I’m not Getting Married in the Morning

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Authors note: This little story is based on a series of true events. Of course I might have embellished things a tiny bit for artistic license. Names have been changed to protect the guilty parties, no one under eighteen, et cetera, et cetera. This is a follow up to I’M GETTING MARRIED IN THE MORNING. So you might wanna read that first, or not. Be gentle in your comments, or be banished.


Friday night was epic. Epic in my stupidity. My head was still swimming from the alcohol I had imbibed. I had tried to pickle myself with lots of alcohol. It didn’t work, I was still alive, barely.

I had tied one on. I had been engaged to be married a week ago, then my fiancee, Margo had me take her friend, Cynthia to an elective surgery. She wanted her very nice and curvy calves reduced of fat.

I convinced her to not go through with the surgery. I had promised to eat her five times if she didn’t go through with the surgery. I had made good on that promise, and then some.

The doctors wanted to remove some bone spurs from her Achilles tendons. That surgery took place, surprisingly quickly, ending a painful condition for her! The spurs were very painful, and surgery offered some nice pain relief.

I thought, how convenient, we can’t do THIS surgery, so lets do THAT surgery! Perhaps less driven by altruism, and more through surgical enhancement of their wallets. However, the end result was less pain, so I suppose it was all worth it.

During her surgery, I befriended a buxom black nurse at the hospital named Lauren. Lauren was built. She had massive tits and a beautiful big bubble butt ass. Her face was gorgeous as well, with big plump lips, high cheekbones and dark eyes.

I had fucked Lauren silly in a hospital room, and I had promised her a return engagement for Saturday night. I had discussed this with my new and improved fiancee, Cynthia. She had said ok, as long as she could be there to watch, maybe join in. Wow.

This had come about, because Cynthia’s now ex-boyfriend, Robert, my former best friend, was caught fucking my former fiancee Margo. I took a dim view of this, calling off my engagement to Margo, and announcing my engagement to Cynthia. I had not really asked her, except by looks, but surprisingly she said yes.

I was having second thoughts. And third thoughts. I was kinda reluctant about the relationship as we were a classic rebound couple. That would doom our marriage from the start. That and the fact that Cynthia was a crazy, kinky bitch. That, I kinda liked, sorta, maybe; or maybe not, as I was very conflicted about my feelings towards her. If we did get married, no way in hell was it ever going to be a conventional marriage. More like a cross between a train wreck, and freaks with benefits, with a bit of love sprinkled on top. How did this make me feel?

It made me feel very fucked up. I wasn’t sure about any of this, including my own feelings, but I was like a moth to a flame, I could see the fire, and I knew it could burn me, but I was drawn to it. I could not help myself around Cynthia. I did things that I’m pretty sure would get me locked up in about fourteen states. It was as if I could not say no!

She likes water sports, and I don’t mean swimming. She liked me to spank her very heart shaped ass until it glowed red! She loved to suck my cock, and she told me she enjoys licking pussy as well, now and then. I also discovered she loves anal sex. She tells me that she loves me, but my trust level is, well, not very high right now. On the plus side, she is very understanding about my previous commitment to fuck Lauren, as long as she can be there to watch. Wow, wow and double wow. My head is spinning.

My head is spinning from all this craziness, and it has nothing to do with alcohol. Why am I smiling? Am I happy to be part of this…clusterfuck? One thing is for certain, if I marry Cynthia, there will never be a dull moment.

What should I do? Fuck it, I’ll sleep on it, figure shit out in the morning. My head was exploding, but that was easily explained by my blood alcohol level. I am so fucked up. I need to sleep.


I awoke to my hard morning wood being sucked on. This is absolutely the best wake up call ever, EVER, EVVERRR! “Um hey, I’m gonna COME in your MOUTH! UHHGH, yeah! Oh wow that was good.” I shot a big fat load of cum into? Who? I wondered. I was still in bed with covers on me and mystery blowjob artist. She was still sucking, making sure to get every last sperm in her gullet. I had felt her swallow. She pulled off my dick with a pop. She had definite felatio talent.

“It’s nice to see you still like my blowjobs!” Margo said as she swallowed my pearl drops and poked her head escort bayan up. Cynthia came up too. They both were naked, and four tits and four hard nipples looked back at me. I was really shocked to see the lying, cheating cunt sucking on my schwanz. My eyes must have revealed my amazement.

“I hope you didn’t mind that honey, Margo wanted to borrow you this morning to fuck. She’s still my friend, even though she betrayed us both. She wanted to express her apology to you in a very nice way. She wants you to spank her ass too, and maybe fuck her in the ass if you want. If you wish, you can come all over her face, and take a photo of that… Hey wait, I want you to do that to me too! I need punishment as well!”

“Cynthia, you are one crazy bitch. Come up here and give me some sugar. You are NOT to return the favor to Robert! If I catch you with him, there will be hell to pay. You can kiss me too Margo, if you want to. Did you miss me?”

The two were on me like happy puppies lickin’ and kissin’ and generally trying to get on my good side. BOTH were planning on fucking me to death. It will take several days to wipe the grin off my face!

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, I’m so very sorry!” Margo was mea culpa big time, the cheating cunt finally understood about consequences, such as me not marrying her and never fuckin’ her tight little pussy again. She might not miss me, but she sure missed my Mr Happy.

“Put your pussy were my mouth is Margo. Cynthia are you wet enough to fuck? ALL ABOARD!” I had Margo’s twat in my face, my tongue on her clit. Cynthia was trying to impale herself to death on my meat pole. This was a fun way to wake up. Cynthia was going to cum first. Her face and chest got red and she shuddered, but did not scream. I wondered why. She was usually very vocal about her orgasms.

“Why didn’t you yell Cyn?” This was tough to do with Margo’s labia on my lips. I was worried that it had not been good enough for Cynthia. She couldn’t speak cause she was still coming, but quietly.

“Cynthia’s mom is in the living room, so we have to be quiet! We are going shopping right after we fuck you good and proper,” Margo explained. The girls switched ends, and I licked Cynthia’s pussy while Margo tried to sit on my cock several times, eventually she opened up wide enough to take my wide meat in her very wet vagina, shuddering very hard. I filled her cunt with my semen. She came again, whimpering and shaking and shuddering. Her head was thrown back and her eyes were shut as she had a massive climax.

“Thank you, you were wonderful as usual. Thank you so much. I still love you, you know. Wanna spank me? Or buttfuck me? It’s my way of apologizing to you,” Margo was sounding very appreciative, for a change.

Well, well, well. I liked make up sex, but this was so much better. Thank-you-sex was clearly a great thing on a Saturday morning. The thought crossed my mind that I had cum once, but Margo had cum a bunch of times, but what the fuck, she was trying for a change. She had given Mr Happy a wonderful blowjob, so I guess it’s ok.

The girls fixed themselves up in the bathroom, and who knows how long that would take? I told Cynthia I had to pee. I was immediately dragged into the tiny bathroom and Cyn was in the shower wanting her special shower from me! She loved being pissed on. I need to get her psychiatric help, that girl just loves golden showers. How fucked up is that? What’s worse is I just go along with the program, feeding her addiction with my dick. I’ll have my own rubber room right next to hers, I’m so fuckin crazy.

“Ok, ok You crazy bitch, I can’t believe I’m doing this, I’ll probably wind up in jail. Its gotta be illegal, or at the very least, very insane.”

Margo grabbed Mr happy and hosed down Cynthia. She opened her mouth to get some urine in it. Cynthia was rubbing her own clit as she got her golden shower. She had an explosive orgasm. I needed therapy. I must be fuckin nuts. Margo washed my Johnson in her mouth. She got any and all stray piss on her tongue, and swallowed! She’s just as kinky as Cynthia! She looked at me, like ok, you got me and said, “It’s an acquired taste. Next time, piss in my mouth too!” She grinned a shit eating grin. Geez, I hope that’s not next. I gotta draw the line somewhere.

My bladder empty, Cynthia wanted to kiss me. I told her, “After your regular shower, please!” I stepped out washed my hands quickly and went for coffee in the kitchen. My poor dick was still semi hard.

As I went in the kitchen in my old white cotton robe, there on the sofa was a beautiful blond haired woman. She was slightly older, say thirty-six or thirty-seven years old. She was just watching the weather channel. She looked kocaeli escort bayan up at me, then checked me out. She stared at my bulge. She just looked right at my dick. This must be Cynthia’s mom.

“Hi, I’m Dan, Dan Maxwell. So nice to meet you.” Mr Happy was starting to pump up a bit. He had a mind of his own. He wanted her mom.

“Nice to meet you Dan. I’m Melissa Clark, I’m Cynthia’s mom. You and I need to talk.” She looked me right in the eye.

“Won’t you join me in the kitchen then? I’m gonna make some coffee. Would you like something to eat? Eggs, French toast, pancakes, cereal? I’m out of bacon, but I might have a bit of left over ham. What is your pleasure?”

She was looking at my dick. The thing was getting harder, and had popped the head out of my old robe. Oops!

“I want to taste this.” She was on her knees in the kitchen and her beautiful plump cocksucker lips were wrapped around my cock. Her head bobbed up and down on my dick. She was sucking my cock, trying to make me cum, and I had met her exactly two minutes ago. Well, what did I expect from my crazy slut fiancee’s mother? Fortunately, I had just got done that with the two in the bedroom. I would take a while for me to explode in her mouth.

“Melissa, give me a moment. I pulled my dick out of her mouth with a pop, and set to work. I lifted her up on the counter to sit. I would steal a kiss every time I went by. She touched my Johnson every time I got within her reach.

“Cynthia has quite a few issues and she is a very special girl you know. Are you aware that she is a submissive personality and she needs constant sexual attention? Can you fuck her good and hard every day?” Her mom explained what I already knew.

“Yes, and I’m only too happy to be there for her. I am somewhat of a dominant personality. I am concerned about the rebound effect. You know about my break up with my slut fiancee Margo?” I said.

“Yes, I understand. I want to fuck you. I need to know that my daughter isn’t making a bad decision. Do you mind?” Her hand was stroking my dick. She smiled. She was lying. This wasn’t for her daughter’s sake. This slut wanted a good fucking, pure and simple. She wanted my dick.

“Am I being vetted? Sexually vetted?! You’re very protective of her. Are you as kinky as her?” Here it is, I thought. How far does the apple fall from the tree?

“Yes, well actually, I’m a lot more kinky than she is. I’m also looking for someone to dominate me. I need you to urinate all over me! I need to be spanked and given direction and CHERISHED. Do you think you could handle three very submissive women?” She looked me straight in the eyes. That wasn’t the sign of a sub. I thought, let’s check if she really is or not.

“Take off your panties now.” I said. She smiled at me. She removed her panties and handed them to me. I inhaled the lovely womanly scent. It was so, so nice. I put them in my pocket.

“Beg me to suck your pussy.”

“Please Dan, suck my pussy.”

“Oh you can do better than that. Call me sir or master. You will not look me in the eyes unless I say so. You will not cum until I tell you to. Do you understand me?” She nodded submissively.

“Yes Master. Would you please suck my cunt master?” I could smell her arousal. She was starting to drip her sex juices.

I put my face into her labia. She was completely bare. I licked up and down her crevice as I parted her lips and teased her clitoris. I pushed two fingers into her mouth to wet them, and then I wiggled them into her love hole. I found the hot spot and teased that as well, until after ten minutes, she was ready to explode. I teased her some more. I just knew she loved to be teased.

“Are you going to cum when I tell you to?” I asked her.

“Yes” her eyes averted.

“Yes what?” I was stimulating her G spot mercilessly.

“Yes Sir!” She was having trouble sitting up straight.

“Are you going to cum for me?” I lifted her off the counter and took her to the sofa. I motioned for her to strip, and she had her clothes off in a flash.

“Yes Master!” She had nice tits and a generous bubble butt. She also had tall hard and dark nipples, begging to be sucked. All in good time, I thought.

“How many times are you going to orgasm for me?”

“As many times as you tell me to Master!” She was getting very close to a climax now.

“Good answer. Lift up your legs and spread your delicate flower for me to lick. No cumming till I say! Understand?”

“Yes sir.” She spread herself open for me. She smelled of hot gash, a woman ready to breed.

“Do you understand me?!”

“I understand you sir! Please eat me sir! Please!” I knew she kocaeli escort was close. Now I would give her what she wanted.

“When I lick and suck your cunt I want your eyes looking at me.” and she smiled. She was really dripping out, so I licked her clit some more and pushed the two fingers back into her tight wet quim. I found her G spot again and between stimulating her clitoris with my tongue, and G spot with my digits, she went bonkers. She was shaking, she was so close to coming.

“Sir, may I cum? Please?”

“Look at me, in the eyes. Ok Mel, please cum for me. Cum hard Melissa. Do it now, cum!”

She yelled and EXPLODED. She squirted and wailed, “AAAIIIEEE YES OH THANK YOU MY, YES, AHHH MASTER, OH FUCK YES. AAARHHHHGGG UHHG” I kept on with my fingers and tongue. I don’t know how many times she came, but it was a lot. She shuddered and yelled like I was killing her. I think she liked it.

She was looking straight into my soul when she said, “I am yours now. Dan, you are really something. I belong to you. Take me, fuck me, mark me as your own. I have never come that hard, or that many times. If my crazy daughter does not marry you, I will in an instant.”

“I’m going to fuck you now. Do you want me to fuck you hard or easy?” She instantly said, “As hard as you can, please. Fuck me HARD PLEASE!” She looked me in the eyes as I drove into her, again and again. As I neared my own climax, she looked me in the eyes, “May I cum again Master?

I said, “Cum with me Melissa, I’m going to fill you full of my sperm. Do you want that? Do you want me to breed you, give you a baby?”

She bucked under me and shuddered and I said, “CUM now! I’m CUMMING! Ugh uhh!”

She came again, very hard. “Ohmygod! Dan, you are the best. I want you so fuckin bad. Please be my lord and Master! Make me pregnant, fill me with your seed!”

“Ok, I will, but I’m taking your daughter Cynthia too! You will both have my children. We will be one big family, together.”

“Oh yes Dan. Oh yes, yes, YES!” She shuddered again. I could feel her cum. “I’m sorry sir, I forgot to ask permission to cum. You will have to spank my fat ass Sir!” Her eyes sparkled. She flipped over and put my hand on her ass. I spanked her hard, again and again on each cheek, until they were rosy red.

“Sir, may I cum again?! PLEASE! I’m so close!” The slapping of her ass got her very worked up.

“Yes, Mel. Come for me.” I very gingerly spanked her labia. She sprayed her juices as she came again from the spanking. I rubbed her beautiful ass, and fingered her asshole and she came for the last time. Her shuddering was very intense. She grabbed me and kissed me. She held me very tight. She cried. She wept like a baby.

“Did I do something wrong? What’s the matter?” I asked.

“No, no, you did everything so perfectly, I’m so very happy!” She cried some more. But she smiled as she cried.


When the girls finally were ready, they were astonished to find Cynthia’s mom naked with me. Mel had my cock in her mouth, bobbing her head up and down. I didn’t stop her until I shot in her mouth. I told her, “Good job, now swallow all of it.” And she did. Her daughter was looking at me with incredulous eyes.

I explained she was mine now, and I would take her and Cynthia every night. Cynthia’s eyes got huge when she heard that. She smiled like the cat that ate the canary!

“Mom are you ok with this?” She was shocked I had fucked her incredibly sexy milf mom.

“Yes, he loves me and makes me come like crazy. If you can’t accept me, then I will be glad to take your place.” She had an evil grin on her face.

“Go in, lay down, and take off your bottoms. I’m going to spank you.” I said to Cynthia. She practically ran into the bedroom.

I go in and surprise! BOTH WOMEN, Margo and Cynthia are face down and butts up.

“Margo, you don’t have to be spanked!” I knew she wanted me to spank her ass in the worst way.

“Oh please Dan, please spank my cheating ass. I did you so wrong, and now I regret losing my man so very much. I was so stupid to cheat on you with that asshole Robert. I beg of you to spank me, and take my ass, stretch it with Mr Happy. It’s my way of apologizing to you! PLEASE!”

Oh, what the hell. I spanked both girls. Cynthia begs me to fuck her asshole. I finger both girls asses. Margo spreads her own asscheeks and says, “PLEASE buttfuck me too. I need it!” I fuck both girls hard and long in their asses. My goodness they are tight.

“I’m gonna cum!” I announced. Margo takes my dick right out of Cynthia’s asshole. I shoot about a quart of semen in her hungry mouth. She looks very happy.

“Don’t swallow it Margo!” Cynthia yelled. They share my cum. Mel watches it all, playing with her cooter. I suspect she’s a voyeur like her daughter.

I give them money to spend on shopping. I’m going to the hospital tonight. I have to rest, and get ready. I take a long hot shower, and sleep beckons.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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