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Author’s note: the following story is purely a work of fiction and any resemblance to real people or events is purely coincidental. The author wishes to express his gratitude to Copperbutterfly for her editing to make this a better story.

The disco at the nudist colony was crowded every evening after dark and this evening was no exception. Darwin loved the wild music that matched his wild feelings, the uninhibited gyrations of all participants. The floor was covered with bodies, thick and thin, young and old, male and female, most of them now coated with a thin sheen of perspiration from the exertions of the evening.

As usual, Dar was intrigued with the movements of the women’s breasts as they jiggled and wiggled wildly. And their uncontrollable bottoms, squirming, swishing back and forth, up and down. Hands were everywhere and no one noticed when someone’s hands fondled someone they didn’t know. Nothing was off limits. Well, almost nothing.

He had found himself fondling women all over the floor right from the beginning. It brought smiles from most of them. Many of them even pushed backwards into him and more than once, he felt his cock slid into the love tunnel of a wet woman. One woman turned and smiled at him; he decided that she would never see 65 again, but her pussy still felt good.

Another woman had hips so big and so round that she almost touched her head to the dance floor so he could push into her. And he had to admit that she was probably the hottest feeling pussy he had ever entered. After a couple minutes of pumping her cunt, she turned and gave his balls a loving squeeze as they both danced on.

He kept dancing and found himself behind a much younger woman. As she bent forward, he grabbed her hips and drove his big cock into her tight pussy. While they danced together, moving just enough to let his shaft wander its length in and out of her cunt, he fondled her pert little breasts. When he finally pulled out of her, she turned to face him and Dar was shocked at how young she seemed. Even though he knew that everyone was supposed to be of legal age, he had to wonder about the young woman.

Dar spotted another pretty bottom dancing wildly to his left. He turned and put his hands on her hips just as she pushed back at him. His cock slid into her welcoming pussy on the first thrust. In spite of the prohibition against homosexual activities without checking the shoulder stamp that indicated sexual preference, he had to swat away another cock probing at his ass. That was the third time this night and he was getting a little annoyed, so his slap was a little lower, a little harder than before and he heard the guy grunt when he made contact with the guy’s balls; served him right.

Dar grabbed the well-rounded hips in front of him and began pumping. He was so close that he reached around the woman. One hand grasped her left breast and began working on her hard nipple while the other hand split her legs and spread her outer lips, lingering over her swollen clit long enough to make the woman quake with an orgasm, just as Dar began shooting his load high into her soft twat.

When the last drops had trickled out of his cock and it plopped unceremoniously out of her Samsun Escort cunt, he held the unsteady woman and guided her off the dance floor to an empty table outside the perimeter. Plunking her on a stool, he pulled up another one for himself and sat watching the dancers.

Dar thought it was funny that the place was called Free Love Sun Lovers Association. There was nothing of love involved in the place. It was purely for lust … lust of sex, not the sun. Since he had discovered the colony three years ago, he had yet to find anyone that was here for love. They all came for the sex. Even the many married couples came for the sex with other partners. Some people brought other family members – sons and daughters, brothers and sisters – but they all came for the sex. Sure, most people spent some of the days in the sun but they weren’t true sun worshippers, they spent most of their time fucking.

At first, Dar had been shy about taking advantage of the open doors in the 500 room complex of bedrooms where the women left their doors open at night inviting wandering men to enter and have sex with them. But then, when he came to realize that women took offense when he chose to pass them up, he began to visit the open rooms more and more often.

After that first year’s visit, Dar broke up his vacation into three one-week segments in spring, summer and fall, booking a reservation into the association for each week so that he could maximize his time. He had come to love the weeks at the resort, which made his stressful business life much more bearable.

Now as the woman recovered, she began to fondle him, helping him again achieve a hard-on – not that he needed that much help. Soon they approached the dance floor again but from different directions. Dar worked his way into the writhing mass of humanity, squeezing tits here and there, gently pinching asses everywhere, sliding his cock into every pussy he came to, pumping it for a few moments before moving on.

With some of the other men requiring more time than he to recover from their orgasms, slowly the make-up of the dance crowd changed, as it invariably did, to include more and more women and fewer and fewer men, especially the older ones. Dar was glad that he usually recovered quickly and that he was able to cum more often than most of the guys he knew.

Dar came up behind a woman whose backside looked familiar to him. She danced a little pirouette and he confirmed that he knew her: she and her husband and two late-teens daughters had come to the colony together. The woman smiled at him and turned her back, pushing her bottom at his erection. With a little guidance, he slipped into her wet pussy and began to fuck her. Looking around, he spotted the two girls nearby, the younger one with an exhausted older man just withdrawing from her.

After two minutes, the woman pulled away from Dar and tugged her older daughter over to take her place. Dar quickly locked up with her but kept fondling the mother’s breast while the music throbbed loudly. A couple of minutes later the daughter danced out of the way, only to be replaced by the younger daughter. Dar’s still hard cock found its way easily into the girl’s vagina and Samsun Escort Bayan their rhythmic dancing continued, allowing his cock to plunge over and over into her hot wetness. He began pulling her hips with every thrust until his swollen balls blew their load of hot sticky cum deep into her cunt. Not until the very last drop had oozed out did he let her dance away and even then the other women had to help her stand – Dar was not even aware that the girl had also cum.

As always, Darwin had tried to keep count of the number of pussies he explored that night, all to no avail. He always lost count somewhere in the night, so engrossed in the pleasure of pumping a pussy that he couldn’t remember if she was number 21 or 41, 35 or 65. By the time the music ended at two A.M., he figured he had averaged plunging into about 20 pussies per hour, giving him some time for recuperating or taking a leak or getting a drink. Even at that, since he danced from about 10 o’clock until two meant that he had used the Braille method for checking out about 80 different pussies that night. He couldn’t think of any other way or place where he could do that.

When the music stopped, the crowd quickly broke up. He headed to his assigned room and took a quick shower to wash off the perspiration from the dancing – and whatever else he might have collected. Then he stepped out into the hall in his wing, pulling the door closed behind him to indicate that no one was home. He turned right, down the longest length of hallway.

The first five doors were closed; people were not in or were already occupied. At the sixth door, he found it wide open but there were no lights on.

Sticking his head inside, he called softly, “Hello?”

“Come in, baby,” a soft woman’s voice responded.

He walked in gingerly, pushing the door closed behind him, being careful to not trip over any furniture. Vaguely he could see the outline of the bed and on it, a woman’s body although he could tell nothing about her.

“Are you alone?”

“Yes. Come on in.”

“I’m Darwin.”

“Hi, Darwin. I’m Stella.”

Keeping his hands in front of him as outriggers, he reached the bed. After a little exploration, he realized that she was spread-eagled on the bed, arms and legs pointing to the four corners of the mattress. As he climbed onto the bed, she brought one hand over to fumble until it found his cock and balls and then she guided him over her, between her legs, and then tugged until he pushed his cock into the woman’s waiting pussy.

“Oh, yeah, honey! You’ve got a big cock, baby. And I need it. Fuck me, baby!”

Dar didn’t really need the encouragement but it didn’t hurt either. Lowering himself to his forearms, he found the woman’s mouth and they exchanged a long, sloppy kiss as her tongue explored his mouth.

Slowly he backed his cock out of the woman’s pussy, stopped, just as the edge of his helmet hit her ring of muscle, then began the journey back into her. Bending his body a little, his mouth reached for her tit as she cupped both of them and held them up for his attention. For the course of three slow cycles, he sucked her big nipple before moving to the other one and repeating Escort Samsun the process.

Although Dar could not see much of the woman in the dark, he was sure that she was older, possibly twice his 27 years. Not that it mattered; she was sweet tasting and hot and her responses to his actions made him want to bring both of them satisfaction. His mouth kept following the triangle of her mouth, her left nipple, then her right nipple, all while his cock plunged in and out of her hot, wet pussy.

The woman came long before Darwin was ready but that didn’t slow him down. He kept pumping, fucking her velvety channel. She had started to talk to him in a low sultry voice as she approached her first orgasm, urging him to keep going, to keep fucking her, to keep sucking her tits, to make her cum. Very carefully, he wrapped each of her ankles in his hand and began pushing forward. She grunted once but didn’t object as his cock drove deeper into her sheath. He picked up speed until he was slamming into her ass with every thrust. This time they came together, he filling her full of his cum while she squirted her juices onto his spent balls.

After he released her legs and eased them back to slump on the bed, they huddled together for a few more minutes before he rolled off her and lay panting. Thirty minutes later Darwin kissed the woman, got up and left her room.

Resuming his stroll down the hall, he passed several doors that were closed before he came to another one that was open. There was a low light inside so he stuck his head in and called, “Hello?”

Just then he heard the bathroom toilet flush and a moment later, a woman came out of the bathroom. She was much nearer his age than his last lover had been.

“Oh. Hello. Come on in.”

“Hi. I’m Darwin.”

“I’m Jill.”

“Are you … available?”

“But of course. Come to my bed, honey.”

“Do you have a favorite position?”

“Yeah. Anything where your cock is in my pussy. I don’t care how. I just love the feeling of a cock in my twat.”

“Okay. Let’s do a little standard missionary, okay?”

“Sure, honey.”

She climbed on the bed on her back and Darwin crawled between her legs. His cock slid easily into her cunt all the way to his balls; he figured she had already been fucked at least once that evening. What th’ heck. She was still a pretty woman with a great feeling pussy. Forty-five minutes with Jill and Darwin came again; he knew she had climaxed too but was not sure how many times, since he was very engrossed in his own pleasure.

After resting a while, he made it down the hall to another room where he found a woman calling for additional help; she was already riding one guy and wanted another cock in her ass. Darwin obliged, sandwiching the woman between himself and the unseen guy beneath her. Darwin had slowly worked his cock into her anus until he pressed against her globes, then gradually began to fuck her ass, pushing her off the other guy’s cock as he pushed into her and pulling her back on it when he pulled out of her ass. The woman began to orgasm soon after he started the push-pull operations and didn’t seem to quit until both of the guys had unloaded into her some time later.

By the time Dar had cleaned up, he was so tired he decided to call it a night. Heading back to his room, he thought it had been a pretty good day for a Monday. He wondered if he could maintain the same pace until he had to head back home the next Sunday.

The end

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