Ilas bhai and Salma Bhabi 1: Cuckolding the downst

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Ilas bhai and Salma Bhabi 1: Cuckolding the downstDuring the lockdown there wasn’t much to do other than to wank. I was extremely horny. I live in a house that has been split into two flats. I occupied the upstairs flat while a young Bengali family lived in the downstairs one. They had moved from Italy to the uk. As I was Bengali as well I got along with them pretty well. Ilas bhai is older than me by a few years and his wife Salma Bhabi is the same age as me by 30. During the lockdown there wasn’t much to do other than stay at home. Ilas bhai would often invite me downstairs to sit with him in the garden as I was furloughed. I had plenty of time. We would often smoke and drink tea and chat about all sorts. One particular evening we began to speak about women and he started asking me about my past. I had told him about my divorce and what I had done. He was very much intrigued and he too had a colorful past. He had told me that he had cheated on his wife plenty of times while they were in Italy. He then wound up asking me what I had thought of his wife. I politely declined to make a comment on his wife as I didn’t want to insult him or make the situation awkward. He insisted I tell him after a back and forth I told him his wife has a nice figure and good looking face. In actual fact she was about 5.3 inches slender and slim with a nice bust and an ample ass. She was about size 8-10 dress size. She had a pretty decent body for a mother of one. She was fair in complexion with hazel brown eyes. She often bahis siteleri wore a burqa or kameez with a headscarf. He then went on to ask me if I would sleep with her. I refused to answer as I didn’t know how he would react. He insisted I tell him. I continued to refuse. He then told me that his wife found me pretty attractive and that’s why she shies away. I laughed it off and said to him not to worry I wasn’t like that. We continued talking till it was getting late. I left the garden and went back to my flat. I was really horny after our conversation. We spoke a lot. Later that night around I heard a knock on the door. I had a feeling it was ilas bhai as no one had called on the intercom. I opened the door and invited him in, with him was Salma Bhabi. She was dressed in a green sari and was wearing gold and had done up her makeup. Ilas bhai asked me to leave my door open as they had left their son asleep down stairs. He explained to me that he had a fantasy that he wanted someone to fuck his wife, and since his wife found me attractive and I found her attractive he would give us his blessing. I was shocked to hear what he was saying. I looked at Salma Bhabi and asked her if she was ok with it. She was looking down and nodded. I looked at him in shock. He told me to sit down on the sofa and instructed Salma bhabis to make us some tea. She went off into the kitchen. Ilas bhai told me that he wanted me to sleep with his wife and he would watch and get involved. I asked him if he was sure. He canlı bahis siteleri told me he was certain. I asked him why and he went on to explain that it was his fantasy to have someone fuck his wife and in recent years he couldn’t pleasure her due to stress and commitments.By this time Salma Bhabi had returned. We drank the tea and he instructed Salma Bhabi to start striping. I stopped him and told him it’s ok and let me take the lead. He said it was fine. Ilas bhai pulled out a chair and sat down. I got up and held Bhabi by the hips and began complimenting her. Her fair cheeks began to blush. I began kissing her on the lips and pushing my tongue into her mouth. She was very open to it. I slowly took off her headscarf and started to unwind her sari. Leaving it on the sofa. By now my cock was getting extremely hard. I yanked off my trousers to reveal my brown rock hard cock to ilas bhai and Bhabi. Bhabi reached for it and held it. She complimented it and began stroking. Her bangles began to jingle as her hands went up and down my cock. In the corner of my eye I could see ilas bhai undo his lungi and began wanking. I continued to undo the bhabhi blouse and Petticoat. I continued with the foreplay for a few more minutes, by now me and Bhabi we’re fully naked in front of ilas bhai. She looked amazing. She had a nice perky breast and a sexy figure all she had on was her gold necklace and small bits of jewellery on her face. I looked at ilas bhai and he was hard and stroking. I asked him if canlı bahis he wanted me to take off her jewelry. He replied saying it was up to me. I decided to leave it on. I sat on my sofa and held bhabis’ hand as she got on her knees and began sucking my cock. She was slobbering all over it. Ilas bhai looked at me and asked what I thought. I told him it was amazing and he was a lucky cock. She continued sucking till I couldn’t take it no more. I got up and laid her flat on the sofa and began fingering her. She began to moan, she was soaking wet. I got up and asked ilas bhai if he brought any condoms. He pulled out a strip from his jumper and handed it over to me. I slipped on the condom and lined up my cock against his wife’s pussy. I slowly inserted it and she let out a moan. She began to squeal as the rest of my cock went in her. After about ¾ of my cock was inside her I could feel the top of her pussy. I began picking up the pace and was pumping her pussy. She went red with pleasure and we were sweating. I pounded her in missionary for a few mins then I asked her to get into doggy at this point ilas bhai stood up and came closer. I began pounding her from the back and watched her small round ass jiggle. After a few deep strokes I couldn’t take it I pushed in harder and deeper and now my whole cock was inside Bhabi. She let our huge scream as I pushed through her small tight pussy wall and I cummed. I continued with the little strength I had and seconds later Bhabi cummed too. I pulled out and fell back on the sofa. Bhabhi remained in her doggy position. With bhabhi screaming she had woken up their son and he began crying. Ilas bhai grabbed his lungi and left for his flat. My condom was full of cum. I pulled it off and tied it up.

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