If You Have To… Ch. 06

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Mother and son sat on the couch spending another Friday night together watching a movie, something which had now become a routine. However, it had now been over a week since any sexual encounter had occurred between the two of them.

As she had expected after taking the morning after pill, Eve had been dealing with various side effects all week that made her regret putting herself in that position. Today was the first day Eve felt her normal self, thankful that her body was forgiving her.

The past week had been spent working from home as well, surrounded by reminders of the times spent with her son. Unable to help but notice the relationship with her son changed considerably, she realized she was too far to go back to any normality.

James had been sympathetic, understanding and spent most of the week making an attempt of caring for her. Eve had to admit she enjoyed the attentiveness. Having dinner made, checking in on her, offering to help where he could, it was sweet. Eve couldn’t deny how nice it felt to be cared for, as it added normality to their twisted dynamic.

They sat on the couch watching a movie together, almost as if a normal family night, at least she had tried convincing herself. Eve found herself repeatedly looking at her son, clearly distracted from the movie and each time noticed her body started getting hot, slowly feeling herself getting aroused.

James felt his mother’s stare, as he turned to look at her, “Are you okay, Mom?” he asked candidly.

As if caught doing something wrong as she looked away awkwardly, “Oh Yea… I just wanted to thank you for you help all this week. It was nice…” she replied, slightly embarrassed.

“That’s okay Mom, you weren’t very well after all!” James said smiling.

She smiled back at her son and turned to keep watching the movie but to her surprise, her arousal growing inside her unexpectedly feeling as she was getting wet.

Eve wasn’t sure what to do, she had enjoyed the uncomplicated week without anything happening with her son. She kept telling herself she should take care of things herself, but equally there was a clear desire inside to take care of her son and share herself with him.

“I might go to bed” Eve announced suddenly.

James looked at his mother, “Oh, are you okay?” He asked.

“Yea, I’m just a bit tired” Eve replied quietly.

As James stared at his mother, he could see her face was a bit flushed. Looking down at her chest he noticed the distinct outline of her nipples through her shirt, as his eyes fixated on them.

Eve noticed her son stare lingering at her chest, looking down she saw for herself. She didn’t say anything, avoiding the situation.

James looked back up at his mother with a cheeky smile, “Ok, Goodnight Mom!” he replied.

He suddenly reached out and embraced his mother tightly in his arms. Eve thought it was cute, it felt innocent enough for a simple hug.

James eagerly waited for his mother to return his hug, feeling as she slowly wrapped her hands around him, he quickly tilted his head to kiss her cheek.

Eve’s body responded immediately to her son’s touch, as his lips met her cheek she found herself wanting to kiss him. Instinctively turning her head slightly as their lips met, kissing her son intimately.

There was an instant reaction in Eve’s body, as if a warm pleasure flowed through her. She knew it had only been a few days between any sort of encounter, but her body was reacting strongly, it felt like she had starved herself of pleasure for months.

Eve broke away suddenly, she could feel her panties as they clung to her pussy from her flowing juices. She had no idea why she stopped, as if she was trying to get back some control.

She stared at her son, as he stared back with an obvious desire. Eve could feel her son’s energy as he stared at her with a distinct hunger, her labored breathing giving her away her own enjoyment.

She let her son move in to kiss her again, allowing herself to enjoy it for a moment before breaking away again.

Eve could feel her son’s tension building as she continued. Realizing quickly her own enjoyment in teasing him.

As he went in to kiss her for the third time, Eve backed away quickly dodging his advance, “OK, I’m going to bed” she said in a slightly authoritative tone.

James reluctantly let go of his mother, “Yeah, OK. Goodnight Mom” he replied.

Eve smiled to herself slightly as if in victory as she slowly sat up off the couch, “Goodnight…” she said as she headed to her room, leaving her son on the couch.

When she arrived to her room, Eve found herself in a complete state of eagerness. She wanted to play more with her son, winding him up to see what will happen.

She quickly took off her bra and pants, leaving just her t-shirt and panties on as she looked at herself in the mirror.

Without a bra her shirt now barely concealed her, her nipples protruded clearly now and both breasts threatened to pop out if she leaned too far forward. Equally she Çanakkale Escort was barely covered to her waist with one of her favorite red laced panties. With the full view of her self, she quickly saw the evidence of her excitement written on the dark wet patch on her panties.

Eve curiously placed a finger to her panty covered pussy, gently rubbing herself downward. The pleasure radiated softly to her touch, as she felt her own wetness that had soaked through.

As Eve began curiously exploring and searching herself, she closed her eyes and felt her fingers slowly tracing around her panty clad pussy. Each stroke causing a tingle throughout her body as she started to excite herself. Caught in the moment she opened her eyes, looking at her reflection in the mirror as she stood there playing. She felt incredibly sexy in the moment, as a wicked thought crossed her mind.

She stopped herself abruptly and walked out the bedroom, heading to the lounge room where she had left her son. With each step her body tingled with excitement as she thought about what she was doing, and the reaction she should expect from her son.

As Eve entered the room, she saw James sitting on the couch where she had left him, as he continued watching the movie. James did not initially realize her as she stood there watching him for a moment.

“Honey… did I leave my phone out here?” Eve said.

James turned and saw his mother, his heart almost skipping a beat as he saw what she was wearing. As quickly as he noticed he watched his mother slowly walk into the lounge room.

“Umm, I’m not sure” he replied, eyes fixated on his mother’s exposed body.

Eve knew she had the desired effect, as her own curiosity drove her forward to continue it.

“I think I left it on the couch where I was sitting.” She said as she walked over to the empty spot on the couch, reaching down in a feigned attempt to search behind the cushions.

James didn’t move, barely able to process what was happening in front of him. He sat there silently watching his mother’s chest bounce around with each movement she made while searching. Unsure where to look, his eyes scanned her body as she bent over the couch, studying her exposed legs, and panty covered butt while his own excitement grew.

Eve could feel her son’s gaze on her body, feeling herself getting wetter by the second as her thoughts fixated on her son’s reaction. She didn’t really have a plan at this stage, trying to play the role of oblivious mother barely wearing anything to cover herself.

She lifted one of her knees up onto the couch as she feigned searching in between the cushions on the couch, leaning forward provocatively to allow her son a better view of her from behind.

Eve turned back to look over her shoulder, catching her son staring directly at her ass as she intended, wondering if he noticed how wet she was. “Honey, have you seen it at all?” she asked, watching his reaction.

James snapped to reality from his mother’s words, he quickly switched to look at his mother staring back at him, “Uh.. No I don’t think so..” he replied, slightly flustered.

Eve turned back around and climbed onto the couch more, moving her body slightly over the arm of the chair as she pretended to look on the ground. Eve figured she had no choice but to keep up this poor charade on her own whim, hoping her son would be too distracted to think too much into it.

James watched on, entranced as his mom clambered over the arm of the chair. Her butt raised directly in front of him now, giving him no choice but to look. He couldn’t help noticing his mother’s obvious dark wet spot contrasted on her red panties, surprised he missed it before. He felt as his erection grew in his pants, while his own lust started building inside him, the view of his mothers wiggling her butt in front of him.

While he fixated on his mother’s butt, his mind raced with what he should do. It had only been a week since he had done anything remotely sexual, he hadn’t even touched himself. All of his focus was on his mother while she was unwell, and it wasn’t until this moment when James realized how much he needed a release.

Eve knew from the silence that her son would be getting horny, she looked down and saw her boobs were ready to pop out from the position she was in. Eve made a slight pull on her shirt, freeing her right breast from her top and exposing it.

While she continued her searching for a few seconds longer, but Eve quickly got her signal to stop as she felt her son’s hand grab on her butt. She sat up quickly off the couch and turned to look at her son.

“Honey, what are you….?” she said playfully.

James looked up at his mother, seeing her exposed breast as he tried to respond, “Uh.. I just” he stumbled.

Eve could clearly tell her son was getting worked up, as she feigned ignorance the the fact her breast was out. She could see his erection clearly in his pants. “Well.. I guess my phone must be in my room somewhere!” she Çanakkale Escort Bayan said in a convincing tone.

“Ok, I’m going to bed again.” She continued.

Eve leaned down to kiss her son playfully on the cheek, as James grabbed her head firmly and kissed her on the lips. Caught off guard at first, Eve let her son continue, enjoying the passion she could feel as he wrestled with his lust.

As she felt her own lust taking over, she made a weak attempt to pull away and stop her son. James did not let go, instead gently pulled his mother onto the couch, on top of him. Eve had no choice but to fall forward, being careful not to fall directly on her son she had no choice but to let him control her body. James pulled her directly onto his lap, as Eve instinctively spread her legs to straddle her son intimately, immediately feeling his erection poke into her pussy. Her body was now on fire, as she felt the stirred passion from her son flowing.

James was driven only by his desire and moved his hands onto his mothers butt, pressing her directly onto his erection and immediately wishing her had taken off his pants. He kept kissing her, as he felt his mother’s body responding to his movements, he could feel her breathing intensifying as she got distracted with his gentle thrusts. Every so often he could feel his mother gently grind her hips onto him, giving him the encouragement he needed to continue.

Eve felt her body burning wildly, she tried to control herself but the pleasure overpowered her body. She couldn’t help feeling her son’s erection on her pussy, her body screaming to take it inside.

With a big sigh she managed to break herself away from her son, sitting back as she looked at her son look up at her, his lust written on his face as she felt a reciprocal throb in her pussy.

“Stop stop… I’m going go to bed..” She said softly.

“Yeah… sorry. I got a bit…” James responded.

Eve slowly clambered to get up off her son’s lap, pausing to look down again at her son as he stared back. She look at her exposed breast and then slowly back at her son seductively, before walking off back to her room.

As she walked down the hallway, her body burned with passion and desire. Each step she felt like she was doing something wrong as if her body was screaming at her to go back to her son’s.

Passing her son’s room on the way to her own she could smell him clearly, sending a distinct pleasure over her. A wicked thought popped into her head, as she slowly removed her now soaked panties to place them on the handle to his room with a smile across her face.

James sat on the couch for what felt like ages, processing what had just happened. He was fixated on the look his mother gave him before she left, and the thought of how sexy she looked with her body barely covered and breast exposed. His cock was still enraged in his pants, as he decided he needed to take care of it finally and got up to head to his room.

When he arrived, he was shocked to see the panties his mother had left him on the door handle, causing an instant throb in his erection. He looked towards her room with a curious smile as he grabbed them and entered his room.

James realized now that his mother was probably as pent up as he was right now, the thought spurred him greatly as he pieced together the act in the lounge room. He wondered if he should make her wait as a punishment, or if he should act on everything she had put the effort into building. He wanted her, and knowing she wanted him made his cock enraged, as he hurriedly removed his clothes.

In a moment of clarity as he thought about the week gone by with his Mom, James quickly grabbed a condom from his drawer, taking a moment to place it onto himself, before eagerly heading to his mothers room.

He arrived and opened the door unannounced, as he was welcomed to the dark room. Hearing the faint sound of movement from his mother on the bed, he was familiar with this game as he carefully made his way to the bed and his waiting mother.

When Eve heard her son enter her room as her heart started pounding, instantly realizing her own excitement that had reached its own peak. She could barely think straight, all thoughts were solely only focused on being taken by her son. All of the night’s the foreplay and investment in teasing her son had come to this, there was no guilt, instead it all felt earned.

At this point she had given up any inclination of modesty as she lay on her back in anticipation, eagerly holder her legs back as she offered herself up to her son.

“Mom..?” James asked to the dark room.

Eve felt her son climb onto the bed, as the butterflies in her stomach tingled as she felt him moving closer.

“I’m Here…” She replied softly, trying to mask her excitement.

With an outstretched hand James made contact with his mother in the darkness, her familiar warmth sending a pleasant feeling through his body. He could hear his mother’s breathing change as he made Escort Çanakkale contact with her leg, curiously trying to work out his mother’s position.

He moved his hand down slowly tracing her leg and immediately realizing his mother was already in position. He climb himself up to her quickly, expertly lining his cock up with her waiting vagina. Eve would have been impressed at the deftness of her son, but she barely had a moment to brace herself as he immediately pushed inside.

“Oh my god!” She yelled out in a combination of pleasure and surprise.

Eve felt herself almost cum straight away, as her son pushed all the way inside her in a single smooth stroke, filling her hungry pussy up to the base of his cock. She instantly felt completely full, her son’s engorged cock back inside her sending waves of pleasure throughout her body. She had to remember to breath for a moment, her as she took a big gasp of air while she moaned in pleasure.

James could feel his mothers pussy wrapped around him tightly through the condom, quietly confident from the moans that she was enjoying it. He started gently thrusting while pressed deeply inside her, listening to the sounds of his mother under him. He wondered if his mother even realized he was being a good boy and wearing a condom as she was too distracted from her own enjoyment. James leaned down onto his mother, wrapping her in his arms as he started to kiss her lips.

Eve could barely contain herself as her lips met with her sons, immediately causing an intense orgasm as she lay wrapped in her son’s arms, victim to his passionate kiss.

James could feel his mother’s body tensing, her warm pussy gripping his cock and massaging it eagerly as she approached her climax.

Eve broke away from her son’s lips, “Oh my god! I’m… gonna cum…” she whispered loudly, as her body screamed with pleasure and her orgasm overtook her.

James stopped thrusting to allow himself to enjoy the feeling completely, as his mother lost her composure beneath him and moaned loudly. He could feel her pussy contracting onto his cock, as if begging him to ejaculate right then.

Taking the sign from his mother, James felt all of his senses overtaken as he fantasized about filling his mother with his cum, finding himself approaching his own orgasm.

“Mom… I’m gonna cum too..” he announced.

Eve heard the words from her son as they crashed over her amidst a sudden realization waking her from the pleasure of her orgasm. She had no idea what to do while feeling a wave of stupidity wash over her, knowing she had so easily allowed her son inside her unprotected. Blaming her lust and desire for giving her complete amnesia of previous incidents of last week risking impregnation.

“Wait…!” She said in a rush of panic, hoping to get through to her son.

But it was too late, she felt his cock start pulsing wildly inside her pussy as Eve lay trapped, her son keeping his body pressed down with his hips locking his cock firmly in place inside her. Her mind went blank for a moment, a mix of pleasure and shame as she thought getting filled by her son’s thick load. Her own pussy throbbing with pleasure, betraying her as she enjoyed her own orgasm shamefully.

The room was filled with the soft grunts of her son, as Eve’s own orgasm subsided and her breathing became more steady. She dreaded the thought of how much her son had just deposited inside her, distinctly recalling the feeling each time his cock pulsed sending days worth of his cum deep into her receptive womb.

“Oh my god! Quick… get off!” Eve said hurriedly.

“Just a bit more Mom… I can’t move right now” he replied

“No honey… Uh… I need to get it out of me” Eve insisted louder, gently pushing her son off in vain.

“It’s OK Mom… just a little bit longer” James replied, letting out a satisfied groan while his cock slowly pulsed.

With his cock buried deep inside her Eve could feel the final twitches clearly now, trying to deny the pleasure it was giving her. She shuddered at the thought of all the virile sperm flowing into her while she lay there powerless, angry at herself that she had so easily let this happen again.

As the silence lingered James knew his mother had not noticed the condom he was wearing, figuring she now thought he’d came inside her. He found himself wanting to continue playing this charade, while equally toying with the fantasy of giving his mother a real creampie.

“That felt so good!” James said in a satisfied tone, as he moved his head down to find his mothers lips.

Eve felt her son’s lips press into hers and as if on autopilot immediately kissed him back.

“Are you angry Mom?” James whispered in a cheeky tone.

“Yes… Come on, hop off. I need to get it out” Eve said as she tried to be angry at her son, but accepted her own blame in this situation.

James slowly climbed off, quickly removing his cock from his mother as he lay down on the bed next to her with an audible sigh of relief.

Eve’s body trembled as her sons cock slipped out of her suddenly, quickly she placed her hand down onto her pussy preparing for the cum to escape from her vagina. Greeted by her wetness she gently felt around, placing a finger slightly inside curiously and wondering why there was nothing flowing out.

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