I Sell my mother’s ass to a neighborhood stud

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After leaving my mother Liz sobbing in her bed as my seed dripped out of her pussy, I was counting down the hours and days for our next fuck lesson. I had warned her that we would fuck and suck again and I meant it.

The next morning I took advantage of the situation. I heard Mom in the kitchen and knew my sister Sandy would sleep late that morning, and my brother Joey was out running around the yard. I came up behind my mother and grabbed her ass while reaching around and getting my hands firmly one of her 36C tits. She jumped the moment I grabbed her and tried to push away from me. I tell her “ I’ve got a woody and I want you to suck me”. Mom says “No!! I can’t do that. Sandy is sleeping and Joey could come running in any minute now.” I reply “Too bad. You better get going and get me off in a hurry if you don’t want to get caught.” Mom drops to her knees and pulls my shorts down and springing free my hard teenaged cock. She quickly sucks the head into her motherly mouth and twirls her tongue around the tip of it.
As my mother slides my cock in and out of her mouth at a rapid pace, she’s worried about getting caught and needs to get me to cum asap. I grab Mom’s hair and start fucking her face. Faster and deeper I thrust my cock into her mouth. She’s on the verge of gagging but I don’t stop, and soon she’s are on the verge of crying as I rape herr mouth with my cock. The sight of Mom’s mouth swallowing my cock has the man sauce in my nuts starting to churn and rise thru my cock. I pick up the pace and smile as I see the look on her face and see the combination of fear, pain and embarrassment that has me ready to blow my load. I pull my cock out of her mouth and tell Mom to open wide so I can blow my seed on her face and in her mouth. As My cock exits her warm mouth I tell Mom to aim my cock at her face. I love the fact that she is guiding the stream of cum heading for her face. It’s the ultimate sign of submission, and my mother Elizabeth is now bowing to my will and do as she’s told.

I blow long heavy streams of cum and watch as it spatters all over Mom’s face and fills her mouth. She swallows my load, wipes all the cum off her face and then licks her fingers clean as she swallows that too. As Mom finishes cleaning her face, I lift my shorts back to my waist just as Sis opens her door. After Sandy gets a glass of juice and walks towards the livingroom, I whisper in Mom’s ear “Thanks Liz. I’ll catch you later. I still want to fuck that pretty brown pussy today.” She turns to me and say “Please, no. I don’t want to. It’s not safe for us to do that. ” I say, “keep it up, and We’ll go for a ride with a few of my friends too.” Mom bows her head and realizes there is no going back now.

After Mom’s ball draining blow-job on Saturday morning, I had a smile on my face all day long. The thought of our next time fucking and sucking was something that never left my mind. To think, I was a 14 year old virgin who lost his cherry to his 35 year old MILF mother was beyond my wildest dreams.

After hanging out with some friends during the day, I came home and had thoughts of tasting that pretty pussy of hers. I found Mom in the bedroom putting clothes away wearing a pair of shorts and a tee shirt that clung to her firm full tits. I sneak up behind her and slide my fingers up into her crotch and hit the velvet folds of her womanhood. Mom jumps at the touch and turns around quickly with a look of surprise and shock on her face. “Daniel, don’t do that!!” she yells at me. I reply “too bad, get used to it”. I turn her around, push mom against the dresser, and pull off her shorts while I fondle those 36C tits. I aim my hard young cock at Mom’s silky folds and start fucking her fast and hard. My mother is turning into a cum depository for my seed, and I want to get off as soon as possible before anyone comes home. I grab her hips and hold on tight as I slam my 7″ cock in and out of her tight dripping pussy. As I’m rocking Mom’s world she lets out a soft moan and her voice soon starts cracking as pent up sexual şişli escort desires build inside the soft sexy body of hers. Liz soon forgets that she’s fucking her son, and all she cares about is the hard cock slamming into her neglected pussy and the feeling of hot breath on the back of her neck.

I pull Mom off the dresser, and push her down on the bed as I climb between the long silky legs and start plowing my cock into her quivering pussy. Faster, harder and deeper I thrust my cock into her dripping motherly pussy. Mom starts breathing heavy and crying as she looks into my eyes. She are torn between her need for sex, and the fact that your 14 year old son is fucking her like a cheap whore. As I continue drilling deep and hard into my mother’s pussy, I feel the pressure building in my balls. I know it won’t be long before I blow my load and feel the toe curling orgasm I’ve grown to expect. Soon I feel her pussy start to tighten and quiver as Mom starts having her second orgasm. She grabs my ass and pulls me deeper into her pussy as she cries out “Oh my god Danny. I’m cummmmmminnnngggg. Pleeesssseeee Don’t stop. Keep fucking my pussy!” Mom’s begging and pleading along with the sensation of her pussy gripping and squeezing my cock is too much to bear. I plunge my cock as far has I can reach and let loose long thick streams of seed as I feel an electric sensation travel thru my body. I suck on Mom’s heaving tits as my cock slowly softens and slides out of her cum filled pussy. As I sit on the bed getting my clothes back on, I see my cum seeping out of you and smile at my handy work. I say thanks and walk out the bedroom door. As I leave, I pause to say “I’ll catch you later and we’ll work on door


When Monday morning came around, I decided that I would be “sick” from school and planned to spend the whole day fucking mother until I couldn’t get hard anymore. I knew she would call in sick from work and I planned to spend the day inside every hole of her body.

After Sandy and Joe head off to school, Mom came in the bedroom to check on my condition. She asks me how I feel, and I say “ I’d feel better if your lips were around my cock”. Mom protest my comments and starts out the bedroom door. I jump out of bed and grab her from behind and pull her back to my bed.. As I pull her robe off, I push her down on the bed and I remind Mom of the “rules”. I tell her to play with her pussy and get the pump primed for the events to come. After mom brings herself to an orgasm, I lay down on the bed and tell her to get to work on my cock. It’s in need of Mom’s talented mouth and I’m getting restless. She takes a hold of my cock and places the tip gently in her mouth. Slowly she sucks on my hard cock and I love every second of it as she picks up the pace. As more and more of my cock slides between Mom’s talented lips, I run my hands thru her silky blonde hair and moan in pleasure. My cock grown hard like Iron and I feel the cum churning in my balls hoping for a release in her mouth. As the pressure builds to an unmanageable level in my balls I grab her head and pull Mom tight to me and force my cock deep into her mouth. When Mom’s nose hits my bush, I send long hot streams of ball sauce into her mouth. She tries to pull away but I hold her firmly in place as she struggles to keep from gagging on my cum as my cock pulses and quivers against her tonsils. After struggling to swallow my load, Mom withdraws my cock from her mouth and a small thread of cum connects my cock to Liz’s luscious lips. The look of my cum clinging to Mom’s lips puts a smile on my face. I’m living a dream and I can’t get enough of her sexy body as I lay her down and sample the nectar that flows from her pussy. I’ve never eaten a pussy before Mom’s and the thought of my tongue probing her inner folds is something not even I could have dreamed of..

Mom whimpers and squirms around as my tongue licks her pussy from top to bottom. I move my tongue to her clit and tickle it with the tip. Mom cries out “Oh Danny, yes that’s it, don’t stop, please don’t stop. I’m cumming so hard!!!!” Just then she tenses up, stops breathing, arches her back, and lets out a yell that surely was heard by the neighbors. As mom comes to a climax, a flood sprays from her pulsing pussy. I lick up all that I can, and her juices soon soak the bed sheets . After mom relaxes for moment, I lay back and wait for her to come over and work my cock into a hardened spear of flesh and blood. She picks up the soft flesh and gives it her special oral treatment. Once she gets my cock hard I stand up and present my sword to her mouth. She attacks it like a starved whore and I love the sensation when she tickles my balls with her index finger.

I stand mom up, head her for the bed, and bend her over while aiming at her silky cunt. That velvet tunnel fits my cock like a warm glove and I long for the sensation of driving my teenaged cock deep inside her.

I grab hold of her hips and push the tip of my cock into the dripping pussy facing me. Mom lets out a soft moan as I slide deeper and deeper into her pussy. The sight of my cock disappearing into her clenching pussy causes my pending orgasm to quicken. I don’t want to cum too soon, but I soon loose control and reach the point of no return. I can’t take it anymore, and I pull my mother’s hips tight to my pubic bone pushing my cock to it’s maximum depth inside her. I hold her there and cry out as my cock lets loose another series of blasts into Mom’s sloppy pussy. I collapse on top of her and catch my breath as my cock softens and slips out of her cum filled pussy. Mom is also breathing heavy and I kiss her on the back and tell her how much I love fucking her and learning about sex.

As Mom lays spread eagle out on the bed, the back door opens and in comes a surprise I have planned for her. A guy from the neighborhood is looking to get fucked so I sold her ass to him for $1000. He’s hung like a horse and I told Mom I would bring someone around to fuck her like a whore. Mom turns her head and looks over your shoulder as Scott walks in naked and wearing a grin the size of Texas. Mom jumps out of bed and says “No Way. I’m not fucking him. How dare you bring him here!!” I reply “ too bad. Get on the bed and get ready to have the biggest cock you ever saw fill every hole.” Scott’s cock is long and thick, and he isn’t even hard yet. He walks over to Mom and places his hand on her soft 36C tit and gets a good handful of her perfect tits. As Scott fondles my mother’s tits, she reaches out and takes his enormous cock in her hands. Mom strokes it and rubs it as it starts to grow and raise up towards her lips. As it continues to grow Mom’s eyes get bigger and bigger and she cries out “Holy Shit!! I can’t believe how big you are Scott”. He replies, “over 13″ and you’re going to feel every inch of it inside you”. Liz drops to her knees and shoves as much of his cock into her mouth as possible. Scott’s cock is bigger than a soda bottle, but Mom gets more than half of it in her mouth.
Mom attacks Scott’s massive cock it like a crazed fiend and has Scott in a total state of shock. No one has ever has got so much of his cock in their mouth or throat as my mother. I can’t believe it myself. The amount of cock going down her throat is astounding, and Scott has to stop her because of the raising pressure in his balls. He lays Mom down and prepares to stretch her cunt like it has never been stretched before.

Scott places his cock at the entrance of Mom’s dripping velvet tunnel and slowly starts to push his monster cock deeper and deeper into her steaming pussy. My cum has proven to be the needed lubricant for her straining pussy as Scott stretches Mom beyond comprehension. Before Scott has given Mom all his cock, she erupts in a ecstasy filled cry while cuming in a violent quivering, shaking orgasm. Mos sprays cum like a hose and coats Scott’s stomach as she fights to breathe and her pussy struggles to except his cock. Scott pauses to allow mom’s pussy to stretch enough and to allow her to catch your breath. As soon as her breathing calms a little, he plunges in the full length of her vaginal tunnel. Mom nearly pass out as his cock rams into her cervix and she has another earth shaking orgasm. After gathering her breath, Scott starts sliding that massive cock in and out of Mom’s now screaming aching pussy. Her screams and violent orgasms are soon too much for Scott and pulls his monster cock out of Mom’s ruined pussy and offers it’s load of cum to her.

After blowing his load all over her thigh and cunt lips, Scott turns her around and bends Mom over to enter her doggie style. Mom’s crying and sobbing now and it’s hard to tell if it’s from the pain of her stretched and bleeding pussy, or if it’s from shear orgasmic delight. Scott places the head of his torture device at the entrance of her pained pussy and slides in with little resistance. He slides it in and out of her for minutes on end. It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before. The sight of 13″ of cock disappearing into a human pussy is simply amazing. After 15 minutes of spearing Mom with his thick cock, Scott lays down and says “time for you to fuck yourself on my Meat stick”. Mom lowers her sore pussy onto his long thick pain stick and know what is soon to come. When she gets the full length of Scott’s cock into her tortured pussy she once again has a toe curling orgasm that surely is heard be the neighbors. Mom cries out ”Scott, my God your so fuuuuccccckkkkking biggggg. I can’t stand it anymore. It hurtttts so much I’m cumming again. Ohhh GOOOODDDD!!! Pleeeeeaaaaassssssse stop itttttt. I can’t take anymore.” As Mom collapses on Scott’s chest, I see my chance to Double penetrate her and that’s when I move in. My cock has been wanting in on this torture fucking and now I see the chance to DP Mom’s ass and get her loosened up for Scott’s member to stretch her ass out to the point of tearing it.

I climb behind Liz’s ass and push my wanting cock into her ass before she can protest. Mom turns around and screams at me “No Danny please don’t. I can’t take anymore. It hurts too much. I’m getting torn up and I won’t be able to withstand anymore.” I ignore her and continue pushing my cock deeper into her asshole. Mom cries out in mixture of pain and pleasure as her ass strains to except my cock in while dealing with Scott’s cock in her cunt. Further and further I push my cock inside her until my balls are laying against her pussy lips and can feel Scott’s cock sliding in and out of her stretched pussy. I pump my cock in and out of Mom as fast as I can and soon
I feel pressure building in my balls. I know I won’t last much longer, and I know Scott wants to fuck her asshole too, so I plan on blowing my load all over Mom’s ass to lube the path for Scott’s monster. I pump my cock in Mom’s asshole two more times and then blow a load all over her brown eye.

Now for the final straw to break Mom’s will. Scott rolls her over, brings Mom up to herr knees, withdraws his massive member from her pussy, and takes aim at your primed and lubed ass. When she realizes what he is going to do, she screams in terror knowing her ass will never be the same. Scott puts the tip against Mom’s brown eye and shoves hard to get the head inside her. As Scott continues to apply pressure to his cock, his 13″ member is soon halfway inside you. If I didn’t see it for myself, I would never believe a human’s ass could stretch that much. Scott has had enough too. He’s never had anyone take his cock in their ass before and it’s sending him over the top. He pushes his cock in to it’s maximum depth and blows a load deep inside Mom’s bowels that would choke a horse. He collapses on her back, panting hard from all the exertion and slowly his cock softens to a manageable 7″ and slips out of her with a plop. As he stands up, cum pours out of Mom’s ass and flows down to the sheets where it makes a puddle. Scott gathers up his clothes, digs out $1000 and hands me the money. Mom sees the money change hands and starts crying. Liz has just realized that she’s been sold by her son and now she is a full fledged whore that has her son as her pimp.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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