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Indonesian Boy StoryIndonesian Boy StoryBy: Londebaaz Chohan Battuta lived in a small town of Indonesia. Although it was a small town but it was a very important town in the area because there was an American Army installation there. The high school was run by the US Army as well and the Indonesian boys were also allowed to be admitted in this school. Battuta lived just about half a mile away from the military base and walked to the school every day from his home. Before reaching the school gate, he had to cross the gate of the army base guarded by the American Military Policeman. After looking and smiling at each other for almost a month, one day as Battuta walked by, he saw a different policeman. He was tall, white, and very attractive in golden blonde hair. Battuta did not know why but having reached the age, although he never had been with any other man but he liked to be with men. Once again almost a month passed and they saw each other every day in the morning and one day suddenly the things changed when the policeman said, “Hello and Good Morning” to the boy. Battuta was startled because his English was not very good but at least he said ‘Hello’ in return.From then on they greeted each other every morning. Sometime Battuta would stop and this policeman, Mark would make him laugh and show him something funny.One day, Battuta saw Mark at the town mall. They said hello. Mark was looking at some shirts and asked Battuta, if he liked the shirt, he was looking to buy. Battuta nodded in agreement and Mark bought two shirts. Then Mark asked Battuta to join him at the food court for a burger and some soda and Battuta thought that was great. They both sat and talked as they took their burgers. Battuta could not help but stare at 6’ 2’’ tall Mark whereas Battuta was short in comparison; maybe around 5’ 7’’ at the most. After they finished eating, Mark asked the boy if he wanted to enjoy the ride on his motor bahis siteleri bike and Battuta said ‘Yes’. It was a great ride. Battuta loved the feel of Mark and also his body aroma as he sat behind Mark, on the back seat of the motor cycle holding him tight. Mark drove around a while and finally stopped at a house, telling Battuta that it was his house and invited the teen boy to come in. In the house, Mark showed him the big collection of the various photographs of various countries where he had served. Mark asked and gave Battuta beer to drink as he put on some music and danced around the room as they enjoyed the beer. After a while, Mark grabbed his arm and pulled him to dance with him. It was a big fun for Battuta, he thought. Soon Mark was holding the boy tight and looked straight in his eyes as he placed his lips on the young lips for kissing. Battuta’s whole body was shaking and was very scared but the kissing experience was so overwhelming that he felt himself sinking into Mark while he kissed Mark back with lustful ecstasy. He was feeling himself in a shock and his boy dick was getting very hard. Soon Mark’s hand was in Battuta’s lap feeling his teen dick almost size matched with Mark at least in its circumference. It was not very big but hard as a rock. Battuta could not resist as Mark pulled down his pants and started rubbing his naked teen cock, leaking the gelatinous lube from the slit on top of the beautiful looking cockhead. Battuta just kept kissing Mark much harder.Soon Mark leaned down and started kissing and licking Battuta’s balls and his extended cock shaft. In no tie Mark was giving Battuta his first blowjob. It was amazing but unfortunately Battuta could not last long and had his orgasm in Mark’s mouth. Battuta had been masturbating for couple of years and was very familiar with shooting his juice as he flexed repeatedly to spray the roof of Mark’s moth and his tonsils. As Mark swallowed canlı bahis siteleri all the warmth, he told Battuta to come back anytime he wanted to repeat the enjoyment. Mark gave him one of the shirts he had bought at the shop before Battuta left his house to walk back to his home. Battuta thought all that night about Mark and how wonderful he felt to put his cock in Mark’s mouth. Next whole week the school was closed and Battuta did not have a chance to see Mark but early Saturday morning he ran to Mark’s house. Mark opened the door and hugged him and took him inside to his bedroom. They laid in the bed and kissed each other for long time. Then mark got off the bed and ripped all his clothes and also stripped Battuta totally. Battuta had never seen a grown up man naked before but it was satisfying immensely his eye candy taste. Mark had at least double the size of cock erected hard in front of him but Battuta wanted to handle it, touch it and play with it without any fear or shyness. Soon as Mark came back on the bed he made Battuta lay under him such that each had other’s cock near their lips. Just the thought that he was having at least 8—9’’ long cock all for him to play, suck and lick on, almost made Battuta to cum but today he was ready to play for a long, long time. He reciprocated each move made by Mark and stuck his tongue out to lick Mark’s big uncut cock. Soon he was sucking Mark with such zeal that he could not believe himself that he had never before sucked any cock. The taste was new for Battuta but he liked the activity and indulged more and more and loved sucking Mark’s huge pillar, gagging on it repeatedly. Battuta was fantasizing but he was more than happy, when Mark yelled, “Oh yeses”, and shot his man cream in his boy throat. They both laid there breathing hard and Battuta slipped in deep sleep for some time in Mark’s arms. When he woke up, Mark was kissing him. It felt so canlı bahis wonderful to Battuta to be naked and in a man’s arms. Mark was kissing the boy all over his teen smooth body, sending chills all over him. Mark was paying a very special attention to the boy’s chest and nipples and making sure that he developed a hard erection in his boy dick, making sure to lick suck his cock and balls too. Battuta yelled when Mark licked the teen anal opening but he kept licking sending a very strange but consuming sensations into the boy’s spine making his cock grow larger and much stiffer. Then Mark pulsated in the bed and made Battuta take a position on his back. Slowly raising his body, Mark carefully squatted over the boy with a leg on each side of teen belly and with a large blob of spit on his fingers, he pulled his arms behind his back to hold and rub all the spit on the thick rigid cock of teen boy. Soon Battuta was feeling his cock pressing against Mark’s ass hole. He did not know what was going to happen. Then he felt his cock being squeezed in a tight, warm fitting making it obvious for him to understand that he had entered Mark’s ass. He was feeling a kind of pain being gripped tight by the ass muscles of the US Army man and was growling when Mark started to move up and down on his fucking pole and asked Battuta also to try to establish a rhythm with him as Mark fucked his cock with his ass hole. Quickly it started to feel good and Battuta loved it. Mark leaned over the teen boy and they kissed while Mark pushed his ass against Battuta’s cock. Mark was yelling, he loved Battuta and Battuta knew he was talking about his cock. After a good 5 minutes, Battuta swelled and then exploded in the American Army policeman’s ass and unloaded all of his juices in that ass. From that day on for nearly 2 years, Mark and Battuta met couple of times a week at Mark’s house where Battuta sucked Mark and Mark got sucked and fucked in return. Time passed and then Mark was sent back to USA, leaving Battuta searching for a man to give him the ass to fuck on regular bases couple times a week. The End. Your comments please. Londebaaz Chohan Dec. 10 / 2020.

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