I Get to Feel Him Tonight

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I Get to Feel Him TonightMy eyes shot open. There it was again. My whole body flushed as I heard the hallway floorboard groan under his weight. His weight…. My eyes rolled back as I remembered his weight and my breath caught in my throat. Another step. I feel a surge and throb as my legs began to separate on their own. I quietly rolled to face fully down on the bed and my hips raised up in anticipation as I felt another gush begin to escape my swelling lips. The doorknob. It’s happening. After dreaming of it all week, it was finally happening again. My doubts that I wasn’t enough for him evaporated as my heavy breathing ceased, too anxious to make even the slightest noise. I feel him standing over me. My eyes are shut tight and I hope he knows how ready I am. An eternity passes as my mind races. What is he doing?? When will I feel his hands on me?? A moan breaks free of my pursed lips as I feel his warm mouth, so gently kiss my foot. It’s happening. Another kiss, And another. And a moan escapes from him as well. I can’t move, for fear of ruining everything that is happening. His tongue caresses my foot in between his kisses and GOD. he moves closer to where I need his mouth with every kiss planted. My ankle. I feel his tongue dance along the back of my calf before his faces buries itself in the crook of my knee granting me another deep kiss. His strong, large hands find both of my feet and begin to travel up my legs, just behind his mouth, massaging their way over every inch. I feel the bed sink towards the sensations and I realize he’s leaning over me and beginning to make his way on top of me. His scent finds me and I breathe it as deeply as I can, a sigh escaping me with it’s exhale. And then he needed mine as well. I feel his hot breath centimeters canlı bahis away from where I need his lips and I feel him deeply inhale my aroma, a growl escaping his lips as he exhales. I give in. Without a thought my hips thrust backwards towards his eager mouth and I bury his face in my most precious place. I hear him slurp and then that wonderful tongue flicks a hello inside of me. Again. Again. I bite down on my pillow as my noises of ecstasy and desperation overtake me. He is overtaken as well. My brain cannot process the artful dance his mouth performs in me. But. That. Oh I can process that. His finger and thumb find my throbbing clit and clamp down. He strokes her expertly as another hand pulls at my ass. His finger slips inside me and trades with his tongue as I feel the current building uncontrollably inside of me. No sooner than he had began, my lips grabbed his finger and held it deep inside me as waves of quakes shook my body. A tidal wave is released from me to the eager growls and he feverishly consumes my wet as if even a drop could not be wasted. The last quake hits me and my hips collapse. I throw away my now wet pillow and my body goes limp. I begin to drift. But his weight…. I feel it fall over me and press me into my bed. I feel his chest slide up my back and his mouth finds my shoulder. I welcome him with a deep moan, arch into him and present myself to the cock throbbing on my thighs. I desperately rock back towards him as my lips feel his tip teasing to thrust deep in me. I beg and plead with my body as his giant hand buries itself in my hair and grips tightly. His cock throbs and I feel his hot precum enter me and make the way ready. He arches up and his weight sinks into my ass, trapping me beneath him. This bahis siteleri is it. The breath shoots from my lungs as he plunges inside of me. and he keeps going. Deeper. and deeper. Breathless, I finally feel his pelvis press hard against my ass. He’s in me. All of him. Inside me. My lips squeezed his throbbing cock and pulled him in even further. Not already. The tidal wave was growing already, threatening to overtake me so soon. I’m going to……. Before my brain could think it his weight lifted and the bursting walls of my coming orgasm were given pause.My lungs begged for a breath while I could but before I pull the air in his weight crashes back down on me and he plunges deep back inside of me. My whole body fell forward against the head of my bed as another thrust took me. Another. Another. Until he plunged so deep he broke open the awaiting flood and I exploded onto his thrusting cock. The release keeps coming and I keep pouring. My hips give way and he presses me into my soaking sheets as his thrusts grow more violent. Desperate. We weren’t being quiet anymore. We sounded like wild a****ls. I pulled my arm out and over my head and I gripped the back of his hair and trapped him against me as his thrusts became deep and hard. His full weight on me, he caressed my face with his hand and his fingers traced my mouth and found my thirsty tongue. His cock surged as I pulled his finger into my mouth. He’s close. He’s ravenous. I did this to him. I do this to him. I feel his balls tighten and his cock surges again. He sounds like a savage as he pulls my head back by my hair. His other hand wraps around my throat and the hardest thrusts he can give are finally all mine. Hot. Soaking. He thrusts as deep as I go and explodes into me. A hot waterfall bahis şirketleri fills me as he collapses, limp on top of me, hands still locked around my throat and hair. FUCK. GOD. I explode with him as my hungry pussy devours his cum. Our cum streams out of me. My hips raised, our cum flows through my bush, down my thighs and onto his still pulsating balls. His cock shakes one last time as I feel it begin to give way, still buried deep inside me. He grabs my head in his two massive hands and plants a thousand kisses all over my face. He slides out of me with a slightly painful yelp as I roll over to lay side by side with him. From behind me, his arm snakes under my head as his hand grasps my breast and that strong arm pulls me up against him. The safest feeling in the world. My body trembling, he held me close while his fingers played with our cum, covering the both of us. I let out a deep sigh and snuggle in when I feel his fingers tracing my lips, covered in our sweet cum. Dutifully at first, my tongue greeted his fingers and my lips sucked them clean. His cock pulsed against my ass and a low moan came from his mouth as it hovered over my ear. His fingers found as much of our cum as they could find and fed me every last drop. His cock pulsed again and my mouth watered at the thought of cleaning him with my mouth. So gently, so slowly, my mouth traveled every inch of his cock and balls. As I licked the tip one last time, his hand lifted my chin towards his mouth. He kissed me deeply and held me close. We embraced and kissed until the sun began to creep through my bedroom curtains. The kisses slowed and his chest rose and fell, deeper and slower with each breath. And then he was asleep. As I tried to move he would wake and pull me closer, kiss me a few more times and fall back to sleep. This was just fine by me. I didn’t want to go anywhere. My eyes started to close and I snuggled deep into his chest, drifting off finally to the rhythm of his pulse and breath.

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