I Hit a Grand Slam in Seattle!

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This is an adult sex story; all the characters are of the age of consent or older.

Please read my previous story “Why I Eat a Lot of Pussy” for background.

Thanks for your views and votes.


It was Friday night in Seattle.


We had flown up the evening before from Los Angeles, first landing to drop off Catherine’s daughters in Vancouver so they could spend a long weekend with their father, Rick.

Catherine’s daughters would also be spending time with Maria (the Maid); as you recall she was the subject of my first few stories.

Having dropped off the kids, we (Catherine, my wife; Julie, my VP of Organizational Development and I) then flew south to Seattle, for business and for pleasure.

After an incredible night filled with several vigorous sex sessions but ending in a strange conversation with Julie, I sent her to Las Vegas.

You can read about that night in my previous story “Why I Eat a Lot of Pussy.”

On Friday morning, I was pumped, having cum several times into a very tight pussy.

Julie was already on her way to Las Vegas with Cordelia.

I am sure I was dripping out of Julie’s pussy.

I had a full day of business meetings scheduled.

Having worked out, shit, showered and shaved; got dressed and delivered coffee (with lots of cream and sugar) to my just waking pregnant bride; I kissed her goodbye and headed downstairs to drive to my first meeting of the day.

Then I ran into Janet (the MILF) in the hotel lobby (surprise!).

She was waiting for me.

It was an ambush.

We kissed hello and held each other like the lovers we were (or had been).

And, holding each other, Janet burst into tears.

“What’s the matter? What’s with the waterworks?”

From a huge smile to a hungry, deep French kiss to tears in less than a minute.

What the hell was going on?

Janet whispered to me “I’m pregnant.”

I didn’t know what to say so out of my mouth was “Oh…”

Janet started sobbing.

“This is the last thing I expected Jack…”

Well, me too (!) I wanted to say but I just held her tight as she cried.

Thank God she wasn’t wailing.

The hotel lobby was deserted at this early hour and we were in a secluded corner, standing, holding each other.

When the crying died down a bit, I figured it was time to man up to my responsibilities as the father of Janet’s baby.

I was certain I was the only one who had been inside of her in the last six months or so.

Candidly, I was shocked but I took in stride, I held her close as the tears rained down and I simply said “It’s going to be a beautiful baby. With parents that love …” and then I awkwardly I shut up because I didn’t know the sex of the child.

Tears streaming down her face, Janet whispered into my ear “It’s a little boy Jack. I always wanted a little boy.”

I smiled and kissed her though her tears.

I liked the way Janet felt in my arms; she had a great body with very firm, very generous breasts.

She always had on a perfume, a fragrance, that brought blood to my penis and she knew as she dabbed it behind her ears the impact it had on me.

She could feel it … me … even now.

She smiled, wiping away the tears and smearing her makeup.

She still looked gorgeous.

As I held her, waiting for her tears to end, I was wondering what Catherine, my pregnant wife, would say to me.

Janet broke the spell and answered the question by saying “Catherine thinks it’s great Jack. Our two boys will grow up together and be brothers. They’ll have each other.”

We just held each other for a few minutes, not saying anything while I took it all in.

And, being I was so close to a woman with a knockout figure, I my already big woody got bigger and stronger in the process.

Janet felt my hardness, rubbed oh so slightly against me and whispered “I want some of that man meat.”

I laughed kissed her and said “Let’s go to your room.”

Janet pulled me in for a kiss and said “You’re my dream come true Jack Colton. I love you.”

With that, hand in hand, we went up to her room where Janet proceeded to suck me off.

I’m sure she knew she was helping me as much as she was helping herself.

She knew I had to get to the dealership so I didn’t resort to reciting baseball statistics in my head or counting backward to keep from coming too soon.

I was hard when she pulled down my slacks and my underwear and she went to town using all the tools she had available.

I was able to get the tip of my penis into the top of her tight throat and I smiled as I knew Janet had been practicing deep throating because she knew I wanted her to take me deep and God bless her, she was getting there.

In no time flat I was coming deep into her mouth as she swallowed.

Janet chugged all of it, smiled, and then cleaned me with a warm wet wash cloth.

She zipped me up, tucked in my shirt, straightened my tie and kissed me.

I could taste myself as we swapped spit.

Hell, it’s my cum; what’s the big gaziantep escort reklamları deal.

I was ready for my meeting.

Janet headed up to see Catherine and then to go shopping for maternity clothes (what the else do women do) and I proceeded to spend the entire day in state of semi-shock after Janet told me she was pregnant.

Somehow I stumbled through the day, and reported to Catherine when I got back to the hotel that it was a productive day.

She took me by the hand and we spent the late afternoon in bed together, fucking like animals as the rain came down.

“Are you satisfied lover?” Catherine asked me as we lay nude in the big bed, listening to the fat rain drops hitting the window.

“I sure am” I replied. I was ready for a nap.

“I think you need a shower before dinner.”

I nodded, my eyes closed.

Catherine, meanwhile, was tapping out a text message.

“What are you doing?” I asked her.

“You’ll see.”

I laid there, almost drifting off to sleep when there was a knock on the door and I heard someone enter the suite.

Catherine got out of bed and then I heard a second voice say softly “Jack, can I take a shower with you?”

It was Janet.

Smiling, I opened my eyes and found my wife and my girlfriend? mistress? both naked, holding each other and looking at me as I lay nude on the bed, my soft cock hanging to the left.

Before I could answer Catherine said “Jack, you’ll really be smiling after Janet cleans you off with her tongue.”

With that my cock jumped in anticipation of a blow job and both ladies laughed.

I fucked Janet in the shower.

It was a productive day for sure.

I didn’t know the half of it.

I was productive and prolific.


The dealership had a luxury box at CenturyLink Field so we the weekend revolved around watching the Seattle Seahawks play the Dallas Cowboys in an NFL playoff game.

In addition to me and the ladies, we had invited some fleet managers and their families from our client companies to thank them for their business.

On Friday night Missy met Catherine for the first time and Missy knew without a word being spoken what was expected of her between the sheets.

Or should I say, between the thighs?

The four of us had a nice dinner with lots of stories and laughs and then Catherine excused herself and headed upstairs to our suite, hand in hand with Missy.

Janet and I stayed behind, finishing our coffees.

Janet knew she’d be sleeping alone that night (at least for awhile) and she had her hand on my thigh under the table, not just getting me hard but keeping me hard, teasing me with those fingernails.

“Are you jealous?” I asked Janet as Catherine and Missy walked out of the restaurant.

“No” laughed Janet. “I got what I wanted and if I have to eat some pussy for it, I’ll eat pussy all day long to be with you” and with that she took my hand and placed it on her still flat tummy.

It wouldn’t be flat for much longer.

I smiled and she followed with “I wanted you and your baby from the moment I laid eyes on you at the country club. You got me so hot I had to go into the ladies room and rub one out.”

This time is was my turn to laugh.

“I had no idea.”

Janet smiled and continued “And when I got home that night after the dance my stupid soon to be ex was snoring away in bed so I took my vibrator to the guest bedroom and played with myself all night long, pretending you were fucking me.”

I had no idea that I had that kind of impact on a woman.

Never before in my life had women fallen all over me, in search of a kiss or a hard dick.


Upstairs in the suite, there wasn’t much of a seduction; Missy was so grateful to Catherine and to me for what we had done for her she started out undressing herself and then undressing Catherine and they bathed together.

Two gorgeous women bathing together; the mere thought of it got me hard.

I found out later what the discussion in the tub was about.

You will too. It was about me being prolific.

When I got back to the room, a nude Missy greeted me at the door with a nothing but a smile and a deep French kiss.

I took in the sight of this hot nude babe and my heart skipped a beat.

She was amazingly, incredibly beautiful.

Missy whispered to me “You’re still dripping out of me. I want another deposit, please. Soon.”

Laughing, teasing, she took me by the hand to the bedroom.

She undressed me while Catherine looked on in amusement from the bed.

As my clothes came off between Missy’s kisses and Catherine’s laughs, I became hard in anticipation of getting my dick wet.

Catherine encouraged Missy to get me bigger, harder and very wet.

Missy wasted no time dropping to her knees, proceeding to give my rising cock a warm welcome French kiss of its own and some outstanding tongue action up and down the shaft.

Catherine instructed Missy to pay extra special attention to my balls.

“Jack loves to have his balls licked” she told Missy “because then he shoots a big load of cum. Jack loves to cum.”

Missy needed no other encouragement.

Grinning up at me, she went to town on my baby batter producers like she was eating dessert.

I was instructed by Catherine to take Missy from behind while she lapped at Catherine’s wet, cream filled pussy.

In anticipation and preparation for her fucking, Missy got up on her knees, spread her legs, and slowly rubbed her pussy.

She was a horny girl and she wanted me. I had fucked Missy all night long on Wednesday and took her again on the plane ride back to LA.

(That’s the thing about sex; if you don’t have it you don’t miss it so much as when you have it frequently – having it a lot means you want it more).

Catherine looked up at my bobbing cock and smiled, then reached down to pull Missy’s hand away from her pussy.

“Honey, let Jack take care of you and you take care of me.”

Missy grinned again and with my left hand I spread her cheeks.

Missy didn’t say anything but she jumped when my cockhead touched her now exposed rosebud.

Catherine saw what I was doing (I was teasing Missy) and she took me to task.

“Can’t you see how worked up she is Jack? Put that thing into her poor pussy and give her some relief.”

I took my cock out of Missy’s butt crack and I ran the tip up and down her moist and puffy slit, getting her ready for my “grand” entrance.

I could smell her and I loved the sight: ass up and head down, ready to receive me.

Missy responded to my cock massage by trying to push back so I would enter her.

I took her by the hips to control her movements and just let my cock rub all along her now wet slit.

“Just let him pleasure you” whispered Catherine to Missy.

Missy responded by licking Catherine across the bottom of her growing belly; then headed south to Catherine’s Promised Land.

I watched Catherine’s face as Missy focused on Catherine’s bare honey pot.

Missy had learned a lot in her sessions eating Cordelia’s hairy snatch.

Missy had become quite the practiced slit licker.

My wife was in heaven.

Catherine’s right hand went up to hold Missy’s head to her crotch.

Yes, Catherine liked dick, my dick, but having her pussy eaten was a strong number two on her list.

Some days I’d bet Catherine would rank having her pussy eaten by a female higher than getting fucked by me, her husband.

I could sense that Catherine was right; Missy was very worked up.

Missy’s female fragrance was literally filling the room.

She was hot to trot.

And her pussy was getting moist. Add a hard cock and it would be wet, very wet.

Missy groaned as my cockhead slowly pushed into her tight lips.

Missy shuddered and groaned a second time as I got maybe half an inch into the pleasure cave.

Damn she felt great – it was all I could do not to shove my cock all the way inside of her.

It took great restraint not to go balls deep with a single push.

Looking down I could see that Catherine and Missy had locked eyes.

“He’s the best, isn’t he?” Catherine whispered to Missy as she groaned a third time in response to my bulbous head penetrating her.

“Don’t you just love his cock?” Catherine asked.

With a mouthful of pussy, Missy couldn’t answer but Catherine already knew the answer.

Missy squirmed a bit, the pleasure of my dick in her pussy was almost indescribable and she was trying hard not to come again; we both knew she was highly orgasmic but she’d never been in a threesome before and didn’t know what was the proper etiquette.

I had let her shudder and quiver through that first little death and then I slowly, oh so slowly, I pushed in, savoring every second as I dragged out the reintroduction of my hard cock into her exquisite pussy.

It was my pussy to take.

It was my exclusive pussy to fuck.

I know what Missy wanted; she wanted me to enter her quickly and to go deep.

Balls deep was how she wanted it.

She tried to push back into me, to impale herself on me but with my hands on her hips I controlled her movement.

Missy groaned in protest.

She whimpered in want … in need … for my cock.

To go deeper to fully satisfy her.

Then she swore.

Catherine looked at me and we both smiled.

It was pure torture for Missy.

The best kind.

She wiggled her ass; it was all she could do to encourage me on; to fuck her completely and fully.

Catherine responded by whispering to Missy “You’ll be coming soon enough, now get licking before I have Jack stick that big hard cock in your ass without any lube!”

Missy didn’t need any more motivation to take care of my wife.

Catherine did not want me to come in Missy; just bring her to a nice orgasm or two so she’d be rewarded for her first licking of Catherine’s bare snatch.

I did just that, although it was very challenging not to nut inside of Missy.

Please know that I am not bragging but I have a lot of self control when it comes to sex.

I’ve been fortunate in that regard, most of the time I can go like the Energizer Bunny, bringing my partner to orgasm after orgasm before I shoot my wad.

But lately, and maybe it was because the women were hotter, or because I was in love with them, or maybe because I was feeling the biological need to have a baby (or two) I was starting to lose my sense of confidence when I came to making love for long periods of time.

It had only been two nights ago I went all night long with Missy.

And just the night before all night long with Julie.

I didn’t have any issues those two nights but tonight I was struggling to keep from coming too soon.

In any event, whatever the reason, I was “Under Siege” (great movie BTW) and sex with Missy was … challenging.

Missy’s pussy was unbelievably tight, wet, hot and it was pulsating in such a way that she was milking my cock as I fucked her.

I’d never felt that sensation on my cock before.

It was an incredibly pleasurable feeling.

Whatever she was doing it was working.

It felt as if she was milking my cock, from base to tip, with the goal of having me cum deep into her.

I’d spent Wednesday night with Missy and was with her again on the plane to LA but she never moved like this.

Where the hell did she learn this?

From whom?


I had to pull out twice to keep from coming, although Missy did get her orgasms and when they hit, she responded loudly and with gusto.

Catherine came twice thanks to Missy’s tongue and then with the assistance of Missy, who cleaned my cock of her own juices and then guided my penis into my bride’s now wet pussy, I got my reward by delivering a nice load into Catherine.

Panting I rolled off of Catherine and she snuggled up to me, encouraging Missy to lick me to hardness again.

Missy silently licked me large, tasting Catherine on my cock.

Catherine was soon snoring. Being pregnant makes you horny and tired.

I took Missy by the hand out of the master bedroom of the suite and into the second bedroom.

Missy only wanted me in her pussy that night, and I accommodated her, coming four times between 11pm and 4am, when I made it back to my sleeping wife.

As I fell asleep, I counted that I had been with four women in 24 hours.

A Grand Slam.

Two were pregnant, in need of cock to deal with ranging hormones.

And two others, well, I found out later they wanted me to make them pregnant.


The next morning Catherine shared with me that Missy was the best pussy eater on the planet and she wanted her near us, in LA, because she wanted Missy licking her often.

I nodded and said “Yes dear.”

The two pregnancies were an open topic for the first time at breakfast; Missy was wide eyed and looked at me with a new measure of respect, maybe admiration (?) at my male prowess.

Later that night when I was with Missy she displayed a renewed sense of sexual enthusiasm with me.

It was almost like she was fucking me to prove a point or to win at something.

What was that all about I wondered after I finished dropping load after load into her.

I didn’t care all that much and I had nothing really to complain about.

Life was good, very good.

As Chico Escuela from Saturday Night Live used to say “Baseball been berry, berry good to me.”


While I was in Seattle, I had all the wheels turning for the embezzlement investigation on Cordelia and her live in boyfriend.

Not only had they shaken down most of the suppliers for cash rebates, the two of them had placed about twenty “ghosts” on the payroll and had filed income tax returns on those fake employees.

They had stolen hundreds of thousands of dollars in new parts from the dealership service department then turned around and sold them on Amazon.

They had wired out a lot of cash out of the country to Mexico where we learned they were having a house built on the beach.

Needless to say, there were many law enforcement agencies involved.

Cordelia’s boyfriend had been arrested and was sitting in jail; he could not make bond.

I advised the law enforcement agencies through my local Seattle attorney that Cordelia would be returning to Washington State on a specific date and that she could be arrested at the airport.

I wanted Cordelia to finish her little assignment in Las Vegas before she started her career in the auto industry making license plates in prison.

The forensic accounting exercise also surfaced a conspiracy at the dealership; several people working there were in cahoots with Cordelia.

We held off firing them until the DA filed criminal charges of grand theft and the Feds were looking at money laundering charges.

Theft happens a lot in businesses.

All too often the owner puts individuals in a position of trust who then abuse that trust and start stealing.

When nothing happens, when no one notices, the thievery not only continues, it grows.

That is what happened with Cordelia.

The employment agency that did the background check only did a criminal records check for Kings County, which yielded nothing.

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