I never even asked for his name – part 2

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I never even asked for his name – part 2Sex: it’s probably, no … definitely the most intimate bodily activity that you can undertake with another human being – besides giving birth to one I guess! And yet, we can sometimes indulge in sexual acts with strangers with very little preamble.As for the nudity that’s required for (most) sexual contact, well most of us spend a good deal of our lives fully clothed in order to protect visual access to our most personal bodily parts. I guess they’re called our “private parts” for a good reason! We can know people for many, many years and yet they will likely never see our ‘privates’. And yet, given the right circumstances, ‘strangers’ can see our genitals with no real thought being given. For instance, most men will have no qualms about being naked around other men in environments such as gym changing facilities, and in some establishments even the communal showers. Such exposure is usually well tolerated, and is probably secretly welcomed. After all, if you’ve spent so much time honing your body, you want others to be able to admire it, right?Another place that commands such exposure, though on the micro level, is public toilets – loos, restrooms, conveniences, kaçak iddaa WC or whatever they’re referred to in your particular community. They’re there for a reason, to facilitate basic bodily need and function. And they break that general firm rule of society – to ‘keep your privates private’. Men expose their penis in order to urinate. They may be physically shielded from ‘prying eyes’ with small modesty screens, or they may be totally exposed depending on the facility. But the dick is exposed. And that basic fact has been the mainstay of anonymous, ‘quickie’ sex from the moment the first public convenience was opened.You’ll recall from the first part of this narrative that I was introduced to the delights that could be available in public toilets given the right circumstances. What I didn’t know then was the there was a definite ‘rule book’ of knowledge that needs to be acquired, understood and closely adhered to. No, this book wasn’t on the shelf of any library I ever went to and certainly, no one hands you a copy from their jeans’ pocket whist you sucked them off! No, this set of rules had to be gained by experience. By watching. By deduction. By trial and (sometimes embarrassing) error.Basic rules:Don’t kaçak bahis look at anyone unless you’re sure they’re ‘on’ i.e. willing to engage in sexual activity, even if that’s voyeurism.Don’t make it too obvious that you’re not pissing, but waiting…Don’t engage anyone in small talk – guys ashamed of pissing in public do that, in factDon’t talk at all unless absolutely necessaryDon’t follow anyone in, or out, unless they’ve signalled they want you to.Don’t stay in there too long, casual observers might wonder why you’re in taking such timeDon’t expect to get fuckedDon’t expect to kiss or be kissed – ostensibly straight guys looking for relief don’t generally kiss other menDon’t leave obvious sperm trails, pools etc – that kinda gives the game away!Believe me, that list isn’t exhaustive! What I found is that if you transgressed the ‘rules’, some of the more experienced guys would quickly make it obvious to you.Generally, most men who have sex in toilets prefer the ‘eat in’ rather than the ‘take out’ approach to their sexual encounters. I found that those who identified as ‘straight’ preferred to stay there for their sex experience, and gay guys would sometimes be happy to invite you to their home illegal bahis for ‘a session’. I learned that straight fellas tended to visit on their way home from work. They probably weren’t ‘getting any from the wife’, and they knew that there was usually a willing mouth or hand to get them ‘de-spunked’. They were easy to tell: never looked you in the eye while you wanked them off, never kissed and would move away if you tried, wore a wedding ring (or there was a mark where one was just taken off!), only stayed a few minutes and if they weren’t immediately successful would leave, never touched your cock and never, ever sucked anyone else’s either! Plus … they just ‘looked’ straight. These were actually my favourite! What queer guy doesn’t love the thought of sucking or wanking a straight man’s cock?The gay guys were different. They’d do more sexually obviously, but they’d be willing to talk. Oh, not there and then, but I went home with enough to be able to indulge in at least some conversation. Hell, a couple became really good friends! The benefit of such was that the ‘rules’ were imparted verbally so I learned faster, and I also learned some tips (like “straight guys like to be serviced on their way home from work”).Mostly though, I learned ‘the rules’ as a lone wolf, a maverick if you will. Until the day I met ‘him’. The man who I shared countless cocksucking experiences with and never I asked his name!

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