In The Hotel Bedroom

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It had been a long day, with four or five meetings, and another three or four due tomorrow. After speaking to hubby on the phone, you’re glad to hit the sack. You leave a single lamp on, over by the dressing table, and quickly fall asleep.You’re disturbed in your slumber by something, but you don’t fully wake.It’s not until you feel a hot mouth on your breast that you realise there’s someone on the bed with you. In the dimness of the bedroom, you can make out a figure, kneeling on the bed beside you. His mouth is sucking your breast eagerly, while one of his hands has found the other breast, and he’s moulding and fondling it, lifting its weight, and circling his hand over and around it.“What the fuck…” you begin, as you try to sit up, but then his other hand rests gently over your mouth, silencing you and pushing you back down. You worry immediately about what he’s going to do. How the hell did he get in? What does he want? Who the hell is he?His mouth lifts off your boob and he looks up at you. “Don’t worry, Lisa, it’s only me – I thought you might like a little nocturnal visit, after everything we’ve said to each other online. Or should I call you şişli escort Linda? That is your real name, isn’t it?” He dips his head again and gives the hardening nipple another long, loud suck. “And seeing as how you’ve been kind enough to let me in on your two secrets, little white lies, I thought it only fair that I give you a little reward.”Secret little white lies? Oh, shit! you think as you wrack your mind wondering what the fuck he’s talking about. Then, as his hand continues to pull your tit into his mouth, it hits you.Online, he said. Secrets. Fuck. It comes to you in a blinding flash. It was true, you had been secretly having sexy, online chats behind your husband’s back. During those erotic conversations, you had, stupidly, divulged a secret fantasy about being accosted in your bed by someone who wasn’t your husband. But… It had only been to one person that you’d told this desire. And he lived hundreds of miles away from here. Didn’t he?The hand on your breast slowly slides down your body as he moves his mouth over to the other boob. As he begins to lick around the nipple, flicking it and teasing it with his tongue, his mecidiyeköy escort hand slides over your belly and down onto your panties. He begins to stroke you through them. Soft, tender strokes that move over your tummy, then your thighs, then back over your pussy.Your breathing quickens, and you can’t help it, you bend your knees and open your legs, to let him get to more of you. He lifts his head from your boob and his mouth begins to lick and kiss up your chest. Up to your shoulder, then to your neck. He licks from there, up over your chin until his mouth is on yours. You kiss. Your mouth opens instantly when his tongue gently pushes against your lips, and as you lick out to meet it, his hand slides into your panties and his fingers find your clit.You moan into his mouth as he plays with you. Your kisses are more urgent now, as you feel him slip a finger into your wetness. His other hand strokes your tousled hair and the side of your face. His mouth releases yours and goes back to your neck and ear. He whispers to you, as his hands do their magic. He licks and nibbles your earlobe, as he tells you what lovely, smooth skin you have. His fingers go from probing inside you to rubbing your clit, as he tells you what fantastic tits you’ve got. He moves over you to the other ear, his free hand now back caressing your nipples, as he tells you how much he wants to slide himself into your throbbing wet pussy.“Oh God, yes please,” you croak, as you feel your orgasm getting closer and closer. “I want you in me. I want to feel your cock deep inside me.” He lifts and draws his shirt up over his head. You raise your hands and feel the hardness of his chest and stomach. He undoes his trousers and swiftly slides them down his legs, taking his shorts with them. You can see his cock, as he kneels back up, standing stiff and proud there in the dimness. You reach for it and grasp it in one hand. Your fingers can’t quite go round it, and as you bring your other hand over to grip it in both, he shuffles closer to your face. You feel his hand on your neck, as he urges you forward. With both hands stroking it, you bring it to your mouth, licking it and wetting it with your tongue. As your mouth closes over its head, his other hand has found your pussy again. You both moan in unison as the pleasure engulfs you. Your mouth is sucking his dick, and his hands are gripping your hair, pulling your face onto his meat. His strong hand is finger fucking you in time with your sucking.

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