In Search of a Starlet

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There is certainly something to be said for the purported moral decline of the UK. Meeting girls in Aberdeen was never short of rewarding but with the diversity of our population, the internet, acceptance of pornography, changing values its amazing just how flexible the boundaries of what is acceptable are, if you are prepared to push a little.

So here I am, for the first time in my life with a little financial security and time on my hands. Recently my mind has been turning time and again to the old urban myth. You know? Two guys walk up to a good-looking female stranger and offer her a fist of cash to go somewhere with them for sex. Of course the catch is they have to be willing to be filmed doing it. Enter my little friend the Handi-Cam and my somewhat larger friend G.

I’d like to say our impure intentions were accepted on the first try. I would like to assure the reader that all women are open to this kind of thing. Of course this would be a lie and I won’t tell you how many times we were told in no uncertain terms to fuck off and die. But like I said, I had time on my hands, and eventually it was confirmed: Some women are every bit as mercenary about sex as men.

One such example was a cutey-pie in her early twenties named Jenna. We caught sight of her on her lunch-break from some faceless paper office block that I later learned that she was temping at. Even in her standard issue wage-slave getup she looked fine, her mane of dirty blonde hair was broken by a few tarty streaks of pink and she possessed an ample, curvy frame and lovely milky complexion. We approached her with the standard, no-nonsense pitch:

“Hi I’m S and this is G. We’re taking a kind of census here and we were wondering would you ever consider letting yourself be filmed with two guys for £200?”

“What!? Do the words: ‘I’ll call the police’ mean anything to you? You can’t be fucking serious?” She did her best to look outraged, but I’m pretty sure I saw a smile flicker across her face.

“Deadly serious, like, say us.” I discretely opened my palm to reveal a bunch of neatly folded notes.

“I don’t believe this is serious!” She did a little double take at the money. Then she swore at us a few more times but she didn’t say no and she didn’t walk away. I saw that wicked smirk cross her face a few more times and I knew we had struck gold.

Not wanting to give her time to get cold feet I texted Jenna a few times and got her to agree a meet-up the following afternoon in a cheap travel hotel in the centre of town. Her only stipulations were that she be paid before we do anything and that she bring her friend Abbey for support, who would under no circumstances be involved.

Before heading to the hotel I had suggested a quiet, out of the way pub for a few drinks. When Jenna walked in on G and myself I was impressed. It was a warm Saturday afternoon and her multi-tonal hair fell across her shapely pale shoulders. She wore a tight fitting blue vest top, which struggled to contain her ample bosom and best of all a short black skirt and little pink high heels. What impressed me even more was that her friend, Abbey was a rather slender, slightly Goth looking girl with dyed jet-black hair and pastel blue eyes. I resigned myself to the fact that there would be no touching. But perhaps there could be just a little asking!

Disappointingly however, Abbey contributed little to the conversation. On the other hand Jenna, it seemed had already had a couple of drinks before she met us and if she was nervous, was concealing it well behind a wall the persona of a right slapper. Trust me, when you’re in a quiet bar with a loud-mouthed female stranger who is telling loud stories largely centred around blow-jobs and drunken line-ups in nightclub toilets you don’t half get some looks.

It was with some relief that the four of us made our slightly tipsy way to the hotel. I had booked a family suite, which meant we had a decent sized living area as well as a double bed, futon and a bathroom.

I set a cans of beer, a couple of bottles of cheap pink fizz and a couple of glasses down on the living area table, where Abbey immediately perched herself and poured herself a stiff drink before sulkily telling me: “I suppose you three can go next door.”

Jenna, meanwhile had not taken a break from regaling us with tales of her most slutty exploits. Drink in hand Escort İstanbul she teetered on the arm of the couch, pretending not to notice that her skirt was riding further and further up her thigh and giving us numerous glimpses of a cute pair of pink mesh panties that she wore beneath. I turned on my camera, trying not to distract from her flow.

“Careful you don’t slip off of there.” G warned playfully.

“Hmm, I’m not that wet yet.” She came back smiling.

“What would help? We’re here to help!” I chimed in.

“Well cock is always good.” She said, reaching for the front of G’s jeans. The buttons of his fly were pulled back and his ample, rapidly stiffening cock pulled out. Jenna’s lips closed around it. Suddenly, there I was filming porn!

“Pull your skirt up Jenna.” I instructed. She complied and the little garment finally lost its battle with the curves of her arse and popped up over it. I ran a hand along he inner surface of her milky thigh, hooked my fingers around the gusset of her knickers and wrenched it to one side. I took a slow, lecherous zoom in on the neat little mound of hair topping her pussy. I felt her hand, which wasn’t on the G’s shaft grope for the front of my trousers. The image in the camera’s view screen wobbled wildly but I was determined to keep my distance from the action until I had some good footage.

“Hey you know what this really needs?” I announced. “Someone else to join in so the pressure isn’t all on Jenna! How great would that be?”

“Yeah, that would be great alright.” Sighed G.

“It’s a shame I’m so busy with this camera.” I grinned. Behind us, doing her best not to pay too much attention Abbey had made quite a serious dent in one of the bottles of wine.

“No fucking way!” She exclaimed rolling her eyes. “Jenna I thought you told me there wasn’t going to be any of this shit.” I flipped the camera onto standby for a second and came and sat next to her.

“Come on, its just a bit of fun, I would seriously love it if you’d join us.” I assured her.

“No way. I’ve only just met you, you are not going to persuade me to fuck you.”

“Well you don’t have to fuck me, or G for that matter.” I countered and shot a glance towards Jenna. Abbey caught my train of thought and shook her head emphatically.

“No way; absolutely no way. What do you think? That we’re a couple of dykes?”

“What do you think Abs?” Jenna smiled over at her, G’s cock gripped firmly in her hand. “It might be nice.”

There was a pregnant pause while Abbey chewed her lip, huffed and cast her eyes between the three of us.

“If I come over there, I want the same money as she’s getting, I want your word that this isn’t going to end up all over the internet or some shit, and Jenna you can’t ever, ever tell anyone about this or I’ll never, ever talk to you again in my fucking life.”

“Done.” I said.

“No problem.” added Jenna getting back to work of the hard member in her hand. Abbey slipped out of the black cargo pants she was wearing revealing a pair of pale, slender, athletic looking legs and a chunky black leather pair of platform boots. She made to flip open the heavy stainless steel catches on their uppers.

“Woah. Hold on there! I think we’ll keep the boots.” I told her, only to have her click her tongue disdainfully at me!

She slipped out of her t-shirt and stood there in boots and a modest bra and panties set her thick black hair reaching around halfway down her back. I took her hand and led her over to the couch.

“So, how shall we do this?” I mused.

“Maybe the ladies should get in a 69 position.” Breathed G, struggling to keep his attention on anything much more than the gratification of his cock pumping in and out of this attractive young girls mouth, and perhaps having something dirty to look at while he enjoyed it.

“Good idea.” I flipped the camera open again and resumed my directorial stance: “Ladies if you wouldn’t mind.”

Abbey downed the last her wine and slid onto the couch, lying flat out on her back, her head propped up a pillow. Once she was settled Jenna and G shifted position with Jenna straddling her friend’s head and G her legs.

“Go on Abbey, give your friend a little help.” I encouraged.

“Come on! Come on!” Sang Jenna, drunk enough to forget not only her inhibitions but the fact that she İstanbul Escort Bayan and Abbey would have to face each other tomorrow. She bounced her buttocks from side to side sinking lower and lower.

“No way! Fuck off Jenna! I was thinking I might get a little warm up first, not go straight to licking your fanny.”

The camera whirring as I committed the whole scene, this was just about the hottest thing I’d ever seen. Jenna persisted, taunting her friend, hollowing her back so as her parted buttocks left nothing to Abbey, G and my imagination. I really wasn’t sure what kind of cat fight would break out if Jenna planted her cunt right over Abbey’s face. I’m pretty sure I was willing to find out.

“Maybe she needs an example G?” I suggested helpfully.

“Oh right, I see what your saying.” He replied. He removed his cock from Jenna’s questing, persistent lips and moved round behind her. Getting down on his hands and knees he approached the girls until his face was level with Abbey’s. He kneaded Jenna’s buttocks apart firmly and ran his tongue up across, her pouting moist opening, dipping inside, making her squeal and writhe more. He continued north crossing that oh so sensitive area between cunt and arse. His tongue sought out her little puckered, round arse hold, exploring its rim. Once satisfied him withdrew and kissed Abbey deeply on the mouth.

“Please?” I heard G whisper in her ear. Abbey hitched herself up and without saying another word started tongued her friend out, slipping deep inside her fuck hole, pushing inside her.

“God that’s good.” Jenna sighed. Abbey, quickly tiring of the limited aspect presented to her pushed Jenna’s lips apart with both thumbs opening her up, then running her tongue from her clit right up inside. Copying G’s example she moved on working up towards Jenna’s rear entrance.

“Shit, you’re really going for it Abs!” Jenna squealed in a combination of pleasure and surprise at the sudden turnaround. I saw her slip her fingers and the palm of her hand between her own thighs. I squatted down further, altering my angle, possessed to capture as much of the wanton scene as possible. I saw three fingers slide into easily into Jenna wet opening. They drew back out glistening wet before she thrust them back in with a little farting sound. This was about as much as I could take. Getting up stride the tow ladies as they writhed in a tight 69 I started to massage the head of my cock, needing little encouragement to get up to speed with everyone else. I pointed the camera down, just hoping that it would catch a fair bit of the action. In a matter of seconds I felt the ejaculation rise in my balls.

Without offering any of my companions any warning I came hard. Right on target. A thick mess of spunk squirted out splattering Jenna’s gorgeous rump at their highest point. I looked down, my cock still throbbing. Abbey was still carrying on the good work, making love to Jenna’s rim.

“Would you like cream with that?!” It was a shit line. I didn’t care. I smiled contentedly as gravity took its toll and my load started to trickle down Jenna’s buttocks towards her arse hole. Abbey paused allowing it to well up in her nicely lubricated back door before commencing her thorough licking, lapping up my sperm as she went.

“Looks nice and moist down there for me.” G saw his turn now and took it.

“Jeez, its good we’re close friends S.” He added. Straddling Abbey, squatting in front of Jenna’s buttocks and with the style of a seasoned pro slid a good four inches of his cock into Jenna’s backdoor.

“Ahh! I felt that one.” She moaned as he put a knee know working his way in, gently drawing back out and then sliding back in, the lubrication on offer helping her to swallow him easily.

“Well I thought you were getting it a little to easy there, getting your bum licked like some kind of princess while poor Abbey gets all the dirty jobs. Are you managing that okay?”

“Ooh yes. Just about.” She replied, her brow creased with a sweet combination of intense discomfort and pleasure.

“I doesn’t feel like its your first time at this Jenna.” G enquired lecherously.

“Are you trying to say I’ve got a slack arse?”

She smiled round at him, before Abbey cut in from her excellent vantage point beneath the two:

“You have got a slack arse you tart.”

“Your Anadolu Yakası Escort just jealous honey.” She smiled pushing back into G’s rod, showing off a little. Abbey lifted her head up and allowed G’s cock to connect with her tongue.

“Thank you Sweetie.” He told her, immediately aware of the added sensation, “can I have bit more?”

“I’m not in a position to say no.” Came her reply. This time when G withdrew he came right out, leaving Jenna’s rear entrance a perfect gaping O. He squatted forward a little and dipped his cock down in Abbey’s waiting mouth. Just once in, sliding down into her soft, wet mouth. His cock soothed by her tongue he push down, accepted further and further in until he sensed he was at the limit of her comfort. Drawing back out he lined his cock back up with the sweet, vulnerable gape of Jenna’s most private place and slid back in again.

“How about doing her pussy now, G?” I enquired presently.

“That would be great.” Gasped Jenna her brow now glistening from the exertion.

“Okay Missy, here we go…” G deftly slid out and grasping the head of his cock drove his fully length into her cunt. Wet and pouting from the teasing, the licking and the excitement of this amoral liaison she was more than ready as he squelched in, pushing hard against her at maximum penetration, slid effortlessly out and then pushed back into her. As he drove into her as deeply and smoothly as his length would allow she farted involuntarily, unable to maintain full control over her deeply penetrated, gaping bum hole.

“Dirty girl. Its just as well G is a man of the world.” I scalded. G smiled lecherously.

“Oops!” She giggled.

As G continued to fuck her deep and hard it soon became apparent that things were coming to, shall we say, a head!

“Its no good. I can’t hold on any longer, I’m going to cum in her.”

“Go for it, this looks great. ” I enthused from behind the camera.

“Me too.” Squeaked Jenna.

“Great everybody cum then!” I said. Rather surprisingly for two people who had only met a few hours earlier G and Jenna seemed to be working well together, she pushed against his rhythmically, rolling her hips, speeding towards a climax. He pushed against her hard and stayed there, driving all the way home one last time. With a low, deep moan he shot his load deep inside her.

“Oh no!” Jenna was only seconds behind, grinding her hips involuntarily, her fuck hole impaled on G’s cock. He withdrew, spent. I grabbed a nasty closeup on the action as he left her splayed and pouting

“Oh my god, I’m cumming! Oh shit, SHIT! I think I’m going to…” But in a second the situation was obvious. Jenna clamped a hand between her thighs but it was already too late. A sudden geyser of liquid erupted from between her legs, splattering Abbey’s cleavage.

“Holy shit! She ejaculated. I’ve never seen that before.” But I realised that was not quite the case. Although a vigorous, hard orgasm had caused Jenna to lose control, I realised the truth: It was her bladder that she had lost control of.

“Oh fuck Jenna! What is this? Piss. You fucking pissed on me you slut!”

“I’m sorry, I can’t stop…” Suddenly, before our incredulous eyes the floodgates were open and Abbey was soaked. Abbey struggled to get out of the way of the warm fragrant fountain cascading over her chest but G placed a firm hand on Jenna’s butt and another on Abbey’s shoulder.

“Just roll with it sweetie.” He reassured. With a final belligerent roll of her eyes to let us know that we were degenerates who should know better Abbey squeaked:

“Here goes!” And opened her mouth. Gamely positioning herself beneath the gusher she took a mouthful, swallowed to whoops of delight from G and myself, gagged on her second and spat out.

“God that’s salty.” She managed as Jenna’ piss cascaded down down her tits. Ever quick on the draw G grabbed a wine glass from the table and held it beneath the fountain, which was now, happily for Abbey, coming to an end. He managed about half a glass before Jenna was done.

“Cheers!” He turned to toast me before swigging back the still warm liquid. Meanwhile Jenna collapsed off Abbey, exhausted. Abbey, grateful to get up off the now soaked sofa grabbed her things and scuttled off in the direction of the toilet.

“Easiest 200 I ever made.” Sighed Jenna, smiling at me.

“Best 200 I ever spent. You are amazing.” I told her, fully meaning it.

“You’d better stand to attention.” Jenna warned, nodding in the direction of the closed bathroom door. “She’s going to be out here in a minute looking for her cut. And she’s going to be grumpy!”

“Oh.” I said.

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