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I was just bored…This was a few years back as I was in my late 40’s and I had been living with Jim for about six years. Life was good and my job was enjoyable and not to far from home. One thing was wrong and that was sex, or the lack of it. I had one friend that liked my tits, an older married guy that just wanted to suck on them but that is another story.I started looking on craigslist for a friend with benefits. Several months past and I was just about read to give up when it happened. His name was James and he sounded sane nice and looking for the same thing. He lived alone and not far from my work and he was available most evenings.So cutting to the chase and the stuff we all like, I agreed to go to his home after a couple of weeks of emails and a few phone calls. It was a cold Monday evening in January and as I walked up to the front door I wondered would I turn around and walk away or go in and see what might happen. Rang the bell and he answered and much to my pleasure we was just what he had described himself to be. He was tall, nice looking full head of graying hair and a smile that was very welcoming.We sat on the couch and chatted for a few minutes all the while I was deciding to stay and go for it or leave and call it a night. About 10 minutes after I arrived, James stated that he was pretty clean about what he had been looking for and asked if we were going to move forward or call it done. I told him I was open to the next step and he smiled and said, ‘now’. ‘Yes’, I said and with that he leaned over and kissed me with the passion of a long time lover. The tongue was in my mouth and I took it as his hands went to my tits fondling them and turning me on. James moved his hand inside of my blouse and bra and squeezed the nipple of my right tit. Talk about getting wet instantly, I couldn’t believe it. Off came the top and he went to work sucking and even biting a little on my nips as my head went back on the digitalbahis yeni giriş couch and just enjoyed the attention. It wasn’t long and I felt him encouraging me to open my legs to allow his hand inside my thong and into my wetness. Fuck I was ready for anything this man wanted and I think he knew that. He was polite but insistent in moving me to being naked with him going down on me. The tongue that had started in my mouth was now licking my clit and I moaned with pleasure. His hands reached up to massage my tits and even went before my mouth for me to suck on. I knew that I was about to find out how James liked to fuck and could hardly wait for his cock to be free from his pants.He was not large but very hard and erect when he stood and dropped his pants as he moved forward so I could suck on his cock. As he entered my mouth I heard words I had never heard spoken to me. He called me a cock-sucking bitch and told me to suck it good. Much to my surprise I liked what he said and moved to do as I was told. He put his cock in my mouth and held my head steady as he fucked my mouth and as he said my face. Shortly I could tell that James wanted more than my mouth as he pulled out and reached down and took me by the hand. I stood and he kissed me, you have to know I am only 5’3” so he bent down and grabbed my tits and told me lets go fuck to which I just moaned. We went around the corner to his bedroom and he turned down the bed, guess he was sure I would agree to fuck tonight or not. As I almost jumped into the bed the sheets had a warm feeling from the electric blanket that was now on the bottom of the bed. We kissed some more and I was shaking with anticipation, as his hands found ever spot on my body that turned me more into putty in his hands. He began slowly moving down on me again and stopping to make sure my tits got what they needed to make be totally and without a doubt a horny bitch digitalbahis giriş as he called me on his way to my pussy. He was one of the best mouths I have ever had eat me. He knew just how to suck on my clit as his fingers penetrated my lips and found the g spot. Fuck I wanted his cock and his weight on my small body. I moaned and heard myself ask him to fuck me.I looked up and James was putting on a condom and smiling at me as he prepared to fulfill my desire. He moved his cock into the lips of my pussy what was about to get fucked. Instead of entering me he held back and I looked to see him smiling and asked what he was waiting for. He kept smiling and told me to beg him to fuck me like a horny fucking whore. Much to my surprise I complied and called myself a whore for the first time in my life. With that I was totally penetrated to the depths of my wetness. He may not have been very big but damn did he know how to fuck.He road me calling me names which I moaned and repeated for his pleasure and as his cock went in and out his fingers rubbed my clit so much that I moaned within just a few seconds that I was going to cum. James told me to cum as the whore I was and that he wanted to hear me load. With that I felt his mouth on my right nipple begin to bite and my orgasm began with a power I had not felt for a long time if ever. I did as I was told and screamed holding on to his back and clamping my legs around his body that was now fucking me as the whore I had always wanted to be.It seemed like this orgasm would never end and the hold time he talked to me about what a slut I was to come and get fucked by a stranger, who now knew me and what a horny little bitch I was. I have to say his talk and the pressure on my nipple with his teeth and the cock just being just held in place as his fingers applied the just exact right amount of pressure kept me going longer than I thought possible.When I started digitalbahis güvenilirmi coming down James looked down at me and told me get ready for the next wave. I shook my head and said no that was enough. He asked me to trust him and let him keep me going. I hesitated but then smile and told him to do what ever he wanted. He wanted me to repeat the orgasm and guess what that is exactly what I did. I could not imagine this as I had always said I was not multi orgasmic. Guess that went out the window. I asked him if he had cum and he said no, which I said what could I do to make that happen. James just smiled and said he could wait until I knew him a little better. I think he wanted something a little unusual and I was right. He wanted to have me take the condom off and then fuck my mouth sitting on top of me with my head in the middle of the bed. I told him lets do it and I moved into position knowing I was about to get my mouth fucked like a pussy. As James moved on top of me he asked cum in my mouth or on my face. I swallowed hard and said on my face as I was not into the cum in my mouth. James moved his cock into my mouth looked down and said suck it slut and with that he went in and fucked my mouth for what seemed for ever, so much my jaw was getting sore, until he pulled out and covered me with what at the time was the biggest load of cum I had ever had on my face. Holy shit I had just become this mans fuck buddy.As we cleaned up I reached over and kissed him and asked if he wanted to repeat this some time, hoping that it would be sooner than later. He gave me that smile and said whenever I want it. I almost said then, but restrained myself from looking like a nympho. We agreed that I would call later and set a time for the second fuck of my pussy. He made me use just those words and told me that he wanted me to be a nasty talking fuck buddy. I agreed that I was his fucking slut bitch, which became his name for me for the next two years.This is more if anyone wants to know about it…. Oh I am 5’3” as I said weigh 130 lbs, 36b-28-37, short dish water blond hair, tan from a tanning booth, with a small butterfly to make the tan just above my shaved pussy and my name that I told James was Sara…. Mmmph

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