I have a specially prepared room just for you.

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I have a specially prepared room just for you.I have a specially prepared room just for you.I have loops in the floor and ceiling where I lead you to and show you what I intend to do.I ***** you naked and stand you in the middle of the room.Using silk scarves, I tie your ankle to the floor loops and your wrists to the ceiling loops.You are completely vulnerable but are comfortable as you stand naked and spread eagle in the middle of my room. I can walk around you 360 degrees and can inspect and enjoy your body from any angle. You look fabulous.I ***** off in front of you and show you how much I enjoy the look of your sexy form. You cannot help to notice as my **** has grown already and it is hard in no time, me thinking about the fun we are going to have…….I take another silk scarf and place it over your eyes so that your other senses become more fully aroused.Stroking you from your soft neck, down over your shoulders, round to the front and over your breasts, along your smooth flat stomach, and stopping just short of your pubic mound, I give you little goose bumps all over. You smile as I move closer and trace my finger’s route with just my soft breath.Where my fingers went, I now blow gently and your nipples strain further as your senses are wanting more.You start to moan as you feel your body wanting more.Kneeling in front of you, I can smell your sex. Your ***** is starting to blossom and show me the inner delights as your juices start to flow. I move off and all you can hear are the sounds of a box being opened, movement inside the box gives you the idea I am searching for something. Your mind goes into overdrive wondering what it is I am going to use from the box.Slowly, silently, I return to your side.You move your head trying to locate me but I am standing so still you don’t know where I am.Slap! You feel a gently tingle as I use my / your toy on you for the first time.Mmm you try to think what it is that has played across your buttocks. Lots of little strips of leather? String? Rubber? You cannot decide. “Again” you request.”Wait” is my stern reply.Instead of slapping you, I just stroke anadolu yakası escort your butt with the toy.I move it so that you can smell the materiel used. You were right the first time, soft leather thongs with small tight knots on the ends.I stroke you all over, and every now and then, give you a strike. Your **** especially like the feel as your nipples get even bigger and redden under the feel of the thongs.I bite your nipples to heighten the feelings and strike you again. Your breasts heave as you enjoy the intense feelings being rendered on them. Slap! I smack your stomach gently as I start to move down your body.I d**** the whip across your shoulder and let it slide down your back to your beautiful round bottom, which you push out for me, making it obvious you want to be spanked more across your buttocks.I return to my box of tricks and return to give you a new experience. I strike you gently and you wince in pain as I stroke away the feeling of the rose thorns across your butt. Again I strike you. Just hard enough for you to feel the thorns but not too hard as to tear the flesh of your perfect globes. Again, as I remove the rose, I stroke away the feeling, making you settle again, comfortable.I walk around to the front of you and use the rose flower to stroke your *****. I place the rose gently between your legs and stroke forward along the smooth lips of your *****, coating the rose in your juice.I bring it up to your nose so that you can for the first time smell your sex, mingled with the scent of the flower.I stroke your nipples with the rose and coat your breasts with your juice, which I take no time at all in licking off. You writhe beneath the feel of my tongue on your breasts. Kneeling slowly in front of you I move my nose closer to your sex and smell how good your scent is and how wet you are. I flick my tongue out and for a split second it touches your **** making you jump. I move round behind you and lick your butt all over lapping at your gorgeous mounds of flesh. Spreading your butt cheeks, I make you stick it out towards ataşehir escort me, giving me easy access to your arse. I start to lick around your ring, ******* you expertly as you start to move your hips, pushing back towards me as much as you can. Moving further under you, I lick along the open glistening lips of your *****, spreading your juices back towards your bum hole. Before long your entire ***** and bum area are slippery and glistening with juice. I move off again, very, very slowly so as not to make a sound. Standing a little way from you, I see you are quivering with excitement, not knowing what will happen next. Returning to your side, I whisper in yor ear, “relax and enjoy”. You groan with expectation but still don’t know what is going to happen. Before long, you can feel what I have in mind. You can feel pressure against your bum hole. With your lubrication, I push gently and ease a ***** into your butt. That’s not all, almost immediately you feel pressure on your ***** and I push the other end of a double ***** into your warm willing *****. With both holes filled you start to writhe and moan with pleasure. I reach under you and move the ***** back and forth so as it moves out of your arse, it moves into your *****. I sit between your legs and as I play with your *****, I lick and suck your ****. Your little button ias grown so big that I can almost give you head. As I play with your insides and your ****, you quickly build up a huge ******. I can feel it coming as your holes get tighter, gripping on the *****, making it harder for me to move in and out. Licking frantically, I bring you to the very brink of your ******. I STOP THERE. remove the ***** and move away. Straining against the silk, you writhe and scream for me to continue. Standing on front of you I can see the beginnings of sex sweat budding on your breasts and ***** mound. You are sooooo close to *******. I move close to you and hold you right as I move your nips towards mine. My throbbing ****, which has been waiting for action for so long, enters you with easy. I **** you hard and ümraniye escort fast. Because I have been so turned on by my own actions I don’t last too ling, Just long enough to bring you off and we join in unison of a massive ******. I come out of you and scoop my *** from inside you. “Let me eat it” you ask. I am more than happy to let you eat my *** from my fingers as I slowly, gently stroke yur **** and *****, spreading the rest of our mixed juices around you as you come down.(The following has been inspired and suggested by New Chrissy)But you’re not ready for me to let you down! You’re in the perfect position for me to raise a double ***** seat underneath you that takes the weight off your wrists and lets you lift yourself up & down with your arms without being able to get off the seat while I whip you to keep you wiggling around on the large up-right ******!As your arms & legs tire the bumpy ****** are going deeper & deeper and their strokes are getting longer & longer inside your ***** & my ***! The whipping I am giving you all over your body is making you move up & down on them faster!! But the two ****** are getting thicker as you get nearer their base and suddenly you feel hard rubber spikes stimulating your labia which cause you to jerk back off them quickly!!!You cannot let yourself sit all the way down but soon you’ll have to! Because now I am attaching a powerful vibrator to the front of the seat so your swollen & protruding **** is pressing & rubbing against it as you squirm & bounce more & more wildly up & down!! You know that when you *** your arm & leg muscles will momentarily lose their strength and your body will settle fully onto the ****** and your weight will press your labia down into the spiked seat!!!You’re exhausted and still riding on the spiked ***** seat with the vibrator relentlessly assaulting your over-sensitive ****! Am I going to help you down or just untie your wrists so you have to stay seated on it even longer? As you collapse, I catch you in my arms and carry to my bedroom.I run the en suite bath, and carry you in, lie you in the water and tenderly wash you all over, concentrating on your breasts and around your *****.Rinsing you off, I again, pick you up, lay you on the bed and use my fluffiest towel to dry your tender body.Laying beside you I can feel how warm you are. I cover us both in silk sheets as you turn on your side, place one arm over my chest and fall gently to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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