I’m A Cuckold. This Is My Story Pt. 07

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Doug and I leave Alison to find something to occupy our time while she recovers from her interaction with the black snake. We take her advice and go to turn on the tv and find a baseball game to watch. I still have shorts on; Doug is naked, his large cock swaying back and forth with each step he takes. He sits down on the couch and his cock rests to the left, on his leg. I sit in an armchair and can’t help but stare. He notices and says to me “that is some fine wife you have there Bill. That body is, well, that body is unbelievable. I just want to fuck them titties later, you won’t mind now, will you? I mean, you and I both know she WILL want more of my cock. I can see that you want some more of it. Play your cards right and you can both have it.”

I agree about her body and somehow tell him that he can do to her what she wants, not quite sure if this is a fantasy being realized or if I’m becoming their cuckold. Yes, his fucking her in front of me excited the hell out of me and I tell Doug that the sight of his big dark cock sliding in and out of her pussy while his hands were filled with her tits almost made me cum right there. I only realize now that I still hadn’t had any release. Doug smiles at that.

We absentmindedly watch the game, switching channels every so often. After almost 2 hours of this, Doug gets up and tells me he’s getting a beer and asks if I want one. His big black cock sways as he walks in my line of sight. I’m quite certain he did this on purpose.

He begins to walk back with 2 beers and then says to me, “I’ve known you two for a while now, and I don’t want to be responsible for breaking up a marriage, but how far do you want to go with this? I mean, you saw Alison, she was squirming under my cock, and that was only a quickie! I know she’ll want more, and you do too. Hell, I want more of that too!! Question is, is this just a fantasy we are acting out? Will my fucking her a lot more, in front of you, destroy what you have? Now that she knows you’ve sucked my cock, I have nothing over you. You can end this tonight or we can take it further. I don’t want an angry husband shooting me!”

I’m kind of surprised what he’s thinking; it’s nearly exactly what I was thinking too. I never thought of myself as a true cuckold, not being able to fuck my own wife and being at their command. But again, watching her get fucked by him was a big turn on.

“Fantasy is pretty cool, let’s see what develops.” I say. I tell him that I don’t want to give up fucking her, that that is too much for me, but that I’ll do what I’m told when we get together.

Doug says “Ok, I can live with that.” as he walks up to my chair and kneels on the chair arms, straddling my chest. His limp cock is inches from my face and he says “So lets see what develops if you put that cock in your mouth” as he leans his hips forward. “Take it in your mouth and blow me” he commands.

I obediently comply, moving my mouth closer and wrapping my lips around the head. I instantly feel the pulsing in his cock and feel kemalpaşa escort it begin to grow in my mouth. I bob my head back and forth, taking him in to the base of his cock each time, feeling his balls on my chin. I grab his ass with both hands and pull him deeper and begin to motion his hips back and forth so he’s now fucking my mouth as his cock grows to its full hardened 8½”. He establishes his own rhythm and pumps his cock in and out of my mouth without my guidance, his balls slapping my chin with each thrust.

“That’s it white boy, suck that big black cock. Suck your master’s cock, you little cock whore! I’m gonna fuck that wife of yours when she wakes up! Ooooh, I can’t wait to get those big-ass tits again!” he says.

“She’s awake, and those ‘big-ass tits’ are here for the taking!” Alison says, as she walks in on us, Doug’s large black hose thrusting in and out of my mouth.

“Don’t stop on my account. Keep fucking that mouth Doug. You can just blow another load in there, cause I don’t swallow” she laughs as she walks over to Doug and begins kissing him, right above me. My hands reach down to my rock-hard cock and I begin to jerk off. I know it won’t be long, as the combination of DOug’s cock in my mouth while they make out will surely be too much.

Doug responds to her kisses, kissing her back and letting his hands roam free over her body. His thrusts pick up the pace and his balls slap my chin with more and more force with each piston-like thrust of his hips. She leans forward, embracing him and pressing her very ample breasts against his bare chest. Her pussy pushes up against the back of my head, keeping it in position to accept every thrust of Doug’s cock.

“Hey, don’t cum in his mouth just yet” Alison whispers in Doug’s ear as she changes her mind. “I want you to fuck me first” and she comes around the chair, pulling Doug off the chair and out of my mouth. They stand in front of me, kissing, with Doug’s hands exploring her body, paying particular attention to her massive tits. He slides in behind her, cupping her breasts, or at least as much of them as he can, in his hands while kissing her neck and shoulders.

Alison moans and writhes under his touch, pushing her ass into his crotch. She pulls me off the chair and pushes me to my knees in front of her and commands me to get her pussy wet for Doug’s big cock.

I obey and begin to kiss and lick her quickly moistening pussy; she doesn’t really need my help, as Doug’s hands and cock rubbing against her ass is exciting her. As I lick her labia, she wriggles a little and next thing I know, Doug’s big black cock pokes out from between her legs and into my mouth. He thrusts it in and out of my mouth, making sure to drag it across her now-soaked pussy.

After less than a minute, Alison begs for Doug to fuck her, gasping out “fuck me Doug. I want that cock in my pussy, now. Fuck me in front of Bill, show him a real fucking.”

With that, on the next forward thrust konak escort of Doug’s cock, I push the head of his big pole up into Alison’s pussy. Even without Alison bending over, it’s more than long enough to enter her and it slides right in easily. Alison gasps and bends over just enough to let Doug begin slamming his black manhood in and out of dripping pussy. She meets every pump of Doug’s with her own push onto his cock and I can tell she’s enjoying it and wants more. Her enormous tits hang and sway with every thrust and I kneel beneath her, enjoying her intense pleasure.

“Oh. My. God.” Alison screams. “It’s so fucking big. It feels so good Doug! Don’t stop! Keep pounding me with that cock!” she moans. Doug grabs her shoulders and pumps his big snake in and out of her pussy even more feverishly at that, his balls slapping her ass with each thrust. Without missing a beat, he reaches around and grabs a handful of each tit and pulls her back as far as he can onto his throbbing cock. They continue this for what seemed like a couple of minutes while I sat there and watched, rubbing my own cock through my shorts.

Alison starts gasping, letting out little moans with each thrust of Doug’s cock into her body. I know she will soon be coming and see her face starting to turn red with pleasure. “Oh God!” she yells out, shuddering at the first wave of her orgasm. Doug doesn’t let up. In fact, it makes him fuck her even harder, as she tries to let up a little. All that Alison can manage to get out of her mouth are numerous whimpers, moans, gasps, and the ever-increasing “Oh God, Oh God!”

Doug keeps pounding that black anaconda in and out of her pussy, making her wriggle and scream. “How you like that big cock baby? That tight pussy of yours feels sooooo fine. Bet your husband’s cock can’t make you cum like this black cock can, can it?”

“Oh God, no!” Alison manages to answer. “Yours is a real cock…don’t stop Doug. Keep fucking me with that monster of yours” she says as she shudders from another orgasm. “I love your cock. I want to feel it cum inside me” she cries out as she tries to thrust back towards his cock.

Doug begins toying with her, waiting for her to beg for him to continue fucking her. He abruptly pulls out of her and walks over to me, still watching and toying with my cock. He grabs my head and sticks his cock in my mouth, saying to me “You know what to do. Get at it cuckold!” I immediately obey and begin my usual service of his cock.

He says to Alison “You came, now it’s my turn. I’m gonna blow my load in Bill’s mouth, like you said to before” and he proceeds to begins thrusting his rock-hard cock deep into my mouth. I can taste Alison on his throbbing cock and can feels that he’s close to cumming.

Alison comes over and pulls his snake out of my mouth and yells to him “No! Fuck me Doug! Cum in my pussy, now!” as she lifts one leg and tries to mount his cock right there. She manages to get his cock in her pussy, which wasn’t hard to kuşadası escort do, considering how many times she came and how wet her pussy is. Alison wraps both legs around Doug’s back and impales herself onto his cock. He wraps his arms around her back and she begins bouncing herself up and down on his pole like a pogo stick, her big tits bouncing around near his face.

It doesn’t take long for Alison to become orgasmic again and Doug quickly follows suit. “Oh God baby, I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum” Doug moans as the bouncing continues.

“Yeah baby, cum in me! Fill my pussy with that cum!” Alison screams as she throws her head back from another orgasm. Doug yells out as he begins blasting the inside of her pussy with his hot seed.

“Oh God” Alison moans as they bounce several more times, each bounce likely resulting in another spurt of cum from Doug’s anaconda. I can’t count them all, but from past experience, I know there are a half-dozen or more. I keep stroking myself and within a minute, I release in my shorts.

They collapse on the couch, Doug’s deflating cock still inside Alison’s throbbing pussy. She sits atop Doug, her plentiful boobs hanging in Doug’s face for a few minutes while they regain their composure.

After a few minutes, Alison gets off DOug and slides down on the couch beside him, his arm wrapped around her shoulder, cupping a breast. “Oh God, that was soooooo good” Alison says to Doug and me. “Since the night is young, and we don’t have work tomorrow, I want that cock again” she continues.

“Oh, that’s gonna happen” Doug says to her. “Hubby is gonna clean us up, get us a drink while we relax and recover, and I’m gonna fuck that tight pussy of yours again and again.”

Doug looks at me and says “Now Bill, you know what to do and what your place is. Get to it!”

I crawl over on my hands and knees and kneel between Alison’s legs and begin to eat my creampie. His cum is flowing out of her pussy, which is red from the pounding it just took, and I lap it up as ordered. Alison wriggles and coaxes me on, making sure I get it all. “Clean that pussy up real good Bill. It’s going to get filled right up again with that BIG, BLACK, COCK right in front of your eyes. You’d like that, wouldn’t you, Bill?” she coos as she directs me head around to make sure I get everything.

I finish with Alison and move onto Doug, taking his limp, but still big, cock in my mouth, sucking his and Alison’s juices off of it. I continue to clean him by licking his shaft, working my way down to his balls. I take them in my mouth one at a time and clean them of cum. Doug watches and says “Yeah, that’s good. Make sure you get it all. After you clean that dick, you’re gonna get us a drink and sit down in your spot between my legs. When I’m ready, you’re gonna take it back in your mouth, get it nice and big and hard, and then put it where it belongs…in your wife’s nice tight pussy. That pussy is mine now and you’re my cock-sucker. I don’t think your wife will mind” he laughs as he squeezes her tits.

“No, I don’t think I will” Alison chimes in. “I think I’ll love every minute that black monster is in my pussy.”

I get up to get them a drink and wonder what Doug has in mind in the future, somewhat excited by my fantasies. I soon learn that Doug has some crazy plans of his own…

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