Intrusion Ch. 02

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I had been away on a business trip for a week. It was supposed to be for two weeks but the deal fell though and we finished up coming home early. I rocked up at my place on Friday evening to find a party in progress. You can understand I felt a little surprised, as I live alone.

It turned out that the young lady next door (her mother had the key and was keeping an eye on things for me) had acquired the key and invited some of her friends around for the party that I found going on.

I, ah, remonstrated with the young lady, explaining that invading someone’s house for a party was a no-no. It was agreed that I’d let the party continue until it wound down of its own accord. At least, the girls agreed to that. My opinion was neither sought nor wanted.

During the course of the night I had occasion to chat with the various party members. Two of them, Janet and Michelle, were very flirtatious. I wound up suggesting they come around the next day. The reason, I blandly informed them, was so that I could have sex with the pair of them. I told them what I intended to do to them when they fronted up, mentioning things like spanking as well as fucking. They had hurriedly retreated, red of face, leaving me the victor in our little war of words.

Now when I had suggested they come around it was very much tongue in cheek. I didn’t think for one moment that they would. I mean, if you were a young lady and a guy you had only just met invited you around to his place so he could have sex with you, said sex to possibly include a spanking, would you front up? No, you would not. You would put his name down in your little black book marked with the words ‘sex maniac – do not approach’.

This being the case you can imagine my surprise when I looked out the window the next afternoon to see Janet and Michelle walking down the path to my front door, nudging each other and giggling as they came.

I thought what the hell and tried to remember exactly what I’d suggested that I’d be doing to them. Remembering part of it I made a hasty adjustment to the furniture in the front room. Just in time for the bell to ring.

I opened the door and ushered them into the front room, not rushing them but certainly not giving them time to change their minds.

“I must admit that I’m a little surprised that you have actually accepted my invitation,” I told them. “I thought you didn’t look too enthusiastic when I proffered it.”

The girls glanced at me and giggled.

Turning to look directly at me Michelle addressed the issue.

“Be fair. You just took us a little by surprise. Once we had a chance to consider your charming invite how could we possibly stay away?”

“Ah, why is your chair sitting in the middle of the room?” Janet asked.

The furniture adjustment I’d made was to push the coffee table to one side and yank an easy chair into the middle of the room, facing my mini-bar.

I placed a hand on Janet’s back, edging her towards the chair.

“Two reasons,” I told her. “As you can see, with the chair situated there it’s facing the mirror fronting the mini-bar. Seated or bending over that chair and you can see yourself reflected in the mirror. The other reason was that I promised to bend one of you over the nearest convenient piece of furniture as soon as you walked in. That chair is now the nearest convenient piece of furniture.”

A bit of pressure on Janet’s back and she found herself involuntarily leaning over the arm of the chair. One hand held her there while my other hand was already lifting her dress, tucking it up under the hand holding her.

“Wait a minute. Wait,” she yelled. “You don’t seriously expect me to let you just, ah, I mean, you can’t just grab Şanlıurfa Escort me and, um, stop that.”

What I was supposed to stop was my hand pushing down her panties, I think. Then again, she might have meant stop everything. With her panties down I now started massaging her pussy, preparing it for action.

“Be reasonable,” I said. “I distinctly told you that as soon as you came in I was going to bend one of you over and fuck you. You’re not trying to make a liar out of me, are you? Isn’t that what I said, Michelle?”

When appealed to my impartial witness nodded. She could afford to agree. It wasn’t her bent over the chair.

“He’s right, Janet. That’s what he said. Remember, we were wondering if he really meant it. It appears that he does.”

“Look on the bright side, Janet,” I told her. “You can just turn your head and you’ll be able to see all the action as well as feel it.”

I turned to Michelle again.

“Do me a favour, Michelle. My hands are rather busy right now. Would you be so kind as to undo my trousers for me?”

“Don’t you dare, Shelly,” wailed Janet, while Michelle giggled and started unfastening my belt.

“They call me Shelly, not Michelle, you know,” she told me working on my zip.

“So I heard,” I admitted, “but I like the name Michelle. It’s pretty and it suits you so if you don’t mind I’ll continue to use it.”

My trousers were now down and Michelle was holding my erection, stroking it lightly.

“Have a look, Janet,” she cooed. “Have we ever got a present for you.”

Janet turned her head to look at the reflection, staring at what Michelle was waving about. Her eyes opened wider. True, she’d seen it the previous evening, but it was one thing to see an erection that someone else had to handle. Something else again to look at that erection and know you were expected to handle it.

“Oh, come on,” she protested. “You’re not really going to do this, are you?”

For answer I removed my cock from Michelle’s grasp and stroked it along Janet’s slit, just trailing it back and forth, letting her get a feel for it. Her pudenda was flushed and swollen from the attention I’d been giving it, her labia pursed and waiting.

“I don’t see that I have much choice,” I said, positioning myself so I was ready to press forward. “You seem ready to take it and it wouldn’t be fair to deprive you of it now that you’re all eager and anticipating it.”

I started pushing forward, amused to see that Janet was watching herself in the mirror. Damned if I could tell what the expression on her face meant. She made what I could only call a token protest as I moved into her. I say token because even while she was making the protest her bottom was lifting and she was pushing back to meet me, encouraging me to take her completely with that first thrust. Not that I needed much encouragement.

My immediate problem was that I didn’t want to just give Janet a quick fuck until I climaxed. The fuck she was entitled to, but the climax I wanted to hold back. I had Michelle to consider. It wouldn’t be proper to invite her over and then be unable to perform. Accordingly, I had to be careful how I handle Janet.

I had made a small error when whipping of Janet’s panties. I’d left the rest of her clothes on, meaning I couldn’t get at her breasts. A pity, but something to make up for another time. Meanwhile I had my hands on her hips and was driving in forcefully.

I strongly suspected that Janet was aroused before she even set foot inside my door. No matter what she’d said she’d been expecting this, although maybe not quite so quickly. Whatever, I was driving in hard, letting a hand stray around to the front of her and massage Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan her mons even while I was driving home.

She was sounding off eagerly, accepting everything I was giving her and wanting more, and more of the same I gladly gave. She was way excited, her breath harsh and heavy, almost groaning as we came together. I kept her going for as long as I could but it was plain to see she was going to climax and going to do it soon.

I gave her that extra little bit of oomph to hoist her over the line, feeling her clamp down on me as she gave a small cry and started shuddering as her orgasm smashed into her. Damn, but I had to work hard not to blow my load.

Afterwards I pulled my pants up but stood next to Janet so she was still stuck leaning over. I idly caressed her bottom while I stood there, ignoring her requests to be let up.

“Correct me if I’m wrong,” I said, speaking generally, knowing that they would be quick to do so if I was, “but I believe I mentioned something about a spanking as well.”

“You only said you might,” Janet said quickly. “There’s no need for that. You said you were going to strip Shelly and fuck her. That’s what you’re supposed to do next.”

“There’s no rush to do that,” Michelle said, giggling. “I think a spanking wouldn’t hurt. You did say you might supply one.”

“So that’s one in favour and one against,” I mused. “It looks like I get the casting vote.” I gave Janet a little pat on her pretty bottom and then continued stroking it. “Do either of you want to change your vote? It will be too late after I’ve voted.”

For once the girls were in unison, Michelle in favour of a spanking and Janet against.

“OK. If that’s the way you want it.” I gave Janet’s bottom a slightly harder pat while moving aside to let her up. “Up you hop, Janet. Time for me to put Michelle across my knee.”

I had a hold of Michelle’s arm and was drawing her over to the chair before she fully caught on.

“Hey, wait a minute. I thought you were going to spank Janet?”

“But she didn’t want one,” I pointed out, quite reasonably I thought. “I mean, you heard her say no. You on the other hand agreed. Twice.”

I sat down on the easy chair, drawing Michelle down across my lap as I did so. She was still going, “But, but,” but she only had herself to blame. Fancy trying to foist a spanking off onto a friend. Shameful.

Instead of a dress Michelle was wearing yoga pants and a t-shirt. Obviously these had to come off before the spanking started.

“Janet, would you be so kind as to help me by removing Michelle’s clothes?” I asked politely.

Why, yes, Janet would be so kind. I was holding Michelle across my lap and there wasn’t much she could do to stop Janet taking hold of her yoga pants and drawing them and her panties off. After that it was t-shirt and bra that went by the way, leaving a squirming and naked Michelle in my clutches.

My hand slipped under Michelle and cupped her breast. She tried to rear up away from it but my hand on her back held her steady.

“What are you doing?” she demanded.

“I missed holding Janet’s breasts while I was attending to her needs,” I explained. “I just thought I’d hold yours while I spank you to make up for it.”

She twisted her head to try to look at me but was at totally the wrong angle.

“Look at me via the mirror,” I told her. “You’ll have a better view.”

She did, giving me a most put-upon look. I winked at her.

“Be brave,” I told her. “It will be over before you know it.”

With that I brought my hand down smartly on her bottom. She yelped and looked most indignant but I just gave her another wink and another Escort Şanlıurfa spank. She was game, I’ll tell you that. She insisted on watching the spanking from beginning to end. She had a number of expressions cross her face during this time. Wincing when my hand connected with her bottom. A look of shock the first time my hand connected with her pussy instead. More wincing and quite a bit of indignation whenever I spanked her mound, an indignation that increased when I rubbed her mound and breast at the same time.

I gave her bottom a nice warm glow. It would be tender for a while but not bruised. Deciding enough was plenty I had her stand, facing away from me. That done I slid my trousers back down, settling back on the chair with my intentions obvious.

“OK, Michelle, time to sit down,” I said gently, hands on her hips and drawing her towards me.

She could see me in the mirror and knew exactly what I meant.

“Do you really think I’m going to sit on you after that?” she demanded.

I considered this for about one second and then nodded.

“Yes, I do,” I said happily.

The question was moot. We both knew she was going to do it. She threw a glare at Janet who was watching and sniggering but also eased herself down onto my lap. With her legs parted she could see my erection rearing up, moving between her legs as I drew her nearer. Then she was lowering herself, both feeling and watching my cock slide up into her.

She settled down onto my lap quite nicely, impaling herself with some skill. My hands sought and found her breasts and I took hold of them, stroking and playing with them. We sat like that for a few moments.

“Well?” she finally said.

“Well what?”

“Aren’t you going to do anything?”

“I am. I’m admiring your breasts. They feel wonderful. As to anything else, then no, I don’t think so. I mean, you’re on top. It’s your responsibility to do the work. Ask Janet.”

“I don’t need to ask Janet. There’s no such responsibility implied.”

“Uh-huh. How long can you wait?”

The answer turned out to be about two minutes. I waited. She waited. I waited some more. She called me a very rude name and started bouncing on my lap.

In appreciation of the work she was putting in I did my best to help her along. It was a little tricky at the start getting the timing right. It appeared that Michelle hadn’t had much practice being on top. This became blatantly clear when she managed to bounce off me, to Janet’s unseemly amusement. I had to smile myself at Michelle’s frantic urgency to get back on board.

Finally we found ourselves moving in unison with Michelle seeming inordinately pleased with herself. She bounced along quite happily and I can assure you that I had no complaints about the action. I was able to control the action to a certain extent by varying the amount of effort I put into my thrusts but Michelle was certainly making the running.

Even my attempts to slow things down a little couldn’t stretch things out too long. Michelle was breathing hard and bouncing faster, giving urgent little cries as she headed to the finish line. Seeing it was coming anyway I put in some extra effort and did my best to race her to that point. I won, sort of, but she climaxed immediately, making it more of a draw than anything else.

Both girls retired to the bathroom to clean themselves up while I headed towards my en suite to do the same.

“We’ll have some coffee when you’re ready I told them, but make sure that Janet is also naked when you come out.”

“What? Why do I have to be naked?”

“Because I haven’t seen you naked yet today,” I pointed out. “I think I’m entitled to. Besides, I want to kiss your breasts.”

She made an odd sound, something like a snorted laugh. I couldn’t tell if she was amused, derisive, or derisively amused. I wondered if either or both would be naked when they came out. If they were I might just have a chance for seconds with one of them. Time would tell.

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