Incest Games Chapter 15

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Holding her father by the hand, Jenny reached for the doorknob. It had taken three drinks to help convince him that he ought to cum in naked, and he was high now. But at least he wasn’t wearing that floppy old robe, and she was freshly scrubbed, proud that her mom was at last going to see her in her mature nudity. “Mom,” she said, leading him inside, “Travis, oh.” She saw them on the bed, lying belly to belly, caressing. Travis said quickly, in a voice that was considerably higher than usual, “We, ah, thought we could start first. But we waited until you got here. H-hi, dad.” Her father said, “Hello, son, Arlene.” Her mother said, dark-eyed and looking utterly beautiful, “I don’t know what to say, Eric. Our son and I decided we could better show you how we feel, but Travis only wants to, to do it to me for a little while. He would rather you and I, well, fucked until we came, the first time. Travis has a thing about needing to put his thing in where yours just left, so he can feel your semen.” Jenny shivered; this was awesome and provocative, a demonstration where her brother put his stiff young meat to her mother’s willing pussy, but not until he climaxed. He’d save that so he could blend his ejaculation with his father’s. Ow wow, she thought, and squeezed her daddy’s hand. Gruffly, Eric Johansen said, “Go ahead, boy.” “Let’s go to the bed and stand close,” Jenny suggested. “I don’t want to miss any of this, and I’m sure you don’t.” They watched Travis kiss his mother as she rolled over onto her back and spread her legs, lifting one polished knee. The towel she had been wearing slipped away, and they could see the burnished black curlings of her shapely mound, the pink lips hiding beneath the abundant crisp hairs. Arlene took her son by the cock, rubbing her fingers up and down its stiff length and massaging the gleaming head. Travis dropped his face to take one of his mother’s large nipples into his mouth. His eyes were closed, but hers were not; she stared up at her husband, and istanbul travesti her voice was low, vibrant and husky: “He has such a hard young prick, Eric, and he’s so eager with it, so strong.” Jenny saw her brother’s hand slide between the glossy thighs, saw the fingers probe delicately into the rich hairy nest and find the welcumming labia, to slip inside while the woman rolled her hips suggestively. Jenny’s breath caught in her throat, and she felt blindly beside her until her hand encountered her father’s thick penis. Holding onto it for balance, she stared entranced at the two on the bed. Now her mom was tugging Travis over on top of her, gripping the boy’s shaft tightly, and as he took his position between her thighs, rubbed the head up and down along her dewy cunt lips. Jenny tore her eyes away to steal a glance at her dad, and saw that he was watching raptly. “Look at it poking her cunt,” he breathed. “She’s shaking all over, she’s so anxious to get it inside her.” Jenny said, “Partly because you’re here, dad. She’s showing you how passionate she really is.” And her brother shoved his prong deeply into the moving crotch, penetrating the black bush and sliding home into the gulping lips. The long, round staff went in easily, burying itself to the root, and her brother’s balls swung to rest in the uplifted cleft of the shapely ass. He hung there motionless for a long moment, then began to pump, and Jenny could see his cock gleaming with the juices it had picked up inside. “It feels so good,” Arlene murmured. “It’s moving around in me, inside my pussy, Eric. Another prick in my pussy, not yours. And I love it, love it. See how I’m fucking him, Eric, watch how I raise my legs and wrap them around him, so I can pull his lovely cock as deep as possible. You always liked my long legs around you, Eric.” And Travis gasped, “N-not too much, mom. I can’t take it; you’re burning up inside, and your cunt is like wet fire.” Moving like a robot, jerkily and uncoordinated, istanbul travestileri Jenny tagged at her father’s hand to lead him around the other side of the swaying bed. She pushed him down upon it, and he didn’t take his eyes off his wife as she fucked. Then Travis struggled with his mother’s legs, and pulled them from around him. Another lurch, and he twisted his prick out of her suctioning vagina. “Y-your turn, dad,” he said. Jenny helped her brother slide across the bed, pulled him over to give the others the room they needed. Moving like a stunned giant, her father crawled over and set himself between his wife’s sleek legs. “Damn it, Arlene, I missed you, missed fucking you. Now your great cunt is all warmed up for me.” “Hurry, darling,” Arlene said. “Oh please hurry and fuck me. Put that magnificent cock in me where it belongs and fuck me until I pass out.” Jenny kept tugging at her brother until she got him in place, side by side with her. Eagerly, she caught at his sudsy prick and guided it into her snatch, hooking one leg over him to hold him in place. Together, they stared at their parents, while his rigid pole eased into her body, slid strongly and firmly up inside her hungry pussy. She saw her dad set the swollen head of his massive cock into her mother’s waiting cunt lips, saw the hunch the other woman gave to assist the knob make its way. They were practiced, and the big shaft slid inside with hardly a struggle, vanishing from sight as her hairs curled around its root. “Uhh!” her daddy grunted, beginning to work his joint in and out of the clinging pussy, and its veined length shone with oils that Travis had stirred up. Powerfully, he fed it into his wife, slamming the heavy, thick meat deep and pulling out almost to the head before returning it to its hotly pulling nest. “Look, look,” Jenny said, settling her own cunt around her brother’s cock. “Aren’t they beautiful together?” He answered, “Yeah, but so are we. Mom keeps looking over at us.” travesti istanbul “She isn’t slowing down any, though,” Jenny said, watching the rapid churning movements of the thick shaft in the squirming cunt. The lips of it pulled in powerfully, and the heavy cock slammed home, creating a sloshing noise, making her mother wiggle her ass and hump her crotch. Every close detail was exposed, and Jenny could even see the little bubbles of juice that were softly beading on her father’s prick and being carried out to wet the wrinkled, hairy sack of his balls. The rhythm was fascinating to her, the intimate sight thrilling, and she moved her own body in response to her brother’s slow stroking. She realized that Travis was holding off, that his prime objective was to keep himself for the big ejaculation into the blazing pussy that was now being used so well and so sensuously by their horny father. They fucked so wonderfully, she thought, moving in a beat of pure sexual hunger, the man cramming his mighty pole deep and solidly, the woman meeting his every thrust with a series of gyrations that milked down upon the head of his distended cock. “Eric, Eric!” Arlene gasped. “Oh, what a marvelous cock, and I love the way you feed it to me. “Oh, oh, you’re filling my cunt, packing me with your beautiful meat, ahh, darling, fuck me, fuck me and never, never stop!” Jenny’s eyes clung to them, and she heard her father grunt out, “You beautiful bitch, you hot cunted, prick hungry bitch, here, here, ” He was about to cum; she felt it, saw the rising orgasm in the trembling of the balls that swung steadily into the feathered valley of her mother’s heaving ass. Stilling the movements of her own snatch, she dug her nails into her brother’s back and hissed, “Travis, he’s going to hit. He’s about to let it go into mom’s pussy, that thick, heavy stream of semen will, is, exploding from the head of his cock and squirting creamily inside her vagina. There, there! See how his balls are jumping upward!” Her brother’s prick was motionless in her box, hard and pulsing, but holding back its own torrent of cum, saving it for the supreme moment when he could act out his sexual fantasy, when he could climb between his mother’s fabulous thighs immediately after his father left them.

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