Intimate Dining for Three

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The position of assistant manager at the elegant country house hotel had come at precisely the right time for you. Your daughters had both gone through university and the house in the impossibly scenic village now seemed too large, echoing with the memory of the laughter that previously had filled your home. The social ties that bound you to the community were looser now, and you realised that most of your connections had been through parenting. The landscape of the place remained as strong an attraction for you as ever, the space and air of the lochs, the gentle peace of the woods and the stark beauty of the slopes and summits could still induce that peculiar mixture of excitement and calm that had drawn you to the place half a lifetime ago. The interview at the lochside mansion had been a whim on your part, but the young couple who had bought the place intrigued you. Their intention was to develop it as a sensual retreat from the frantic world of the cities and provide an environment where their guests could relax and recharge, and as Gemma stated, “Indulge themselves in the sensuous pleasures of the mind and the flesh with complete freedom.” The interview was discursive and as you walked the grounds and toured the house over the course of the afternoon, you realised that this presented an opportunity to allow a suppressed aspect of your nature to blossom.

Always a physically passionate person, Angela’s sexuality had been largely masturbatory since the departure of the girl’s father some twenty years earlier, occasional brief and discreet liaisons excepted. A highly developed erotic imagination, a collection of stimulating toys, irregular but rewarding spells on an explicit chat line with the frisson of the odd caller who’s sexuality resonated with her’s and since broadband had arrived in the area five years previously, access to more varieties of pornography than even her fertile libido could conjure up, had kept her well sated sexually.

Peter, Gemma’s partner was pleasingly direct, “You have the organisational abilities and personal qualities to match the role, but if I may be fully frank, you physically embody exactly the ethos we wish to create.”

Gemma followed on, “I endorse Peter’s comments, if I may be personal, you have the body I would want for myself in twenty years time.”

Angela blushed, facially, and in a place unseen, the flush disappearing from her cheeks more quickly than the heat dissipated from her engorged labia, “Thank you, its not everyone that appreciates the fuller female figure today, I’ve thought for a long time that I was born too late, I have always been very comfortable in my own skin but Rubens wouldn’t get a job on Vogue or Playboy nowadays.”

The skin that Angela was comfortable in, was beautiful and had elicited compliments from admirers since she was in her teens more than thirty years ago. Her pale complexion and rich auburn shoulder length hair were assets but her figure was her true glory, she carried herself with a dancer’s poise with a body built for the bedroom rather than the ballet. Almost five foot six tall, long in the leg and broad of hip, her belly a gentle swell, magnificent low slung breasts their almost transparently pale skin criss-crossed by large blue veins, terminated in nipples of such luscious prominence and impertinent sensitivity that in social situations on colder days a pashmina or even an overcoat was necessary to avoid unwanted attention. Her swimmer’s shoulders carried the weight of these enormous breasts and made them appear perfectly proportionate despite their size, her well fleshed arms were strong and smooth with hands that could have been entirely at home in the pages of an upmarket engagement ring brochure. Her exquisite neck flowed into a strong but not prominent jawline and an oval face who’s symmetry and regularity had caused heads to turn throughout her life. Her mouth was wide with plump lips that in repose were ever so slightly parted, the philtrum well defined, her nose, a cosmetic surgeon’s wet dream, large almond shaped eyes, their irises green and gold flecked held pupils whose ability to dilate and draw in whoever they focused on was truly hypnotic. She knew she had the ability to raise an erection in any man simply by directing her gaze towards him and allowing those dark pools of desire to do their effortless work. She was the embodiment of mature female sensuous sexuality in a size eighteen frame.

For the interview she had dressed in a classic heather, lightweight tweed, tailored two piece, the skirt knee length, the jacket fitted but unbuttoned, a cream silk blouse, open at the neck, with her cleavage suggested rather than exhibited. Neat suede court shoes with a two inch heel and nude sheer stockings completed the visible portion of her outfit. Her indulgence in custom lingerie had been a necessity since before she had breastfed her girls and her cup size had increased significantly over the decades. Her brassieres were a beautiful marriage of elegance and engineering that contained and supported but never restricted İstanbul Escort her most prominent assets, the shoulder straps broad and lace trimmed managed to appear delicate while supporting this abundance of female flesh, the underwiring, custom shaped for comfort and the deep back of the bras all added to their wearability.

The expense of these couture garments was offset by her abandonment of any underwear below the waist. Angela in all her adult life had never possessed a single pair of panties, owned trousers or shorts of any description and whenever swimming had entered the water au naturel. Her beautiful sex had never been hidden from the world by a gusset of any description and her labia had grown in this unrestricted environment to a more than generous size. Heavy, fleshy and pendulous they hung below the heaven of her cunt, the inner lips pierced along their margin by dozens of tiny gold rings, through which she would often thread a silk cord to form a sealed pouch containing items she would place within her large loose vagina. The love eggs that had started this practice had been superseded by inflatable then vibratory toys of increasing size and sophistication. Since the advent of contactless recharging, she had taken up the offer made by an admirer to have a small lozenge shaped implantable device inserted under the skin of her pubic mound.

Akin to a TENS machine this discreet pleasure centre had internal connections to her clitoris and the sphincters of her bladder and anus, the frequency and intensity of the signals it sent could open or close her intimate entrances with or without stimulatory effect and its connections with the deep body of her clitoris could give her a range of sensations that varied from a pleasurable itch to orgasms of such shattering intensity that she had often lost consciousness. Although her capacity to self generate sexual pleasure with a small remote control was unlimited, Angela still found her most pleasurable release in the ultimate intimacy of sharing the gifts our bodies provide and a year ago had embarked on a hormone induced resumption of the lactation she had so enjoyed when feeding her girls. Always able to produce copious amounts of milk, with regular pumping her output was now around two litres a day and gave her the chance to be the dairy queen she had fantasised about for a long time.

Her milk was rich sweet and creamy, offering Peter and Gemma the opportunity to sample this intimate treat seemed an appropriate way to bring the interview to a mutually satisfying conclusion.

“Thank God neither of us are lactose intolerant” breathed Gemma as she led the way to the owner’s flat within the property, shedding her clothes efficiently and leaving a trail of them from the door to the bed. Peter was naked in seconds, they gently and respectfully freed Angela from the confines of her clothing, she allowed herself to be admired and inspected, Gemma almost squealing with delight as they reclined Angela on a nest of pillows and she could gaze at the beauty of the woman’s distended laced labial pouch.

“Before you open me up, I need to tell you that I use this modification of my sex as a secondary bladder, I didn’t want to disappear behind a tree when we were outside earlier and you were very generous with the wine at lunch, but if you look in my handbag, you’ll find a small length of silicone tubing, could you give it to me please?”

Gemma retrieved the coiled narrow tubing which terminated in a delicate silver cone at one end and a slim mouthpiece with a valve at the other, she inferred its use perfectly. Lubricating the cone in her mouth she probed gently between Angela’s tautly swollen laced lips at a spot where the delicate paired gold rings gave way to two pairs of slightly larger platinum ones. A tiny double flange on the broadest portion of the cone located the probe securely in place with not a drop spilled. She offered the mouthpiece to Peter, “No, ladies first, I insist” he said chivalrously. Angela nodded her assent and slipping the mouthpiece between her beautifully made up lips Gemma opened the valve and began to drink. As the blood heat fluid filled her mouth she gazed at Peter who with both hands had lifted the heavy length of Angela’s left breast from her belly and was watching fascinated as milk dribbled from her enormous thumb thick nipple. Brushing the teat against his lips it swelled and stiffened, the flow of milk increasing till with the lightest of pressure from his overfull hands multiple sprays of milk fountained from this Niagara of a nipple, covering his face and chest with pearl like droplets.

Gemma drank greedily, the slightly salty pale straw coloured urine filling her mouth before she swallowed slowly savouring the passage of Angela’s gift on its way into her belly. Remembering her manners she offered the mouthpiece to the older woman.

“I’d rather drink from your mouth Gemma, if you can bear not to swallow it all.”

Gemma filled her mouth and approached Angela from her right, holding her face Escort Bayan and her gaze as she moved to kiss her full on the mouth, parting her lips only slightly at first to share this nectar carefully. As Angela drank the flow of milk from the teat in Peter’s mouth increased tenfold and streams of milk from her unsuckled right breast ran down over her belly and flowed over the now slightly diminished swelling pudendal pouch.

“Your duvet is going to need a long cycle hot wash,” said Angela.

“We’ve not even started to make this bed messy yet” Gemma replied and moving to straddle Angela’s head in a kneeling position, she lowered her wide wet sex onto the woman’s face. She used the contours of it as if it were a masturbation toy, grinding her open sex over Angela’s chin, lips, nose, cheeks and brow till the volume of her secretions had soaked Angela’s face and left her hair slicked to her head. Without control she came, squirting a torrent of deliciousness into Angela’s mouth, raising herself slightly so she could look down and watch Angela drink.

Two words came from the woman’s lips, “Feed me”. She placed her hands on Gemma’s hips and moved the younger woman slightly forward so that her anus was above her mouth, “Feed me now”. Gemma felt Angela’s long agile tongue caress the pucker, then her lips made contact and a strong wet suction was applied as she opened her bottom and gave this goddess the nourishment she craved. The rich strong smell of her own excrement was the most powerful aphrodisiac Gemma had experienced up to that moment but this was soon overtaken, lifting herself and moving back to sit straddled on Angela’s lower belly, she bent to kiss the woman’s well filled mouth and found herself coming as her tongue explored the gifts it held. Angela passed a moderate portion into the young woman’s mouth and smiled as she chewed then swallowed. Reaching between Gemma’s legs she cupped her hand at the girl’s anus, “You’ve got lots more in there Gemma, lunch was a long time ago and I know we’re all hungry.”

As Gemma filled her hand Angela savoured the heat, weight, texture and aroma of this self made meal. Withdrawing it slowly she was delighted to feel Gemma press down so that her loose open sex made contact with the hot chocolate mass, Angela pushed upwards and a large part of the gift re-entered the girl. As she brought the now lessened load back up towards their faces Gemma took hold of Angela’s wrist and applied a generous coating to her own breasts, then guided Angela’s hand to massage this intimate lubricant moisturiser into her face and hair.

“I want both of you to cover every inch me with all you hold inside yourselves” she spoke quietly but urgently, her shit slicked fingers busy in the filth of her cunt, masturbating and coming and masturbating and coming in an orgy of self stimulation.

Angela slipped her sticky fingers into Gemma’s mouth and allowed the girl to suck them clean, each swallow making her hungrier and more aroused. She lost count of the orgasms she experienced by the time Angela’s fingers were back to their pristine state. Before the flood of secretions in her sex dissolved the treasure she held, she offered her cunt to Peter’s willing mouth. He transferred a generous portion of sweet creamy milk into this hot chocolate heaven and was rewarded with a thumb sized gift of Gemma’s excrement she extruded skillfully from her pussy. In his heightened state of arousal Peter took Gemma’s gift reverently into himself. His senses were overwhelmed by the powerful intensity of its taste, it made the ripest Stilton seem blander than cottage cheese, he chewed and worked the softening mass with his tongue almost in the way one rinses with a new red wine so that every part of your mouth is exposed to it to extract the maximum sensory experience. Breathing in through partially closed lips he allowed the aroma of her gift to fill his nose and found himself salivating at the deliciousness of his newly found favourite food. Swallowing brought about an intensification and engorgement of his already sizable erection which quickly found itself lodged, scrotum deep in Angela’s mouth and throat. This wonderful woman had lost her gag reflex shortly after her virginity many years earlier, Peter soon found himself brought to the point of no return by her fluttering tongue and discharged massively as she directed his fountaining cock to paint her face with his cum.

With Gemma now supine and Angela on all fours beside her Peter positioned himself behind the older woman, after a long drink from the tube in her pudendal pouch he then set about unlacing the silk cord from the many labial rings. The scale of her external genitalia was titanic, the length and weight of her labia were far beyond what he had imagined were possible, her clitoris fully the size and shape of the end of his middle finger begged to be kissed and sucked, he obliged willingly and was rewarded with a slimy flood from her large loose vagina.

His left hand slipped inside her without resistance and he found himself Eskort more than wrist deep in the capacious muscular elastic palace of her cunt, she tensed and he found his fingers pressed close to his palm, his hand now a tight fist held in its clench, as she relaxed, his fingers splayed, the pliable walls of her sex expanding to allow him to explore the impossibly smooth lubricant inner surfaces. The change in texture of her mucosa on the front wall of her sex was pronounced, almost granular though still slick and slippy over a G spot of huge size, Her cervix was protuberant and fleshy with a central dimple that yielded to the gentle pressure of his probing finger. As he held still in her innermost entrance Angela, relaxed completely and pushed back onto him, his index finger now fully inside her uterus. She rocked gently, finding bliss in this most internal of penetrations.

“I’d like you to be as intimate with my peehole Peter,” said Angela, ” I wouldn’t want my urethra to get jealous.” His right index finger caressed the tissue at the entrance to her peehole and lubricated by her juices found its way inside. Her peehole was a perfect miniature pussy, capable of providing sensations that could bring her to orgasm when finger fucked. Over several minutes after Peter gradually worked his way inside this taboo entrance she came with an almost fierce urgency as the tip of his finger emerged into the hot wet space of her bladder.

“One day soon Peter I would like you to fill my bladder with cum, I’ll teach you and Gemma how to safely put a catheter in me and I’m sure we’ll be able to source supplies of semen. Would you like to drink cum and piss cocktails from me Gemma?” The young woman’s enthusiastic yes was a little muffled by Angela’s swollen right breast as she made chocolate milk shakes in her mouth with the remaining excrement.

Angela’s anus, a large deeply pigmented puckered outer held at its centre a swollen almost pouting ring of moist rectal tissue, as he bent to kiss this entrance to heaven his tongue found her already open with desire. The intimacy with which she gently pushed back against his lips and allowed their loving caress to further dilate her was so sensual she moaned softly. “I have a little for you Peter but don’t be greedy, most of this meal is for Gemma” He took her gift into him, astonished at the difference in character from Gemma’s, about the only similarity was temperature, its flavours were riper, its texture more robust, its aroma gamier but its ability to simultaneously satisfy and stimulate further desire was identical. Not a flicker of disgust was present as the intimacy of their feeding brought them both to ecstasy. He realised with complete clarity that everything about this astonishing woman was beautiful and filled with an erotic quality that allowed him and Gemma to find the most intense pleasure in every aspect of her, not only her gorgeously sensual body, but everything it contained, its texture, its appearance, its taste and its scent. She had the gift of releasing their ability to experience their full sensual potential, a blessing that she would extend to the hotel’s guests in due course. Temporarily sated the three happy filthy people drifted into a relaxed slumber.

Gemma woke first, her right hand seeking the comfort of her sex before her eyes opened, her labia still swollen and tender from the afternoon’s sexual feasting were sticky with Peter’s cum and weighted with a generous coating of their mutual excrement. She found her anus even more sensitive, its normal trim neatness transformed into a lewdly bloated pout. What astonished her the most though, was a consciousness of the intensity of her sexual hunger, since stepping through the door of the apartment less than four hours ago she had lost count of the number of times she had orgasmed but it was the profound depths of her cumming that had awoken this ache for penetration, accompanied by a hunger for consumption of each other’s intimate gifts. Dipping her index and middle fingers into the hot sloppiness of her pussy she lubed them with herself before easing them into her almost painfully sensitive anus, with her thumb in her sex she held herself in a soft pincer grip, the thin wall of mucosal flesh between her two most pleasurable playspaces transparent to the tactile contact.

Gently and slowly in rhythm with her breathing she increased the pressure between fingers and thumb and pulled softly feeling the elasticity of her perineum as her bottom and vagina stretched outwards. Sensation from the small area between these two entrances seemed to grow and she found her pace and strength of stimulation increasing until she was tugging forcefully, her sex and her bottom combining to bring her to a state of liquefaction in a shorter time than she could believe. She came in waves of pleasure that reverberated through her entire body, her bladder emptying convulsively as her passion continued, the only part of her still functioning under conscious control, her hand that continued the stimulation allowing the rollercoaster of her cumming to be ridden for minutes rather than moments. When this superabundance of pleasure finally subsided she felt happier and more relaxed than ever before in her thirty years of existence, but astonishingly, still incredibly horny and aroused.

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