonderful.I know in good old porn stories there’s a lot of banging and panting and balls whacking asses. Not this time… not with Connie. The wet heat of her cunt was nothing I can describe. Her clit pushed up against the base of my shaft and with the slightest of movements she shuttered to an orgasm. A few heavy pants later I was spraying sperm deep into her. “I felt that” she cooed. “This feels so right… so wonderful” she moaned. Her elbows. now off the bed and me supporting the entire weight of her body she pushed her face to my neck. “Thank you Paul” she said…”May we do this again a few times before Murray watches us?” “I can’t see a problem with that just as long as he knows and won’t get jealous.” I responded. “I’ll take care of that” she sighed.Connie kissed me deep…long….and said…”again… let’s do this again today.” Within the hour we were back on my bed making love. With me on top and her legs over my shoulders. Having a view of her full, blonde bush like that makes me hard right now. Before the week was out we had tumbled our way through the sheets a dozen times. I had to ask if she had told Murray yet about what we were doing…”well.. yes and no. Yes, He knows we’ve fucked and he is ready to watch… No…he thinks it was just once.”“Damn Connie.. I don’t want this to break you guys up or, for that matter, break us up.” It’s hard to have conversations like this when your cum is dripping out of your best friends wife… but it needed to be had. Connie told Murray that evening that we had been together more than once and that we were ready to let him fulfill his fantasy….I was gone when she told him and was oblivious to the fact that he now knew. I walked through the door about 11PM….I could see through the window Murray sitting on the couch… Connie moving around the kitchen in the distance. I stepped in the foyer… Murray looked up at me, his glasses just barely hanging on to his nose. He glared….I could taste the air it was so thick. Connie came out from the kitchen wearing a satin slip, no bra and a smile. “Tonight” is all she said….

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