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Subject: I Want You To Meet My Son: Chapter 6 I Want You To Meet My Son Chapter 6 Hearing the message alert, Doug picked up his phone to see who wanted his attention – the message was from Andrew Roxburgh, the home-room teacher of Doug’s son, Freddy. “Dirty fucking perv…” growled Doug, grinning to himself. The photo that Roxburgh had sent was a close-up of Freddy’s angelic, smiling face, covered in a fresh load of cum. “Just helping Freddy with his homework…” was the caption that Roxburgh had sent with the photos. “That cum should have gone in my son’s cunt…” responded Doug. “Mine did…” replied Roxburgh. “But I arranged for some extra tuition for your boy. There’s no shortage of volunteers eager to help train young Freddy.” “That is the fucking truth…” typed Doug. “Now I’m fucking hard, thinking about you offering my son to other men.” Doug’s sexed-up text exchange with his son’s teacher was suddenly interrupted by the ringing of his doorbell. Putting his phone to one side, Doug tried to adjust his hard cock so it didn’t look too obscene within his grey sweatpants – this was the disadvantage of going commando. “Doug Petersen?” asked the police officer that was waiting on his doorstep when Doug opened the door. “Yes?” confirmed Doug. “How can I help you, officer?” “I’m Sergeant Hastings…” said the officer. “Mind if I have a word?” “I guess you’d better come inside…” suggested Doug, his head spinning at the various possibilities as to why a police officer might be turning up at his house. “Is there something wrong?” “Let’s not beat about the bush, Peterson…” said Hastings, taking his hat off and sitting at the kitchen table. “You know why I’m here. You’re not exactly winning any Father-of-the-Year awards, are you?” “I’m sorry, Sergeant…” stumbled Doug, taking a seat opposite the police officer. “I’m really not sure what you’re referring to?” “We’ve had a tip-off…” said gaziantep escort Hastings. “About your son. We’ve had a tip-off about how you’ve been using your son sexually – how you’ve been whoring your son out to all the pervs in this neighbourhood.” “That’s quite an allegation…” replied Doug. “Would you have any evidence to back up these extraordinary claims?” “How about I take a look on your phone and on your hard-drive?” suggested Hastings. “I’m fairly confident that you’ve kept a pretty thorough documentation of all the evidence we’d need, am I right?” “You would need a search warrant to do that…” said Doug. “What makes you think that I don’t have a search warrant?” asked Hastings. “If you had a search warrant, then we wouldn’t be having this conversation…” shrugged Doug. “Who sent you?” “You’re a filthy twisted son-fucker and I could get you sent down for a very long time…” spat Hastings. “I ask the questions – not you! Where is your son?” “He’s on his way home from school…” replied Doug. “He’ll be here soon.” “Stayed back after class to suck his teacher’s cock, did he?” sneered Hastings. “Yeah, don’t worry, I know all about Roxburgh as well. Twisted fucking pervs, the lot of you.” There were several minutes of uneasy silence as Hastings glowered across the table while Doug wondered what else the police officer might possibly know and tried to calculate exactly how bad this could get for him. Soon enough, the back door opened and Freddy arrived home from school. Doug could see instantly that Freddy looked a mess – his uniform was all over the place and it looked like he still had globs of wet cum in his hair. “Hey, dad…” smiled Freddy, his eyes lingering with uncertainty on the police officer sitting at their kitchen table. “Hey, kiddo…” replied Doug. “Did you want to run upstairs and have a shower? It looks like you’re a bit sweaty and stinky after school.” suriyeli escort “We don’t have time for a shower…” snapped Hastings. “Um, Freddy – this is Sergeant Hastings…” explained Doug. “He wants to ask us some questions.” “Come here, boy…” growled Hastings, taking hold of Freddy by the arm and pulling him close. “Tell me, has your father been fucking you? Has he been whoring you out? Has he been whoring you out to other men?” “Um, Dad?” said Freddy, clearly unsure what he was supposed to say. “It’s okay, kiddo…” reassured Doug, deciding to trust his instincts and hoping that he was making the right call. “Just tell Sergeant Hastings the truth. Just answer truthfully whatever he asks you.” “Well?” growled Hastings. “Um, yes…” nodded Freddy. “Yes – what you said is true.” “Say it!” snarled Hastings. “Um, my father – well, my father fucks me…” replied Freddy. “My father fucks me. My father whores me out. My father whores me out to other men.” “Whose cum is on your face?” demanded Hastings. “Um, my teacher – Mr Roxburgh…” replied Freddy. “Actually, no – his cum is, um, somewhere else. The cum on my face belongs to Mr Roxburgh’s uncle – he’s in town visiting for a few days.” “Fucking little boy-whore…” spat Hastings. “Strip.” “Hang on, Sergeant…” interrupted Doug. “I’m not sure exactly what you want from us, but I’m sure we can come to some sort of an arrangement.” “Sit down and shut the fuck up, you fucking perv…” snarled Hastings, directing a steely gaze at Doug. “Kid, I told you to strip. Now get naked before I cuff you and strip the clothes off you myself.” “Just do what he says…” whispered Doug, trying to reassure his son. Freddy quickly unbuttoned his shirt, letting it fall to the floor. He kicked off his shoes, unbuttoned his shorts and let them fall to the floor so that he could step out of them. He was now standing before rus escort the police officer in just his tight white briefs. Clearly growing impatient, Hastings reached out and grabbed hold of Freddy’s briefs and tore them from his body. Freddy was now completely naked – his smooth, hairless body now on full display to the aggressive police officer. “Turn around…” instructed Hastings. “Bend over. Whose cum is seeded in your ruined cunt?” “Um, that’s Mr Roxburgh’s load…” confirmed Freddy. “Dirty fucking perv…” snarled Hastings. “How many of his students is he fucking?” “Ungh…” grunted Freddy, as Hastings roughly shoved three fingers into his puffy boy-hole. “Um, I’m not sure – quite a few, I guess.” “But you’re his favourite?” asked Hastings, beginning to fuck his fingers in and out of Freddy’s stretched and cummy fuck-hole. “Ungh…” moaned Freddy. “I’m not sure, maybe. I suppose that I was his first.” “Because your father offered you to him?” asked Hastings, standing up behind Freddy and unbuckling his belt. “Uh huh…” nodded Freddy, beginning to grind his ass back against Hastings’ thick fingers. “Yeah, my father offered me to him. My father told my teacher that he could fuck me. My father whored me out.” “But your father hasn’t given me permission…” growled Hastings, pulling out his hard cock and slamming it balls-deep into Freddy’s cum-slick cunt. “Your father isn’t whoring you out to me – I’m just taking you because I want you.” “Ungh…” moaned Freddy, as Hastings began to roughly slam his cock deep and hard into the boy’s ass. “You’re raping my son…” said Doug – more turned on than perhaps he’d ever been – his hard cock once again barely contained by his loose grey sweatpants. “Yeah, I’m fucking raping your son…” snarled Hastings, taking hold of Freddy’s blond hair and increasing the intensity of his pounding. “You don’t get to make all the rules around here. I’m going to use your son whenever the mood takes me. Got it?” “Yes, Sergeant…” nodded Doug, wrapping his fist around his hard cock and jacking off as he watched the police officer abusing Freddy. “You’re fucking raping my fucking son!” Follow the author on Twitter @GTV_AfterDark

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