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I’am a Cuckold Now! BlackenMy current way of life started 3 years ago when I met my future wife. I was teaching 12th grade history when the most stunning girl I had ever seen walked into my class. Her name was Lynn and she had just turned 18. To say she was beautiful would be an understatement. She was 5 feet tall and weighed only 90 lbs. Her long blonde hair rested just above her perfect ass and she had just the right amount of curves. Besides being beautiful she was also incredibly sweet and kind which I found unusual for someone so popular. She was a hard worker and a good student. Often times she would volunteer to help me grade tests and work on my lesson plan. Lynn was the perfect helper and friend so it was no surprise to me that we hit it off. After a month or so of spending all our free time together, the topic of dating came up. We both admitted that we liked the other person and wanted to be with each other but agreed that it was better to wait until after graduation. While this was a responsible decision it was not an easy one. Our desires for each other were strong and keeping them bottled up was not easy.When graduation day finally arrived we were both equally excited. We planned to meet after the festivities and go out to dinner. That entire day I was incredible nervous. It had been 7 years since my divorce and at the age of 46 I had only been with 2 women. Lynn knew of my worries and helped ease my mind.Dinner went better then I ever could have expected. We hit it off even more now that we had been for the last few months. After dinner I asked her to come back to my place and she quickly agreed. Once in the comfort of my home, we began kissing and soon passion took over as we undressed. My nervousness increased at this point. You see I’m not the greatest lover. My cock was only 4 inches long and somewhat thin. To make things worse I was rather fast in the orgasm department and Lynn only made it worse. Never had I been so attracted to someone like I had been with her.When she pulled my pants down I could see a degree of disappointment in her eyes but she carried on nonetheless. She straddled me and began to guide my cock into her. I made it in slightly past the head and was done. Yes that’s right, I lasted about 2 seconds. My face turned beat red and I was ready to cry. Lynn told me that it was ok. She said that she loved me and that the sex did not matter. I didn’t truly believe her but it made me feel slightly better.Each time after that was about the same. She never expressed it but I knew Lynn was frustrated. Of course if she was frustrated she didn’t let it stop her from wanting to date me. We moved in and began dating exclusively shortly after graduation. A year later we were married.Time for a ChangeAbout güngören escort a month into our marriage I decided to have a serious talk with Lynn. I had no worries about her feelings for me but was well aware of her lack of sexual interest in me. Because of this I suggested that she take on other lovers. The only stipulation being that I be allowed to watch. She seemed unsure of the idea but said that she would think about it.The following day she came to me and expressed an interest in being with black men. I was instantly floored. Rumors of their size and intensity had plagued me for years and here I was being told by my wife that she wanted to be with one. Unfortunately I could not say no. Instead I told her that we could go online and look for someone together and she quickly agreed.That night we went visited some chat rooms and met a man by the name of Kevin. He described himself as a fit black man with an insatiable desire to please white women. Lynn seemed to instantly like him and the few pictures he sent got her approval. After a week of talking with Kevin we arranged a meeting at a nice hotel in the city.When we got at the room, we found a message from Kevin saying that he would arrive shortly but that Lynn should undress and prepare for him. She was nervous but followed his directions. Once she was naked we sat on the bed waiting. Eventually there was a knock at the door and ran to get it. As I opened the door, a large black man entered the room. I looked over at Lynn and could instantly tell she liked what she saw. Her eyes lit up like a k** seeing Santa for the first time.While we had seen pictures of Kevin, it was nothing like seeing him in person. He must have been at least 6’4″ and about 250 pounds. The entire time he spoke Lynn never looked away. She was fascinated by him. After brief introductions he went over the basic rules which essentially involved me sitting in the corner watching while he was allowed to do whatever he wanted to her. Our only rule was he was a condom I had gotten a box of regular condoms as well as large and xl large magnum’s. He laugh and pointed to the xl magmun’s and so it began.I quickly moved to the corner and watched as he walked up to Lynn and instructed her to kneel in front of him. She did so without hesitation. In a matter of minutes she had become his complete and utter slave. He then told her to undo his pants and start undressing him which she did. It was like watching a c***d opening presents on Christmas as she moved with a speed and desire I had never seen.Having unzipped the pants, she began to slide them down. As she did, the shape of his large black cock became more visible. Having never shared pictures of his cock kadıköy escort or its size, we assumed it was a decent size but not too big. That assumption as quickly shattered when she slid his underwear down and the largest cock I have ever seen slid out. It was at least 10 inches long though probably closer to 11 with a thickness that rivaled Lynn’s wrist. For a few seconds Lynn sat there in total awe. Neither of us had ever witnessed a cock that large, even in videos. After a few seconds, Kevin told her to look up which she did obediently. He then asked her to explain her reasons for wanting to be with a black man. It was at this time that she became silent and looked at me nervously. Kevin then explained that if she could be honest about her feeling he would leave. She paused for a moment and then explained that she sought to explore black men because she was sexually dissatisfied by me. She then explained how terrible I was in bed and how I had been the catalyst for her interest in black men since rumors had portrayed them in such an impressive light. Hearing these words I immediately turned bright red. I knew that I did not please her but now he did as well.”Don’t worry” he said. “Tonight you will learn what it’s like to be with a real man” he said while his hands ran through her hair. She purred a bit and moved to his touch. He then instructed her to take his cock in her hands and stroke. Lynn quickly obeyed and began to stroke his enormous cock as I sat watching, barely able to control my own hard on. Kevin moaned as her tiny hands worked his enormous cock. Once it was fully hard he told her to take it in her mouth. In the blink of an eye she was down on his cock, looking more aroused and wet then I had ever scene her.Her mouth began to slide on his cock as he savored her touch. “Very good” he said. “I knew you needed a black cock in your mouth…. So many white girls do.” She nodded and continued her sucking eagerly. A Smile crossed his face as he looked over at me. “Look at your pathetic little husband… so aroused by a real man enjoying his woman.”I blushed more at these words as I felt my cock throbbing. Seeing me in distress he told me that I may pull it out and masturbate as reward for offering up my wife. I nodded and quickly began to touch myself. As I did, he increased his fucking of Lynn’s mouth as she eagerly took as much as she could. Her mouth watered as she devoured his cock. Her hands grasped his hips, taking as much as she could.Even though this night was meant for her, I could not deny the ecstasy I was feeling as I watched this man claim my wife. His large massive black cock taking her tiny, innocent white body. The more he took her the more she beyoğlu escort moaned and the more she moaned the harder I grew. When it seemed like I could not last another second, he slid his cock out of her mouth to which she expressed her displeasure. She begged him to put it back in but he refused her. He told her that he wished instead to fuck her tight pussy. Before I could even blink an eye, she was crawling on the bed into position for him. Kevin started to move in until she stopped him and asked him to put on a condom. He quickly responded, saying he never uses one and if she could not accept that he would leave. She thought for a minute and then pleaded with him to fuck her bareback.My eyes widened with this statement. The idea that she would allow the possibility for him to impregnate her both infuriated and aroused me. Kevin then smiled and crawled over her. The mere size difference was mind blowing. His body dwarfed her and she loved it. Now in position, he aimed his cock at the opening of her bare pussy. She looked over at me and then back at him as she begged him to fuck her.With that he slid deep into her. Moans instantly escaped her lips. While she was clearly not used to such an enormous cock having only enjoyed mine, she was enjoying the sensation of it entering her. He began to pump her deep while making out with her. I watched intently as this powerful black man was bedding my perfect little angel. She let out sounds I had never heard, even when she was faking. Her body shuttered as he took her, her mouth quivering, all the while begging for more.I stroked furiously as Kevin took her tiny pussy. She dug her nails into him as he drove his gigantic cock into her. Her body trembled more as she grew closer to an orgasm as precum oozed from my cock.Her screams and moans subsided a bit as she pleaded with him to mark her with his cum. “When I’m good and ready” he said pumping harder. For nearly 20 minutes he fucked her, taking her pussy like no man or toy ever had. When the time to cum finally arrived, he let out an enormous roar as he plunged deep into her filling her entire pussy with his cum which was immediately followed by her 7th orgasm.After a moment or two, he slide out of her, his cum oozing out of her ravaged pussy. He then ordered me to come to him and kneel which I reluctantly did. He looked down at me and told me to clean his cock off with my mouth. I knew that this would be a turning point. If I did as he wished my life would be forever changed and I could never go back. If I refused, Lynn and I would be forever incomplete. Knowing what must be done, I looked over at Lynn before sliding my mouth onto his black cock tasting there combined juices. Don’t forget to clean the base and my balls and suck up every drop. I cleaned and suck until I thought I was done and pulled back until I notice his huge black was hard again as he pulled me back onto his hard black cock. Good job now keep sucking and get it nice and wet for round two. As my wife spread her legs wider playing with her gaping pussy. And so began my new life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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