I Married the Latina High School Cum-Dump

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The high school years can be very challenging as we grow and learn to compete and get along socially with our classmates. Some of the athletes and other popular kids seem to have it easier than boys like me who are from low-income families, awkward socially and not very athletic. Some kids also move on from those early experiences, both good and bad, better than others. This story describes how the behavioral patterns that I established in high school have dominated my life as an adult.My name is David, and my wife, Marcella, and I are forty-one years old and now live in an affluent suburb of Oklahoma City. Our twin daughters just graduated from high school and are headed to college out of state. Now that we are empty-nesters, it will be easier for us to continue and even intensify our already active, cuckold lifestyle. Marcella, who most people call Marci, and I grew up as neighbors, and this story begins there.I was only nine years old when my parents moved our family into our first home in the Oklahoma City area. Dad and Mom both work at blue collar jobs and we struggled financially. It was a big deal for us to move out of an apartment and into our modest home. Soon after we moved in, Marci and her family moved in next door to us. She is an only child of a Columbian father and Mexican mother, both of whom have low-paying jobs.Marci is my age and we became the best of friends, right from the start. She and I were home alone a lot when our parents worked long hours, sometimes at two jobs each. Even at that young age I realized how special she is. Marci was then and still is very pretty, and her outgoing, bubbly personality is a contrast to my backward and socially shy demeanor.Our lower-income homes were two of only five homes is in the same school district as several affluent communities. So, from a young age we went to school with mostly well-to-do kids. We weren’t treated very differently in elementary school, but in middle school the other kids started to regard us as lower class. We couldn’t afford the latest clothing fashions and our parents weren’t a part of the social circles that the other kids’ parents participated in. In addition, Marci was also looked down upon because of her Latin heritage and darker skin color.Marci and I were obviously immature and somewhat shallow in our perspectives on life at that time. We were both good students and helped one another in our studies, but we still yearned to be accepted by and to be a part of the popular groups of kids. Marci, with her effervescent personality, had a better chance than I did, and she still wasn’t accepted that well by the kids, due in part to her ethnicity. I’m not very athletic and didn’t interact well with the other boys, so it was even harder for me.My friendship with Marci became stronger as we entered high school and we were spending much more time together studying. I was beginning to develop strong feelings for her, even though she always saw me as just a very special friend. She would even talk with me about other boys that she had crushes on to get my opinion of them. She didn’t have any close girl friends to talk to about the boys. That put me in the uncomfortable position of having to give advice about other boys to the girl that I had a crush on.Those experiences with Marci are the first where I remember feeling somehow inadequate at having to take a less important role in her life. It hurt to be ignored as a possible boyfriend for her. Though, there was also a feeling of comfort that I was close to her as a good friend and didn’t need to try to compete with the other boys for her friendship.Nothing much changed in our social situation in school until the beginning of our junior year. We both turned sixteen over the summer after our sophomore year, and Marci matured into a beautiful and sexy girl. Her shoulder-length, raven-black hair contrasted perfectly with her medium-olive complexion and light-brown eyes. She is five feet and five inches tall and weighed about one hundred and ten pounds. The most impressive things about her transformation were her full and firm, 34DD breasts and perfectly shaped, firm, and protruding Latina ass.Almost overnight she had turned into a voluptuous woman, and my alsancak escort previous Platonic feelings for her were becoming intensely sexualized. She also attracted a lot of attention from the athletes and popular junior and senior boys. Many of those boys talked with her at school and asked her out. She told me about all those discussions, and it was plainly obvious that those boys had superficially gotten over their prejudices about Latinas, due in large part to her voluptuous body.Marci started dating Jimmy, one of the captains of the football team. Then she dated several of the other football players. However, none of those boys were exclusively dating Marci, and they still had other girlfriends. We still spent time together studying, and I sensed subtle changes in her demeanor. She seemed worldlier and very absorbed in her new social status of dating the popular boys.I started to suspect that Marci was having sex with all those boys and became concerned about how they were treating her. One day after school we were over at her house alone, studying on the couch, when she told me, “You know, David, I really like dating those popular boys and feeling like I’m a part of their group, even though it seems like they’re ashamed to be seen with me. They only take me to the drive-in movies where very few people will see us together. Most of the time it seems that all they are interested in is having sex with me.”My relationship with Marci was such that we were able to have candid conversations about everything, including sex. I knew that she had been a virgin and wasn’t on any birth control. I responded, “I know how you feel, Marci. We both want to be accepted by those popular kids. I just don’t think you’ll achieve that by having sex with them. I think they’ll just try to take advantage of your desire to fit in and use you for sex, without caring the slightest about your feelings. And are you implying that you are having sex with them? As far as I know you aren’t even on any birth control. Please think hard about this, Marci. I really care for you and don’t want to see you hurt by them.”After my comments Marci hung her head like she was ashamed. Then she looked up at me with tears in her eyes and said, “I know that you care for me, David, and I also care for you. It’s just that I’ve always seen our relationship as just being good friends. I didn’t intend to have sex with Jimmy or the other boys. I was star struck being out with Jimmy on our first date at the drive-in and wanted to please him. We were in the back seat of his car, and when he leaned over to give me my first kiss ever, I let him do it. I loved feeling his lips on mine, and when he pushed his tongue into my mouth I kissed him back the same way.”She paused for a moment to check my reaction and then continued, “I never knew that a kiss could make my passions rise so quickly. I didn’t realize at first what was happening when he pushed me back on the seat with us on our sides, still kissing me, and began to rub my breasts. My tits are very sensitive, and I became even more turned on as he fondled them.””He was also getting turned on and was humping against me as he broke our kiss momentarily and said, ‘Damn, Marci, you’ve got amazing tits and I’ve wanted to touch them ever since school started this year. Now I’ve got to taste these big hooters.’ After that he pushed up my shirt, and I didn’t even try to stop him.”Marci saw that I was tearing up a little, so she held my hand and said, “I’m sorry if this is upsetting you, David, but I want you to know everything. Jimmy started sucking my nipples and areolas and that got me even more aroused. My pussy was getting wet and tingly just from him sucking my breasts. I held his head against my breasts and the car windows were getting steamed up. Due to the difference in our heights and his position sucking me, he was pressing his hard cock against my leg as he began rubbing my ass.”“After alternately sucking my breasts for at least twenty minutes, I was putty in his hands. He slid back up to kiss me as he moved his hand between my legs and began rubbing my pussy over my pants. At the same time, he took my hand in his and placed it on the alsancak escort bayan very large lump in his pants. I had never seen a cock before, except for the pictures in sex education class, and had definitely never felt one. I rubbed his lump and it felt huge to me.”Marci’s description of her first sexual experience with Jimmy was surprisingly turning me on. I still don’t know why hearing about another boy having sex with the girl I almost worshipped was arousing to me. Maybe I was seeing myself in his place as the one giving her such pleasure. Or, maybe I was taking his actions as some kind of affirmation of how hot Marci is.I didn’t realize that I was rubbing my dick until she said, “Fuck, David, I didn’t know that my comments would turn you on so much. You said that you cared for me, but now you’re rubbing yourself as I’m telling you about it. What the fuck is that all about?”I didn’t want to admit that the vision of her with Jimmy was exciting to me. I also didn’t understand why it was affecting me that way, so I lied and said, “I don’t know, Marci. I didn’t even realize that I was doing that. Maybe it’s because I’ve never had sex and the way you are talking about it is kind of exciting to me. Please go ahead and tell me the rest.”Marci just rolled her eyes at me and continued, “Well, Jimmy was breathing very hard and still probing my mouth with his tongue. Then he started to unfasten and push down my pants and underwear, and I didn’t resist him. I lifted to help him and smelled the aroma of my wet pussy when he pushed my pants all the way off. I also helped him unfasten his pants and he lifted as we slid them down. He started fingering my pussy as I gripped his rock-hard cock. My hand just barely fit around his shaft, and I felt his wet foreskin sliding back and forth as I stroked him.”I had begun rubbing my dick again and Marci moved next to me on the couch and began rubbing my dick, with my pants still on. Then she said, “If hearing about this gets you so excited, I might as well help you out with it. So, any way, after fondling one another for a few minutes, Jimmy pulled us up so we were sitting on the seat, and my hand was still gripping his thick cock. Then he placed his hand behind my head and began pushing my mouth down towards his cock as he said, ‘That’s it, Marci, you little slut, get on down there and suck it for me.’”“It’s hard for me to understand it, but him calling me a slut made me want to please him even more. There was enough ambient light that I saw his cock had to be about nine inches long, and the head and foreskin were covered with precum. I opened wide and sucked his cock head into my mouth. The precum tasted salty and a little bitter, and I loved the feeling of his hot, thick cock in my mouth. Even though that was a new experience and seemed so nasty, I instinctively knew how to suck and move my mouth to give him the most pleasure.”“I didn’t know if Jimmy intended to cum into my mouth or fuck me, and I was willing and anxious to give him anything he wanted from me. He didn’t ask whether I was on birth control or if that was my first time. I wasn’t on birth control, but I had finished my period just the day before, and I knew that I was in my safe time. I had also previously broken my hymen with my fingers, so we didn’t need to worry about making a bloody mess on his car seat.”“Jimmy was becoming more aggressive fucking into my mouth and I guessed that he must be close to ejaculating. That’s when he pulled me off his cock and pushed me back on the seat saying, ‘Spread those pretty brown legs for me, Marci. I want my first load of fuck juice to be spray into that hairy snatch of yours’. He then moved above me and pressed the head of his massive cock against my labia. I tried to kiss him again, but he turned away, probably because I had just been sucking his cock. He kept pushing as I swiveled my hips against his hard meat, and it began to slip into my pussy.”Marci was still rubbing my dick with it in my pants, and I was getting close to ejaculating. I pushed her hand away for a moment to unfasten and lower my pants and underwear, and then moved her hand back. It felt so good having her stroke me bare. escort alsancak Since my hard dick is uncircumcised and only four and a half inches long and thin, it was almost as if I subconsciously wanted to put myself in a position to be embarrassed and demeaned when I said, “Marci, you describe Jimmy’s cock as being so huge. How do you compare mine to the way his felt in your hand?”We were both so young and inexperienced, and I don’t think that Marci understood how much a boy’s ego and self-esteem were impacted by the size of his genitals. She looked down at my dick in her hand and responded, “Oh my, David, his is so much bigger. It’s twice as long and so thick that my fingers don’t quite touch when gripping his shaft. His is so heavy and meaty compared to yours, and his long, thick foreskin makes it seem even thicker. His friends Tommy, Mike and Larry also have much bigger cocks than yours, and all of those boys have huge balls.”I was humiliated by her comments, but for reasons I didn’t understand at the time, I was also aroused at being compared to those other boys in such a humbling way. I didn’t want to let her know how envious I was of those boys and how I felt so inadequate by comparison to them. So, I replied, “Damn, Marci, their cocks sound pretty impressive, and I guess I can see how you’d like the bigger ones. If you don’t mind though, I hope you’ll keep stroking my little dick as you finish your story.”Marci continued, “Let’s see, where was I? Oh yeah, I was feeling a lot of pressure and some pain as he continued shoving his cock into me. After all, that was my first time, and it took a while to get used to his very thick shaft. At one point Jimmy said, ‘Damn, Marci, your pussy is so tight on my cock. Are you a virgin or something?’ I let him know that I was a virgin and he needed to take it easy with me. Instead, it seemed to turn him on even more knowing that he was my first fuck. He kept pressing his cock into me, and finally something shifted inside and he was in me to the balls.”She leaned down and licked the precum off my dick as she continued to stroke me and then said, “And oh fuck, David, It’s hard to describe how good it felt having my pussy filled with Jimmy’s big cock. He started fucking me and I had my first of many orgasms. He was pounding me so hard that my big tits were jiggling and swaying on my chest. He fucked me that way for about five minutes, and was gasping as he said, “Get ready for my cum, bitch. My friends were right that you Latina chicks have big tits, nice asses, and are great fucks. Oh fuck, I’m cummminnggg!’”“I felt his big cock throbbing and jerking, buried to the balls in my pussy, and knew that he was spraying his load of fuck juice right into my cervix. I had another huge orgasm as he continued inseminating me. Then he collapsed on top of me, still slowly thrusting his softening cock in my well-fucked vagina.”When Marci described the feeling of Jimmy’s cum shooting into her pussy that put me past the point of no return. I covered her hand with mine to control the rhythm of her stroking and my dick began to spasm. Marci looked down and smiled as she saw me spray several spurts of cum onto my shirt. I leaned back with my eyes closed to savor the moment, and then felt Marci lean down to lick the semen off my shirt.I looked at her in disbelief as she said, “That was amazing watching you shoot your load, David. I’ve never seen a cock ejaculate before since those boys always cum into my pussy. And I loved the taste of your cum.”Then Marci leaned down farther and sucked my still-oozing, cum-covered dick into her mouth and sucked until my dick was clean and soft. I was still in the after-glow of my ejaculation and said, “Marci, you mentioned that all of those boys have fucked you. How and when did that happen, and what are you doing for protection?”She responded, “After my first date with Jimmy, I knew that I loved being fucked and intended to do it much more. My parents would never approve of me getting birth control, so I went to the free clinic in the city and got a prescription for birth control pills. Jimmy continued to take me out, always to the drive-in.””He sucked my tits and I sucked his cock and balls every time, to get started, and then we usually fucked two or three times. I just loved the smell and taste of his cock, and then the feeling of his thick meat in my pussy. And I just love feeling his cum shooting into my pussy. There’s just something about being inseminated and taking his fuck fluids into my body that turns me on.”

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